6 Best Sex Couches & Sofas In 2022 [Ranked And Reviewed]

Exploring new sex positions shouldn’t be hard (or painful). Whether you’re looking for the most comfortable sex couch or one you can use for BDSM play, it’s all here.

Couch is fun. It’s the I-want-you-right-here-right-now sexiness. When you’re so hot and ready that you can’t quite make it to the bed anymore.

And it’s nostalgic. Remember how making out always starts at the sofa halfway through a “movie date,” with the TV turned up so loud, so your parents won’t hear the suspicious wet thumping sounds you’re making? When you’re all limbs and sweaty and squeezed together so tightly, but it’s oh-so-hot?

Sigh, good awkward inexperienced times…

Now that I’m older and have access to adult money, why stop at the couch? As you might’ve guessed, I tried and tested different types of sex sofas over the years. Because why not.

Like any furniture, sex furniture is an investment that doesn’t come cheap. And like any investment, when you get it right, the return is deliciously worth it. So I compiled all the information you need right here so you can spend your money wisely.

To give you an overview, here are our top three:

SexualAlpha Top Pick

If you’re looking for a sex chaise with all the ESSEntial features at a reasonable price point, you can start with the Liberator Esse. Its sexy curved design provides full-body support and comfort as you explore various sexual positions. The ergonomic slopes offer leverage and better access for deeper penetration. And it’s discreet — it comes in various fabric colors so you can match it with your home decor. 

Best Sex Couch for BDSM & Bondage

The Liberator Black Label Esse is great for, ahem, the BDSM enthusiasts. Whether you’re an experienced kinkster or you’re interested in dipping your toes into bondage play, this sex couch comes with cuffing points so you can enjoy various sex positions with the added quirk of restraints.

Most Comfortable Sex Couch

If you’re the type to get off on lazy, sensual sex, the Liberator Zeppelin Cocoon is just right for you. It’s very soft, comfortable, and cozy — perfect for snuggles and cuddles. This sex lounge hugs you and your partner’s body and contours to any shape, giving you great access to cowgirl and doggy styles, among others. 

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Top 3 Sex Couch/Sofa

Best Sex Couch for BDSM & Bondage

Black Label Esse

Liberator Black Label Esse

SexualAlpha Top Pick

liberator esse

Liberator Esse

Most Comfortable Sex Couch

Liberator Zeppelin Cocoon

64″ L x 24″ W x 24″ H (29″ H with headrest)
64″ L x 24″ W x 24″ H (29″ H with headrest)
6′ long (rounded)
Micro velvet 100% polyester
Faux fur

Top Sex Sofas in 2022

SexualAlpha Top Pick

1. Liberator Esse Sex Chair

64″ L x 24″ W x 24″ H (29″ H with headrest)
Micro velvet 100% polyester
Velvish or Porto
Machine washable
Fully supportive polyurethane foam
  • Offers full-body support and comfort for executing different sex positions
  • Different fabric colors to match your interior
  • Includes headrest and mini-scoop
  • Might be too low or too narrow for some people

If you want to improve your sex routines, the Liberator Esse is an ESSEntial piece of furniture for you.

“Routines” make doing the deed sound boring… or like a habit… or a chore. And that may be true if you’re just doing it on your bed! After all, beds are for sleeping. *snore*

Also, beds are awfully flat.

If you like switching up various positions with your partner (like I do), you’d have to contort your limbs here and there to achieve the perfect angle. Propping pillows help, but they’re messy and often too soft to give enough support.

Enter: Liberator Esse, with all its delicious curves and slopes.

This sex chaise is ergonomically designed to support you and your partner as you explore and execute different sex positions.

Since the Esse is made of high-density foam, plus-size lovers won’t worry about stability and firmness. And you can go as long as you need without having to end the fun because you’re exhausted, or you can’t feel your legs (or your arms) anymore.

Let’s say you and your partner have a height difference. The lower curve is perfect for the shorter half to sit, go on all fours, or lay down.

Esse also comes with a headrest and positioning scoop.

The headrest gives you additional height (plus 5″) — great for standing positions or a taller partner. 

Meanwhile, the positioning scoop adds versatility. It makes the curvy couch’s middle area flat if you want to. When used on its own, it offers rocking support and cushion for your knees when doing positions like doggy style and girl-on-top. Wink wink!

You don’t have to worry about spilling bodily fluids or lubricants or any liquids (have you ever introduced ice in your temperature play and ended up with a pool of water and soaked sheets?) because it comes with a moisture-proof liner.

The cover is removable, so you can easily wash it along with your other laundry. 

No sex dungeon or basement to keep your sex furniture around? No worries.

The Liberator Esse looks like a beautiful statement piece you can display in any area of your house, as long as you have enough space for it. It even comes in various colors so you can match it with your room’s interior.

