Aneros Helix Syn Review: Will It Bring The Super O?

The Syn has received marvelous responses from users who’ve had experiences with it over the years.

This Aneros prostate massager is a little darling and will certainly guide you to your Super-O, especially if you’re an intermediate anal player. Its shape and size is perfect for discreet use and also fits comfortably into your anal canal.

Aneros Helix Syn review cover

The Good | The Syn has a super soft touch that’s gotten from the use of Velvet Silicone that gives you maximum stimulation. It has a comfortable perineum stimulator at the bottom with an easy-to-use sturdy handle for insertion/withdrawal. It’s a great p-toy for intermediate and advanced users.

The Bad | The Velvet Silicone Touch might not be for everybody as some anal players prefer more solid/aggressive prostate massages. Contrary to what its marketing says, it may not be the ‘perfect’ toy for beginners as its use is more of precision (which a beginner may lack).

The Bottom Line | The Aneros Helix Syn is a simple and small toy that’s very easy to insert. Its sturdy handles make it easy to insert and pull out while the P-tab is also a nice touch for perineum stimulation. The silicone softness backed with the rigid but flexible inner core is a great combination for smooth stimulations but won’t give much to beginner users.

Now, we all know Aneros is famous for making wonderful prostate products ever since the ’90s. And so it doesn’t come as a shocker that they went out of their way to give men a gift for pleasure to ‘treat’ our refractory settings after getting a climax. 

Here today, we’ll take a look at the Aneros Helix Syn model that’s famed for being a hands-free prostate massager. The Syn has taken the shape of the Helix Classic predecessor that was primarily white in color.

We’ll look at the Syn and Trident’s updated Velvet Touch from the previous all-plastic casing as seen in the Classic model. 

So hang in there and also learn more about its size, design, how it’s used, and where to get yourself one at great prices for value.

To learn more about other Aneros products, check out our best Aneros prostate massager guide.

Here we go!

Aneros Helix Syn Tech and Specs Overview

Aneros Helix Syn Overview


The Syn is very small and discreet in size and comes with an improved streamlined body that makes it easy to insert and fit.

For the dimensions, it measures 1.06” at the widest tip width and 0.93” at its mid-ridge width. This is an easy girth smooth for a nice slide-in.

The distance from its T-stem to the perineum region is about 1.75” and has an insertable length of about 4.00” which I think is enough to tickle every man’s fanny.


Unlike the Classic p-toy, Aneros has used 2 primary materials to make this awesome fanny-tickler. These are silicone (FDA approved) and phthalate-free ABS plastic.

Starting from the internal structure, the ABS plastic is used to provide inner strength and develop the toy’s shape and structure. It’s rigid but flexible and this is great for fulfilling prostate massages.

On its outer surface, it’s covered using Velvet Touch Silicone which is an update from the all-plastic body of their Classic prostate stimulator.

This combined with the firm and flexible interior makes it better for a more pleasant contact stimulation.

Price, where to buy

Aneros’s Syn P-toy is entirely cheap ($69.95) but the price is negligible if you take in to account the exciting adventure you’ll probably have reaching your prostate orgasm.

Also, if you’re a sucker for the disarming touch of silicone, then you’re in for one fantastic quality and butt service bud.

So, if you want to make your order of the Helix Syn trident, then you should check out Aneros website. Official toy website is always the safest place to buy quality items & support.

Oh…and if you use our code (we negotiated one for you guys): SexualAlpha10 you’ll get 10% off.

For another trusted seller, you can also check out Lovehoney also currently retailing the Trident only ($69.99).

These two are our trusted and authorized distributors. They issue warranties for any purchase along with free shipping within the US if you buy items over $60 (Lovehoney) and $75 (Aneros).

DO NOT make these orders on eBay or Amazon as the sellers there will most likely send you counterfeit products made from unknown materials.

What’s worse, you WILL NOT get a valid warranty but pay full price!


Well, here’s a small table comparing the different model specs between the Aneros Helix Syn and Helix Trident prostate massagers.

I hope it will help inform your buying decision when looking to make a purchase. Check it out below!


(Tip, Mid-ridge)
Aneros Helix
ABS, siliconeHands-free, SoloInsertion head
with S-like stem
at the base
1.06”, 0.93”
Aneros Helix
Syn Trident
ABS, siliconeHands-free, SoloInsertion head
with a ‘Trident’
stem structure 
0.98”, 0.86”

Design & Functionality

Aneros Helix Syn Design and Functionality

Let’s get to understand the Syn’s overall design and functionality below:

To begin with, this model has a rigid ABS plastic core inside that’s the right amount of ‘strong’ and has good flexibility for better comfort and prostate positioning.

The tip of its head has a special receding bump shape for easy insertion and also rests gently against the prostate wall.

This gives it its streamlined outlook and you won’t have to worry much about hurting your butt walls when getting it in.

Its thin neck near the base has a slight bump that gets ‘swallowed’ in by your anal sphincters and holds it firmly in place.

This is what enables the Syn, like most Aneros p-toys, to be used hands-free.

Also, get this:

At one end of the base, there’s a special p-tab covered with soft silicone that anchors onto your ‘below’. It works by stimulating your perineum region through light massages as you work your kegel muscles.

The other end of the base also has a sturdy handle for easy insertion/removal of the Syn.

If you want to see a detailed outlook of this toy, then you can watch this video.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

With this toy, setting a prostate orgasm adventure is easy once you clean then lube your canals and toy well.

CAUTION: ALWAYS use water-based lubes when using silicone toys. Avoid using silicone-based lubes on silicone toys as it’s known to cause reactions that’ll degrade the quality and functioning of the silicone on your toy.

