The Sybian Review (2024): World’s Famous Sex Saddle Machine!

To answer the most asked question “How does the Sybian work?” – It has 2 motors that control the speed and vibration independently. Adding to this, it comes with a default silicone attachment for your pleasure and has a luxurious design. Also, it is very durable and lasts longer than the other brands designed after it. In this Sybian review, take a look at whether it can still kick an orgasm out of you.


If you’re interested in sex toys (and if you’re reading this, I assume you are), you may have heard of the Sybian.

Long before I started my own journey into the wild world of sex toys, the name Sybian was already part of my vocabulary. I’d heard it was the ultimate sex toy – the one no man could compete with.

Lucky for me, I know better – sex toys aren’t about competition, they’re about pleasure. And if the best sex machines like the Sybian can give my girl pleasure, that’s a good thing in my books!

So when I got the chance to test one out, I was excited. It should go without saying my girlfriend was too!

So, did it live up to the hype? Or should I go after Motorbunny, Cowgirl or other best sex saddles instead? Or should I go back to the thrusters like the Hismith Sex Machine which I carefully looked at over at my Hismith review.

The Good

The Sybian has very powerful vibrations sustained by a sturdy motor. This again is supplemented with a smooth rotation that adds to the pleasure. It comes with the silicone attachments by default and has a very luxurious finish design. This is topped by the fact that it is more durable and can serve for years without breaking down.

The Not So Good

The Sybian’s methods are only best for inner penetration-like stimulations. Sybian’s technology has not received an update in ages so there’s nothing new with its features. It only allows you to use it in one general position which may cause injury or stress on the limb muscles. It’s not a mobile model. And lastly, it’s EFFING expensive 🙂

The Bottom Line

The Sybian sex machine is an awesome old-timer that’s still ruling the streets with its sturdiness and power. The silicone attachments are a great touch of welcoming you to the world of luxury. Given its motors’ strength, neat design, and durability, the price in a way is somehow justified.

Check out these Sybian Chair Alternatives!

As I’ve already mentioned in this review, the Sybian literally started this industry. And for that, there’s no way we could justly compare it to the others.

This is because they’re all running on its design blueprint.

But not to alienate them… I feel some have done a nice job, especially at upgrading the technology and added connectivity features.

Topping the cohort is the Motorbunny that has wireless interactive features and is a bit cheaper.


With this model, though, you’d better brace for the noise as its motors are way louder than Sybian’s.

The other option would be the Cowgirl Premium. It also works using the same Sybian technology and has added wireless control through an app.

Cowgirl Premium

The model is more expensive than the Sybian and Motorbunny though.

For a more detailed walk-through on this, check out the Best Sybian Alternative. I’m sure that’ll even out everything for ya’!

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Now back to the review!

What Is a sybian Machine?

The Sybian is a ride-on sex toy with interchangeable attachments designed to give you whatever kind of pleasure you might be looking for.

The large, heavy base is effectively just a semi-circular hump for you to straddle. In between your legs is a vibrating mount – it’s there that you use the different attachments. Depending on your chosen attachment, you’ll experience external vibrations or internal rotating penetration (or both!) 

The whole thing runs off mains power, so it gets very powerful. You control the vibrations and rotations with a handheld wired remote. The best thing is, it never runs out of juice!

History of Sybian Sex Saddle

Yep, that’s right. The Sybian is such a pillar of the pleasure industry that it gets its own history section.

It was first designed in the 1970s by David Lampert – a man who can only be described as a female-orgasm enthusiast. His daughter, Bunny Lampert – who now runs the company – says his intention was to invent something that could help enhance women’s sexual pleasure and make it easier for them to reach orgasm. 

That’s a mission I can get behind!

It wasn’t until 1987 that the Sybian finally went into production, originally under the name ‘Master Better’ (looks like Lampert was also a bad pun enthusiast, which I also approve of)

Over the next few years, it was tested and refined, according to feedback from the women using it, and the design you see now has basically remained unchanged since the 90s.

