14 Best Sex Pillows & Wedges For Some Sexual Riding (2024)

When you find the best sex pillow for you, you’ll experience enhanced comfort, intimacy & toe-curling sex life. Find out how to get the perfect one!

examples of sex pillows in various shapes and sizes cover

I personally tested 4 sex wedges, reviewed 56 of them to include only the best of the best.

You can filter through 3 categories – starter wedges, budget alternatives and upgrade choices.

On top of that you’ll learn exactly what you can expect from wedge pillows, what to watch out for, and the top sex position.

After you’re done reading you’ll be the expert and know exactly what is the top sex pillow for you!

Let’s jump in!

Top Sex Pillows For Some Special Sexual Positions In 2024

cheap alternative

DOMINIX Deluxe Inflatable Sex Position Wedge

Dominix Deluxe Inflatable Sex Ramp

best bang for the buck

Heart Wedge Sex Pillow

Liberator Heart Pillow

upgrade choice

Liberator Wedge Ramp Combo

Liberator Wedge & Ramp Combo

Fully supportive polyurethane
Fully supportive polyurethane

Best Bang For The Buck

Liberator Heart Pillow

Nobody would guess that this is not just furniture but is a liberator pillow…

It’s just big enough to create some great positions, yet small enough to stash anywhere. And it easily looks like just another decorative throw pillow.

The small size makes it easy to pack for a special weekend.

Compared to other offerings, Heart Wedge really packs that cute/romantic punch.

Check this video to see how Heart wedge looks and feels.

While other wedges can look like some weird hospital device, this one blends in easily. All while giving all the practical benefits of a quality sex pillow.

Here are some position ideas:

sex position using a sex pillow

Liberator Jaz

If you’re looking for the most practical affordable quality sex wedge, this is it.

It’s larger than you think, but the height and angle are just perfect.

It comes with a microsuede cover for easy wash.

Makes missionary heavenly (no matter who’s on the top).

Whether this or the heart wedge, it’s the perfect introduction to Liberator. More-so when spending a relatively small amount of money.

Ever stuck ordinary pillows under your wife’s back? Then you will appreciate these sex pillows.

Sorry for the low quality, but this video still helps to show how it works.

Some people prefer Jaz Motion which allows the rocking motion for easier thrusting.

I would still recommend classical Jaz over the Jaz Motion to start with.

Here are some position ideas:

sex position using sex pillows

Dame Pillo

Some people say that Liberator’s velvety fabric was too slippery for them and edges were a bit “sharp”.

Dame’s Pillow material is softer, has added handles (that are not obvious) and is designed to be discrete. So you don’t need to worry about storing this sex pillow.

These sex pillows are a good alternative to Liberator pillow small shapes. Yet you’ll need to pay a little extra for it.

Liberator pillow shapes come in around six colors. But Dame sex pillow has only one, Indigo color.

Here are some suggested positions for using this sex pillow:

positions with a sex pillow

Liberator Wedge

The wedge was called a “must-purchase” for sex by Timothy Ferriss (in The 4-Hour Body book).

Even though Wedge/Ramp combo is more famous (also more expensive), honestly wedge is 80% and the ramp is 20%.

You’ll just use wedge so much more.

Liberator Ramp is very big and bulky. The combo requires you to spend extra time to learn those positions.

This Wedge is medium size so you can still keep it around as a reading wedge. When spontaneous passion happens it’s there ready to go.

I recommend it for couples who want something bulkier to grab your hands around.

To compare, if Jaz is 18″ length, Wedge is 24″.

Note: There is also a Plus-size wedge version for curvier couples.

Also, a cool feature is that if you want to spice it up you can later buy a restraint case. Or a microfiber case for the wedge too 😉

Few recommended positions for this sex pillow:

example of sex positions using a liberator pillow

Liberator Wing

Some sex pillows come with the very fun capability of mounting a sex toy within them! The Liberator Wing is one of them.

You wouldn’t think to look at it (which makes it a very discreet sex aid), but the Liberator Wing is deceptively versatile. You can use it as a bolster or lift, just like many other sex pillows, as well as a toy mount for solo play

Just mount your favorite dildo or vibrator and enjoy the ride!

