Nexus Revo Review: Is Stealth Revo 2 Any Good For Prostate?

Nexus Revo Stealth is an exciting edition of the Revo range. As an iteration of the Revo and Revo 2, it comes with slightly upgraded features and a new remote control function for better hands-free experiences. Its rotating shaft does an amazing job in locating and stimulating your prostate and is a suitable fit for the newbie and expert alike.

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The Good | It has a rotating shaft with two speeds and a perineum massager with 6 vibration settings. It has a remote control for a better hands-free experience. It has velvety-soft silicone that makes the sensations fantastic. Its usable dimensions and overall functionality make it a better match for both first-timers and pros.

The Bad | The two motors are synced meaning you can’t control one motor over the other. It’s not fully waterproof so it may limit the playing field to dry areas only. It’s a high-end product whose price may not be afforded by some.

The Bottom Line | The Revo Stealth is discreet both in size and use and is usable in most residential settings. Its rotating shaft and 34 vibration combination make it an adventurous prostate toy and the silicone material is very pleasing to the touch. The remote function is an added bonus and I think the price is just right for the service you’ll get.

Nexus is a British brand that has proved to value quality and general consumer satisfaction from the use of their toys since 2005. 

In this Nexus Revo review today, we’re going to look at the Nexus Revo Stealth that has been my faithful companion for the past couple of weeks.

The Revo Stealth is an awesome model that has borrowed and upgraded features from the Revo and Revo 2 prostate massagers.

It comes with a remote control for enhanced user experience… the most notable upgrade from its Revo predecessors.

Its rotating shaft with a silicone covering is a mind-blower as it explores every space around your prostate for the perfect Super-O.

It has dual motors powering the head and perineal vibrations and comes with varying settings that offer you lots of options to pick from.

Now, worth mentioning also, is that the overall length and girth for the Stealth is very modest. So, if you add this to its explorative function, it easily becomes friendly to the newbs.

Let’s take a dive and explore what one of the best prostate massager really has to offer…

Nexus Revo Stealth Tech and Specs Overview 

Nexus Revo Stealth Tech And Specs Overview


Unlike the Nexus Revo Extreme or Intense, the Stealth is a more moderate model when it comes to size and length.

Looking into its dimensions, it measures 3.75” and 1.50” for the insertable length and bulb-width respectively. It’s also 4.00” at the widest girth and weighs a puny 0.41 lbs.

What does this mean for you?

It offers a commendable starting point for anal play for most guys and even a satisfying experience for advanced players.


The Revo Stealth is made from body-safe Silicone and ABS plastic.

Its non-porous hypoallergenic silicone covers most parts of the toy including the rotating shaft. The ABS plastic is used to construct the base and enhances the toy’s durability also.

Both these materials are proven safe to use on human bodies.

Price, Where To Buy

Here’s the deal, this toy doesn’t come cheap ($190-250) and it’ll be a stretch if you’re on a budget.

But then again, you’re sure to have one of the best sessions you’d ever get from prostate massagers or you can learn how to have a prostate orgasm for other ways.

You can get it at the NexusRange Store with a 1-year warranty and free shipping on orders above $98 if you’re within the UK.

If you’re in the US, you can check out at Lovehoney ($224.99) and take advantage of their monthly installments payment plan with free shipping on orders above $60.

Both shops above offer free shipping within the US and international shipping at an extra cost.

On this note, we ADVISE AGAINST buying these items from Amazon or eBay. The sellers there will send you knock offs made from unknown material and still charge you full price! Be warned.

Comparison Between the Revos:

In case you might be asking yourself, ‘Which is the best model amongst the Revo series?’…

Well, I’ve prepared a small comparison table for you showing these models’ different specs and hope it will help you when following through a purchase. Check it out below:

Revo StealthYesBi-rotational shaft, 6 vibration modesSolo, Couple PlaySilicone, ABS3.75”, 1.50”
New Nexus Revo IntenseNoBi-rotational shaft, 3 vibration modesSoloSilicone4.06”, 1.38”
Nexus RevoNoBi-rotational shaft, 6 vibration modesSoloSilicone3.5”, 1.47”
Nexus Revo ExtremeYesBi-rotational shaft, 6 vibration modesSolo, Couple PlaySilicone3.94”, 2.13”
Nexus Revo SlimYesBi-rotational shaft, 6 vibration modes Solo, Couple PlaySilicone3.74”, 1.1”

Design & Functionality

Nexus Stealth Design and Functionality

Let’s take a quick look at what flavors the Revo Stealth’s juice.

First off, it has a rotating head with vibrations for enhanced and targeted stimulations. This comes with a handy remote control that has a radius coverage of 50 feet.

You can use it to turn the device on, control speed, and select vibration patterns.

The toy has a silicone surface that gives a smooth touch during insertion. It also has a studded perineum tab that adds extra sensations with the vibrations.

The Stealth also has 6 vibration modes in the base and 2 in the rotating shaft. It has a total of 34 combinations and can achieve rotation speeds of 25-35 RPM.

The other perk is that it’s rechargeable and uses a magnetic charging pad. This comes with a USB cable with universal compatibility (can charge from a pc or any USB plug).

A full charge of about 3.5 hours can give up to 10 hours of use and is also splash-safe for easy cleaning.

To check the detailed design, you can look up this video.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

Before using these toys, I always make sure to give them a full charge before revving them up. And because it has a silicone surface, I used water-based lube. 