Like any well-made sex furniture, the Liberator Esse is a serious investment. Still, it’s one of the more reasonably priced sex chaises, especially considering all its features.

Best Sex Couch for BDSM & Bondage

2. Liberator Black Label Esse

64″ L x 24″ W x 24″ H (29″ H with headrest)
Machine-washable microfiber
Fully supportive polyurethane
  • Comes with cuffing points
  • Built for bondage play
  • For the kinks
  • Only comes in one color: black
  • Not as discreet; has visible cuff ports

Liberator Black Label Esse is very similar to Liberator Esse. It has the same curved design, included headrest and mini-scoop, and dimensions.

So, what’s the major difference? The Black Label has cuffing points. 

If you’re into (or open and interested in) BDSM and bondage, get the Liberator Black Label Esse.

And even if you might not be into bondage play right now, you might like to try it tomorrow. S&M introduces novelty and kinks that could turn you on like fireworks on the 4th of July.

Whether you want to spice things up or rekindle some fire into lukewarm sex life, it’s worth giving it a try. 

This sex chaise has 24 connector points for your restraints and handcuffs. It’s very versatile — you can get into any position you want while tied up.

The Black Label’s high-density foam can support you as you and your partner go at it. It has a good give for when you’re bouncing and thrusting but is still soft enough that it’s comfortable to lay down on.

Unlike Esse, the Black Label Esse only comes in one color: black. But black matches with anything, so it most likely won’t stick out like a sore thumb regardless of your room’s color scheme.

An important note: the cuff ports are VISIBLE.

Like Esse, it’s still a pretty statement piece. But it could draw up eyebrows from your more conservative visitors. So if your mother is coming over, you might want to cover it up — unless you have a sex dungeon, of course.

Consider using a cover when you’re expecting guests.

Most Comfortable Sex Couch

3. Liberator Zeppelin Cocoon

6 foot long (rounded)
Faux fur
Shredded foam
  • Discreet, like a regular bean bag
  • Great for cuddling and lazy sex
  • Easy to clean
  • Quite heavy to set up alone

Some days, you want sweat-bursting and pumping sex in all sorts of positions. Some days, you want to laze around for some comfy, slow sex.

When you’re cuddling and spooning on some Netflix show, and it turns into nudging, penetrating, and even forking. 

Those days are for the Liberator Zeppelin Cocoon.

To put it simply, the Zeppelin Cocoon is a bean bag. But more premium quality. And massive. HUGE. Really, it’s a behemoth of a bean bag.

And did I mention ginormous?

Okay, you get it.

Are bean bag chairs great for sex? Of course!

Unlike a regular sofa, it’s softer and more malleable, so it contours to any shape. Therefore, you can experience unique sensations that you won’t feel from the usual couch or bed.

The best part? You can just roll over and get back to your shows when you’re done. 

Having sex on the Liberator Zeppelin Cocoon feels like having sex on the cloud. I haven’t tried, but I’m pretty sure it’s close to how it feels. It holds firm but still fluffy and doesn’t go flat and sad when you and your partner lay down on it. 

It also has a second “function.” When you fluff it on its side, it becomes more compact. As a result, having sex on it feels very sensual — like you and your partner are getting hugged and cocooned (probably why it’s named Cocoon) by it. 

Since it looks just like any bean bag, there’s no reason for anyone to assume it’s sex furniture. And you could say it’s multi-functional as it’s great for just lounging around where you can read a book or watch some Netflix shows.

Cleaning it is easy. It has a water-resistant liner to protect it from spills, and then you can just take out the cover to wash it. 

As long as you have enough space for it, this one’s a good buy. After all, you can just rotate the Cocoon upright at 90-degrees, so it’s more compact and uses less space.

Upgrade Pick

4. Liberator Esse II

64″ L x 24″ W x 28″ H (33″ H with headrest)
Premium faux leather
Synthetic leather
Polyester taffeta
High-density polyurethane
  • Easy-to-clean synthetic leather
  • Ideal for taller or larger couples
  • Weighted, it’s sturdier
  • More expensive than Esse
  • Requires minor assembly

The Liberator Esse II is an upgraded version of the Esse. For an additional $300+, you will be getting more premium features that are valuable if you’re the right user.

Let’s start with the similarities. Esse II also sports a curve design identical to Esse. It still comes with a headrest and mini-scoop as well.

Now, moving on to the differences and upgrades.

One of the first things you’ll notice is the material. Immediately, you will get a more premium feel from the Esse II with its faux leather cover. (Esse has Velvish and Porto covers.) It has a smooth and distressed visual texture wherein you can choose from 7 colors for the fabric cover.

The leather cover feels like silky lambskin to touch. That alone could help you get in the mood as soon as your skin touches it.

This material is also non-staining and anti-microbial. It’s easier to clean — you can just wipe stains and spills from it. Of course, it’s still protected inside with a liner.

