7 Great DIY Sex Furniture Ideas This 2024 (Step-By-Step Guide)

Creative ideas of how to easily build your own DIY sex furniture without putting in too much work or money…

DIY Sex Furniture

So you would like to transform, repurpose, or make kinky furniture but don’t know where to start?

The best sex furniture cost quite a bit, but here we’ll show fun ways how to look at your furniture DIFFERENTLY.

Thing is… using basic BDSM accessories you can make any ordinary furniture sexy affordably.

Then if you have basic woodworking skills, you can easily make a sex chair, spanking table, or whatever type of furniture.


For ideas and furniture woodworking plans, I suggest you look around on Pinterest boards and join the BDSM DIY community (31K members).

There are four paths you can follow to make DIY kinky furniture:

  1. Buy plain wood furniture – bed frame, chair, table. Add padding and fabric to it, and finish with some eyelets or rings for restraint play.
  2. If you’re a woodworker with tools & inspiration to build something from scratch – find plans, inspiration, and do everything.
  3. Buy some BDSM accessories and simply use them together with your vanilla furniture
  4. Buy actual sex furniture (just look for cheaper alternatives) and then tweak something from there.

We’ll share more DIY paths later in the article, but first, let’s discuss the low-hanging fruits:

What To Consider When Building a DIY Sex Furniture

What To Consider When Building a DIY Sex Furniture

Being spontaneous might sound sexy, but when making your own furniture you should be anything but. 

After all, you want something safe and sturdy, right? 

There are some things you should consider when planning your DIY project, like:

The Sex Positions

Different sex positions help you target your go spots and stimulate you in different ways, but they can also cause some discomfort. Even those that pleasure you immensely can put unnecessary pressure on your back, neck, knees, or other vulnerable parts of your body.

When designing sex furniture, consider your favorite positions and the pain points associated with them. Then, put support or extra padding to reduce discomfort. 

For example, doggy style might get your knees sore. Some cushioning under them might solve this problem.

The Size

Consider if what you’re making is designed for the comfort of one or two people. 

You can even measure yourself and your partner, so you can keep those measurements in mind while building.  No one needs sex furniture that’s too narrow or too tall for them to use.

Also, keep in mind how much free space you have in your home – you need a place where you can keep AND comfortably use your new sex furniture.

The Material

Safety and comfort are essential when building sex furniture, which makes getting the right material very important. 

Get something that is both comfortable, easy to work with when building, and easy to clean after each use.

What is a good fabric to use for furniture?

  • Marine Vinyl is cheap, easy to clean and holds up well for use. The trouble is that vinyl is made from PVC and it contains phthalates. More expensive alternatives are waterproof, durable and phthalate free, but yes, you need to pay for it. (you can use the egg crate foam that fabric stores use under the vinyl for padding on wooden furniture)
  • Fake leather – it looks good, holds up well, is easy to work with, and is easy to clean.

The Features

What sex positions are you building your furniture around? What accessories would you need? What would make your sex furniture better for play sessions than a regular bed? 

These are things you should think about when planning your project. Consider including some add-ons like braces, handcuffs, velcro leg stretchers, and so on.

The Cost

Sadly, money is always a factor in DIY projects.

Are you making your own sex furniture to save a few bucks?

Once you add the cost of the material and time, it may be, in fact, more expensive than buying it. 

If you’re doing it for fun, it’s more than worth it! But, make sure to not put bargains and savings before the quality of your materials and, thus – your safety. 

Create A Bondage Furniture On A Budget

The lowest hanging fruit is to transform your bed into a piece of kinky BDSM furniture.

Create A Bondage Furniture On A Budget

How? It’s super easy if you have a bed frame – simple cuffs or wrist, and ankle restraints will work, but what if you don’t?

Well, you can buy bedroom restraints and put them around bedposts under your mattress.

This kind of setup will cost you $50-70 and you can reuse them with any kind of furniture.

Then you can also get cheap accessories like:

  • Bondage rope – requires a bit of knowledge about shibari and some rope bondage skills.
  • Bondage tape – no experience required, just use the tape and restrain whatever body parts you want to furniture.
  • Handcuffs or velcro type adjustable restraints – similar to bed restraints.

