11 Best Adult Sex Chairs (2024): For Couples & Plus Size

We’ve seen every type of sex furnitures and sex couches. Now, we’re getting to the smaller sizes like the best sex chairs. I’ve scoured the forums and threads about these sex chairs and their possible contribution to the bondage and BDSM. Trust me, these chairs might be the beginning of opening your new kinks.

Best Sex Chaise

If you want comfort + versatility + something discreet, the Liberator Esse checks all the boxes. With its curved design, it’s a sex chaise that provides support and better access to different sex positions and deeper penetrations.

It’s also practical and versatile – when you’re not using it for sexual pleasures, you don’t have to stash it somewhere. It’s discreet, blends with your decor, and doubles as a contemporary chaise for lounging around all day.

Best Inflatable Sex Chair

No space for a sex chair? Get the Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Hot Seat. Since it’s inflatable, you can easily deflate it when not in use. Plus, it has a built-in dildo you (or your partner) can ride on for double penetration or threesome roleplay. 

Best for BDSM & Bondage

The Liberator Black Label Esse is a sleek black sex chaise for BDSM and bondage play. Whether you’re experienced or dipping your toes into S&M, this love lounger gives ample support and versatility with its 24 cuffing points for restraints. This lets you explore different positions while keeping the cuffs on!

Top 3 Sex Chaises & Chairs

Best for Light Bondage

Prelude Bench King Black Label

Best Sex Chaise

liberator esse

Liberator Esse

Best for BDSM & Bondage

Black Label Esse

Liberator Black Label Esse

72” L x 22” W x 18” H
64” L x 24” W x 24” H (29” H with headrest)
64” L x 24” W x 24” H (29” H with headrest)
Weight capacity:
800 lbs.
600 lbs.
700 lbs.

Top Sex Chaises, Seats & Chairs

Best Sex Chaise

1. Liberator Esse Sex Chaise

64” L x 24” W x 24” H (29” H with headrest)
Weight capacity:
600 lbs.
Micro velvet polyester fabric
  • Ergonomic design to support weight
  • Looks like regular furniture
  • Versatile for multiple positions
  • Might be low or short for taller people

Liberator Esse is a curvy sex chaise. With its form and function, it easily doubles as a regular couch and a sex position enhancer. And out of all the sex chairs we’ve bought, we found ourselves using Esse the most because it’s just so versatile and hassle-free.

Its curved design is very helpful if you feel fatigued easily or have limited mobility. Lying on your back is always comfortable, but lying flat is not the most accessible (or pleasurable) for penetration.

Esse’s curves and slopes will support, lift, and stabilize your body so you can focus on the pleasure without getting tired quickly or exerting too much effort. By stretching out your and your partner’s bodies with the chair’s dips, it also allows deeper penetration.

The chaise’s ergonomic design also makes it easy for you and your partner to shift positions whether you’re doing rider-on-top, oral, missionary, or various other positions.

Pro Tip

If you’re very tall, this chaise might be too low or short for your limbs. To remedy that, it includes a headrest that provides additional leverage of 5 inches. NOT BAD!

It also comes with a mini scoop that can be placed on the chair’s middle dip to flatten it. I like to use it as lumbar support when I lay down with my partner on top. Or, you may also use it as a sex pillow! Talk about versatility.

During the day, the Liberator Esse looks like a charming statement piece. And it’s even comfortable for lounging around while reading a book or watching shows. When it comes to being discreet, this sex lounger camouflages itself well.

It comes in different fabric colors, so you can choose one that matches your interior color scheme. You can also choose between Velvish and Porto fabrics, depending on which better suits your decor and preference.

Since the cover is removable and has a liner to protect the foam from spills and stains, this sex chaise is extremely easy to clean. Simply throw the cover in the washer, and you’re good to go.

Pro Tip

Type the discount code ALPHA20 for a 20% discount on purchases from the Liberator website when you click the button below.