Liberator BonBon

If you like the look of the Liberator Wing but want a little more cushion for the pushin’, the Liberator BonBon has got you covered.

This round-top saddle-like sex aid is great for riding your favorite sex toy. It works with both flared and non-flared toys, so you can invite your whole collection along for the ride!

Plus, it can be used as a regular sex pillow to boost one partner or provide extra stability.

Favorite Cheap Alternatives

I understand that finances might be a challenge. But if you want to experience a quality sex pillow product…

Wait, save up & pick up a Liberator.

Subscribe to Liberator mailing list and wait for 20–30% discount. This will give small wedges an affordable rate.

However… still, I feel obliged to show you the best budget options.

These are inexpensive, so not a big difference in savings (but a big difference in performance).

cheap alternative

Dominix Deluxe Inflatable Sex Ramp

This inflatable will take a very little space so you can take it anywhere.

It does stay inflated and lets out minimal air over the course of a few hours. Though the air plug might pop out if you go too crazy.

The ramp PVC material is soft but doesn’t feel quite right for the skin, you may need to add the cover to it.

For more enjoyable usage, don’t fully inflate it.

It’s not great, but it is a “good enough” option to consider.

Drive Medical Folding Bed Wedge Pillow

Many people buy this as a cheap alternative to Liberator shapes.

It’s made for medical purposes. It isn’t for sexual pleasure which means that wedge will sink in when weight is applied.

Also, this sex pillow doesn’t protect against liquids.

It has a removable and washable cover. Just keep in mind that you will probably need to buy another one in a few months of active usage.

But it’s cheap. Yay!

It comes in three sizes — 7″,10″, 12″.

Plus you can fold it and use it to rest your feet while sitting in the reading chair.

It’s comfortable and firm, but not too firm!

And yes, you can use it as acid reflux pillow and sleeping not just as a sex pillow.

Buy several of them in different sizes and you can mix and combine them for even more positions! (your own version of wedge/ramp combo).

It will do the job. But you won’t experience the perfect angles and positioning of Liberator wedges.

The reason is simple: they are not made with a sexual purpose in mind.

InteVision Bed Wedge Pillow

Another bigger wedge pillow that you could use together with the smaller wedge.

It comes in three sizes from 25x24x12″ to 33×30.5×12 inches.

Many people report this wedge helps them with better sleep. And many buy it as a Liberator alternative.

It has memory foam on top of it, not too soft, not too firm.

Memory foam is a great addition to this pillow as its pretty popular with regular pillows.

It comes with a removable cover that you can wash, but the cover material doesn’t feel as good for the bare skin.

Another feature is it’s highly resilient polyurethane foam.

Not to be a broken record, I really recommend holding off for Liberator sales. Join their mailing list so you can experience the difference a simple sex pillow wedge can make.

I simply know you’ll thank me later.

Top Upgrade Choices

After you dipped your toes into the toe-curling sex life with sex pillows, it’s time to ramp it up.

But keep in mind with these items you should be more committed on investing time to learn new positions. This can be a lot of fun!

With the small wedges, you can improvise and have enhanced classical positions immediately. With these, it’s better to follow Liberator’s position guide to start with.

upgrade choice

Liberator Wedge & Ramp Combo

This is the most popular (best-selling) piece of sex furniture ever. Also, the first designed by Liberator.

It can open up tons of new positions if you take time to experiment.

It’s important you pick the right size ramp when shopping.

There are four sizes in total and you must measure the inseam length correctly to pick the right one.

But when you do, it will make those tricky positions possible and the angles will just work.

Here’s a video to show how the combo looks like.

Pay special attention to the size of them. It gets bulky.

The combo comes especially handy if you have height differences. Or if you’re young at heart but sometimes back disagrees.

Positions Using the Wedge & Ramp Combo

Liberator Esse Sex Chair

Liberator makes tons of the best sex furniture pieces. But Esse is the best bang for the buck (especially if you hold out for sales on their site).

The biggest pros of getting this?:

  • it will be so much more comfortable compared to your bed. (because you get more freedom/space for the legs)
  • better positioning, leverage — curves open lots of fun positions.
  • will not budge even with 600lbs of weight applied to it (plus, covers are removable & washable).
  • 12 color choices

The biggest cons?

