Max 2 and Nora Review [2024]: Best For Long-Distance Couples?

In this Max 2 and Nora review, I will share ALL you need to know about these teledildonic toys & give some tips on how to enjoy interactive virtual sex with your partner.

max 2 and nora review

Remote setups aren’t just a trend in the corporate world. It’s also IN in the world of long-distance relationships.

With physical touch as my love language, it’s hard enough to thrive without my partner to cuddle with.

BUT (!)

We are in the digital age. And staying PHYSICAL with your lover should no longer be an impossible feat despite the distance.

Introducing Lovense Max 2 and Lovense Nora.

Max 2 (for him) is a masturbator, and Nora (for her) is a rabbit vibrator. With the power of teledildonics, you can use them together for interactive virtual sex that knows no distance.

And I’m here to share with you our experience with these LDR sex toys and if these are better than Kiiroo’s Keon + Fuse long distance couple set and their Pearl2 + Onyx+ couple set.

The Good

Max 2 and Nora are the only couple toys so far to really react and pass on each other’s movements, making LDR sex TRULY interactive. Sync each toy’s movements or give your partner control of your toy (and vice versa)

Plus, Lovense has the most stable connectivity for LDR play that we’ve tried. 

The Not So Good

While both toys are excellent to use alone or together, they don’t have the most powerful vibrations out there. Their vibrations also tend to be loud, especially in higher settings.

The Bottom Line

If LDR sex is something you and your partner want, Max 2 and Nora are a combo you should consider getting. They are one of the most advanced teledildonics toys that respond to each other and enable control of each other’s toys. 

While they might not be the most powerful toys in vibrations, their affordable price, stable app connectivity, and packed features make them super worth it.

Max 2 and Nora are for you if:

  • You’re looking for teledildonics with reliable connectivity.
  • You’re looking for couple toys with a good real-time relay of movements.
  • You want toys that react to each other’s movements.
  • You want an affordable couple set for LDR.

Max 2 and Nora are NOT for you if:

  • You are looking for quiet toys.
  • You want more intense vibrations.

We reviewed Max 2 and Nora individually, so you may want to check those out to know more about each toy in more depth. For this review, we’ll focus on using BOTH TOYS TOGETHER for long-distance play.

Packaging and First Impressions

Max 2 and Nora’s packaging are pretty similar (as expected), as they come from the same company

Simple, straightforward, and neat.

Both have white boxes with a photo of the toy plastered in front. It’s not that discreet, especially for Nora, as it’s a vibrator that actually looks like a dildo-vibrator in pink.

Inside, Max 2’s box has the masturbator, magnetic charging cable, and its user manual + quick setup guide.

The contents are pretty much the same for Nora. 

But instead of the masturbator, you have the rabbit vibrator, of course.

Tech Specs: Max 2 & Nora

Lovense Max 2

Lovense Max 2

Lovense Nora

Length: 9.5”
Width: 3.33”
Insertable length: 4.72”
Handle length: 3.15”
Vibration settings:
Water resistance:
Length: 9.5”
Width: 3.33”
ABS plastic casing, TPE sleeve
Yes, IPX6
Insertable length: 4.72”
Handle length: 3.15”
7 (clitoral arm)
Silicone (body), ABS plastic (handle)
Yes, IPX6

How Max 2 and Nora Look and Feel

Ladies first, so let’s start with Nora!

Nora is a hot pink rabbit vibrator. Its shaft is made of smooth silicone that feels really nice to touch.

It has two arms—the longer, insertable one for the G-spot while the shorter arm is for clit stimulation.

Its handle has a decent size—not too small that it’s hard to hold and not too big that it gets in the way.

Overall, Nora looks pretty petite, with just around 7 to 8 inches of total length.

Moving on to our masturbator… Max 2!

It has a white ABS plastic casing that looks quite clinical.

Its body appears quite shiny. But the ridges on the side make it easy to hold and give you a good grip even when your hands are coated with lube. 

Flip to its base, and you’ll find two air ventspressure vent and air suction control.

Then, of course, its TPE sleeve right in the casing. Smooth, stretchy, and ribbed with vaginal textures internally.

Key Functionalities

Which features should you look forward to from Max 2 and Nora?

Max 2

Max 2 combines its air pump technology and vibrations to mimic the contracting sensations of a woman’s vagina.

Its air pump settings give the Max 2 its 360-degree contractions that “squeeze” your or your partner’s penis—in a pleasurable way, of course.

It also has adjustable air vents, giving it a “suction” effect in use.

Like Nora, it’s equipped with a Bluetooth chip for you to connect the sex toy to your phone.

Lovense Nora

Nora enables internal and external stimulation simultaneously.