Best for BDSM & Bondage

2. Liberator Black Label Esse

64” L x 24” W x 24” H (29” H with headrest)
Weight capacity:
700 lbs.
  • Numerous connector points for restraints
  • For kinksters and BDSM enthusiasts
  • Only one color: black

Getting tied up, blindfolded, and being at the mercy of your partner’s lead sounds hot, no? If you’re a BDSM enthusiast, the Liberator Black Label Esse is for you.

See the “Esse” on its name? Yup, it’s very similar to Liberator Esse. It has all the delicious features of the Esse – the curved design, mini scoop and headrest, high-density foam, and ergonomic support.

But, it ups the already-wonderful love lounger and transforms it into a BDSM sex chaise. Equipped with 24 connector points, it makes any sex position you want to do accessible with restraints on. *insert devil emoji*

It’s a sturdy sex chair for the more experienced kinksters. Yet, at the same time, it’s friendly enough if you’re just dipping your toes into S&M from plain vanilla sex.

While the Esse comes in various fabric colors, the Black Label Esse only comes in one: black.

However, black is a color you can easily integrate into your interior. Like what they say in the decorating rule, every room can use a touch of black. There you go!

The Black Label Esse is NOT as discreet as Esse because of its visible cuff ports. Consider covering it up if you have company coming over.

Best for Light Bondage

3. Prelude Bench King Black Label

72” L x 22” W x 18” H
Weight capacity:
800 lbs.
Faux lambskin leather fabric
  • Ideal width for straddling
  • With hidden restraint clips for bondage
  • Slight assembly required

Discreet and BDSM sex furniture don’t usually go together. Lucky for you, the Prelude Bench King Black Label is up for grabs.

It’s perfectly measured to a king-sized bed, so you can position it at the end of your bed like a regular bedroom backless bench. And everyone from your mother-in-law to your neighbor’s cat would be none the wiser.

If you want to display it in other areas of your home, you can do so. After all, looks-wise, it’s pretty innocent and tame to the untrained eyes. 

But, underneath, it has some dirty little secret: 12 restraint clips.

Fewer than the Black Label Esse, but more than enough for any hot bondage play

Leather is a popular material in the BDSM world, so it only makes sense that this chair’s fabric is made from faux lambskin leather. And when you’re going for restraints and sensation play, the feel of the fabric’s leather is immaculate – it’s smooth and silky.

You’d have to do some assembling with this furniture, but it’s minimal. Its wooden base has pre-drilled holes, so you can put it together by hand without using any tool. 

Best for Queening

4. Dominix Deluxe Sex Position Enhancer Chair

19” L x 15” W x 12” H
Weight capacity:
300 lbs
Faux leather, metal frame
  • Sturdy metal frame
  • Comfortable queening position
  • Two interchangeable seat surfaces
  • Doesn’t dismantle
  • Not bouncy

Calling all queens and kings: your throne has arrived. Introducing the Dominix Deluxe Sex Position Enhancer Chair.

It’s a queening stool that comes with TWO flat cushioned seat surfaces. One is like a regular seat surface, while the other has a 9-inch diameter hole in the middle. Both are cushioned and covered with easy-to-clean faux leather. 

The frame is pre-assembled, so you can assure it’s sturdy and won’t come apart as it arrives in one solid piece. 

Placing the holed seat on top lets you play around with oral, anal, and penetrative exploration. 

When the flat surface is in place, you can use it for impact play and support. This way, it also looks like a regular stool, so it’s more discreet, which is helpful as the toy doesn’t dismantle for storage. 

It’s just the right height to slide under my bed, so I just keep it there when not in use – hidden and easily within reach.

Up for bondage play? It also comes with four nylon tie-downs, one on each corner of the chair. But be careful of intense pulling as it doesn’t seem that sturdy – to me, at least.

