Harley Quinn Sex Doll Review [2023]: Is It Worth It?

Welcome to our Harley Quinn Sex Doll review! Here I’ll share all of my experiences with this life-size doll and if she’s worth givin’ your puddin’ some lovin’. Read on:

Who doesn’t fantasize about Harley Quinn? Crazy, dangerous, cute, seductive, and too sexy for her own good.

She’s gotten even more popular lately after Margot Robbie sensually embodied the neuro-divergent and wildly flamboyant character in Suicide Squad and Birds of Prey.

True, it’s impossible to get Harley Quinn in bed with me. 

But I can get the Harley Quinn Sex Doll, and that’s pretty close. So get one I did. 

I’ll share with you my experience with this sex doll before you make a pricey (buying) decision. And, most importantly, is she worth spending almost two thousand dollars for?

The Good

It’s life-sized, feels and looks like a real woman, and has a rockin’ bod. This doll can let you live out your sexual fantasies with Harley Quinn! There aren’t many sex dolls specifically designed from movie (or comic) characters, so it’s a good rare find, especially if you’re a fan. 

The Not So Good

It costs almost $2,000, and that’s still a pretty steep price to pay for a sex doll. 

The Bottom Line

The Harley Quinn Sex Doll is for you if you like cosplay sex and if you fantasize about this hot DC character. It’s pretty expensive, but it’s worth every cent to bring your sexual fantasies to life. 

Harley Quinn Sex Doll is for you if:

  • You’re a big fan of Harley Quinn (or Margot Robbie).
  • You’re into cosplay sex and cosplay sex dolls.
  • You want to live out your fantasy with the DC character.
  • You like roleplay sex.

Harley Quinn Sex Doll might not be for you if:

  • You find the price too expensive.
  • You think you’ll get tired of this character quickly.

The Harley Quinn Sex Doll: Packaging & Shipping

Opening the Harley Quinn Sex Doll package is like unwrapping a new girlfriend… in a box. 

Not. Creepy.

This doll took 2 weeks for the processing time and around 1 week for shipping. So, it arrived after more or less 3 weeks. Not bad, really.

Sex dolls take up real estate. It’s not something you can hide and tuck under your shirt. So the packaging is a big deal.

And it should be d-i-s-c-r-e-e-t.

Mine arrived in a large brown box – no labels, no markings, and no logos. No need to worry about any snooping neighbors and housemates.

But! Let me warn you: it’s huge and heavy.

Think full-sized human.

Have someone assist you in getting your package through your door when it arrives. Especially if you got one with a hard storage case – a wooden box with metal edges and foam padding to protect your doll during transit.

Afterward, you can use it for storage.

And if anyone asks, what’s the hefty thing inside? Just answer – some fitness equipment. After all, you’ll be doing a lot of exercising with it. *wink*

Moving forward with what you get INSIDE the box…

The Tech Specs

Here’s a quick overview of the doll’s technical specifications:

Harley Quinn Sex Doll Info
5 ft. 7 in.
88 lbs.
Vaginal, anal, oral
Bust: 32 in.Waist: 21 in.Hips: 35 in.
6.7 in.
6.7 in.
5.1 in.

You can get the sex doll as-is, as to how the doll maker created it to look like Harley Quinn.

But if you want to personalize your doll, you can do so to a degree. 

It comes with many free customizations – hair color, skin tone, breast types, and so on. Meanwhile, you have to pay a fee for some premium features and add-ons

The more you customize it, the more you’ll pay for it.

Harley Quinn Sex Doll Customization Info
As is, Blonde, Brown, Red, Black
As is, Blue, Green, Brown
As is, White, Fair, Pink, Natural/Light Tan, Tan, Brown, Black
Standard breasts
Hollow breasts
Gel breasts
Built-in, Removable
No hair, With hair
Built-in heating
Shrugging shoulders
Enhanced mouth
Penis attachment (6.3 in.)
Moaning sound
Extra soft (jiggly TPE)
Articulated hand skeleton

It can be confusing to decide which customizations are worth paying for. Dolls are a pretty big investment, so you’d want to get it right as much as possible.

For example, shrugging shoulders make your doll’s poses look more realistic. They’re great for photography, but I chose to forego them. 

