How To Clean A Sex Doll? [Pro TPE Doll Care Steps]

Knowing how to clean a sex doll is important for any owner. That’s why we have this step-by-step cleaning & care guide to keep your TPE doll fresh and looking good for a long time.

TPE sex dolls look good and feel good. The doll’s skin is elastic and lifelike. Breasts and butts jiggle and bounce realistically. Plus, they’re affordable.

The only catch? TPE is porous.

Translation: It can’t be fully sterilized.

You’ll need careful and proper cleaning and maintenance so it can serve you for a looooooong time. Sex dolls aren’t cheap, and who doesn’t want a good ROI?

Silicone sex dolls are easier to clean because they are nonporous. You just have to be careful with the face and head parts, and you’re good to go.

How-e-ver, cleaning a TPE sex doll is not an impossible task – as long as you know how.

So that’s exactly what I’ll share with you in this guide.

Tools You’ll Need To Clean Your Sex Doll Properly

Make sure you have everything you need ready and within reach when you clean your sex doll.

Body & Face/Head

  • Mild liquid soap or antibacterial soap
  • Soft cloth or microfiber towel or sponge
  • Water
  • Soft cloth (for drying)


  • Vaginal irrigator or squeeze bottle
  • Mild liquid soap or antibacterial soap
  • Soft cloth or microfiber towel or sponge
  • Water
  • Soft cloth (for drying)


  • Shampoo
  • Cold water
  • Basin


  • Talcum powder, baby powder, or cornstarch
  • Vaseline or petroleum jelly
  • Baby oil
  • Soft brush like makeup brush (optional)

Step-by-Step Guide To Sex Doll Cleaning & Care

Your sex doll has different body parts. Therefore, each part must be cleaned separately. 

You can’t just dunk your sex doll in water and be done with it. It needs TLC too. Here’s how.

1. Cleaning the sex doll’s body

Here’s a tip: You don’t have to clean the sex doll’s body and other body parts each time you use it (more on that later). What you DO have to clean EVERY SINGLE TIME is in STEP #2.

Anyhoo, let’s proceed if you’re cleaning your doll:

  • For the very first time,
  • For deep cleaning, or
  • For maintenance.

Clean and wipe any excess body fluids, lubricants, or spills on the sex doll with a soft cloth.

Remove the head and the wig if possible. You’ll wash them separately later.

Then, lay the doll flat on a towel (don’t leave it directly on the floor). Or make it stand if it has a standing feet option. 

Caution: Dolls are heavy, and it gets slippery when wet, so be careful!

Next, gently wash your doll with soapy water. Use a 1:5 ratio of soap to water.

You may scrub a-dub-dub very gently with a soft sponge. Remember to use light pressure to preserve the skin and avoid tugging.

Also, avoid submerging or wetting parts with a metallic skeleton like the neck, head, and feet. It could cause rust buildup in the screws and skeleton.

You may cover these areas with a plastic bag. Or keep it out of the bath or wet area.

Rinse, rinse, rinse.

2. Cleaning the orifices THOROUGHLY

These are the vaginal, anal, and oral openings of the sex doll.

The orifices are the MOST important parts to clean. It’s where your private part gets the most intimate contact!

So, you must never miss cleaning these holes after you use them. 


If your sex doll has a built-in vagina, it’s more tedious to clean as you have to position your doll in a way that’s easy for you to reach and clean its openings. And life-sized dolls are heavy. 

Start by spraying the openings using a vaginal irrigator.

A vaginal irrigator is also called an enema or douche bulb. Fill it with soapy water, insert it into the orifice, then squeeze it.

The irrigator washes and douches the water out of the opening, bringing dirt and residue. 

Pro Tip

You can use a squeeze or squirt bottle as an alternative if you don’t have a vaginal irrigator or if you’re on a budget. Or use a removable shower head. Set it to a single stream with moderate pressure.

You may also scrub the doll’s insides.

Use a soft sponge or loofah on a stick to scrub and reach the deepest holes. It lets you get into the nooks and crannies of the orifice.

Make sure to scrub and wash it with soapy water GENTLY.

Then, respray the orifices with clean water, this time to rinse any residue.

If your sex doll has a removable vagina, cleaning is easier.

Remove the orifice and then wash it. Easy!

Run the water on the removable vagina and flush out any residue. Use a mild antibacterial soap and then rinse.

Pat the doll using a microfiber towel or soft cloth to remove excess water.

Then, leave it to air dry. You may use a fan to hasten the process, but never a hairdryer! The heat from hairdryers could melt and warp your TPE doll’s skin.

I suggest you not place it back into the sex doll until you use it again, so it’s completely dry.

Want to skip the cleaning? You may use a condom. The sensations won’t be as intense, but it will save you from the chore of cleaning. You can just collect your bodily juices right in the condom.