If you still want some lighter ideas for bondage then read our light bondage BDSM ideas guide.

Explore Affordable Kinky Furniture Pieces You Could Get Or Simply Inspire From

Keep in mind that sex furniture costs the way it does because they use quality materials that will make sex more enjoyable.

For example, Liberator uses super thick foam that doesn’t sink on body weight and its cover is removable, machine-washable and waterproof.

Plus, you don’t need to get a full-blown sex sofa, you can only get a simple cushion or wedge, and use it together with your vanilla furniture and restraint kits.

As for BDSM furniture, yes it gets really expensive. Especially if you’re looking at heavy-duty metal cages or Andrew’s Cross, but still…

Explore Affordable Kinky Furniture Pieces You Could Get Or Simply Inspire From

Mix any restraint kit with a bench, table, chair, and you’ve got kinky furniture on a budget!

Alright…let’s move to actual DIY ideas:

More Creative Ideas From Other People in the DIY BDSM community

Here is another mix of ideas that you could take and run with them:

How To Make DIY Sex Wedge Pillow

If you feel like Liberator type wedge is too expensive, this could be a fun DIY cushion version.

How To Make DIY Sex Wedge Pillow

Keep in mind though that it’s probably not waterproof and will sink in on excess weight giving the same issues pillows do.

Liberator stands out because they expose your partner to the perfect angle that doesn’t hurt the vagina walls and just feels great.

However this is a good way to test the waters, you’ll need:

  • A high-quality foam, cut it into the right shapes and use a sturdy glue to press it together.
  • Use books or whatever else heavy to press these foam bricks together when gluing.
  • After the basic rectangular foam is glued together, use a marker to draw out the shape and angle (27 – 30 degrees).
  • Use a chef’s knife or whatever big knife you’ve got for cutting.
  • As for the cover, you’ll need to be handy with sewing – the zipper, dimensions, and material.

Here’s the original tutorial with screenshots and guidelines.

How To Make DIY Sex Swing

While the best sex swings really isn’t that expensive you can make one at home quite easily.

How To Make DIY Sex Swing

What you’ll need:

  • A pullup bar that you can add/remove the indoor frame
  • Some sewing skills and nylon to make the body, leg support, and handles, or get a basic Sportsheets door sex swing.
  • Finally, get 2x stainless steel carabiner snap hooks
  • Use the painter’s tape on the jam under the pullup bar to avoid damaging the door frame.
  • Put the pieces together and you have a sex swing!

Few pieces of advice though. Make sure you’re thrusting in the right direction as if you don’t the bar can slip out and give you a painful drop on the floor.

Oh, and before attempting this double check if your door frame is sturdy enough to sustain the weight of a person. Some newer homes don’t have well-made secure door frames.

I’ve actually reviewed the Best Sex Swing positions before, so if you’re interested and want the full details, check our guide on the sex swing positions or check out our guide if you’re curious about what is a sex swing.

How To Make A DIY Sex Chair


Making your own sex chairs takes some skill and effort, but it’s totally possible if you know what you’re doing. First things first:

What you will need:

  • Pocket hole screws
  • Flat reed splints
  • Wood glue
  • Wood Shaping tools
  • Finishing supplies (primer & paint)
  • Screwdriver
  • Hand scrapper
  • Wood filler
  • Drilling Machine
  • Measuring Tape
  • Pencil
  • Hammer
  • Lumber

Get good quality wood that’s not warped to make your DIY easier. Plan the size of every part of your chair and measure carefully. Triple-check your measurements before cutting.   

Use a wood shaping tool to shape all the parts you just cut. Don’t forget to sand them smooth to avoid getting splinters later on. 

Mark points on every piece that needs screws for the dowel holes. Drill holes that are compatible with the screws you’re going to use. Apply glue in every hole before assembling the parts with the screws.  

First, assemble the frame of the chair and then add the seat and backrest. Armrests go last.

Cut any excess wood and sand your piece again before staining/ painting and polishing it. Add padding where it’s needed and staple it in place.

