How To Build A Custom Fleshlight That’s Personalized In 2024

Build your own custom Fleshlight with our step-by-step guide. We also highlighted our favorite Fleshlight accessories and alternatives for the best experience. Read on:

Fleshlight has been a go-to sex toy for men for generations. With its ease of use, simple design, variety, and mind-blowing sensations, it’s no wonder why.

But did you know you can customize your own Fleshlight on the website to your own specifications? You can choose the case color, the sleeve orifice and texture, and a few accessories to get your exact experience.

Read on to find out why customizing your Fleshlight is something you need to do and learn the various features and options to pick from.

So, How Do You Build Your Own Custom Fleshlight?

You need to go to Fleshlight’s Product Builder page first to customize your Fleshlight. You can find all the available options there – from the color of the case, orifice, to the internal texture.

Once there, you will see a few simple questions that Fleshlight asks you to answer. They are classified into FOUR STEPS. I’ll walk you through each step and go into detail about the kinds of choices available to you so that you can take your best pick.

Step 1: Start with the CASE

The first step is to choose the color of your Fleshlight case. Fleshlight cases come in many different colors for you to choose from – black, blue, clear, gold, and pearl.

But when you build your own Fleshlight, you can only choose between two case colors: black or blue.

If this is your first Fleshlight, I suggest going for the classic black color. Not only does it look more aesthetic, but it is also easy to clean, as it hides stains and dirt quite well. Also, you can be assured that your Fleshlight will always look and feel like new every time you use it.

However, if you would like your custom Fleshlight to stand out from the rest or if you’re tired of seeing the same black case from your collection, then you can choose the blue variant.

Step 2: The ORIFICE

The next step is to choose between Lady and Butt orifices. Simply put, that’s deciding between the classic vulva opening and the butt hole.

Most folks, especially first-timers, choose the Lady orifice. BUT if you like something a bit tighter that you have to push more to get inside, then go for the Butt.

Unfortunately, you can’t customize the color of your sleeve, including the orifice. All Build Your Own sleeves come in the same classic pink color.

I personally think that’s fine because the real magic comes in the next step…


Next, you will need to choose the texture or design you would like on your Fleshlight. This step is the most challenging for most folks.

There are currently 6 different textures to choose from: DestroyaHeavenlyMini-LotusOriginalSuper Tight, and Wonder Wave.

I remember the first time I customized my Fleshlight. There were 7 different textures available. Usually, they change their options depending on the availability of stocks.

Each of the textures varies in terms of feel and tightness. You can choose the texture of your Fleshlight by clicking on the different pictures and seeing what each one looks like.

Of course, you won’t know how each one feels just by looking at their pictures. That’s why I’m here to describe each one as much as I can, so you’ll get a good idea of which one’s best for you.

1. Destroya

Stoya Destroya is one of the first Fleshlight Girls textures, and it’s still popular to this day for many reasons.

Something to note

It is a very tight and intense texture – the most intense of the bunch.

The inside is covered with a series of structures, starting with a tight opening and rows of vertical rings that will immediately drag against your skin. Go deeper, and the sphere full of tooth-like structures will work wonders on your penis head.

It makes it an extremely intense feeling when you thrust into it. It seems almost like you are getting poked by thousands of soft fingers. The texture is very intense and pleasurable, but it will take some time to get used to.

2. Heavenly

If you’re still looking for that tight feeling with some not-so-intense texture, then Heavenly might be the one for you. 

The canal has a series of alternating ribs, nubs, and chambers that range from tight to wide. The opening will grab your glans and pull back as you enter, which will feel extra pleasurable.

While it might look like a lot’s going on from the picture, the whole sleeve feels soft and fleshy, like a real mouth and throat, but with a soft, spongy internal texture that will twist as you stroke.

3. Mini Lotus

Like the Destroya, the Mini-Lotus is one of the oldest and best-selling Fleshlight textures to date. The bumps are less pronounced and closer together, making this sleeve one of the more subtle textures on the market.

It also has a more realistic texture with gentle ripples and waves that feel more like the real thing than the bumpier textures of many Fleshlight Girls.

