Anal Pleasures for Men: How to Enjoy & Get Most Out Of It

Enjoying anal sex for men always depends on preparation and using the right prostate stimulation. Get this right, and you could be in for a world of pleasure, as well as giving your prostate a healthier life in the long run.

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Anal sex for men still ranks as one of the most unexplored fields of pleasure.

But despite that fact, it’s getting more popular as men are welcoming the idea and more and more quality anal toys are being sold.

So, is anal sex good for men? That all depends, but one thing’s for sure – you shouldn’t rule it out before you’ve tried it.

Besides, taking care of your prostate health is vital. And if you ask me, anal play beats a hospital checkup any day.

So, how do get started with anal stimulation?

Let’s find out how to anal orgasm below.

What Does Anal Sex Feel Like For A Guy? Does It Feel Good?

The anus is full of pleasure-giving nerve endings that can offer waves of unique sensations that can push you over the edge. Not only the inside but the outside, as well as the perineum, are powerful erogenous zones. So yes – for most men, it feels good.

If you want to try penetrations, you’ll have to prepare. This means clearing your mind, getting the right lube, setting the space, and getting yourself horny enough.

Find a position that feels comfortable for you (if solo) and your partner (in couple-play). 

When we get to the actual insertion…

Your anus, though (hopefully) relaxed, will still put up a minor resistance to the incoming object. That’s perfectly normal.

You or your partner will have to wiggle the head of the toy, penis, or finger gently past the anus’s orifice. Once the head gets in, it’s pretty much a home run until you get the full length in. 

The prostate gland will it may feel like a soft lump behind a thin wall just a few inches in.

However, you should take great care to go slow. or you could end up damaging the soft tissue surrounding your anal cavity.

Now, assuming that you’re just beginning, starting things in a lower gear is ideal. This helps you gauge the amount of length and intensity you can take. 

Once you’ve identified what works for you, you can ramp up the session. 

Deeper and longer strokes will give you more intense and heightened stimulation if you’re getting pegged.

It’s just a matter of finding what works best for you and perfecting it along the way.

Should Straight Men Consider Anal Sex?

I wouldn’t be writing this article if I didn’t think they should. Straight men, queer men, women, trans folk, and non-binary babes – anal sex is for everyone who wants to try it!

Let’s get this on the table – your sexual orientation and the type of pleasure you enjoy are two different things.

No matter who you are, if you have a butt, you have the potential to experience anal pleasure. There are a host of nerve endings and pleasure zones inside your anus, so don’t limit yourself! If you’ve never tried anal stimulation, it’s definitely something you should consider.

Does It Make Me Gay If I Want to Have Anal Sex?

It should go without saying, but no, of course not. Unless you self-identify as gay, there’s no body part or type of pleasure that will put that label on you. 

Sadly, a lot of straight men miss out on a whole world of pleasure because of these pointless misconceptions. If you’re not attracted exclusively to men, you’re not gay! And if you are, that’s cool too!

Ways To Stimulate The Prostate?

There are a number of ways to stimulate your prostate.

1. External Perineum Massage

It is entirely focused on the perineum region, which is between the anus and the base of the testicles. 

You can start by stimulating your anus gently. Then move to the network of nerves going up to the base of the scrotum.

Use your middle and index fingers to massage it slowly in an up-and-down motion.

This action will “awaken” the pleasure nerves and can add to the pleasure that you will get from internal prostate stimulation.

If you feel pain or any discomfort of that sort, ease the pressure a bit.

2. Fingers

Anal fingering is the most traditional method. Though it works with a great number of guys, a good proportion still find difficulties in locating the gland.

Gentle thrusting and finger-twirling can be very rewarding, either alone or with a partner.

Learn all the basics of fingering your partner’s (or your) ass and the best tips and techniques in our Anal fingering 101 guide.

3. Butt Plugs

Butt plugs give a feeling of fullness and are awesome for both solo and partner sex.

Their design includes a bulbous head that’s smoothly tapered, a thinner neck, and a flared base. Some even vibrate.

Dildos are longer, phallic-shaped toys and are better for thrusting.

For both these toys, the flared base is very important to stop them from getting sucked into the rectum.

Hint: When getting an anal dildo, go for ones that have a tapered tip with a slight curve. They are the best for finding and locating the prostate.

Check out other great toys on our best anal dildo and best butt plug guide.

4. Prostate Massagers

 Prostate Massagers

Prostate massagers are insertable toys designed to hit the P-spot.

If you’re just starting out, then I’d suggest high-end models like the Nexus Revo Stealth.

Nexus Revo Stealth

Nexus Revo Stealth

It has a rotating head, is made from quality silicone, and has different intensity settings for you to explore.

