How To Use Sybian Like A PRO [2024]: Best Sybian Positions & Riding Tips That YOU Can Try!!

How To Use Sybian

Setting up Sybian requires no experience and can be done in 10 minutes. You just need a sturdy, well-carpeted surface.

There are many different attachments for everyone’s taste; you just need to pick one that works the best for you.

And the good thing is, you can use Sybian either for solo play or with your partner to enhance your sex life. In this guide, I’ll show you how to use Sybian to get the best experience, and orgasm is very easy!

What is A Sybian Sex Machine?

Sybian (otherwise known as a Sybian sex saddle, the OG best sex saddle) is a masturbation device designed to be used mostly by women.

It consists of a saddle-like seat and a motor-powered vibrating stick to sit on when masturbating.

It has been around since the ’80s and has been loved by women around the world ever since.

If you’re interested, you can find more about the history of Sybian in my Sybian review

When you see Sybian, there is no question about how it works, but today, I will be diving into more detail on how to use Sybian and to improve your sex life. 

How To Setup and Position Sybian

Setting up your Sybian is pretty easy to do. 

First, you’ll need to find a surface that’s sturdy, carpeted, or well-padded and plug it into the power source.

Having it on a sturdy area might be a good idea as it will ensure the best use, and it might be more pleasurable to use when your knees are not hurting on a well-padded surface. 

Pick the attachment to try and use first and plug it into the Sybian. Turn it on and familiarize yourself with how it works and all the speed controls.

It’s recommended to urinate before using Sybian. Once you do so, set a mood in a room before getting started, get yourself ready and lubed. 

For the best sexual experience, use Sybian once you have an orgasm. Don’t turn off the vibrations; try to prolong it as long as you can.

Once you can’t take it anymore, turn the Sybian off, wait for 10 seconds, and start it again. 

It might be uncomfortable at first, but once you get over that, the pleasure will be much stronger. 

Picking the Right Attachments

Originally, Sybian attachments were made from a C-Flex material, which wasn’t the best for inserting things inside. Nowadays, there are many awesome silicone attachments that feel great. You just need to choose the right one for you. 

Also, there are two different types of attachments:

  • One is for internal stimulation (penetration)
  • And the other is for external clitoris stimulation.

Here are a few of people’s favorites:

 The G-Egg Silicone

The G-Egg Silicone

This attachment is designed to fill you up, and it measures 7 inches in circumference and 2.2 inches in diameter.

In the front, it has a texture that reminds me of scales on dragon eggs, and it adds an amazing feeling when using it. 

There is a function that lets it rotate inside you, and it provides amazing G-spot stimulation. This attachment also has texture on the base, which is designed to touch your clitoris while you’re using the Sybian. 

Also, knowing the size of this attachment, I recommend warming up and using plenty of lube before using it. 

 The Triple Delight Silicone

The Triple Delight Silicone

This attachment is created in a way that stimulates your G-spot, clitoris, and butt all at the same time, giving you an incredible experience. 

If you enjoy triple stimulation, this attachment might be great for you. 

 The TowBall

The TowBall

This third attachment is designed for external clitoris stimulation. It might take a little bit of work and experimentation to find an angle that works the best, but it’s worth it. 

You can orgasm by grinding onto the ball, and you can regulate the pressure and the intensity of the stimulation by leaning backward or forward—lots of flexibility. 

Tips To Get Started

Use a lube

Even if you don’t use lubricant while masturbating or having sex, it’s important to use lube when riding a Sybian.

It will ensure that you don’t feel any discomfort or pain when masturbating, and it will be just a way more pleasurable experience overall. 

Experiment by placing a blanket over the attachment

If you’re worried about the different attachments and vibrations, it might be useful to add a blanket over your Sybian when you first start out.

It will make it more comfortable and less intimidating, and you might like the sensation.

Start on the lowest settings to build up sensitivity

Always start at the lowest speed setting when using a Sybian. Take it slow, build up the excitement and sensitivity, and don’t go rough from the get-go. It’s also important to get to know all the functions of your Sybian and see how your body reacts to different speeds and vibrations.

This will ensure more pleasurable and longer-lasting orgasms. 

How To Ride a Sybian Alone 

One of the best ways to use Sybian when playing alone is by adding a Magic Wand as a way to stimulate your clitoris.

This double stimulation will give you great pleasure and intense orgasm. 

Place your Sybian on a comfortable, well-padded surface, and get yourself in a comfortable position.

You can receive the greatest amount of G-spot stimulation while using a Sybian by sitting upright. Take the Magic Wand and place it on your clitoris while you’re riding the Sybian. 

If it feels uncomfortable after a while, it might be a good idea to place some pillows under your knees so that they won’t hurt as much, and there will be more support.

Another great tip for riding a Sybian is placing it in a space where you can lean on something like your bed or a chair.

You can add a few pillows between you and the bed to give you a comfortable space to rest your chin while you’re riding the Sybian. 

Sybian Sex With A Partner

One of the best ways to use Sybian when having sex with your partner is by indulging in some BDSM. 