Instead, I spent on gel breasts. It’s the most realistic breast option – bouncy and jiggly. 

I also got the standing option, which I usually do for most of my sex dolls as it’s sturdier for support. But the visible screws on the doll might look unpleasant to you if you have a foot fetish.

Built-in heating offers convenience but is pricey. Wrapping the doll with a warm blanket before our sextivity works well enough for me.

A penis attachment is also a great add-on for you and your partner to mimic a wholesome threesome.

Ultimately, the key to customizing a doll is knowing what YOU like, which is different for every person.

How Does The Harley Quinn Doll Look & Feel?

Design & Appearance

The Harley Quinn Sex Doll is very well-made. 

It exudes the character’s haughty and wild-child energy.

She’s designed prominently based on Margot Robbie’s Harley Quinn – from the heart-shaped mark below her right eye down to her pink-and-blue-tipped hair in ponytails. 

Her costume also sports the eccentric antihero’s iconic look: red-and-white top plus too-short shorts and sexy fishnet stockings.

She looks so good with her rockin’ bod! Her proportions are insane – she has a large bust and wide hips, with a tiiiiny waist. 

And I like her naughty yet youthful face – filled with the wild, chaotic and silly vibes of Harley Quinn!

Skin & Flesh

Material is the most important aspect here. It takes up the largest part of the doll: its “skin” and “flesh.”

The Harley Quinn Sex Doll is made in TPE. And that’s good news for you (and me).


Well, TPE feels verrrrry realistic. When you run your hands through it, it almost feels like a woman’s skin – soft and smooth.

Most importantly, it’s squishy. When you pound it, the doll’s breasts and butt bounces in all the right places.


You can choose how the doll’s breasts feel. The available options are standard, hollow, and gel breasts.

Standard breasts are firmer. Great if you don’t like saggy boobs.

But Harley Quinn’s breast size is not too big, so sagging shouldn’t be a problem.

I personally find standard breasts a bit too firm to squeeze. 

That’s why I prefer hollow breasts from the free options. It’s softer and more jiggly. 

I got gel breasts. This option is not free, but it feels the most realistic. 

The gel imitates “fat” from real breasts. So it’s soft, squishy, and jiggly. The payoff was worth it for me.

Vaginal, Anal & Oral Openings

Harley Quinn Sex Doll has three penetrable holes: vagina, mouth, and anus.

The options are a-plenty, so you can insert your D in any hole you desire.

The doll’s holes are quite deep. The vaginal and anal orifices are both 6.7 inches deep – great if you’re bigger. (Also, congrats!)

Her mouth is a bit shallower. It’s 5.1 inches deep – pretty good depth for average guys and those into deepthroat. 

Plus, you get to gaze at Harley’s pretty, naughty face while going in and out.

A win-win!

The doll has built-in and removable vagina options.

The built-in vagina looks more “realistic” in a way. But the removable one also doesn’t look too bad.

The removable vagina is easier to clean and replace if it gets broken. But it’s more prone to falling off when you’re penetrating too fast and too hard, so that’s something to consider.

Really up to you – whichever floats your boat. Both options are free anyway.

Frame & Flexibility

This love doll has an articulated metal skeleton with movable joints.

Translation: it’s sturdy and easy to pose realistically. 

And it allows accessible intercourse.

She can hold a position whether you’re taking photographs or pounding into her.

You may even opt for a premium add-on of articulated finger skeleton. Of course, it’s an added cost, but it might be worth it if you like to stimulate a handjob from the one and only Harley Quinn.

It also has a standing option for an additional fee. 

Personally, I prefer opting for the standing option, so its feet are sturdier. The standard feet are more prone to damage when you accidentally use them for support.

Plus, the standing option adds more variety to sex positions and makes it easier to dress up and clean the doll.

Size & Weight

This Harley Quinn Sex Doll stands 5 feet and 7 inches, taller than most dolls I have. It weighs 88 pounds – not the heaviest, but also not the lightest to move around.

The good: It feels like being in bed with a real woman.

The bad: It just lies there, which means you have to do ALL the work.

You have to pose it into the position you want. You also have to clean it, so you must carry and move it across rooms. And it’s quite heavy for doll-on-top positions.