5. Strapon Play

Strapon Play

This is also called pegging and is used when you have a female partner as a counterpart.

Talk about your experiences and expectations first to make sure you’re on the same page. Your partner can then wear a strap-on harness holding a dildo. 

Pegging can form a more intimate connection between you and your partner, especially if they’re been penetrated by you before. It’s a powerful thing to experience together.

Curious to know how common is pegging? Check out our research study.

How To Prepare For Anal Pleasures?

1. Get Turned On

When you’re horny enough, your body eases and surrenders to whatever pleasure you’ll indulge in. And this is where you want to get yourself if you’re just beginning this journey of anal sex/stimulation.

2. Prepare The Space

This means getting rid of any distractions that may interrupt your session. 

Prostate stimulation is a journey, so set aside about 2 hours to explore.

Get some clean towels and spread them over your play spot. And don’t forget to bring a generous supply of lube with you.

If you’re planning to have long sessions, then I’d recommend oil-based lubes. They last longer when applied and might cut your refilling expenses. Just make sure they’re compatible with your toy’s materials (that means no silicone!)

3. Clean Your Rectum

When it comes to anal sex, hygiene is important.

Using an anal douche is an easy way to feel clean and confident before starting. Just fill it up with room-temperature water and squirt it inside your rectum, then press it out immediately. Do this a couple of times, and you’ll be good to go.

Discover some of the best tips on how to anal douche in this guide here.

Expert Advice on Anal Pleasure for Men

If you’re not used to having your anus touched, it can take a little while to get used to it. The key here is patience – not only during a session but over the days, weeks, or months it might take to get comfortable.

Start by touching and caressing your anus on your own. Make this a regular habit – maybe every time you masturbate or every time you take a shower. This will help you relax as you become used to the sensation.

When you’re ready, you or your partner can start inserting a finger. Make sure your fingernails are clipped short, and use plenty of lube. Wearing a glove can help a lot with smooth insertion. 

From there, you can move on to toys. Keep going SLOWLY, and remember to relax your muscles. 

Important Aspects of Anal Play

There are a couple of simple things that will make your experience that much better.

One of the most important is to use plenty of lube. Thick lube is best for this since it lasts longer. If you’re not using silicone toys or latex condoms, you can use an oil- or silicone-based lube. 

The safe bet is always water-based lube, though (it won’t damage silicone or latex). You can get some thick water-based options like Sliquid Sassy Anal Lube.

Learning to relax your muscles is a huge factor in how much you’ll enjoy this new erogenous zone (or if you’ll be able to get in there at all). It may help to do some breathing exercises and to keep checking in with your body to see if you’re subconsciously tensing up. Remember to go slowly.

If you’re playing with a partner, communication is key. This is especially important if it’s your first time experimenting with anal play. Talk beforehand about your limits and check in regularly. If anything hurts or feels uncomfortable, you should feel safe asking them to stop or change something.

Anal Sex Safety Tips

Stay sober

It might be tempting to use drugs, alcohol, or muscle relaxants to aid the process. This is a bad idea since they can numb your senses. You could easily injure yourself if you can’t properly feel what’s happening down there.

Keep it clean

Cleanliness is a normal concern when it comes to anal play. There’s no need to let it stop you from enjoying yourself, though! Wash well beforehand, keep the area shaved to avoid bacteria or parasites, and get regular STI checkups to test for hepatitis, herpes, and other transmissible infections.

Play it safe

I’m sure you already know this, but condoms aren’t just to guard against pregnancy. If you’re being penetrated by a penis, condoms will stop your partner getting a UTI or – worse – prostate inflammation. Even on sex toys, if you’re not 100% sure that they’re non-porous, you should use a condom to stop them from absorbing fecal bacteria.

Do You Need Help From a Sex Coach?

If you’re still feeling a bit unsure, a sex coach can help untangle some of your discomfort or misconceptions about anal sex. It can be hard to talk about these things with your partner, especially if there are fears of uncleanliness or if homophobia is an issue. 

A sex coach is trained to help individuals and couples overcome these hurdles and clear the way for shame-free pleasure.


Putting a cap on this… Is anal sex good for men? 

Professional opinion – it’s great, and I’d recommend guys to come aboard this ship of anal pleasures.

And while you might still cringe at the idea, take a moment to look at the health benefits it brings to your prostate gland.

Also, it’s important that you maintain good health for your anal sex experience.

Ensure this by always using enough lube, cleaning yourself afterward, and using condoms when necessary.

I hope this helps with your query about anal sex for men.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this article, feel free to share and leave any questions in the Comments Section below.


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