It’s also the safer route if you’re sharing your sex doll with another person (remember: dolls could be vectors of STI). Especially if you’re not fluid bonded with your partner.

3. Washing the face – really, really carefully

The head must be removed from the body at this point.

No dunking in water!

Apply antibacterial soap on your sponge or cotton cloth. Then, gently massage the cloth on the face.

Be as gentle and careful as you can. 

The doll’s face makeup is semi-permanent. You might remove the makeup if you scrub too harshly. And it may fade quicker over time. 

Also, avoid wetting the eye and eyelash areas as much as possible.

You may also remove the eyes before cleaning if you want

How: Gently stretch the eye socket open and remove the eyeball. 

4. Shampooing the hair

Comb the wig first. This removes hair tangles before washing. 

Start at the end and work your way up to prevent breaking or cutting the strands.

Then, prepare cold water in a basin.

Cold water keeps the hair’s “styling.” This is essential if the hair is wavy or curly.

Finally, shampoo!

Squirt a coin-sized dollop of shampoo on a basin of cold water and make bubbles. Then, submerge the wig.

Gently shake the wig with the bubbly water.

Pro Tip

Only use shampoo recommended by the manufacturer. Or use mild and sulfate-free products if the manufacturer didn’t provide specific instructions.

Soak for around 5 minutes.

Next, rinse rinse rinse.

Make sure to wash the wig from top to bottom.

When to stop? When the water is clear, and there are no more bubbles.

Now, it’s time to comb the hair again. Doing it immediately lets the curls and waves bounce back.

5. Drying the doll’s body and other parts

Tap to dry the body, head, and removable vagina using a soft microfiber cloth to remove excess moisture. Now, this step is easy – just leave the doll to air dry.

Make sure it’s completely dried to avoid mildew from developing.

The built-in cavities are more challenging to dry because they’re inside

So, spread the doll’s legs apart (not too much) and prop the orifices open for airflow. Then, you can soak the water with drying sticks to make sure it’s dry and clean.

Some suggested using rolled-up power towels, but I would prefer not to do it. Some paper towels fall apart and might leave tiny fibers on the doll’s skin which are even harder to clean.

You may use tampons instead.

For the wig, air dry it on a wig stand. Never dry it on your doll’s head.

And don’t blowdry it as heat could damage the wig’s styling.

6. Oiling the doll (for maintenance only)

Oil replenishes TPE and helps prevent dryness. Use mineral oil or mineral-based baby oil.

Reminder: Oil should ONLY be used on TPE dolls, never on silicone dolls.

Carefully massage baby oil all over the doll’s body with your hands.

Some do this while laying their doll flat – one side at a time. I prefer to do it with the doll standing or hanging to reach all parts of the doll without getting the oil on surfaces it shouldn’t be (like my sheets). 

Use just enough oil to coat the doll lightly.

It could take hours for the oil to fully absorb, so it would feel sticky afterward. Personally, I leave my doll to dry overnight. Then, make sure it’s completely dry (no longer shiny or wet) before powdering.

You don’t have to oil your doll each time you clean it. But it should be done before powdering, not after. 

Do this at least thrice a year – but never more than four times.

7. Powdering the doll’s skin

You’ll notice that the doll’s skin feels a little different after washing and drying it. For example, you might find it tacky or clammy. 

Don’t worry, that’s natural.

Dust conditioning powder on the sex doll’s surfaces with your hands or a soft brush. You may use talcum powder or cornstarch.

Regularly powdering your doll keeps the skin fresh and extends the doll’s life.

Applying powder is also essential if you plan to store your doll for extended periods.

8. Applying petroleum jelly

Apply petroleum jelly or vaseline on the doll’s high-stress areas:

  • Orifices (mouth, vagina, anus)
  • Jointed areas (armpits, elbows, inner thighs)
  • Weighted areas (breasts, butt, butt crack)

Moisturizing these areas prevents cracks or lines from appearing on the doll’s skin. This could lead to tearing in the worst-case scenario if left unattended. (Been there, done that.)

9. Removing doll stains (bonus tip)

Cleaning your sex doll is a good opportunity for you to inspect it. That’s also usually when I spot defects like stains.

TPE can get stains from colored clothing and surfaces since it’s porous. 

Pro Tip

Wash NEW colored clothing before dressing it to your sex doll. Dyes from clothes can stain it.

Stains usually disappear on their own. (Keyword: USUALLY. Not ALL the time.)

But! The longer they stay on the doll’s skin, the more difficult it will be to remove them. So I suggest you clean it as soon as you notice it.

Mineral oils and vaseline can remove minor to deep stains. Some successfully used Benzoyl Peroxide acne creams to erase more stubborn stains, but do so at your own risk.