It’s a good choice if you’re looking to try something new but aren’t quite sure you want to dive into the more intense textures. I recommend this sleeve for edging and less intense build-ups to orgasm. I also recommend it for folks who are a bit sensitive down there.

4. Original

The Original Pink Lady texture is the Fleshlight that started it all. It’s gentle, soft, and smooth on the inside. In short, there’s not much going on in here when it comes to texture.

The softness of the sleeve allows the penis to glide up and down the tight opening smoothly. You’ll feel like a cushiony and comforting sleeve surrounds you.

But as good as it feels, you might easily get bored with it. Still, it’s a great choice for folks who are VERY SENSITIVE and don’t want a lot of friction on their penis.

5. Super Tight

It’s basically just like the smooth, untextured Original sleeve. But now it comes with a super tight canal. It’s for anyone who appreciates a super-tight feeling without the added textures and variety.

Fleshlight Super Tight texture is for you if you prefer a tighter vaginal canal. It’s also great for sensitive folks on the smaller side of the penis scale.

6. Wonder Wave

The Wonder Wave is the next level up from the Original before going for the more intense textures. It offers a more realistic and tighter feel than the Original.

The internal texture is a spiraling series of varying-sized bumps, which feels as though there are very tiny waves rubbing up against your penis. It feels very soft and, at a glance, looks as though it is not even there.

That rhythmic motion alone is enough to get off some guys. If you’re looking for the perfect in-between texture from the boring Original to the intimidating, highly-textured ones, then this is for you.

Step 4: Don’t Forget to Add SOME ACCESSORIES

Once you’re done with the most challenging step, it’s time to take the last step – adding some accessories to your custom Fleshlight experience. 

Of course, you can always choose the “Continue With No Accessory” option if you think you’re all set.

As of this writing, there are 47 optional accessories you can buy on top of your custom Fleshlight, from Fleshlight drying units, mounts, sleeve warmer, and extra cases to lubes and cock rings. I’ll give an overview of some of my favorites.

  1. Fleshlight Air – This innovative electric drying unit provides a safe and effective way to dry your Fleshlight. It is specially designed to maximize airflow and speed up the drying process. It can dry your Fleshlight in as little as a few minutes to hours. It comes with 3 dry-time settings and 3 ring adapters to attach the unit to any size Fleshlight.

    If you’re not into automatic machines and are fine leaving your Fleshlight somewhere to air dry, there are cheaper options to choose from: Stand DryHang Dry, and Screw Dry.
  1. Shower Mount – This accessory allows you to use your Fleshlight hands-free and add more variety of positions and angles. It’s made from highly durable and non-rusting materials. It’s easy to use, and the suction cup sticks to all surfaces. Simply attach it to any flat surface like your shower wall, and voila!
  2. Sleeve Warmer – A device that comes with a heating rod where you stick your Fleshlight in so it’ll warm up to body temperature or higher. It helps get rid of the cold, clammy feel of Fleshlights. A warm-feeling Fleshlight makes your experience tighter and more realistic.
  3. More Cases – An extra case (or more) ensures that you have a spare in case you use your Fleshlight vigorously (I hope not). Or if you have plans of buying replacement sleeves in the future to save some money. Dunno why Fleshlight didn’t offer these options from the start. But you can choose from black, clear, gold, pearl, and blue as add-ons.
  4. Fleshlight Product Care Kit – An essential accessory for any user who wants their Fleshlight to be in tiptop condition and last a long time. The kit includes Fleshwash antibacterial toy cleaner and Renewing Powder. (You can also buy each product separately.) Plus, detailed instructions, so you know what you’re doing.
  5. FleshLube – These lubes are water-based personal lubricants specifically created by Fleshlight for all their SuperSkin material toys. Yup, including your Fleshlight sleeves. They’re surprisingly silky-smooth, don’t get tacky, and last a long time.

    Besides their usual water-based lube, you can choose from various personal lubes that Fleshlight offers. For example, there’s the Fleshlube Fire if you’re looking to heat things up, while there’s Fleshlube Ice if you’re looking for a cooling and tingling experience.

