Aneros Progasm Review: How Good Is This Prostate Massager?

The Ice is an Aneros Progasm prostate massager that’s built with extra length and girth, suitable for advanced pluggers. This toy is great for a more aggressive prostate prodding and will give you a very pleasant sensation while at it. Its glass finish is aesthetically appealing yet it has the sturdiness of plastic.

aneros progasm held in hand

The Good | It’s great for pro pluggers because of its big size. Its smooth and glossy finish make it easy to insert. Its rigid surface is a bonus if you are a guy who loves a firm touch. It also has a sturdiness got from its plastic material making it durable in the long run.

The Bad | It’s bigger than the Syn and therefore, not a good fit for beginners. Its plastic design has no flexibility and so might come as a turn-off for guys with delicate butts. Also, the spherical K and P-tabs might cause discomfort during use as they’re hard and poke into your skin.

The Bottom Line | The Aneros Progasm generally is a nice edition of p-spot toys that are made mostly for advanced users. The smooth body is great for easy insertion and removal and the Trident handles also help in this. The price is decent and is a good match for guys looking for large and hard prostate stimulation.

The latest and best Aneros Progasm models are an awesome addition to the line of prostate massagers.

This series rolled out by Aneros, is larger and firmer. 

Definitely not for the faint-hearted…

In this Aneros Progasm review, I’ll explain more on the Aneros Ice as it’s the model I received.

It has an appealing glass-like design that gives it a smooth surface that makes sliding it in and out an easy process. 

On the other hand… Worth noting is that it has borrowed the shape of the Trident. This enhances its handling and pivoting when moving your Kegels.

We’ll check the larger-than-Syn measurements that make it a no-go for beginners but a good fit for experts.

Also, we’ll take a look at its functionality and compare its specs with the rest in the series in a small table I’ve prepared.

Let’s begin our date, shall we?

Aneros Progasm Tech and Specs Overview

Aneros Progasm Overview


As I’ve hinted above, the Progasm Ice is a large toy meant for intermediate and advanced prostate players.

Jumping right into the dimensions…

It has a tip-width that measures 1.15” and a mid-ridge width of 1.25”

For the stretch between the Perineum tab and the stem, the Ice measures a total distance of 1.52”. That’s a wide length if you’re accustomed to smaller toys.

For the insertables, it goes in about 4.2” deep and has a head width measuring 1.25”.


The Aneros Progasm Ice is primarily made of medical-grade plastic that is phthalates and latex-free.

Yeah…the glass appearance is purely aesthetics 🙂

This single material runs through its whole surface and gives it a glossy and hard firmness. 

What does this mean?

It might not be your kind or rod if you like ‘em soft and squishy like the silicone.

Price, where to buy

This prostate massager currently sells at a range of $59.95$61.00, depending on where you get yours.

But, if you want a trusted seller, then I recommend you get it from the official Aneros store ($59.95) for a legitimate product. 

Oh…and if you use our code (we negotiated one for you guys): SexualAlpha10 you’ll get 10% off.

The other trusted place is at Lovehoney where it goes for $59.99.

Both sellers suggested above will give you valid warranties and free shipping within the US. (International shipping incurs an additional cost)

Keep your butt off Amazon and eBay as the distributors there will sell you counterfeit items made from generic materials and unsafe for body-use!

Aneros Progasm Comparison:

Now, before we proceed further, here’s the small table I promised, showing you the model specs for all the Progasm series p-toys.

(Tip-width &
Insertable length)
Progasm ClassicGlossy WhiteHard Plastic1.15” – 4.2”Hands-free
Progasm Black IceGlossy BlackHard Plastic1.15” – 4.2”Hands-free
Progasm IceGlassy, TransparentHard Plastic1.15” – 4.2”Hands-free
Red Ice
Glossy RedHard Plastic1.15” – 4.2”Hands-free

Design & Functionality

Aneros Progasm Design and Functionality

To begin with, it has two undulating bumps that give a bulbous fit inside your anal space.

This comes with refined Perineum and Kundalini handles made into spherical tabs for better massage stimulations. 

Secondly, the p-tab is spaced well and will give you a nice massage when you are contracting your PC muscles.

Together with the k-tab, it makes pivoting the toy very comfortable.

The glossy finish is very smooth and makes inserting and removing easy. This reduces the chances of hurting your anal walls.

This model borrows the Trident design therefore also improving its handling.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

For plastic and metallic toys, I find using silicone lube effective, plus it won’t react as with silicone toys.


After cleaning myself up, I applied it generously on the toy and in my bum, then gently inserted the toy in… It got sucked right in!