Fetish Fantasy The Incredible Sex Stool

Best Sex Chair Machine

5. Fetish Fantasy The Incredible Sex Stool

24 x 17 x 15 inches
Weight capacity:
300 lbs.
Steel frame with 2 TPU sheets
  • Budget-friendly and durable
  • Works for curvier folks
  • Easy to clean TPU seats
  • TPU band can stick on your skin
  • Can be tricky to assemble

The Fetish Fantasy “The Incredible Sex Stool” has a unique design and versatile features, this sex stool aims to enhance comfort, creativity, and pleasure during bedroom adventures.

One of the standout pros of this sex stool is its sturdy construction. Crafted from high-quality materials, it offers excellent stability and durability, ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. The stool’s ergonomic design provides comfortable support for both partners, allowing for extended sessions without discomfort. It features a cushioned seat with a padded backrest, making it ideal for various positions and angles.

Another notable feature is its adjustable height. With three different height settings, this sex stool can be customized to accommodate different body types and preferences, providing optimal positioning and accessibility.

Overall, the Fetish Fantasy “The Incredible Sex Stool” offers a sturdy build, ergonomic design, and adjustable height make it an appealing option for couples.

Best Sex Chair Machine

6. Cloud 9 F-Slider Pro

22” L x 18” W x 22” H
Weight capacity:
400 lbs.
Waterproof vinyl cushion
  • Self-thrusting penetration
  • Adjustable knobs so you can control depth
  • Self-powered, no batteries
  • Not too discreet
  • Expensive

Want to ride a dong while sucking your man? The Cloud 9 F-Slider Ride-On brings an additional D to your sex session.

Like the Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Sex Chair, it comes with a realistic 7-inch dildo that’s a bit bigger than Fetish Fantasy’s. But this time, you can change the dildo to your favorite dong as it has a Vac-U-Lock and a universal adaptor.

Also, it doesn’t vibrate – it THRUSTS! And you’re in control of the thrusting.

It’s not battery- or electronically-powered. So how to operate it?

You straddle the chair and then rock your hips forward and backward. This movement creates momentum that moves the dildo to give upward and downward thrusts. With you in control, it feels very similar to natural penetration.

Doesn’t it just bring you Victorian-period, mechanical sex machine vibes? 

This sex chair machine has a handle that you can grip. Meanwhile, its “F-Slider” refers to the knobs you can adjust for depth. I find the middle setting most enjoyable as it’s easier to slip the dildo in and thrust the machine comfortably. 

Its form isn’t too discreet, but it comes with a storage cover. So as long as nobody tears away that cover, who’s gonna know?

Most Discreet Sex Chair

7. Liberator Zeppelin Lounger

86” L x 47” W x 36” H
Weight capacity:
N/A, uses high-density shredded foam
Polyester micro-velvet
  • Very discreet
  • Huge, comfy bean bag
  • Comfortable for plus-size couples
  • Needs a lot of space

The Liberator Zeppelin Lounger is not an in-your-face sex chair, which makes it very discreet. It looks and works just like a very massive bean bag.

But, it’s better than your regular bean bag because 1) it’s enormous, 2) it’s very sturdy, and 3) it envelopes you like you’re in the womb.

The Zeppelin Lounger is filled with multi-density polyurethane micro-cushions. Its shredded, high-density foam gives great weight support.

The result? It’s really comfy and soft that it shapes to your body when you lie down on it, but it’s not too soft that it would swallow you. This malleability makes this sex lounger snuggly for various sex positions. Plus-size couples will find this lounger comfortable and sturdy to use. 

Pro Tip

Spooning is an intimate and sensual position you can do on the Zeppelin Lounger. Not only is it comfy, but you’ll feel the lounger enveloping you and your partner in a cozy hug.

And it could easily be a two-in-one lounger as it’s too comfortable to just lounge on, making it very practical and versatile. I like snuggling on it when watching my shows. 

Even though it’s big, it has a rounded rectangular shape, so it appears more compact. This also means you can fit it better into your room’s corners.

