How To Use Sex Dolls in 2024 [The Only Guide You’ll Need To Read]

Got your sex doll and wondering what to do next? This is a guide on how to use sex dolls – what you can do with them, how to take care of them, how to make them feel like the real thing. Read more here.

You finally did it! You ordered the sex doll of your dreams. Congratulations are in order. 

Pop the champagne!

Or maybe you haven’t ordered it yet, but are just doing your research. You can have some champagne too. We’re all friends here.

Well, folks, I’ve been around the love doll block a few times. It’s a very sexy part of town, and I’m here to be your guide.

So, you drink your champagne, and I’ll show you around. We’ll talk about everything you need to know before you start playing with your gal. 

Unboxing & Assembly Process


The delivery of a sex doll is discreet, as with most types of sex toys and accessories.

Well, as discreet it can be, considering you’re getting an around 80-pound human-sized crate or cardboard box. Luckily, there is no description of the contents anywhere on the package. 

Keep in mind that you’re getting a very heavy box with quite the fragile doll in it. The seller has done their best to keep her safe by wrapping her in a bunch of soft packing materials.

Still, you shouldn’t risk damaging your doll even before you get to open the crate for the first time.

You will definitely need some help, so you can either pay extra for the package to be delivered right to your door or get a friend to help you. 

If you want to keep things private, but have some nosy helpers, tell them you ordered gym equipment.

Opening the crate

Put the packaging somewhere with lots of floor space – you should be able to lay the doll beside the box for assembly.

If your doll came in a wooden crate (RealDolls do, for example), you’d need a screwdriver to loosen the screws and open the lid. 

If the crate is made of cardboard, use a knife or scissors to cut the tape and open it.


Going too deep with the blades might damage your doll. Yes, there are lots of packing materials in there to keep that from happening, but do you REALLY want to risk it? Yeah, I thought so. 


The moment has arrived! Are you excited?

At first glance, you won’t see anything interesting because of all the packing materials, but your doll is in there! 

Wash your hands before handling anything else, so you don’t get your pretty doll all dirty.

Remove any accessories you might have purchased (clothes, extra wigs, repair kits, etc.).This will make getting the actual doll out easier without all sorts of stuff getting in your way. 

You’ll see a roughly football-sized round package – that’s the head. Take it out and place it gently on the floor. If it’s placed in a bag, you can keep the bag for later storage.

Next, remove the package from the body. Don’t forget to be careful with the blades if you need scissors, so you don’t nick or cut the doll. This is way riskier than with the crate. Take your time. 

When you open all the packaging, it’s time to remove the doll from the crate. To do this, embrace the doll’s body and lift it.

It will probably feel very heavy, so arm yourself with patience!

If your doll has standing feet, you can try and place it upright, but I would recommend laying it down on the ground for now – one step at a time. 

Attach the head to the body (you can watch a video tutorial if you feel unsure what to do). You’re almost there!


I know you’re very excited but hold your horses! Before you go any further, inspect your doll very carefully.

Is everything how you wanted it to be? Are there any defects? 

It’s unlikely you’ll have any problems, but this part is crucial. Manufacturers will take responsibility for any problems on their part and might even let you return it or offer a replacement – BUT only if the doll is UNUSED. 

If you run into anything that bothers you, don’t hesitate to contact the seller. 

After you make sure everything is ok, you should clean your doll before the first play session – there might be factory residue on it. We’ll expand on cleaning a little bit later. 

She’s ready!

All that’s left is to put her wig on – and there she is – Your love doll! It’s FINALLY time to get to the fun part! 

But how to go about it?

How To Fuck A Sex Doll? 


Your doll is ready to satisfy your every desire! But she will need some help to prepare for you. 

Place her somewhere comfortable, where you can play – perhaps on your bed.

If your doll doesn’t have a self-heating feature, you should warm her up. Be extra careful if she’s made of TPE, which is more sensitive to heat than silicone.

Pro Tip

Don’t overdo it – you’re aiming to achieve body temperature.

You can wrap your girl up in a heating blanket. For the orifices, you can use a heating rod. It can be ordered from most sellers. 

Make sure you have plenty of lubricant on hand. This will make penetration more realistic (after all, real girls get wet)and way more pleasurable.

Put it in all orifices you intend to use and on yourself (I mean just your penis, don’t cosplay a slug). Keep the tube nearby. You might want to reapply later.

Remember: only use water-based lube! Other types may damage your doll. 

Pro Tip

If you’re feeling extra lazy and don’t want to clean too much later, you could even use a condom.

It’s perfectly fine and won’t cause any problems for the doll. 

Place your doll in the position you want her. Quality dolls have sturdy but flexible skeletons, so they can assume most if not all positions the real human body is capable of. I’ll give you some suggestions in the next section. 

Vaginal sex

All dolls, no matter their type and size, have a vaginal orifice. You can choose the depth and sometimes even texture of the vagina when purchasing the doll.

