Clone A Willy Review [2023]: What’s My Results, Tips & Experience with Clone A Willy Kit!!

Clone a Willy Review

Remember how great footballers have their feet cast in gold? Since we all like to feel like sex gods occasionally, why not have a replica of your willy that shows off your great instrument in all its glory?

I’m not talking about making a gold statue of your penis. That would be too expensive and, frankly, not that useful.

The Clone-A-Willy kit offers a much more practical and pocket-friendly solution—to make an exact replica of your penis out of realistic feeling high-grade silicon (the same stuff that dildos are made of). Doesn’t that sound incredible?

Imagine being able to gift your partner an exact copy of your willy so they can take it wherever they go and use it whenever they wish!

Sure, our sex toy buyers guide has shown you the most realistic dildos on the market, but what can be more realistic than a copy of your beloved member?

The other half doesn’t need to worry because there is also a Clone-A-Pussy Plus + Sleeve Kit available to make a perfect silicon version of your luscious labia.

Well, let’s get to it. I’m going to tell you everything you need to know about buying and using the Clone-A-Willy kit so that you can have your replica willy trophy in no time!

The Good

Clone-A-Willy is a great unit that helps you get an exact duplicate of your penis. It’s unique and if done right, gets the most accurate details than other models. There are a variety of colors that you can pick from including 2 glow-in-the-dark options. It’s customizable and comes at a cheap price.

The Not So Good

It may take a lot of trials before you get the whole process right. Also, the initial lumps found in the casting mixture may interfere with the shape and create bumps. If you are a bigger/girthier guy it may leave a small room for you and leave imperfections. And sustaining an ‘unmotivated’ erection for the cast may become quite a challenge.

The Bottom Line

The Clone-A-Willy kit gives an awesome way to produce a penis replica. The resulting duplicate could be used as a dildo or as a gift to a partner. It also offers a variety of customizing options and sells at an affordable price.

Who Is It For?

  • If you want to make a quick DIY dildo.
  • If you are looking for a high-quality silicone cloning kit.
  • If you want an affordable DIY cloning kit.
  • If you prefer cloning kits that accommodate vibrating bullets.

Who Is It Not For?

  • Guys who struggle to hold an erection even with the help of a cock ring.
  • Guys who have a bigger/girthier penis (best to check the measurements below).
  • If you’re after a “perfect” penis replica.

Pro Tip

You can use the discount code ALPHA15 to get 15% off on purchases from Lovehoney.

The First Impressions to Clone A Willy / Packaging

clone a willy results

The packaging for the Clone-A-Willy kit is pretty straightforward. 

The contents are all in a box. And there’s a cylindrical container with the product’s name seen on an illustration of a penis.

Don’t worry, though. You could hide the branding using a gift wrapper if you intend to give it to a close acquaintance. 

Of course, it was sent in brown packaging, so the box wasn’t just handed directly over to me.

The complete contents within the package and container include:

  • the plastic tube
  • the silicone mix (base and catalyst)
  • a bag of molding powder
  • a thermometer
  • a stir stick
  • a vibrator

Clone A Willy Review: Tech and Specs Overview


Size is a very important factor when it comes to selecting any form of penetrative toy. And getting the right size for yourself (or your partner) is the most important bit. 

For this reason, Empire Labs ensured that the Clone-A-Willy kits could imitate different sizes. 

The standard-size issue at the current time is 11.00” long and 2.5” wide.

If you don’t have a partner… The info in the section below may help you get the right size.

Comparison Table:

Take a look at this table showing the model specs of the available Clone-A-Willy kits.

(length, width)
Clone-A-Willy (Vibrating)
Clone-A-Willy (No Vibrations)
Platinum-Cure Silicone
Platinum-Cure Silicone
(length, width)
11”, 2.5”
11”, 2.5”


A majority of the Clone-A-Willy pleasure products are made using medical-grade silicone. The silicone is that is free of phthalates and latex compounds.

The silicone material is also flexible, light, and offers the best skin-like sensations. And on top of that, cleaning it is a simple walk in the park.

The other constituent is the molding powder. This compound comes with every kit sold by the company. It is mostly made out of algae extract derived from seaweeds, therefore, cutting back on the number of processed chemicals used. 

The other bit is the molding gel. This is the liquid compound also coming with the standard Clone-A-Willy kit.

Its work is to capture the details present on your peens, like the veins, shape, and crown.

Price, Where To Buy Clone A Willy Kit

clone a willy

The Clone-A-Willy retails at a very cheap price in most stores.

If you’re thinking of getting your own Clone-A-Willy kit, pass by at Lovehoney’s online store.

They have a diverse selection of kits for you to pick from. This includes the glow-in-the-dark and vibrator options.

Also, you could check out the removable Clone-A-Willy cock ring ($8.99) sold on the site. This accessory is handy in helping you keep your hard-on during the molding process.