  • it’s quite low and many people will need to buy extra Lift ramp to get it to a comfortable height.
  • returns are challenging if you don’t like the piece. mainly because of size and weight and the fact you pay for shipping on return.
  • it’s a pricey love seat and requires a learning curve to discover good positions.

Esse Sex chair is a big version of the sex wedges, sex pillows, ramps — all combined.

Below is an incredible video showing the small box Esse comes packed in.

See the unboxing and how the Esse looks in real life.

If you don’t like the item & need to return it at your cost, I am sure you can see how shipping will get very expensive.

Also Esse can easily disguise as a simple piece of furniture.

In the off-times great for relaxing, watching TV, or gaming. Height might be too low for some people.

Here’s a glimpse of few positions Esse might open for you:

positions on a Liberator Esse Sex Chair

Liberator Lift Booster Platform

Most people use Lift shape to raise up Esse chair or be able to move to the floor while using the wedge/ramp combo.

This will allow you to avoid the “squeaky bed” and have stable surfaces.

It gives you space to relax and focus on pleasure instead.

The downside?

It will get pricey. It’s a quality piece of Liberator shape, but if you get 2–3 of these…

Well, you need to be a committed Liberator customer.

Pro Tip

A fun idea is to hack the sex-furniture together yourself. Instead of getting the Esse Chair, for example. Similar end price, but lots of “Lego bricks” to play with.

I would recommend holding off for their big yearly 30% sales. So you can get a Lift shape for a cheaper price per piece, instead of the regular price.

Positions on a Liberator Lift Booster Platform

Liberator Black Label Collection

Not gonna go too much into this, but the Liberator Black Label Collection is worth a mention.

Ready for extra kink with cuffs and blindfolds? You can either get any of the conversion kits for liberator shapes (wedge, ramp, Esse) or get them straight of the box.

Here’s a video for a deeper look their bondage-inspired sex furniture.

A few example positions:

Sexy Positions using the Liberator Black Label Collection

Bonus: Sex Blanket — Liberator Throw

I just love the idea of a soft, waterproof blanket you can simply throw on the bed, floor or sofa…

Have a marathon session and then throw the blanket in the washer. Then the next morning have no fuss about swapping bed sheets or worry about wet spots etc.

The material feels great on bare-skin and fills its function.

The only gripe is that there’s an inner layer that wrinkles when you move, but I found it easy to ignore.

You can find a blanket in several dimension (and prices), but the most common one is 72×54.

You can choose between velvety or fluffy materials and 9 color options.

Here’s a funny test video of this sex blanket.

Ashley poured tons of water and lube over the blanket to see if it’s as waterproof as Liberator claims.

What Should You Look For In A Sex Pillow

There are a few things you want to look out for before buying your first sex pillow.

Shape & Extras

Make sure you read the dimensions and measure them out in real life before you click that Buy Now button. Marketing images can be deceptive, and it would be a real shame to find your new sex wedge is only big enough for one knee.

Take a look at any extras you might want too – non-slip covers, machine-washable fabric, waterproof lining, restraint points, toy mounts… the list goes on!


If a sex pillow is an extension of your bed, you want it to last just as long. That means high-quality materials and sturdy stitching. Check out user reviews, especially from people who have owned their pillows for a long time. This will give you a better idea of what to expect.

You also want to be sure it’s easy to maintain, so machine-washable covers and waterproof inner layers are a must.


This is another reason durability is important. If you’ve invested in a high-quality pillow, it’s much more likely you’ll be able to bend, flip, squish, and fold it into a huge variety of shapes to meet your needs.

Also, take a look at the kinds of positions it’s recommended for and see if that gives you enough versatility to keep things interesting.


You might find yourself balking at some of the prices you see (I know I did at first), but this is one of those cases where you get what you pay for. It can be tempting to lowball it, but if your sex pillow comes apart after just a couple of uses, did you really get your money’s worth?

Any piece of furniture you will banging on had better be well-made! The kind of force and constant movement typical of sex will test your sex pillow, so you’d better hope it’s up to the task!