It has a decent vibration power for its clitoral arm. And Nora lets you choose from 7 vibration modes: low, medium, high, pulse, wave, firework, and earthquake.

Meanwhile, the rotating head that stimulates your G-spot has three-speed levels to match the intensity you’re after.

This toy has a long battery life too. You can use it for up to 4 hours of continuous use. If your sesh could last THAT long… wow!

How To Use Max 2 and Nora Together

Lovense lets you have long-distance sex in three ways:

  • You control your partner’s sex toy using your sex toy.
  • Your partner controls your sex toy using his sex toy.
  • Sync both sex toys, so they interact with each other.

Connecting Max and Nora to Lovense App

Before everything else, you and your partner need to get the Lovense app and connect it to your device. 

There are various control options for long-distance play (like Sync Group Control, D&S Group Control, and more.) But let’s focus on the Live Control and Sync Feature, which you’ll likely use for LDR sex.

Live Control

This function gives you control of your partner’s toy (and vice versa).

  • Open and login to the Lovense Remote app.
  • Have your partner connect his toy to the app.
  • Go to the “Long Distance” tab and open your partner’s chat window.
    • If he’s not yet on your list, send a request by tapping the “+” (Plus) button.
  • Press “Live Control” to send your partner a Live Control request.
  • You will gain control of their toy after they accept the request.

Sync Feature

Using this feature syncs you and your partner’s toys together. It also allows you to control both toys simultaneously.

Nora and Max sync together AND react to each other’s movements!

To start, follow the same steps of the Live Control mode from Steps 1 to 3. Then,

  • Choose “Sync” to send your partner a Sync request.
  • That’s basically it. Your toys are synced when they accept the request.
  • You can pass the control to your partner by tapping the button with arrows going to the left, labeled “Controlling.”
  • To control both toys, press the button with the finger doing the tapping motion.
  • Pressing the “Remote Control” button lets you and your partner’s toys react to each other’s movement.

Something to note

You can toggle the sensitivity slider to customize how sensitive the toys’ reaction will be.

My Experience With Max 2 and Nora

Using Max 2 and Nora helped us have some of our best LDR sex-tivities. For reals.

You can always video chat with your partner, use a sex toy, masturbate, and call it a day. So what’s the appeal of teledildonics like Max 2 and Nora?

Well, it feels so much more “real” when your toys respond to each other.

And with Max 2 and Nora, there are a lot of options on how to use it with your partner.

Controlling It Remotely

I can control my partner’s Max 2, and he can control my Nora through the live control mode.

Leaving your toy’s control to your partner is so much more fun (and hotter) because you don’t know what to expect. 

(It’s pleasurable when you touch yourself. But it’s even more pleasurable when your partner does it, right? Same concept.)

We also really love the sync feature. You can sync Max 2 and Nora’s vibrations, so you both feel similar vibes at the same time.

Plus, these devices react to each other’s movements!

Nora’s head will rotate when my partner slides his penis into Max 2. When he moves his masturbator faster, my toy moves faster too!

The experience is also different when I’m in control of his toy. 

For example, when I start to move and insert Nora into my vag, his vibrator will begin pumping air that mimics vaginal contractions.

This time, my movement’s speed dictates the level of vibrations and contractions he feels.

Nora’s Vibes

Personally, we find Max 2 and Nora don’t have the most powerful vibrations.

In fact, only Nora’s clitoral arm vibrates. Its insertable shaft doesn’t vibrate—it only rotates. 

I don’t find that a letdown, though, as the dual stimulation could feel intense. So I appreciate that the vibes aren’t crazy powerful.

That said, others might not feel satisfied with it, especially those who prefer to have vibrations in their G-spot.

Strokes or Vibes

Max 2 is not a hands-free stroker. It doesn’t do the stroking for you. But it ENHANCES your strokes with its vibrations and contractions.

My partner doesn’t mind because he prefers to be in control of how he thrusts the toy anyway.

The suction effect of the masturbator is also something my partner really enjoyed. He says it matches well with the contracting and vibrating sensations of the masturbator.

Overall, the combination makes it work for him.

Masturbator’s Sleeve

My partner found Max 2’s sleeve a bit tight.

The sleeve’s internal diameter measures around 0.59 inches. Penis-owners who might be smaller than average will fit the sleeve better.

It’s stretchy, though. And adjusting the air vents can also help in sort of “loosening” it a bit. You just have to work your way through to find the setting that works best for you. A little trial-and-error helps.

Plus, of course, use lots of lube!

Staying Connected

Connectivity is one of the most important factors when it comes to LDR toys. It could be so frustrating to be on the edge of an orgasm, and then… you’re disconnected.