If you’re into that thing, you can ask your partner to tie you up and force you on the Sybian, forcing orgasms. This is a very exciting way to incorporate Sybian into your sex life and spice things up. 

You can ask your partner to make the experience more stimulating by holding a Magic Wand over your clitoris while you’re tied up on the Sybian. 

Now, there are a few things to keep in mind when indulging in this type of play: 

  • Always discuss a safe word with your partner and let them know if something doesn’t feel comfortable or painful. Sybian is a very powerful tool, and vibrations can be too powerful for some women at first. 
  • Always use tons of lube before jumping on the Sybian to ensure the best experience. 

Other People Experience

Here are some recommendations and experiences of other people who tried using Sybian to spice up their sex lives:

Sybians can take a little getting used to. They’re super intense and it sometimes takes a bit before you find a position and set-up that works for you.

That having been said, I love forced orgasms and have combined that with a Sybian before. We didn’t use rope though, just force. My husband is much bigger than I am and I love playing up the size difference between myself and a much (much) larger man, so he just held me down by my shoulders.

If rope is your thing, go for it. However, make sure you trust your partner with the remote and that if you say the safe word, he cuts the power immediately. It can get overly intense, sometimes painfully so, really quickly. I also wouldn’t use rope your first time. Use the machine a few times and get used to both it and your response to it before you start including bondage.

I think the answer to the question is completely dependent on the user/s. The Sybian is obviously a luxury item, but they’re made to last a lifetime. I can’t say that about any of my other toys or tools. I also don’t think we should put Sybian in the same category as most other sex toys because it’s unique.

For me, the Sybian enhances my sex life in a multitude of ways. I use it alone, but I have the best experiences when I use it with my husband. It increases our intimacy, extends our intercourse, and is a ton of fun. He loves to watch me on it and help run the controls so it’s exciting for him…Plus, I get to get off over and over. No one loses with a Sybian. So, for me, yes, the Sybian is worth the investment. Sexual health is as important as any other facet of our health, and the Sybian is one of the key tools in maintaining my sexual wellness.

Sybian Sex Toy Alternatives

The Sybian machine was one of a kind when it came out in the 80s, but the world of sex toys has grown much more since then, and now there are lots of great alternatives for sex toy buyers to consider.

So, here are two of my favorite female sex toy alternatives and their most fun attachments so you can find the one that’s best for your solo or partnered bedroom adventures.

Sybian Vs. Tremor

The Tremor sex machine is a great way to try out the Sybian experience if you’re on a budget. Sure, it’s not cheap, but it’s still about $500 more affordable than the Sybian and offers a lot of the same vibration and rotation action for sexual pleasure.

Unfortunately, you will be reminded of the price difference when it comes to the look and feel of the product. While the Sybian feels plush and soft, you can see a lot more plastic on the Tremor, and the motor is significantly louder, too.

My favorite aspect about the Tremor is how easy it is to clean since the area that goes between your legs is covered with a silicon mat. This mat and all the Tremor attachments are dishwasher safe, which is not the case with Sybian machine attachments. 

So, if you’re looking for a low-maintenance, easy-to-use sex machine on a budget, check out the Tremor.

Tremor Attachments

There are several attachments you can get for your Tremor machine. Depending on whether you want to grind or be penetrated, and if there is a partner involved or you’re looking for solo play, there’s a Tremor attachment that can help! Another plus point is that many of these attachments, like The Bass and The Double, are cross-compatible with Sybian machines.

Height: 2.5″ tall
Diameter: 1.5″
Vaginal Attachment Height: 5″ 
Diameter: 1.25″  
Anal Attachment Height: 3.5″ tall
Diameter: 1″
Height: 4″
Diameter: 1.25″

Sybian Vs. The Cowgirl

If you’re looking for Sybian alternatives, The Cowgirl is one of the best sex saddles to consider. Clad in vegan leather, this one looks and feels premium while being easy enough to clean. Best of all, The Cowgirl’s vibration and rotation functions can also be controlled over Bluetooth, so you can use your smartphone or tablet to take charge of your partner’s or your own sexual pleasure.

The Cowgirl Attachments

The Cowgirl will have you riding it in every position possible, and if things ever get boring, you can spice things up with a new attachment. Seriously, there are so many options available regarding The Cowgirl attachments that you might just end up trying out things you never thought you’d do. And if you have a Unicorn fetish, there are quite a few surprises that await you in The Cowgirl online store as well.

If you want to jump to the best, here are some of my favorite attachments for The Cowgirl.

$46.80 ($)
Height: 3.7”
Diameter (tip): 4.1”
Diameter (shaft): 3.5”
$54 ($$)
Height: 3.5”
Diameter (tip): 4.3”
Diameter (shaft): 3.5”
$58.50 ($$)
Height: 3.5”
Diameter (tip): 4.7”
Diameter (shaft): 3.7”


As you can see, learning to use Sybian is pretty straightforward. It’s also a fantastic tool, and you can do many things with it. 

Whether that would be riding solo or incorporating Sybian into your sex life to make things more interesting. 

Also, check out other fucking machines you might like.

I hope you enjoyed this article on how to use Sybian, and if you have any questions, don’t forget to ask in the comments. 

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