If you decided to splurge for an AI doll, she might even react to you thrusting in her – some of them have special sensory technology down there! 

You can go for either a built-in vagina or a removable one. Removable ones are easier to clean but are often not as realistic as the built-in ones, so… pick your battles. 

Anal sex

If you really want anal sex but don’t have a willing partner, don’t worry! Your love doll is always in the mood for some butt stuff. 

Bear in mind that some dolls have an anal cavity that is open-ended, so it’s not the best idea to finish inside it. Moisture leaking into the skeleton during ejaculation or cleaning may damage it. 

Most of the time, anal orifices on love dolls might tear easier than the vaginal ones cause they’re tighter, so be gentle!

Oral sex: Is it like a real blowjob?

If you’re a fan of blowjobs, make sure you get a doll with a functional oral cavity – not all dolls do. 

A blowie from a love doll is certainly a lot different from the real thing, but it’s still an awesome feeling. 

Also, quality dolls really strive to be as life-like as possible. For example, the lips part very realistically, and some of them even have a removable tongue that provides extra stimulation.

Something to consider: Dolls don’t have throats (shocker, I know).

That means that your penis goes up the head when you’re thrusting. For some dolls, that means weird head movement and deformation during playtime. Good for a laugh, but it will get you out of the zone.

So if you want the visual aspect of oral, go slow and don’t push too deep. 

Other sexy stuff

Be creative! Dolls are designed to let your fantasy go wild. 

Those with articulated fingers can give you an awesome handjob. Those with large soft breasts will be ideal for a titty fuck. 

I’m sure you can think of so, so much more. 

Also, dolls aren’t just for wild sex – after all, we call them LOVE dolls as well. They’re are the perfect romantic companion, so indulge yourself in foreplay – kiss, caress, fondle, everything that makes you feel good! 


After you’ve had your fun and have caught your breath, it’s time to clean your doll. It might take you quite a long time at first, but soon you’ll figure out a system that works for you. 

Here are some tips on how to keep your doll clean and fresh:

A wipe down with a damp lint-free cloth should be enough for the body. Be very gentle with delicate parts like eyelashes, fingernails, etc. – those might break if you’re too rough. Try not to tangle up the wig and brush it after every play session. 

Orifices should be disinfected carefully. If your doll has a removable vagina, things will be much easier. The anal orifice is almost always built-in, though. So if you’ve had some butt fun, you’ll need to take all of your girl to the bathroom.

You can either buy a cleaning tool or use a sports bottle to rinse any used orifice. Soapy water is fine for silicone, but NOT for TPE, as soap can damage it. In that case, go for cleaning agents specially designed for TPE materials.

Pro Tip

Don’t use alcohol! It may dry up the doll’s skin and cause tears and cracks. 

You can use a 10% benzoyl peroxide solution to remove any stains and has antibacterial qualities. 

Pro Tip

Dry your dolls thoroughly! Moisture is ideal for bacteria, which will cause irritation and infection.

Pay special attention to your TPE dolls since the porous material holds on to moisture. 

To dry the orifices of your doll, you can use tampons or rolled-up paper towels.

Both silicone and TPE can feel a bit sticky after drying. Powdering them with baby powder or cornstarch will solve this problem.

What are the best positions to have sex with a sex doll?

The first time getting it in with a live doll will probably feel very clumsy. She may LOOK real, but she is not and can’t adjust and move with you. You’ll have to figure out everything for both of you. 

What makes this difficult is that sex dolls tend to be quite heavy. This is dead weight we’re talking about, so it takes practice to make things effortless. 

On the bright side, it’s the most fun workout you’ll ever have!

Also, on the bright side, dolls can assume almost every position a human girl can get into. Some are actually more flexible than a lot of real-life gals out there. 

It’s up to you to find through trial and error what positions work best. Here are some tips on what to try:


Missionary is the most popular sex position, and doll fun is no exception. It’s the go-to position for many doll owners because it puts the least amount of strain on the doll, and it’s easy to do!

Just choose any flat surface and position your doll on her back with her legs spread.

Call me boring, but I would go for the bed or at least a sofa. Soft surfaces are more comfortable and also are safer for your doll. 

Well, ok, if you want to screw on the floor or a table, go for it, just make sure nothing will nick your doll’s skin. 

The rest depends on your personal experience and preferences. Explore how far you can bend her legs, how wide you can spread them, what your ideal angle is. Trying out things is part of the fun! 


Spooning is the second most popular sex position for doll users. It doesn’t put strain or pressure on you and the doll, and it’s easy to get into. It’s a godsend if your doll is on the heavier side. 

Heavier dolls tend to be the ones that have bigger curves. The spooning position also lets you fondle their fantastic breasts. 

Doggy Style 

The doggy position is very easy to set up, but you should be careful not to put too much strain on your doll’s joints.

Don’t let her carry her weight on her hands, for example. Bend her further forward, so she’s on her elbows or breasts. Put some pillows under her for support.