10. Fixing some broken doll parts

Hey, Fixer Upper.

Your doll could have some issues over time. No need to throw her away or ship her for fixing. There are some fixes you can do yourself!

Broken fingernails: 

  1. Remove the fingernail using a tweezer and pull it in the direction away from the doll.
  2. If the fingernails have fallen off, align them to the nail beds and match the right fingernail to the right nail bed.
  3. Clean the fingernail area and ensure it’s free from moisture, powder, or oil.
  4. Gently glue the fingernail to the nail bed and avoid spilling glue.
  5. Hold for 5 seconds before letting go.

Broken eyes:

  1. Pull the eyelids apart in an up-and-down motion (not left and right).
  2. Remove the eyeball with your other hand.
  3. Take out the new eye and squeeze the packing tightly.
  4. On the one hand: pull the eye socket part.
  5. On the other hand: pop the new eye into the socket. Adjust as needed.

Loose eyelashes:

  1. Apply glue on the back of the loose or fallen eyelash.
  2. When it gets tacky, use the toothpick (or pin or paperclip) to press the eyelash into position.
  3. Hold for 5 seconds before letting go.

What You Should NEVER Do When Cleaning The Doll

We’ve covered what you should do. Now, what should you NEVER EVER do when cleaning your sex doll?

  1. DON’T delay cleaning. When bacteria and microbes grow in your doll, there will not be enough cleaning to make it safe to use again.
  2. DON’T apply too much pressure when cleaning. Doing so could scratch and tear your doll’s skin.
  3. DON’T submerge the doll’s head in the water. That could damage the doll’s eyes and eyelashes. Worst, it could rust the head’s skeleton.
  4. DON’T wet the metallic skeleton and screws. They could result in rusting the frame, making joints unmovable and unsafe.
  5. DON’T use abrasive soaps, harsh cleaning cloths, or sharp objects. This could rupture the doll’s skin, which is not easy to repair.
  6. DON’T neglect drying your doll properly. Mold could grow if the doll isn’t dried well.
  7. DON’T use a hairdryer or blow dryer when drying your doll. Heat could melt or warp the skin and damage your doll’s body.
  8. DON’T use solvents in the doll’s body like perfume, silicone-based lubricants, and baby wipes. These could damage the doll’s skin – it can become blotchy.
  9. DON’T use silicone-based products or lubricants. It could cause a chemical reaction between the materials, resulting in degradation.
  10. DON’T leave your doll with tight or colored clothing for long periods. It could leave marks on the skin. Dyes from colored clothing may stain it as well.

When & How Often Should I Clean My Doll?

You need to consider two things in determining how often you should clean your doll.

  1. Hygiene – Not cleaning your sex doll is… gross. And it could mess with your health.
  2. Doll’s shelf life – Too much cleaning can degrade your doll. It could damage the skin and make the doll’s color and makeup fade away faster.

So clean your dolls: 

Before your first use

Your sex doll may have a weird smell or tacky feeling on the skin when it first arrives. That’s from factory residues like mold release agents during the production.

Clean your sex doll before using it just to be safe.

It’s also a good way to get acquainted with your sex doll’s body anyway. *wink!*

After you use it – every time

But only the orifices.

No need to clean the entire doll every time. Especially if you use it daily. (Like, woah!)

Once or twice a month: deep cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning your doll every two to four weeks keeps your doll hygienic without being damaging.

Also, make sure to clean and maintain the doll at least every month if you store it.

Where do I store my sex doll?

There are a ton of places you could store your sex doll around your home.

People commonly put them back in their shipping boxes, storage bags, and hanging cupboards. But there are specialized storage boxes for sex dolls as well. 

So it all depends on the space available and the requirements needed to keep it in mint condition. 

Avoid having the doll come in direct contact with any other material around the premise when in storage. Unwanted reactions may occur. And it may potentially damage the overall appearance and quality of the toy.

Also, exposure to extreme temperatures or conditions is a big no-no. Continuous exposure can cause the silicone material to degrade. And it may even render it unusable or unsafe. 

Additionally, remember to keep the doll naked when stored. Doing this helps prevent stains from appearing on the material’s surface.

Finally, store the product upright. Or you could lay it out flat on the ground. Never fold it after use, as that could cause some malformations in the model’s shape. 

From time to time, also change up the doll’s positions in storage, as doing so helps it from getting flattened. Memory foam surfaces are helpful for short-term stays in this case. 


Cleaning isn’t included in the list of “fun and exciting” reasons for owning a sex doll.

But… it has to be done.

You’ve spent a fortune on your doll. So it’s only reasonable for you to want to keep it fresh and looking good as long as possible.

With all the tips we outlined here, I bet you can do so without a sweat. 😉

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