Most Comfortable Sex Chair

8. Liberator Zeppelin Cocoon

6-foot long (rounded)
Weight capacity:
N/A, uses high-density shredded foam
Faux fur
  • Very discreet
  • Big rounded bean bag 
  • A bit difficult to fluff out alone

The Liberator Zeppelin Cocoon is also a bean bag sex chair. It’s round, making it more similar to the regular bean bags you usually see. But it’s more well-made and premium in quality.

Having sex on the Zeppelin Cocoon lets you experience new sensations because it’s very soft and malleable. It provides support you’re not usually accustomed to. It’s very supple, but not like normal bean bags that sink when you put in your weight.

Its fabric is made of faux fur, which is very soft to touch and has beautiful, luxurious patterns in Red Fox, Silver Fox, or Mountain Fox. 

The Cocoon has these two functions you can use depending on what’s convenient for you – and variety.

When laid flat on its normal state, it works as a pleasure pad. Or, you can flip it 90 degrees to its side to make it seem like an upright seat. This way, it’s more compact – ideal if you have a smaller space.

It can be a bit difficult to fluff out the Cocoon alone. As it arrives in compact packaging, you’d have to fill the chair with the shredded foam, fluff it out, and wait for it to expand.

It’s just a one-time thing, though, so it won’t be much of a hassle. And it’ll be worth it in the end, for sure.

Upgrade Pick

9. Liberator Esse II

64” L x 24” W x 28” H (33” H with headrest)
Weight capacity:
600 lbs.
Faux leather
  • Weighted for more support
  • Easy-to-clean faux leather
  • More elevated for taller people
  • Slight assembly required

The Liberator Esse II does all the things that Esse does right. But it comes with added features for an upgrade.

Still very discreet, you can display the love lounger in any part of your home without guests immediately assuming it’s for kinky stuff. Unless they have a wild imagination.

While Esse has Velvish and Porto fabric covers, the Esse II uses premium faux leather. To touch, it’s very soft and silky as it has a breathable lambskin texture.

I like its faux leather fabric because it’s non-staining and water-resistant, so it’s very low maintenance. If you squirt or indulge in some water play or spill lubricant, you can just wipe it, and you’re fine. No need to change the sheets immediately. It’s also anti-microbial.

Esse II also features a wooden base. This adds height to the chair, making it more suitable for taller couples that find Esse too low. For standing positions, it’s more ergonomic to switch in different styles.

Plus, it gives more weight to the chair. If you have sex on it vigorously or if you’re a plus-size couple, the Esse II will not feel shaky.

You need to put the wooden feet to the chair when it arrives, so some assembling is needed. It’s pre-drilled, however, so you don’t need any tools to attach them. 

Overall, its extra values are worth upgrading to if you need them.

Good for Variety

10. Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer

19” L x 16” W x 12” H
Weight capacity:
330 lbs.
Metal frame, elastic
  • Compact and easily dismantles
  • Elastic straps provide bounce
  • Versatile for multiple positions
  • Minor assembling required

The Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer is a queening stool if you (or your partner) love being on top. 

This stool is dis-cuh-reet. It actually looks like just a regular chair. But if they only knew… 

When you sit on the stool and put your full weight on it, the elastic straps will stretch downwards, bringing your body lower to the ground for your partner to lick or penetrate or do all sorts of wonderful things.

The downward stretch creates tension in the strap. The strap will try to spring back to its natural state when you move up, providing “bounce” and basically lifting you.

Aside from face-sitting, you can also do different sex positions with it like cowgirl, doggy, and wheelbarrow, making it a real versatile sex enhancer chair. And we also use it in bed for support when the floor’s too hard on our knees.

For bondage, you can even tie and handcuff limbs on its bars.

Unlike the Dominix Deluxe chair, this one has a bit of assembling required. It arrives flat-packed, but it’s easy to put together by hand with no tools. In turn, it’s more compact if you want to dismantle it for storage.