Now, if you’re wondering about the name change, Lampert thankfully rethought his original cringe-worthy brand name. 

The word Sybian is inspired by the town of Sybaris – a Greek-populated town in the south of Italy known for its decadence and luxury.

Sybian Saddle Review: Tech And Specs Overview


Well, the Sybian is not exactly the most discreet toy you’ll ever own. This motorized beauty is about the size of a coffee table and only favors stationery use.

What this means is that you may find moving it from place to place quite a hassle. 

To get what I am talking about….

The Sybian has body dimensions that measure 10″ (H) x 13.25″ (W) x 12.5″ (L). And it weighs in at 22 lbs!

As you can see, it comes out as a toy that’s easier to use when placed on a surface.

Sybian Machine

Sybian Saddle Attachments

There are other separate attachments that you can get from the Sybian manufacturer. They may help improve the experience you’ll harvest from this bull.

Currently, when you buy the Sybian sex machine, it will come with one of the Classic Attachment options. They come in 2 colors (beige and chocolate) and basically have the same pieces in both.

The classic packages include:

  1. Small
  2. Medium
  3. Smooth FlatTop, and
  4. Large, RealLikeCover.

Both of the Classic attachments are made from TPE. 

Although it has had all the toxic components (phthalates and latex) stripped from it, it is till a porous material. Silicone should be your first choice.

The other attachment option is the Silicone Attachments that include the GWave and Silky Smooth FlatTop

To get the other attachments, you’ll have to buy them separately at a cost of $35 -48.

Sybian Machine Attachments

Motor Power

The Sybian sex machine carries the original motor design. This was later copied and franchised by Motorbunny and Cowgirl Premium in their copycat models.

But what none of the two have managed to do, is to borrow the sturdiness of the motor. The original Sybian motor is still the most durable and maintains the power with years of mileage.

We’ll discuss more on the actual readings of the Sybian’s motor below.

How Much Does It Cost of A Sybian Saddle?

Without beating around the bush… The Sybian and the Motorbunny sex machines remain to be some of the most expensive sex devices in existence.

Getting yourself one is a long-term investment and you may have to save up first.

But jumping right at it… 

If you want to get yourself this sex machine, then you should check out the Sybian official site ($1245). They offer free UPS shipping within the United States that takes between 1- 5 days.

There’s also a 5-year warranty issued that’s only valid when you use it with attachments bought from Sybian’s official site.

For all the US deliveries, they have a company policy that requires you to sign once you’ve received your package.

They also have other shipping options for buyers making their orders outside the US continent. This includes fast and secure delivery to over 150 countries worldwide.

On the other hand… If you buy it from the official site, you will get a free 45-day trial during which you can use the Sybian however you want. 

If you feel like it isn’t working for you, then you can return it provided it’s within the 45-day window.

Note that this offer is only valid to people who’ve bought the Sybian through the official website. Also in case of a return, you’ll incur the cost of transporting it back to their premises.

Sybian Chair: The Specs On a Table

So, as promised above, here’s a brief table that I had earlier prepared showing the model’s specs and tech. This will help you get a 360-degree view of this sex machine in case you’re eyeing to nab one for yourself. Check it out:

Sybian Classic
22 lbs
Body Size
10″ (H) 13.25″ (W) and 12.5″ (L)
Rotation Motor
6000 RPM (0.04 HP)
Vibration Motor
0-150 RPM (0.059 HP)
Level of Noise
4 TPE or Silicone
Remote Control
Yes, Wired
Colors Available
Black, Pink, Red, and Purple
5 years

Design & Features

Power vs Noise

Well, as you have seen from the list of specs in the table above, the Sybian has a Rotation speed of 6000 RPM. This is equivalent to about 0.04 HP.