How To Make DIY Fuck Bench


Fuck benches are a bit bigger than chairs but offer a lot more sexy opportunities.

You will need

  • Measuring Tape
  • Deck screws
  • Posts
  • Boards

Plan the size of your pieces, measure carefully, and cut the boards.

Create the bench’s frame by clamping the outer boards together. Pre-drill the boards before screwing them. Secure the outside of the seat and screw in the inside ribs as well as the outside ribs. Place the bench slats across the frame and space them equally across the seat.

Attach the legs – clamp them to the bench’s frame and screw them in place. Make sure they’re level. 

Lastly, put on the leg bracing.

How To Make DIY Sex Table


What you’ll need :

  • Bar clamps
  • Miter saw
  • Drilling machine
  • Nail gun
  • Circular saw
  • Table saw
  • Orbital sander
  • Wood glue
  • Locking casters
  • Nails
  • MDF
  • Wood screws
  • Lumber

Carefully measure and cut all needed pieces – boards, table base, long supports (square both ends), bottom braces, top braces, middle uprights (connect the bottom and top braces), and MDF (for tabletop base). Sand them all.

Put a bottom brace against an upright so it forms an L. Drill two holes into the upright through the L bottom brace. Attach the pieces with wood glue and lag screws. Attach the uprights to the top brace the same way.

Attach all ends of the long supports to the legs. Attach long support in the center, then flush to the top. Fix the other long support and flush to the middle uprights’ bottoms. Use wood glue and lag screws to hold them together.

Get the bottom plates and the end of the uprights together using glue and screws. Then, attach the four locking casters to the bottom plates with screws. That’s the table base.

Secure the MDF on top with glue and screws. Sand the tabletop and glue it on top of the MDF and glue it in place. You can also screw them together for extra safety. 

How To Make DIY BDSM Bed

If you want a BDSM bed you don’t have to start from scratch – just upgrade your existing one.  Add rings to four sides with screws. They can be used to attach handcuffs, ankle cuffs, and ropes for all kinds of restraint play.

How To Make DIY Spanking Bench

Spank bench

You will need:

  • 2×4 pieces of wood
  • Thin wooden planks
  • Hammer
  • Measuring tape
  • Saw
  • Nails
  • Upholstery fabric
  • Pads

As always, carefully measure all your pieces. The length of your spank bench should be enough for the sub to spread. It should be wide enough for comfort. 

Sand each piece after you cut it. 

Make the frame for the bench first. Then, use glue and screws to assemble the parts. Sand again, stain/paint, and polish. 

Add some padding – memory foam, old-fashioned foam, or cushions. The pieces should be cut to fit the bench. 

You can strengthen the frame by adding extra bracing. Also, consider attaching hooks to the frame so you can hang your favorite BDSM accessories.

Make Quick Improvements To Your Bed To Add BDSM Touch

Sometimes you don’t need much to upgrade your furniture.

Make Quick Improvements To Your Bed To Add BDSM Touch

This bed doesn’t even look kinky from the first look, but then if you think how those rings could be used, it all starts to make sense.

Looks elegant, and requires only a screwdriver and rings.

Restrain Kits

Restrain kits are an awesome addition to any type of DIY sex furniture. They heighten arousal and create an intense and intimate experience. Restraining during sex can also develop deep trust between partners.

Try attaching handcuffs and ankle cuffs to your furniture. You can use something made from firmer material if you’re already experienced with restraint play. You can also go for something softer, like leather cuffs that fasten like belts, even velcro cuffs. 

Adding basic hooks and rings to your furniture you can use to attach bondage rope can also be very fun, but you have to be experienced in safe rope-tying techniques

Suction Cup Dildo

Suction cup dildos are great for hands-free masturbation—you can turn almost any normal piece of furniture into something sexy. 

Just attach it to a smooth surface and have some fun. 

Try out chairs, a bed headboard, a tabletop… stick the dildo whatever you want and get some action!

Or if it isn’t sticking at all, just try a dildo mount!

If you’re thinking what makes a good kinky furniture, here’s a good story from a user.