    If you can’t decide between the two (or three), you can always buy them in a pack to try them all.
  1. Performance Silicone Cock Rings – These soft yet sturdy silicone cock rings surprised me (in a good way, ofc). It’s highly effective, especially if you want to boost your stamina and performance in the bedroom. And there’s the fact that you can use it while playing with your custom Fleshlight for stronger and longer orgasms. *BOOM!*

Why Build a Custom Fleshlight?

Most guys use the standard Fleshlight product that they have chosen. They don’t change it, they don’t customize it, they don’t really do anything with it. They just stick with it, using it as is. It’s almost like they are afraid to change it or mess with it.

On the other hand, some guys know the value of a customizable toy. They get that a toy is only going to bring them what it was designed for in the first place, and it’s going to be a lot better if they can easily change it to a design that is better suited for their individual tastes.

That’s what building your own custom Fleshlights feels like. Finally, you get a pleasurable toy that’s tailored to your specific needs. But of course, I admit Fleshlight could’ve done better and given us more customization options.

But for a bit of customization here and there at the exact cost as the Classic and cheaper by $10 to Fleshlight Girls and Fleshjack Boys, I’d say a custom Fleshlight is well worth it.

Fleshlight Alternatives

If you’re not satisfied with the limited customization options that Fleshlight currently offers, you might want to check their other mass-produced models.

Clear Fleshlights

If you’re a visual creature who likes a full view of the action, or just plain curious, or your partner’s turned on by the sight of your schlong sliding in and out of your favorite toy, then clear Fleshlights are for you.

Basically, a clear Fleshlight comes with a clear case and a clear sleeve.

The Fleshlight Ice Series is among the most popular transparent models from Fleshlight. You can choose from the Classic Ice LadyIce Butt, and the Ice Mouth (in some countries). You can also go for portable, travel-friendly variants with non-anatomical orifices – Flight Aviator and Go Torque Ice.

If you’re thinking of involving your partner in the action, there are the smaller, open-ended Quickshots that you can try – Quickshot Pulse and Quickshot Vantage. They’re super easy to clean and only cost half the price of a standard-size Fleshlight.

Fleshlight Girls

Ever thought about sleeping with your favorite female porn star? Well, you might find your favorite star or two (uhm, their lady parts, specifically) in this Fleshlight line.

Fleshlight Girls is a line of Fleshlight products modeled from the most popular adult film stars on the market. Each model is molded from the actual vagina or butthole of the porn star. They’re designed to give you the feeling that you are actually having sex with your idol.

If you want to explore even crazier textures than the Stoya Destroya, then this is the Fleshlight line you should be paying attention to.

Some of my all-time faves include Riley Reid Utopia for that perfect balance of tightness, intensity, and realism; Alexis Texas Outlaw if you’re looking for the tightest-feeling FL Girl; and Elsa Jean Tasty for some intense depth play with the most variety of textures.

Fleshjack Boys

Of course, I know that not all of us are into the ladies and their bits. Enter Fleshjack Boys.

Fleshjack is made of the same ol’, same ol’ realistic SuperSkin material that other Fleshlight models have. But now, this Fleshlight line is molded directly from the world’s most popular male porn stars – in this case, their butts. (Think Fleshlight Girls but for gay users.)

Some of our favorites here at SexualAlpha include the Diego Sans fleshjack that comes with this Brazilian perfection’s exact butt replica. In addition, the sleeve sex machine has six greatly varied texture types: twisting nodules, dotted nubs, ridges, and cups that provide massaging and suction.

If you’re after faster orgasms, you can give Boomer Banks Sonic Boom a try. Want more tight and intense ribbed textures as you dive deep? You can check out Brent Corrigan Bliss.


Part of the appeal of Fleshlights is just how customizable they are. There are a wealth of different cases, textures, and accessories available out there, and (hopefully) a whole lot more to come in the future!

So whether you’re a new FLyer, or have had one for years, all of these different options can make it difficult to know where to start. I hope this post has cleared that up for you and given you some insight into ways to customize and order a Fleshlight that is just right for you.

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