Best Inflatable Sex Chair

11. Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Hot Seat

16” W x 12” H
Weight capacity:
300 lbs.
Soft plastic, rubber dildo
  • Saves space – deflate for storage
  • Great for threesome role play and double penetration
  • Unremovable dildo

The Fetish Fantasy Inflatable Hot Seat is a bouncy sex chair equipped with a dildo and easy-grip handles. 

If you’re looking for an extra D for double penetration or to roleplay a threesome, this one’s for you. And you can even use it for solo play.

The dildo is unremovable, so it might be challenging if you don’t find it comfortable or pleasurable. Rest assured, it’s neither too small nor too big. (It has an insertable length of 6 inches and a circumference of 5.25 inches – like an average penis!)

The rubber dildo is sturdy and hard, so it won’t flop around as you ride it. PLUS, it vibrates! You can control the vibration speeds with a wired battery-operated controller.

Since it’s inflatable, it gives a good bounce as you ride it. I found it tricky to balance during my first time, but sensations felt great when I finally found my rhythm.

When you’re spent and done, you can just deflate it, store it, and keep it away from prying eyes. A gem of a space saver, especially if you don’t live alone.

Buying Guide: How to Choose a Sex Seat or Chair

How To Clean My Sex Chair?

Sex furniture runs the gamut from pillows to full-on BDSM beds and cages. Somewhere in between is a variety of sex chairs:


Chairs that simply look like, well, chairs. But with the added functionality for boinking your boo: enhancing sex positions. 

Chaise lounges

These look like any chaise or loungers you can find in any home. They are big enough for you to recline fully, and they come with bells and whistles to support you and hold your weight during sex.

For example, Liberator Label Esse has curves for deeper penetration and support, while the Black Label Esse has restraint clips for bondage play.


Benches are more for… the kinkier folks. Great for BDSM and bondage, sex benches are built for couples who want to strap one partner (usually the sub) during sexy times.

The Prelude Bench King Black Label is an example.


Also called queening stools, this chair has a hole on the seat where a face, penis, dildo, or hand can pass through. Mainly, it’s for face-sitting. But the more versatile ones can also be used for 69-ing and various other positions. 

The Dominix Deluxe and Bondage Boutique position enhancer chairs on this list are examples of sex stools. 


Material is usually not a priority when choosing a sex chair. But it should be considered just the same.

Understanding and knowing the material will let you know what types of things you can (and can’t) do with it.

Made of PVC? Things could turn clammy with sweat and cum. Made of suede? Cleaning bodily liquids from it might make you want to pull your hair out.

Good must-haves for materials are:

  • Skin-safe
  • Washable (and removable)
  • Breathable
  • Anti-microbial
  • Water-resistant

Synthetic leather is a good material because it’s easy to clean and maintain. You can just wipe spills and stains from it, and you’re good to go.

If you fancy materials like faux fur, that’s alright – as long as it’s removable and washable.


Sex chairs offer different forms and functionalities for any type of consumer in the naughty market. Chance is, there is just the right sex chair out there for you.

First, you must know:

  • What sex positions you enjoy,
  • What sex positions you want to try, and
  • What difficulties you want to alleviate from doing those positions.

Sex chairs come with a myriad of features. From there, you can keep an eye out for what you actually need.

If you want deeper penetration but doing it for longer periods hurts your back, get a chair that supports your body. Chairs with curved designs work well for this.

If you want cunnilingus but your legs give out during squatting, get a queening stool or throne.

If you want to explore BDSM and bondage, a sex chair with (or allows) restraint clips is a must. 


True: Size matters.

False: Bigger is better.

Ultimately, a sex chair is a piece of furniture that will take up real estate in your home. 

You wouldn’t want a sex chair that’s too small for the sex positions you’re planning to explore. And you wouldn’t want one that’s too big and bulky for your space.

Ask yourself: what size is beneficial for my sex life?

Say you want a sex chaise, and you don’t have a sex dungeon. Can it pass off as regular furniture if you place it somewhere in your home that guests might see?