With Max 2 and Nora, we rarely experienced disconnections. And it was easy and fast to reconnect on the rare times it happened.

We figured out that not overloading the app helps. Like any app, it could lag when it’s doing too much.

So, my partner and I only use the app for the toys’ controls. We leave the communication like video chat on third-party apps such as Skype, Zoom, or FaceTime.

How to Clean Both Toys

Max 2 and Nora are both water-resistant, so cleaning them is easy.

With Nora, you can just clean it with warm water and mild soap. Or a sex toy cleaner.

With Max 2, detach the sleeve from the casing and then dunk it in water.

The sleeve is open-ended, so your partner won’t have trouble getting his juices out. You can even flip it inside-out to really get into its nooks and crannies.

Also, don’t forget that Max 2’s sleeve is made of TPE. It’s a pretty normal material for masturbator sleeves because it feels really good.

Still, it’s a porous material. Guys don’t have to worry much about it compared to girls, but you should still clean it thoroughly in case bacteria gets trapped in its pores.

Price & Where To Buy

You can get Max 2 and Nora directly from the Lovense site, which is also the best place to buy them.

Avoid purchasing your sex toys from unregulated marketplaces like Amazon or eBay to ensure you won’t receive fake products.

Max 2 and Nora cost $109 each. But you can get both as a “Long-Distance Set” for $210.

Lovense hosts changing deals, though. You might want to bookmark the page and visit the listing every now and then to get it at the best price.

What Do Other People Think About It?

I have the Max 2, and my wife has the Nora. The sync works really well, but it seems to do a lot more for her than it does for me. We do enjoy it a lot either way.


Reddit User

Source: [I] have a Max and have synced with a Nora. It’s not like sex, but it’s better than just a normal Fleshlight or a vibrator. The vibrations definitely change with your partner’s speed.


Reddit User


There are other options for LDR sex aside from Max 2 and Nora. Now, which pair is better for you will depend on what matches what YOU’RE looking for.

Max 2 and Nora vs. KEON and Fuse by KIIROO

Kiiroo Keon & OhMiBod Fuse

Keon is one of the most realistic automatic penis strokers today. 

It’s already great on its own for the penis owner. But pairing it with Fuse (a rabbit vibrator like Nora) unlocks interactive sex with your lover. 

Sliding the Fuse in and out of your vag signals the depth of Keon’s up-and-down strokes. And its movements intensify the deeper and faster you go. It’s really interactive.

KEON is the better choice if your partner is looking for a penis stroker that does the stroking for him. Max 2 doesn’t stroke—it vibrates and contracts.

But the Keon-Fuse set is also quite a pricey combo, especially compared to Max 2 and Nora. 

Max 2 and Nora vs. Onyx+ and Pearl2 by KIIROO

Kiiroo Onyx+ & Pearl 2

Onyx+ is a masturbator with contraction rings in its sleeve. They move up and down, mimicking the motions of sex. It basically strokes for you.

In comparison, Max 2 does vibes and suction.

Pearl2 is a G-spot vibrator with touch-sensitive technology. This might be a better choice for you if you want a vibrator that vibrates in your G-spot and you don’t mind the lack of clit stimulation.

Onyx+ reacts to Pearl2’s movements, but Pearl2 doesn’t react to Onyx+ unlike Nora and Max 2.

The Onyx+ and Pearl2 experience is still intense for both of you, but it’s not as interactive as Max 2 and Nora.

Max 2 and Nora vs. Titan and Fuse by KIIROO

Kiiroo Titan & Fuse Set

Titan, unlike Onyx+, is designed to MANUALLY stroke the penis. It has touch-sensitive pads to target the entire or different parts of the peen.

Again, you can pair it with Fuse. And this set is more affordable than the Keon-Fuse combo but still pricier than Max 2 and Nora.

Final Thoughts

The peanut butter to my jelly. The apple to my pie. The Max 2 to my Nora. 

Some things are just better together.

Lovense toys are SO reliable in connectivity—probably the best you can get, at least, for now. And with great toys to pair with, Max 2 and Nora really remove the distance for couple sex.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s NOT the same as real sex. But it’s one of the best and most interactive sex you can get when you and your boo are miles apart.

Aliyah Moore

Aliyah Moore

Aliyah Moore (she/her) is our resident sex expert at SexualAlpha. She’s a certified sex therapist with a Ph.D. in Gender & Sexuality Studies. Aliyah is a proud Black, bi-sexual femme passionate about empowering minority voices to embrace their sexuality and identity. She loves to write about everything sexual wellness and gives no-nonsense sex and relationship advice.

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