Sometimes you’ll lose a couple of inches of depth when entering your doll’s vagina in this position. But, again, it depends on how flexible her waist is. If you experience this problem, just go for the anal opening instead.

Pro Tip

Remember not to put your weight on top of her! Dolls aren’t designed to carry more weight than their own. 

The doggy position offers a very sexy view, and it’s perfect if you like some ass slapping action! A quality doll will have a soft butt and thighs that will feel very life-like to the touch. 

Enhance your experience by admiring your girl’s perfect figure in various ways. Kissing, caressing, squeezing, slapping – all great ideas! 

Bent Over

This is very similar to doggy style – you just position your doll bent over a table or something similar and enter her from behind. This would work best if your doll has standing feet. 

You can also give your doll a pair of high heels. It’s sexy, and it’ll make her a bit taller. Most dolls are petite, which may be challenging for taller guys. Heels could help with this problem.


Very fun, but also very difficult. After all, you’ll be doing all the work. Also, you will have to be strong enough to move 50 pounds up and down. 

Be careful not to injure yourself – you don’t wanna drop all that weight right on your private area. Yes, I know you felt that while reading this.

I have to admit, though, the cowgirl gives you THE. BEST. VIEW.

The breasts have a very realistic bounce to them, and don’t we all love some tit-bounce! If you want that view, you better work out.

Oral Sex Positions

If you are a fan of a good blowjob, there are two positions you can try out with your doll.

  • Put your doll on her knees in front of you. It would be easiest if you pre-pose her on the bed. The best way to go about this is to put her on her back, adjust her legs in a kneeling position, and then move her to the floor. 
  • Lay your doll on her belly and arch her waist and neck as further back as you can. Then, slide underneath her, so her head is on your lap.

Hot Tip

If you want to make your experience even more exciting, why not combine playing with your doll with some VR POV porn?

Place your doll in the position the actress in the VR video is in, and go to town. Try to sync with the action on screen. Sounds fun, right? 

This works best with short videos, where they won’t change position, so you don’t have to take off your headset and reposition your doll.

Pro tips to add more realism when using your doll


If you’re one for sexy outfits, you’ll have a blast dressing up your doll in flattering clothes, lingerie, or jewelry. 

Many sellers offer clothes for their dolls – check if something is available for your gal. 

If you can’t find anything on the site you got your doll from, most clothing stores will also do. Online retailers often list the measurements of each of their sizes.

Keep in mind a woman size S (or whichever) isn’t the same thing in every store. Vanity sizing is annoying, but it’s also a topic for a different article – the point is: always double-check if you’re getting the right size for your doll’s measurements.

If you didn’t get it quite right, safety pins on clothes could be used for some little tucks here and there. 

Pro Tip

Avoid getting too cheap and synthetic stuff, and avoid dark clothes. Colors might leak and damage your doll’s skin, especially if it’s made of TPE, which stains easily.

Although the doll’s skeleton is fully articulated, it might be easier for you to go for clothes with buttons or zippers, so you don’t struggle with putting your doll’s arms through the sleeves.


Perfume is one of the sexiest things a woman can wear, so why not put on a sensual scent on your love doll too?

Don’t spray directly on the skin to avoid damage. Instead, it’s best to put on perfume on the clothes and hair – that way it will last longer too!


Brush your doll’s wigs regularly. If they’re synthetic, they can be washed with either shampoo OR detergent, and it’s best to use fabric softener as a conditioner.

But don’t wash them often – only if they get too tangled, and you really need to!

Similar to outfits, changing up a doll’s hairdo can be a very fun activity. If you want some variety, get her multiple wigs in different colors and lengths – this could really change up your girl’s look!

How To Store Your Sex Doll To Increase Its Longevity?

Keeping your doll in top condition is a very serious task – after all, sex dolls are quite the investment. 

When you’re not playing, store your girl in a neutral position so you don’t put any unnecessary strain on her joints. It’s best to hang her in a sturdy closet. 

You can also use the crate she came in, especially if it’s a wooden one.

Just lay her down in the crate and place her somewhere, maybe even under your bed. Be sure to surround her with soft materials like blankets and pillows, just how you would when packaging any pricey and delicate object.

Some sellers offer special chests for sex doll storage that look fancier and can be part of your interior decor. They’re also very discreet – anything could be hiding inside that chest! 

Pro Tip

Your doll shouldn’t be stored in positions that put too much pressure on her soft spots like her bum or breasts. They may flatten or otherwise deform over time, especially if she’s made from TPE.

Make sure your girl is comfortable when you’re not around, and I promise you’ll be having years of fun together!

Some minor damages, like small tears or breaks, are expected, especially if you get very wild in the bedroom. Don’t worry – almost all of those you can fix yourself! You can purchase a repair kit from most sellers.


Now you know everything you need to start having fun with your darling.

Be patient – it does take some time to get used to. The first time will probably feel a little strangebut also exciting (doesn’t that apply to every first time?). 

Be brave when exploring – very soon, you’ll find what works best for you. 

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