Benefits of a Wedge Pillow For Sex

They are great for people & couples:

  • with injuries and mobility issues (to even paraplegic). also those with bad knees, hip, neck pains, back pain issues.
  • with height differences and curves (wedges help to expose the right bits on a silver platter).
  • who are older. those looking for more comfort to be able to sustain extended session in a sex position.
  • who want to spice it up and rekindle a marriage. also, those who suddenly want access to a new range of position possibilities.

Another sex pillow like the Liberator Humphrey sex toy mount is great for solo play. Others even have a toy holder.

With the right support, people have pain-free sex for the first time in years.

The wedge angles really help to create support to take a weight off knees and backs.

You simply feel the back support and more on every angle, allowing you to relax (a biggie).

How a sex cushion could enhance intimacy and sexual pleasure?

Sex toys are an amazing way to add spice, but sometimes you just want to be there with your partner.

Or if want some solo play enhancement, you can use the Liberator Humphrey that come with toy holders.

You know, without fancy props (like massage wands) or insane vibrations.

Top 3 Enhancements of Sex Cushions

1. Create Better Access & Allows Prolonged Oral Sex Without A Sore Neck

What are the three most common sex positions for you?

Probably: doggy style, oral sex, and missionary position.

A simple wedge or sex position pillow will transform these overnight. How? By simply lifting up body parts that are hard to get to.

Even added height makes the physical work WAY easier.

Let’s take oral sex, for example.

You need to lift her legs up quite high to comfortably be able to make her cum (or she needs to lift her pelvis).

The same thing with the blowjob — sore neck is almost guaranteed.

Put that butt on the sex cushion though… and you get the sexy bits on a silver platter taking oral sex to the next level.

Thanks to wonders of a sex position pillow.

2. Allows Deeper Penetration Without Hurting Vagina Walls

Achieving deeper penetration safely was a biggie for us.

Often in a spur of passion, I hit her vag walls and it destroyed her arousal.

Instead of being relaxed and enjoying the pleasure, she was now fearful I’ll hit her painfully again. I am the average penis size by the way.

With the wedge sex pillow as support I can do deeper penetration without hurting her.

A game-changer for us.

She now looks forward to getting deeper penetration.

3. Helps To Hit The G-spot With Ease (No Ninja Techniques Needed)

Based on your penis size and curve you either are able to hit the G-spot with ease.

But if you’re like most people you need to apply ninja techniques. Techniques for hitting just the right depth and angle to stimulate that G.

With the wedge angle (27 degrees) doggy style and G-spot become best friends.

Also the missionary position with her on top, me having the wedge under my butt does the job.

If I would need to sum it up:

“Wedges are great performance enhancers giving you more comfort. With perfect angles allowing you to focus on the pleasure.”

You can check out this guide for a list of other accessories to expand your experience.

Want to get creative and expand your experience? We have a guide on sex swings that you may use with these sex pillows.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sex Pillows

What Is a Sex Pillow?

Far from being just a regular pillow, a sex pillow is specially designed to aid in different sex positions. It makes usually hard-to-achieve positions way more comfortable. 

Not only does it open you up to a world of new possibilities, a sex pillow can also be an indispensable bedroom companion for those with mobility issues.

You’ll find sex pillows fall into three main categories: sex pillows, sex wedges, and sex ramps. Each has a slightly different size or shape to meet your particular needs.

How To Use Your Pillows?

Okay, you’ve got the gear.

Now what?

The most classical positions enhanced are missionary, oral sex and lazy doggy.

I suggest you keep experimenting.

Put the wedge under legs, under butt, under the head and see how it feels.

Shapes are made to take the work away from figuring out the angles. Chances are you’ll notice the perfect angles.

Then have less strain on joints and be able to do G-spot stimulation with little work.

However, if you want to dive deeper & discover a new sex position, here are three paths you could take:

Bringing It All Together

I do hope you’ll take the leap and expose yourself to the enhanced sex life with simple, yet effective props.

Start small, inexpensive.

Hold out for the sales, if the budget is tight.

These pieces make for excellent romantic & spicy gifts that you can’t go wrong with.

At least to me now it’s an easy cop-out if I don’t know what to get for our special date.

If you enjoyed this sex pillow guide, please do share it with others who might find it helpful!


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