Fleshlight Vibro Review: Is This Vibrating Fleshlight Any Good?

Fleshlight promises you the intensely satisfying experience with their new Vibro collection that uses vibrators, but will it really live up to our expectations?

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The Good | Fleshlight Vibro has a great texture inside, which is subtle, yet pleasurable.

The Bad | The overall execution is poor, and it might be too much of a hassle to use this fleshlight often and include it in your favorites list. 

The Bottom Line | It is a good quality sleeve with a nice texture; however, it doesn’t deliver on the promise of intensive pleasure with poor execution on the vibration part. 

In this Fleshlight Vibro review, I’ll be taking a closer look at this new addition to the Fleshlight family, and I’ll be sharing my experience using it.

Fleshlight Vibro Overview

Fleshlight Vibro

Fleshlight Vibro collection is Fleshlights attempt to combine fleshlights and vibrators and create the ultimate pleasure tool. 

There are two different toys in this collection, the Vibro: Lady and Vibro: Butt. Both of these fleshlights share the same texture, and the only difference between them is the orifice. 

Vibro Lady has a vagina orifice, and Vibro Butt has a butt orifice. They don’t offer a neutral version in this collection. 

The main selling point of this collection is the vibrating part. Fleshlight achieved the vibrating in the fleshlight by adding three vibrating bullets inside the sleeve.

Now, these bullets are removable, and you don’t need to insert all three at the same time. This way, you can regulate how intense you want the vibration to be. 

The size of this fleshlight is exactly the same as many other fleshlights. Case length is 9.75,” and the insertable length is 8.5″. It can fit men with up to 7″ girth. 

Fleshlight Vibro collection sleeves are made out of their signature SuperSkin material, which feels like real skin. Both toys come in their signature pink color.

Vibro Lady8.5”SuperSkinVagina$87
Vibro Butt8.5”SuperSkinButt$87
TENGA Zero6”Soft PlasticNeutral hole$275

While Fleshlight Vibro might sound tempting so far, I mean, who doesn’t like some extra vibration sensation during sex, the design is laking quite a bit.

We’ll be discussing this a bit later in the article.

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Price, Where to Buy

Fleshlight Vibro collection sleeves are on a more expensive side, costing around $87 so are these Fleshlights worth it?

For this price, you’ll get the fleshlight case, the sleeve, three vibrating bullets, and a full pack of batteries for your bullets. So, it’s a decent deal when you think about it. 

Fleshlight offers a Loyalty program that allows you to earn points in a few different ways. You can later use those points as money off your purchase and you can get up to $25 off.

As always, it’s best to buy the fleshlight straight from the original website. You can do that here.

We don’t recommend you buy the fleshlight from sellers on eBay, as you can never know if you’re getting the authentic product. 

Design & Features: Texture and Firmness

Fleshlight Vibro Designs and features

Let’s talk about the design on Fleshlight Vibro collection and why it missed the mark a bit. 

First, let’s talk about the sleeve:

The texture of the sleeve itself is very nice. It has one long pleasure chamber that has the same texture all over it.

It is these densely packed rounded long bumps or bristles that stimulate your penis very pleasantly when you’re inside. 

So, the sleeve texture itself is very nice and pleasurable, and I would recommend getting this texture if it would be available to buy separately or in a different collection. 

Now, the problem with the design starts when it comes to inserting the vibrating bullets.

There are three holes inside the sleeve, just by the entrance, where you insert the bullets before you insert the sleeve inside the case. 

This really minimizes the space available when penetrating the sleeve. Even for guys with average penises, they might feel quite a bit of resistance entering the sleeve.

Larger guys might find it too uncomfortable, and this sleeve might not be for you. 

You don’t have to include all three at the same time. This way, you would have more space for your penis, but then the vibrations are not as strong, and the toy loses its appeal. 

Also, the bullets themselves are not the best quality and don’t have the strongest intensity. So it’s best to have them all at the same time for maximum pleasure. 

So you see, while the texture of the sleeve is awesome and could be a hit texture, the whole vibration execution is lacking and makes it difficult to use this fleshlight effortlessly. 