As for the vibration motor, it clocks speeds of up to 0-150 RPM, an equivalent of about 0.059 HP.

The combination of these two heavy-duty motors is what has maintained the Sybian’s reputation as the Godfather of sex machines.

The vibrations are powerful and steady and come at different speeds and intensities. This is controlled by a wired remote that allows you to adjust the speed and aggressiveness as you please.

And for my shy friends… This gadget probably isn’t your cup of coffee. When turned on, it gives one of the loudest sounds you’ll ever hear coming from a pleasure machine.

So, if you’re living in a populated residential apartment, or have people over at your house, you’ll have to reset back to your hands or smaller discreet toys.

Well, placing the machine in a soft place, i.e. on the bed, muffles the noise a bit. But it still won’t keep Karen from asking whether everything is okay ‘cause she had drilling last night…

How Does A Sybian Saddle Work?

So getting to it… How does the Sybian Work..? 

When you get to use the Sybian, some revelations hit you after a while. In this case, for instance, you will realize that there is only a single style in which you can use the machine. 

And that is the Cowgirl or straddling on top and just riding it through. Every single session.

Every single day… For every single use… Unless you’ve got Popeye’s arms and can carry it upside-down below as you spread a leg on the wall… 

This will be a major problem, especially if you’re the kind who likes a full merry-go-round style cycle. And as intriguing as the Sybian might be, my girl wouldn’t use it for extended periods of time because of the knee strain accompanied.

Moving on to what brought us here…

Setting up the Sybian to a usable state was not much of a sweat. When you take it off the packaging box, you’ll find the wired remote control already attached to the main body. 

What follows next is attaching its kettle power cord then plugging it into a stable power source socket.

Once through, we chose the GWave silicone attachment and inserted a spring inside it. Afterward, we simply fitted it on to the contact piece and secured it all-round.

Now, my girl lubed up well with a water-based lube since the attachment was silicone and we didn’t want to destroy its quality.

I then switched on the machine starting with the lowest speed and vibration. To turn these on, you flip the switches above the “Rotation” and “Vibration” labels on the remote.

You can use either one or both of those settings to please yourself.

Carefully, she saddled the bull and eased the biz slowly inside her. No complaints up to there whatsoever. She liked the idea of straddling on top of the bed to reduce stress to her knees.

She sat there for a few seconds rotating her waist as she warmed up to our new buddy. After relaxing, I increased the speed slowly up to medium level by turning the “Speed” knob.

I watched as she responded to the increasing speeds. They were doing something… but not what would make her orgasm.

So using the remote again, I cranked up the vibration power using the “Vibration” knob. 

This is where we began seeing results as she got feisty and started dipping her head as she leaned forward.

As the model is not made for precise clitoral stimulation, you’d have to do this to get that extra sauce.

The noise was quite loud, but we live in quite a private area. So… we don’t suffer that pain 🙂

Though the control is pretty basic, the powerful motors get things fired up once your body opens up.

The other concern is that the plastic springs are quite feeble and may break after prolonged use.

Anyway, we spun this ride for a long while (me controlling the remote), and my girl got to orgasm a couple of times. Especially when we used other toys to excite her clit!

How To Clean The Sybian Chair & durability

Well, cleaning the Sybian isn’t a total breeze. You have to put work into it actually. All you need though is soap and water to get through this process.

Now, thoroughness is required in cleaning the attachments. This is mainly because they all come with the heavily-studded clitoris pad.

This means that you’ll have to carefully reach in between all the nooks and crannies to sparkle it up.

Adding to this, the TPE material needs extra cleaning duty to prevent bacterial/fungal growth. This is because it’s porous and may retain some moisture even after drying.

But cleaning the body only requires you to wipe it properly using a toy cleaner or a damp (not wet) cloth.

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

Yes, I would. The Sybian is the ultimate pioneer of these kinds of sex devices. Its motors are powerful and sturdier than the rest using the same technology.