Lying on one side gets the job done for me. But you can try it out on your back, stomach, squatting, etc… whatever works for you.

Moving on… 

The perineum and k-tabs feel pretty good once the toy anchors in your crack. But their hard surfaces can dig up your skin and I didn’t like this part.

But still, it pivots superbly making the PC muscle contractions smooth and pleasant. I could feel the p-waves coming and going at a distance and this made me power-up my contractions.

The sleek and smooth surface makes your entire pelvic interiors want to ‘melt’ and was easy to move around with my Kegels. 

I decided to boost this sensation by angling the toy with my hands as its hard tip was kinda tough on my p-spot (didn’t like it). Plus it moved round a lot.

About 20 minutes in, I had reached my stop as the all-familiar violent explosion came from within my butt, leaving me with the shakes and feebleness.

NOTE: I’m an experienced PO player and I’ve mastered my way around prostate stimulation. Again, experiences vary as we’re all wired differently.

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Cleaning this toy is a breeze. 

Unlike the Vice’s porous silicone (more info in our Aneros Vice review), it has a hard surface and you can soak or wash it under a faucet with warm water and a soap of your choice.

The best thing about the Ice is that it carries no scent after a thorough wash and you can store it in its packaging box afterward.

The plastic material makes this toy sturdy and so, also durable in the long run.

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

Yes, I’d recommend it… Most preferably, to the pros. 

Also, considering the price, I think it’s a decent offer.


Who is it for?

  • Guys who prefer non-vibrating p-spot massagers.
  • If you like toys with a firm and rigid touch.

Who is it not for?

  • If you prefer vibrating p-spot toys.
  • Guys who prefer the touch of silicone up there butts.

What Do Other People Think About It?

We got you some reviews from other users in Reddit who have had different experiences using the Aneros Progasm p-toy.

Read what TheycallmeTom1872 had to say about his session:

“I started doing some more rolling contractions, and found everything felt better when on my side with knees bent, so I stayed in that position. At one point, I think I was having some very subtle involuntary contractions. I could feel the prostate squeezing down on its own.

Eventually, the little pleasure I had faded into nothing. I then found that if I used my hand to angle the Progasm forward into my prostate, I could get direct prostate stimulation and that felt AWESOME. So I tried doing some contractions while holding it in that position with my hand… felt pretty good, but the involuntary contractions were gone and it was just that. So I started really trying to tickle the prostate directly with the Progasm using my hand, figuring maybe I could make myself cum doing that. I got pretty close, but I could tell it wasn’t going to happen.

Recognizing that I was just getting frustrated, I ended up just using a vibrator in my ass and jerked off to a halfway decent penile orgasm.”


Another user, anna-ross, also said this from a first-time experience:

“I recently bought myself a Progasm Ice, my logic being that I thought my prostate was further in than my Helix Syn (check out our Aneros Helix Syn review) was hitting and I enjoy larger toys, in general, these days. I devoted a few long time sessions recently following the steps on the Aneros wiki sites and various other places on the internet hinting at how to reach super O.

According to the milestones page, I’m pretty much at ‘observation of slight involuntary contractions’ stage, though I do find grinding after a long while to be quite nice. I’m still not 100% sure I’ve had a p-wave yet, although in the session before last I was convinced I did as I managed to have an involuntary contraction which felt really good. But alas, I couldn’t get another one in that session.”



Aneros Progasm Alternatives

Well, we’ve established that the Aneros Progasm Ice (and the remaining 3) is best suited for advanced players. Aside from that, its material and hard touch is not a universal taste.

And I’ve mentioned that you might need to use your hands to prevent it from ‘puncturing’ your prostate. So it’s not entirely hands-free.

But here’s the deal…

As a #1 alternative, you can check out the Nexus Revo Stealth if you’re a newbie. It is diverse and will get the work done for you… You won’t need to use your hands to get a satisfying experience 🙂 

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

To end our date…

The Progasm Ice is a nice toy with a larger body that’s best for use with experienced guys. The glass appearance is sleek and will make your butt walls smile. 

The price is also decent so you may take your shot with it… But before then, make sure you’re cool with its hard poking touch.

On the other hand, I would suggest you check out Nexus Revo Stealth instead as it gives you more value and a better experience. Especially if you’re a newb!

I hope this helps you with your plug-hunt!

Have you enjoyed reading this Aneros Progasm review? Feel free to share and shoot any questions in the Comments Section below!


Aneros Progasm Ice Review

Dainis Graveris

aneros progasm ice massager


The Progasm Ice is a nice toy with a larger body that’s best for use with experienced guys. The glass appearance is sleek and will make your butt walls smile.  But it’s still not the best toy for newbies.


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