If you have housemates, one that you can disassemble might be better so you can keep it under your bed or in your cabinet when not in use.

Take your tape measure out and calculate how much square meter you can assign for your sex chair like a real home decor pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes Sex Seats & Chairs Different From A Regular Chair?

A chair isn’t ever just a chair. It’s form. It’s a function.

And when you add the word “sex” right before it, you open the door to a whole new *naughty* world altogether. So, a sex chair is different from a regular chair because it helps…

  • Support your weight. And not just for when you’re sitting or lying down, but specifically for executing sex positions.
  • People with physical and mobility limitations. With a sex chair, they can do positions they normally can’t AND be comfortable while doing it.
  • Prevent injuries. Because sometimes, when we’re getting wild and naughty, our physical limitations won’t stop us from executing the positions we want to do. 

How to Use Sex Seats & Chairs?

Quick answer: use it in any way your heart desires.

Longer, more specific answer: the best way to use and maximize your sex chair is by exploring different sex positions you can do with it.

Different sex chairs enhance different sex positions. For instance, queening stools make face-sitting comfortable for both the giver and the receiver. But they can also be versatile for exploring other positions like doggy style or cowgirl, coz y not?

Regardless of your sex chair, here are some delicious positions you should try:

  • Seated wheelbarrow – He sits on the edge of the chair. She places her hands on the floor, face down, with her butt on his lap and legs on both sides of his body. Great for deep penetration and G-spot stimulation.
  • Wrapped lotus –  He sits cross-legged. Facing him, she mounts his lap and wraps her legs around him. Compact and intimate.
  • Champagne room – He sits on the chair. She sits on top of him, facing away. Continue watching your Netflix show with this move.
  • Reverse cowgirl – Like the champagne room, but he lies on his back as she rides him. The woman can control the depth and rhythm.
  • Leapfrog – Like doggy style, but more compact. Instead of going on all fours, she rests her upper body on the couch and raises her hips to match him as he kneels down behind her. Deeper penetration and allows for clit stimulation with a free hand.

How Do I Store My Sex Seats & Chairs Properly?

This is exactly why size matters.

Large sex chairs are too hefty to move around. And it will be too tedious and time-consuming to take it apart.

If you don’t have a space for it, it’s better not to get one. Or, you can look for discreet sex chairs that look like regular furniture so you can place it anywhere you please and not worry about storing it elsewhere.

For more compact sex chairs, like those you can deflate and dismantle, you can store them under your bed, in your drawer, or whatnot.

Use covers or storage containers to prevent it from gathering dust and lint. Also, make sure the area is clean and dry.

How To Clean My Sex Chair?

Sex is messy. Cleaning and maintaining your sex chair is essential, so you get longer use of it.

It’s important to read your sex chair’s cleaning instructions to know how to clean it properly and what (and not) to use. Surely, there’s a section for Care and Cleaning somewhere in there.

None? Here are some tips:

  • If the fabric is made of leather or something similar, you can just wipe stains from them.
  • If the cover is removable (*fingers crossed*), zip it out and throw it in the washer. 
  • If the material is not water-resistant and can’t be removed, consider using a blanket or cover over it.
  • Wipe spills and stains with a cloth damped with water or rubbing alcohol.
  • Disinfect. Disinfect. Disinfect.


“Sex chair” makes you think of sex dungeons and Christian Grey’s Red Room.

But they’re not just for the kinkier folks. ~Vanilla~ couples can enjoy them too, as long as you invest in one that makes sense for your taste! And they always leave you more room to explore sexier sextivities later. 

Aliyah Moore

Aliyah Moore

Aliyah Moore (she/her) is our resident sex expert at SexualAlpha. She’s a certified sex therapist with a Ph.D. in Gender & Sexuality Studies. Aliyah is a proud Black, bi-sexual femme passionate about empowering minority voices to embrace their sexuality and identity. She loves to write about everything sexual wellness and gives no-nonsense sex and relationship advice.

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