Also, the default silicone attachments are a nice touch to get you on your maiden ride.


Who Is It For?

  • People who prefer a machine with a refined finish design. 
  • If you prefer your sex machine coming with silicone attachments.
  • If you can afford the cost of getting one.

Who Is It Not For?

  • If you prefer sex machines with wireless connectivity features. 
  • If you prefer a sex machine that offers clitoral stimulation as well. 
  • If you want something that allows more than one sex position when using. 
  • If the $1000+ price tag is going too far for you.

What Do Other People Think Of the Sybian Chair Device?

See what other people had to say about the Sybian on Reddit reviews.

This is what one user shared:

I borrowed a friend’s Sybian for a month a few years ago, and it was amazing. The only thing that’s even come close to a Sybian is the Magic Wand, and really, it’s like comparing apples to oranges. The dick attachments did very little for me, and I felt like they didn’t really match up to my body anatomically.

The biggest drawback to the Sybian is the noise. I wouldn’t use it in an apartment environment or if there was ever a hint of someone hearing it.

Is it worth the cost? I think that’s a tough call and depends on factors like how much you plan on actually using the thing and the other bills and financial goals you have in your life.


Reddit user

Read also what SybianSexpert had to say:

The Sybian is obviously a luxury item, but they’re made to last a lifetime. I can’t say that about any of my other toys or tools. 

For me, the Sybian enhances my sex life in a multitude of ways. I use it alone, but I have the best experiences when I use it with my husband. 

He loves to watch me on it and help run the controls so it’s exciting for him…Plus, I get to get off over and over. No one loses with a Sybian. So, for me, yes, the Sybian is worth the investment.


Reddit user

And for the final comment:

I can tell you from experience that most girls that have gotten on it(15 or so) have had a wonderful ride. (But not all, some girls are not a fan of insertion, in which case a magic wand would work better) Given that I am involved more in the kink community and the girls I play with know what gets them off and just use the toy to do it.


Reddit user


Can Men Use A Sybian Saddle Machine?

You bet your ass they can. And I mean that literally. If you’re into anal play and prostate stimulation, the Sybian has specific attachments just for that. 

You can climb on top and ride the Sybian while pleasuring yourself at the same time.

And if that’s not your thing, Sybian has also released a penis stroker. The Sybian Venus For Men is a high-tech cock pleaser that will stroke you up to 300 times per second. 

That’s a high-powered handjob machine if ever I saw one!

Can I Use The Sybian Machine with a Partner?

Yep! In fact, the Sybian is designed with partner play in mind. You can hand over controls for an unpredictable play session. Or invite your partner to sit alongside you on the included stool so they can kiss, lick, suck, and caress your body as you ride.

And if you or your partner are into exhibitionism or voyeurism, the Sybian is the ultimate pleasure show!

Try checking out our guide on How To Use A Sybian!

How Often Do You Use The Sybian Machine?

Honestly, that’s entirely up to you. If you like the predictability of a guaranteed orgasm and the Sybian gives you that, there’s no reason you can’t use it every day. 

If a joint strain is an issue, just mount the sex machine on the stool accessory and ride to your heart’s content.

However, if it’s more of an occasional treat, that’s fine too. You might just want to keep it covered or stored away to keep it clean and undamaged.

Final Thoughts

Roping this bull in…

The Sybian guys are yet to update their technology. But they seem to still hold down the fort with their badass motor design

What’s more… The rotations and vibrations are still more powerful and add a lot of pleasure to the whole experience.

On the other hand…

Motorbunny and Cowgirl Premium offer wireless connectivity for better control. And the ‘Bunny is even cheaper than the Sybian. But they still haven’t achieved the touch of finesse exhibited by the original Sybian model.

So, “The Student is yet to become the Master.”

You can check out this Sybian Vs Motorbunny Comparison if you need the whole picture before making an order.

I hope this Sybian review has been a blast!

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