This has been my experience too, sex chairs, pillows & wedges make the biggest difference, no need to shell out hundreds for a standalone sex sofa:


Liberator Black Label Wedge Ramp Combo

Bought a Liberator ramp and wedge combo, not really for any specific reason but man this thing is handy.

We’ve never been able to get her in the prone position working and with the wedge its comfortable for both of us and kissing her in that position is really sexy. And of course the ramp and ramp/wedge provides for infinite positions, mostly at this stage to be comfortable in the doggy position. And the bit of elevation on the wedge makes things like rimming more comfortable for the giver.

The material is really lovely and when you put the wedge on the ramp it stays where you put it but when you want to move it there is no problem, just the right ‘adherence’. Oh and I am a pretty heavy bloke and I feel quite stable on the ramp (unlike couch cushions).


Reddit user

And here are more ideas on furniture if you want to be discreet:

My wife likes to squat and use a vibrator, as this makes her squirt the most.

However, I like to be under her when she does this. We used to try kitchen chairs and bar stools, but the legs always got in my way and the backs always got in hers. We bought stools that were a good height, narrow, padded seat so her feet don’t hurt. Good height for her to sit on with me kneeling for cunnilingus, good height for her to bend over on, etc.

STRONG hook in the ceiling – we used to hang a plant on it, but now we have a modern art mobile. However, when we pull out the big stuff for a long night, we use that for support for a semi-large sex swing, similar to this, but with more lash-on straps. Either she can be in it solo and I stand or kneel in front or behind her, or we can both climb in.

There’s really nothing like it, but you have to have a ceiling that can support the weight. We ended up having to build a platform in the attic and bolt to that, instead of a ceiling joist, as our actions were causing nails/screw-heads to pop out of the ceiling drywall. Now the weight is spread over 6 joists. NOTHING beats suspended sex.

If you look around the adult community in your area, you may find a craftsman who likes to build custom, but these costs LOTS of money.

We ended up building a semi-custom straddle (like a Sybian but without the crazy noise and rattling).

We had an engineer basically take a Hitachi magic want, re-engineer a sturdier mount, and mount it to a gimbal so it can go up, down, front to back, side to side, circles, or any combination (there are three rotary knobs for the action and a rotary for vibration speed). It’s then all sleeved in a single silicone sleeve/rod and we just put slip-on dildos (used for penile extensions from sex sites) as the ‘attachment.

This is a FANTASTIC tool but is at the engineer about 2-3 times a year for the odd hardware failure (it’s currently at his shop in CA for a servo failure). He’s said he’s not doing these anymore because of the crazy amount of work it takes, but we pay him well, though this might be our last fix.

Building a larger heavier wood/metal structure will be hard to conceal.


Reddit user

Safety Advice

safety advice for DIY sex furniture

Safety is critical in woodworking, just as it is vital in BDSM. Even if you know what you’re doing, you should take precautions to avoid hazards. 

The most important thing is to use quality materials – they won’t break during the construction phase, and more importantly, they won’t break during use later on!

Durable materials are more expensive, but they’ll ensure you have fun with your DIY project for longer and enjoy it all the way through.

Test first

Always test your DIY furniture yourself before introducing it to your partner. You don’t want your bench or chair to collapse mid-session, do you? A mishap like that will not only ruin the mood but potentially hurt you and your partner. 

Check carefully how it feels sitting down or lying down on your creation. You can even try and mimic movements you would do during sex. Finally, put some pressure on it. 

If you feel like it’s sturdy, it’s good to go! 

Don’t forget to re-tighten the screws every couple of months if you haven’t glued them in. 

Use help

Making furniture, including sex furniture, takes muscle and skill. It’s rarely a one-person job. You’ll do better with help from a friend. 

You can even turn the project into a fun bonding experience for you and your partner! 

Final Thoughts

There you have it! Hope this guide opened your eyes to all the DIY kinky furniture options and cheap ways to make it work.

For us, the bed restraints, spreader bar with furniture, and Liberator sex wedges were the game-changers for most of the extreme sex toys.

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