After that, make sure you position yourself well, whether on your back, lying on your stomach, etc.

As for me, I strongly suggest lying on one side then using your free hand to control things (if you have to).

Here’s the deal… With the Syn, I really loved how the streamlined tip went in without hesitations, and I couldn’t feel anything up my ass! Comfort here was playing at 100%

With the toy comfortably positioned, I started to contract and relax my PC ( pubococcygeal) muscles at intervals, taking slow breaths with every movement.

With time you’ll feel the tip of the toy softly, like a tingle, massaging against the engorged prostate wall.

I felt the tingles start light and get more intense with the added smooth massages on my anal wall.

This is gotten from the stem’s ridge and I must say, is very pleasing even if you don’t achieve the Aneros Super O. Take it from a pro!

Tip: Use a penis strap if your erection gets in the way. That way, you will have more time to concentrate more on your PO career. Also, you can use binaural beats or audio-porn to help you focus.

Better still, you can check out how to relax your mind and prepare the space in this guide for a more detailed walk-through!

When you’ve achieved a working pattern for you, you may get a pleasant treat coming from the P-waves spring from your prostate.

Now this, buddy, is where you get to squeal (like a man) and squirm as the implosion comes from within your pelvic area and send a shockwave up the rest of your body.


  • DO NOT force the experience. Prostate orgasm has a whole mind of its own and will escape if you try to jump-start it! 
  • It may also take a while for some to learn how to work the sphincter and PC muscles but the wait will be worth it!

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Cleaning this toy is also a simple walk. 

I prefer using water that’s a bit warmer and soap to get the business done. Once you’ve rinsed it in your sink, lather it with a mild soap of your choice and scrub it gently across its entire surface.

Once you’re satisfied with the scrubbing, rinse it again under the faucet with warm running water until the lather is off.

Then, you can leave it to air-dry but a lint-free cloth also comes in handy here. You can use it to tap-dry the remaining droplets on the toy after airing it out before storing your toy away.

Tip: Make sure you store the toy away from dust or dirt and always wipe it clean when you take it out before using it on yourself.

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

The Aneros Helix Syn is a great toy that, in its basic nature, gives quite good results for a prostate stimulator.

It’s very gentle once you’ve placed it inside and its silicone appeal is always a bonus to it all.

From my experience, I believe it’s well-crafted but may put on a tapper over a beginner’s first-time expectations. 

All in all, YES… I’d recommend the Aneros Helix Syn to guys who’re into prostate play.

But first:

Who is it for?

  • Guys who love soft-touching massages.
  • If you don’t like your anal toys vibrating.
  • If you like small and subtle toys up your plug.

Who is it not for?

  • Guys who love stiffer massagers.
  • Guy’s who prefer vibrator P-toys.
  • If you prefer bigger and more aggressive toys.

What Do Other People Think About It?

We encountered other reviews by users from Reddit who’ve had experiences with the Aneros Helix series and saw it nice to share with you.

Here’s what joeboful had to say about the Helix Syn:

“First off, this toy is only 4 inches long in terms of insertable length, so it’s ideal whether you’re a beginner or an experienced prostate stroker. Initially, I thought that was a bad thing, but the size isn’t everything when it comes to prostate play.

I also like how flexible and bendy the P-tab and K-tab arms are on this toy – they don’t dig into your taint and ram it with force. Instead, the tabs apply gentle pressure but their rubbery feel ensures that they can bend with the toy. I find that the soft and ergonomic design of this toy makes it really ideal for naturally milking your prostate. You can hardly feel it inside you; it fits into your bottom like a well-designed glove. As a result, the whole experience feels more natural and fluid.”


Another user, Anmwe shared this from his experience:

“I followed the instructions to start using the helix syn, then I put on some Netsky because it’s the best music to chill to IMO. And I just relaxed. Relaxed my mind, cleared my head, laid flat on my front, and did very slow and gentle contractions to get things started. 10 minutes later I started getting self contractions without my own effort and started getting pretty hard. I turned over on my back and it was smooth sailing from there.

All I had to do was lay there… I didn’t even touch myself or use my hands at all in the beginning. My body took its own course and I literally thought I was getting laid, hands-free! After about 20 minutes I came 2 times back to back but still wanted more so I grabbed the lube and went at it. I came 1 more time before I just couldn’t take any more so I got up and took the Syn out and washed it immediately as the instructions say. I’d say its worth it, bro.”



Aneros Helix Syn Alternatives

Well, as much as I believe that the Helix Syn is an amazing toy, I’ve clearly pointed out that it’s not the best choice for a newbie who wants to get into prostate play.

Now, don’t get me confused here…

Prostate play is different as, despite the warnings, expectations are always high. Hence, it’s a good idea to start this journey with a more exciting experience before simmering down when you become a pro.

And for that, I’d suggest other alternatives like the Nexus Revo Stealth. This P-toy will give you extra features like vibrations and remote control and also let you control the experience using your hands if need be.

Also you can check out our Aneros Progasm review.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

From my experience, I wouldn’t hail it as the perfect starter-pack for hacking PO stimulations as it is more of a precision toy and wouldn’t give a newbie any exploring rites. 

Nailing that Super-O is a personal journey for each individual and must be started on the right path.

That’s just it!

I hope this Aneros Helix Syn review has helped answer any intriguing questions you might have had.

Feel free to share and comment below!

See you in the next review!

Aneros Helix Syn Review

Dainis Graveris

aneros helix syn massager


Aneros Helix Syn is a great toy for a nice prostate massaging session. Its small size and silicone touch are awesome for anal play. It is not as adventurous as the Nexus Revo but will still give you a good run. 


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