Another noticeable difference is Esse II has maple feet. Elevating the love lounger from the ground provides better leverage for taller couples and for transitioning to standing sexual positions.

The wooden base also makes Esse II heavier, providing more support and stability for the sex couch. Couples, especially those who like doing more vigorous sex or on the heavier side, will find doing the deed on this sexy sofa less shaky. 

Esse II needs some assembly, so that’s something to consider. However, the process is quite simple, and it comes with easy-to-follow instructions. The wooden base is also pre-drilled, so you just have to put the piece together, really.

Its maple feet are also unstained. This gives you the freedom to do the staining that matches your decor.

If you have the budget, spending a little more for Esse II is definitely worth it.

Best Sex Sofa for Versatility

5. Liberator Equus Wave

60″ L x 20″ W x 18″ H
Machine-washable velvish
Fully supportive polyurethane
  • Two separate shapes for variety
  • Offer leverage for sex positions
  • Pretty lightweight in maneuvering
  • Lower to the ground than others
  • Could look like a rectangular block of foam

The Liberator Equus Wave comes in two separate shapes that fit together seamlessly and can be used in different variations.

The result? Unlimited sex positions for you and your partner.

As its name describes, the Equus Wave has a more wavy design. You can stack the two shapes on top of each other, use them alone, use them fitted together, or place them side by side.

Really, you can explore a variety of angles and positions from this sex sofa.

Its slopes and waves provide leverage for you and your partner to position yourself that provides you deeper penetration and stronger thrusting power — WITH COMFORT. 

For example, imagine how straining it is for your female partner to meet each of your thrusts with ardor. Using the Equus Wave, your partner could rest her hips on the wave and just focus on the pleasure.

You can use this sex foam on top of your bed. But for better stability, it’s safer to use it on the floor.

Compared to the other sex sofas on this list, the Equus Wave is lower to the ground. If you have any mobility issues, using it might be difficult for you. 

When fitted together, it looks like a block of foam. Pretty boring, but highly inconspicuous.

You can place it at the foot of your bed, and it would look like a normal ottoman. It could function as a bench on regular days when you’re not riding it with your partner. 

Softest Sex Couch

6. Liberator Zeppelin Lounger

86″ L x 47″ W x 36″ H
100% polyester micro velvet
Nylon/cotton ripstop
Multi-density polyurethane micro-cushions
  • Cheaper than Zeppelin Cocoon
  • Slightly more manageable to fluff foam cubes in
  • Compact rectangular shape
  • Even more massive than Zeppelin Cocoon
  • Not for kinks

Remember the Liberator Zeppelin Cocoon a few stops higher? Meet Liberator Zeppelin Lounger, its larger yet slightly more affordable cousin.

The Zeppelin Lounger is also like a bean bag but in a fluffier rectangle shape. So even though it’s larger than the Cocoon at a size of 7.5 feet, it’s easier to fit on most corners because of its compact shape.

And remember how I said fluffing the Cocoon on the side feels snug and cozy? Lounger does that without the additional fluffing. 

It has an enveloping softness that feels so good when cuddling and snuggling with your other half. It’s huge, so there’s a lot of room for two on this lounger. Plus-size couples would like this better as it holds more shape and weight.

Since it contours easily to any shape, it also gives you a good and comfortable access to different positions — especially the oldie-but-a-goodie missionary. 

The Lounger doesn’t scream “SEX LOUNGER,” so you don’t have to worry about being inconspicuous. In fact, it can even double as a daybed (perfect for guests when coming over — as long as you already washed the sheets!). 

With its pretty faux fur, the Zeppelin Cocoon has a more luxurious feel. But the Lounger’s micro-velvet cover feels really soft to touch as well, so it really just comes down to personal preference. 

Buying Guide: How To Choose A Sex Couch

Any furniture you have sex on can be labeled as sex furniture. Technically.

But… there’s a difference to actually having real sex furniture, particularly a sex couch. Sex couches are designed *specifically* to enhance the sexual experience by helping you execute sex positions more easily, comfortably, and pleasurably.

When choosing a sex couch, here are some things you need on your checklist:

Mind the materials

You won’t be inserting this item inside your body, so why should the materials matter?

Well, materials matter because it affects maintenance and longevity. Sex sofas are an investment, so you’d want to use them for more years to cum (pun intended).

Good quality sex furniture is well-made — from its covering down to its stuffing.

You and your partner will be putting your weight on this object. A high-density foam ensures it can support your weight and not flatten from frequent (or rigorous) use.

And then, the liner. It’s inevitable to spill some bodily fluids (or lubricants) when you’re having sex or masturbating. I mean, who wants to be bothered by being fussy and wiping down these liquids while you’re doing the deed? Also, turning into a slip-n-slide doesn’t sound sexy.