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

I’ve tried the Lady version before reviewing, and I have to say that I found the sleeve itself to be pleasurable as I enjoyed the texture. 

I’ve said many times before, that sleeves with one texture can be very pleasurable as there is something great about finding one thing that feels nice and repeating it over and over again.

This is the case with this sleeve’s texture.

However, when I wanted to try out the sleeve for its purpose, the vibrating part, it was a hassle. 

You have to turn on the bullets before inserting them, then insert them into the sleeve and then insert the sleeve into the case.

There is a lot of work involved, and we haven’t even gotten to the masturbation. 

I’m an average size, so my penis did fit inside the sleeve even with all three batteries on, but I have to say, there was this extra resistance where it felt like my penis is going to pop out if I let go of the sleeve which wasn’t the most comfortable thing. 

I’m not going to lie; combining the sleeve texture with the vibrating part is pretty mind-blowing and does make masturbation extra pleasurable. 

However, I wish the execution wasn’t as difficult, and the bullets would be fitted inside the case and not insertable into the sleeve, maybe it would make it easier to handle. 

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Because of the texture of this sleeve, it is a pain in the ass to clean.

All those densely packed bristles do make it pleasurable, but you have to take extra time to make sure you clean all the lube and cum out of the sleeve. 

It’s best to wash this sleeve under the running warm water until nothing is left inside and then leave it to fry for a few hours.

This sleeve also dries longer than some others because of those long bristles. 

After a few uses, it’s always best to apply some renewal powder or cornstarch to prevent your sleeve from being ruined and to keep it in the best shape. 

Would I Recommend it? If so, to whom?

I can’t say that I recommend this fleshlight 100%. While it has a very nice texture inside, which is very pleasurable, I’m not sure if the hassle with the bullets is worth it. 

However, if you don’t mind taking a little bit extra time and you don’t have a large penis, it might be worth getting this toy. 

Who is it for?

  • Men who don’t mind the extra work that comes with using this fleshlight. 
  • Men who want a different fleshlight experience. 

Who is it not for?

  • Men who already have many other fleshlights that they love. 
  • Men who have large penises as they’re not going to fit comfortably. 

What do Other People Think About It? 

So, I found some things people are saying about the Fleshlight Vibro collection online that I wanted to share.

What men of Reddit are saying:

The Fleshlight Vibro is a porous material, TPR. I love the way Fleshlights feel though, so that isn’t an issue for me. I take the time to wash, dry, and cornstarch them after each use. Some of my sleeves are years old.

There is no mold, no weird smells…its a great product and high quality. But you have to do the maintenance. And sometimes I use a condom with them to make cleanup even easier. But the biggest problem with the Vibro isn’t material.

For me, the vibrations weren’t very strong and not pleasurable because the vibrations come from 3 different units all on a different vibration schedule, so it’s kinda like sticking your penis in a very thick beehive…a little distracting. The three vibration units make the whole deal a little heavier and unwieldy.

And, finally, if you are much more than 5 inches around, you have to wedge yourself into the thing because the vibration units take up all the free space. I only use it about 4 times a year due to it not being worth the trouble.”


“For me, no. I could barely feel the vibrations with two of the vibrating eggs in place. It’s a gimmick that just doesn’t translate to the Fleshlight.”



If you still want to try a vibrating fleshlight but don’t think that Fleshlight Vibro is the one for you, I have some great alternatives for you. 

Tenga Zero Flip Hole
  • Tenga Zero Flip Hole is the best alternative, and it’s quite the machine. It costs over $200, so it’s definitely an investment, but it’s rechargeable and great quality, so it might be worth a try.
  • You might want to read our Fleshlight Go Surge review as well.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

While sleeve is good, the vibrations are meh.

However, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get it if you really like the look of the texture or think it might work for you. 

I hope you found this Fleshlight Vibro review useful, and it helped you make up your mind whether or not this fleshlight is for you.

Fleshlight Vibro Review

Dainis Graveris

fleshlight vibro sleeve


Fleshlight Vibro is a sleeve that offers great and pleasurable texture. However, it doesn’t deliver the promise of intense experience as it’s a hassle to use it.  There are better alternatives.


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