NEVER use silicone-based lubes on silicone toys. The two will react and reduce the quality of your material, affecting your experience and the toy’s durability in the long run. 

Getting to it…

The Stealth’s soft silicone always gives a nice feeling whenever I insert it into my tank and its firm shaft makes it a solid fit.

Unlike most toys, the rotating motion overcomes the challenge of not only finding the p-spot, but also stimulating it in the most gratifying way possible. 

The ‘come hither’ motion over my prostate was all it took to get me edgy… That tip really does a good run around your prostate.

Plus I really enjoyed the studded texture on the perineum stimulator that was giving my taint the business.

Clenching my anal walls around this time always triples my excitement and makes me feel the shakes from my PC muscles as the waves start shooting up.

These vibrations could get quite intense for the newbie but the remote control comes in handy in deciding the kinda reception you want.

I also figured that the remote could highlight a pretty steamed up BDSM session.

Anyways, getting back to it…

About 25 minutes in, I tried holding on for as long as I could as the toy milked my prostate.

But I finally had to give in to its rhythmic prodding and released one hell of a cum explosion when I had no fight left in me.

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Cleaning this toy is easy. 

First off, make sure you turn it off completely by long-pressing the power button at the base after you’ve turned it off using the remote. 

The Stealth is only splash-proof and not fully waterproof. So, don’t submerge it in water.

Instead, splash clean it with warm water and a soap of your choice. You can also use toy cleaners if you prefer them over soap.

The good thing here is that the toy also comes with a storage bag to help you cover the toy from dust or dirt.

Hint: Always make sure you clean the toy before and after use as the silicone surface has a tendency of attracting particles and micro-fibers.

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

I’d definitely recommend this toy. It’s a perfect fit for both beginners and experts.

Its rotating shaft is an effective prostate stimulator. It reduces the hassle of angling the tip to hit your spot well. If you throw in the textured perineal stimulator, then you’ve got yourself one magnificent ass-set for your pleasure.


Who Is It For?

  • Top fit for newbies and experts alike.
  • If you love vibrating prostate massagers.
  • If you can afford the price ($200).
  • If you are looking for something discreet.

Who Is It Not For?

  • Guys working on a low budget.
  • If you prefer non-vibrating prostate massagers.

What Do Other People Think About It?

Again, I’ve gathered other reviews fromReddit showing what other people think about the Nexus Revo Stealth.

From Reddit:

Here is altforthefunstuff, who shared this about his first experience with the Revo Stealth:

“First off, the Stealth is nice and quiet. 

The Nexus went in easily and fit nicely. I used it handsfree for at least half an hour, experimenting with positions. I found the rotating action to be position-dependent in that I kind of had to angle my prostate back toward it to get the max effect, but that might just be my impatience and wanting it to take me rough instead of slow and gentle.

I alternated between kneeling over a pillow to put pressure on the base of the toy (with a rocking motion) and lying on my back and flexing my hips. In the rotated-forward position, the Nexus feels pretty darn good if you just flex around it without it turned on- but that’s not what I hired it for, so I kept playing with the motions.

All this felt pretty darn good, but I didn’t feel like I was able to get the feeling to build on itself. Again, probably impatience. I stroked myself hard (which made the Nexus feel even better), then edged so that it milked a bit of cum out. That was unique and intense. Bonus, the Nexus still felt good after I came (not irritating like other toys I’ve used!)”


Deroidirt also had this to say about his first time with the Revo:

“Wow. Ok, so I am still a beginner in the sense that I haven’t had much luck from anal play in the maybe dozen or so times I have done it. It felt good but nothing really happened except a little bit of fluid coming from my dick. 

I charged it up and popped it in for about 10 minutes and holy shit it was amazing. I was just doing it to see how it felt since I had plans. I was also wearing clothes and got into a position that I had the “have to pee” feeling on almost every rotation and after about 10 minutes my dick started twitching real fast and when I was done I had to change my underwear because it was literally soaked.”



Well, right off the top of my head, I can’t think of alternatives that could tip this toy’s performance.

I say this with a lot of confidence because unlike what other developers say in their marketing tabloids, the Stealth REALLY is suitable for both beginners and pros. 

It offers a vast range of experience while also giving you some of the best features currently witnessed in prostate massagers in the market. But… 

I am not the god of opinions. 

And so, if you’d want to explore other options with, say, different materials or features, then I’d suggest you check out our Lovense Edge review.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

Wrapping this up… 

The Nexus Revo Stealth is a fantabulous silicone prostate massager with an ingenious rotating shaft that reels in true pleasure.

Its powerful dual motors on the tip and perineum tabs fit seamlessly, making the toy’s dimensions streamlined and easily usable with a newbie or an adventuring expert.

The icing on this cake is the added remote function that makes the hands-free experience more relaxing. I’d say this was a very subtle, yet creative upgrade from the former Revo releases.

And though the asking price for this licker is not necessarily cheap, you gotta love the quality offered here, man!

I hope this helps you (especially the newbs) in your pursuit of a suitable toy for your prostate.

Did you enjoy reading this article? Feel free to share and leave any questions in the Comments Section below.

See you next review!

Nexus Revo Review

Dainis Graveris

Nexus Revo Stealth 2


The Revo Stealth 2 does not disappoint in terms of function and usability. It is also built with great materials making it an excellent prostate toy.


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