Water-resistant liners help protect the stuffing, so it doesn’t get dirty and nasty — which is harder to clean.

Finally, of course, the covers. The outside matters just as the inside.

Variety in colors is nice so that you can match the sexified sofa to your home decor. Importantly, find one that’s washable and removable. It just saves you a lot of time in cleaning and maintenance. 

Faux leather materials also let you wipe away stains and spills. 

Form and function

Ask yourself, “What’s your primary function in purchasing a sex sofa?”

Is it for comfort and safety? Is it to add spice to your sex life?

Knowing exactly what you want will help you narrow down your options. Consider not just what you like now but also what you’re willing to explore in the future.

If you lack flexibility or have mobility problems, look for ergonomic designs that support your weight and give you comfort. For example, older couples who want to rekindle the passion in their sex lives but have physical limitations could use sex chaises that prop up their head, back, and body.

Are you a BDSM enthusiast? Then, sex couches with restraining points are for you.

Size matters

Sex sofas come with some serious real estate. Take a tape measure and know just how much square footage you’re working with.

Know its dimensions. And then, make sure you have enough room for it.

Some sofas, especially those with a base, need to be assembled. It’s too much work to disassemble it every time you’re not using it.

There is also a case of being discreet. If you have a sex dungeon, you won’t have a problem. However, if you place it in your living room or bedroom, you might have to consider its design.

Many sex couches today can pass off as regular furniture. Sure, it may look a little interesting, but you could just wave it off as a modern statement piece.

But if you have a kinkier taste, sex chaises with handcuff and bondage points might be quite hard to explain. So consider the level of privacy you can afford and how much storage or space you’d need.

Don’t forget — YOU!

SAFETY should be your priority. And when you’re looking at sex lounges, you will be putting your (and your partner’s) whole weights into it.

Aside from taking the measurements of the couch, take YOUR measurements as well. 

Remember: the sex sofa you’re buying should be able to support you and your partner’s weight combined PLUS 30 lbs. — just for extra measure.

Consider your heights as well. Sex sofas are meant to make doing sex positions easier for you, not complicate it. So make sure it’s not too high or too low for you and your partner.

If you have any other concerns, make sure you take them into consideration. 

Budget (cha-ching!)

How much are you willing to shell out?

The price range for a sex sofa can vary wildly. However, if you’re looking for a quality piece, it’s expected to come at a hefty price tag.

Going for a cheap sex couch might compromise safety. Still, the most expensive sex couch doesn’t mean it’s the best for you. 

The key here is finding a good balance of cost and value and what’s exactly right for you. You know, yinning the yang.

Your Frequent Questions, Answered

How Do You Use a Sex Couch?

There is no right or wrong answer on how to use a sex couch. Really, the best way to use it is the way that feels good to you. 

It also depends on your sexified sofa’s design, function, and versatility. Sex couches are ergonomically designed to make the sex you want to be having more accessible. By giving you support, it takes away the tension and strain on your joints and body so you can explore and enhance various sex positions.

Sex couches, unlike sex swings and slings and benches, are pretty straightforward to use: lean over it for support.

What Makes a Sex Sofa Different from a Regular Sofa?

Sex sofas are just like any couch, but better. Why use it then?

Well, most sex loungers are:

  1. Built to support sex positions. It has features (like curves, slopes, and dips) to bear your weight and brace your neck, head, and body. It’s helpful for anyone with physical limitations or who finds it difficult to do sex positions because of weight or flexibility. 
  2. Versatile. Aside from its main function, it also offers capabilities like BDSM, interchangeable shapes, or additional pillow supports.
  3. Stain- and water-resistant. Sex couches expect you to spill; regular couches don’t.
  4. Made from high-density foam. They won’t easily dent or deform after rigorous usage.
  5. Covered with a liner. So liquids and spills won’t penetrate the foam.

What Are the Best Sex Positions on a Couch?

Whether it’s a sex lounge or a regular one, couches are good and accessible furniture pieces to mix things up. They allow angles, access, and support you can’t find from your plain ol’ bed. 

So what position should you be maximizing on the couch?

Many guys like having the girl on top while staring at each other’s eyes. Romantic!

According to u/whatsamawhatsit, “Dude sitting on the couch, dudette on top, legs straddled around the dude, looking into each other’s eyes. Very intimate, deep, hot, and slow.”

For many others, they simply said one word: “Cowgirl.”

Oral sex is also comfortable. u/KoodKevin suggests, “One of you sitting on the couch and the other on their knees doing oral.”


So, you’re looking to expand your sex repertoire.

Sex couches are great additions for you to be more comfortable getting into positions you already love or want to try.

While it might seem like a large investment, gearing yourself up with the right knowledge will help you slash-and-hack your way through the Amazing World of Sex Furniture. 

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