This is where the doll’s size and weight really matters. 

But it’s not all that bad. Consider it a complete workout.

After all, she’ll be ready for you anytime you want – no mood swings, no foreplays, and no rejections.

My Experience With Harley Quinn Sex Doll

Let’s move on to what you’re most curious about: how does sex feel like with the Harley Quinn Sex Doll?

It’s really, really good. It’s not like sex with a real woman, of course, but it’s close. 

I was even pretty sore on the first day I got the doll because I did multiple rounds.

You can’t blame me! I was too excited!

There wasn’t any complex setup after I took it out of the box and storage case. I also remembered to wash her clothes first before putting them on her to avoid stains.

That’s pretty much it in preparation.

And then off I went… exploring different positions, doing the deed in different areas of the house, mixing and matching with my other toys, and the rest was history.

The best part? Living out the fantasy of having sex with Harley Quinn.

I mean, I wouldn’t get her if I wasn’t so interested in the character. And you wouldn’t be reading this review as well.

The doll’s vaginal and anal openings are tiiight. Not painfully tight – just the right stimulation. And it creates a suction as I go in and out, which feels very stimulating and good.

The gel breasts look and feel very realistic! Zero regrets for that paid add-on.

Pounding her hard gives a great bounce and ripple to her breasts, especially when I’m on top. That glorious sight was such a turn-on for a visual guy like me.

TPE also feels soft and smooth to touch, as expected. It’s like real skin and makes moving the joints for different poses easy.

Overall, very satisfying. And the cosplay aspect adds spice to the experience.

Cleaning, Storage & Durability

Sex dolls like this Harley Quinn Sex Doll could last from 2 to 10 years, depending on how you use and take care of them. It will suffer wear and tear over time.

So, it’s essential to know how you should clean and store your sex doll properly to extend its life.

Cleaning your sex doll

You must clean your sex doll after every use. 

Inspect it at least once a month for maintenance if you’re storing it for months (but WHY?).

Cleaning the sex doll is pretty simple.

  • Use gentle soap when washing your doll. 
  • Douche internal parts (like vaginal and anal orifices).
  • You may also wipe its surfaces with a damp cloth, especially the doll’s face.
  • Dry well. Never store your doll when it’s still wet, as it will be a breeding ground for bacteria and molds if you do so. 

Storing your sex doll

The best way to store a doll is vertically. The Harley Quinn Sex Doll comes with a storage kit so you can hang it.

Alright, but where?

Sunlight may fade a doll’s color and features with too much exposure. So store it somewhere dark and away from extreme temperatures, like a closet.

Pro Tip

TPE dolls may be prone to staining from dyes. Wash colored clothes before putting them on your doll. Remove her clothing when you store it.

How Much? Where To Buy?

You can get the Harley Quinn Sex Doll by Qita Doll on Silicon Wives. It’s currently discounted and costs $1,899 on their site.

SW is one of the few trustworthy sex doll distributors that carry this particular sex doll. Shopping from unreliable sites might lead you to buy imitations and counterfeits that are low quality and look far from the advertised photos.

Plus, Silicone Wives has free international shipping.

What Do Other People Think About It?

Harley Quinn is pretty popular among sex doll enthusiasts. 

According to u/SpaceNinjaDino, “Cosplay is my first reason I wanted a doll. Harley Quinn is my favorite.”

u/TheRealSlimSpidey keeps it simple, “Take my money.”

I mean, same.

Harley Quinn Sex Doll Alternatives

Price is usually one of the biggest hesitations when getting a sex doll. It’s a HUGE investment.

If you’re into fantasy sex, you must already have a wild imagination. So why not start with sex doll torsos?

Prices range from $100 to a couple hundred, but never over a thousand bucks.

They’re cheaper, more compact, lighter, and easier to maintain yet still feel realistic. 

Tantaly got high-quality, well-made sex doll torsos. You can even fantasize with anyone you want since it has no face attached. 😉

tantaly britney

Tantaly Britney

Final Thoughts

Harley Quinn once said, “You think I’m just a doll. A doll that’s pink and light. A doll you can arrange any way you like.”

Well, that doesn’t seem to ring too far from the truth with your own Harley Quinn Sex Doll.

Learn more about how to use sex dolls here.

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