Worth mentioning… Lovehoney offers free deliveries to all orders above $60 plus a 1-year warranty. 

STAY AWAY from stores like Amazon or eBay when making this kind of order. The sellers there are notoriously known for shipping counterfeits made from unknown materials.

These could cause harm if used on a human body and they never come with a warranty!

Pro Tip

You can use my discount code ALPHA15 to get 15% off on purchases from Lovehoney.

How To Use Clone A Willy Kit?

clone a willy reviews

Ensure you’ve read the Clone-A-Willy instructions before starting. Also, ensure that you have the following items before you set the ball rolling:

  • Razorblade/Scissors
  • Cardboard
  • Huge mixing bowl
  • Marker pen
  • Timing device (your smartphone would do)
  • A big mixing spoon (metal)
  • Disposable cup

Optional Items to Keep On Hand

You could never truly predict when things go out of hand. So if you want to have things pan out as smooth as possible, here are a few additional items you might want to bring to your mad scientist lab:

Optional Items
A hard yet smooth work surface
Look, using any mold is bound to get your work area all messed up in the long run. So if you don’t want to worry too much about aftercare, you might as well choose the right spot around your home or premises for easier clean-ups.
A cardboard can secure the bullet on top of the mold during the silicone curing process. 
Air bubbles can always appear on your alginate mix. So if you want a final product free of bumps and blemishes, better invest in some sandpaper to smooth things out. 
Masking tape or markers
Doing estimates can sometimes cause a headache. Use markers or tape for an easier trimming process to be more precise.
More alginate
You cannot do everything perfectly on the first try. You may need additional packets of alginate for more attempts.
Miscellaneous things to keep a hard-on
Dildos are bound to be in peak “condition” when used. So if you want a final product that gets the job done, ensure the penis stays as hard and still as possible. If you can’t maintain your erection (or your partner’s) consistently during the process, the mold might not produce the desired results. So maybe have a few sexy magazines or some porn with you. Or, you could have your partner do the stimulating while you’re at it.

What If My Penis Is Curved?

The point of having a DIY sex toy kit to make a customizable penis replica is that it is suitable for all shapes and sizes.

If your penis is curved, you can still easily use the Clone-A-Willy kit to make a gorgeous homemade dildo that’s true to your unique shape.

clone a willy tips

Cut the molding tube into two at a slight angle. Now, hold the two tube pieces together and rotate them till they match the curve of your penis.

Duct tape the two tube pieces securely so the silicon mixture doesn’t leak.

And that’s it! You now have a curved molding tube to match the shape of your penis. Continue with the Clone-A-Willy instructions as given in the kit.

4 Easy Steps To Making A Silicone Penis Mold

I will take you step by step through making the perfect silicone penis replica. However, before going through these steps, I suggest you watch this short Clone-A-Willy how-to video to get an idea of the entire process, how long each step takes, and what you might need in addition to the stuff that comes in a kit. This will ensure no surprises while you’ve got your pants down.

clone a willy result

Step 1:

Measure your erect peen against the clear tubing and add ½ inches above its actual length.

Mark that length with the marker pen then cut it… Taping the edges to prevent it from nipping your penis.

Then using 1 ¾ cups of water, add the molding powder into the bowl and stir continuously to mix. After 2 minutes, pour it into the tube. 

It may have some lumps in it, but that’s normal. 

Step 2:

Stick your hard penis inside the mixture and let it sit for 3 mins and pull out as it dries. Ensure you have a cleaning rug placed below to collect any spillages.

Once you’ve withdrawn your peen, let the mold dry for about 3 – 6 hours before moving to the next step.

Pro Tip

If you are with your partner, You can ask them to help you with the molding process. This will be very hard if you do this alone. I suggest a third person if you are not shy about it. 😉

Step 3:

Mix and stir well the liquid silicone plus the molding gel in the disposable cup. When finished, pour that solution into the dried-up mold using the spoon to scrape every drop of it.


Pierce the middle of the cardboard and insert the vibrator through it, leaving about 1.00” hanging out. Immerse it into the solution and leave the vibrator base and cardboard resting outside.

Then, let it sit there for a minimum of 24 hours, before taking it out of the cast.

Step 4:

After the time has elapsed… Pull the now-dried silicone mold out of the tube and cut out the dried cast. You may use the scissors to cut off any flaps hanging around the edge of the base.

This should leave you with your own neat and fully-formed clone of your willy.

How to proceed if the Clone-A-Willy mold doesn’t meet your standards?

Mistakes can always happen when doing things for the first time. 

So if things take a left turn, STAY CALM! It’s not the end of the world. 

Here are a few procedures you can follow to ensure you get the desired results at the end of the day:

  • In case the alginate mix sets too fast due to warm water, best to try again. It is not ideal to salvage what you already have. 
  • If the mold is too thin, then a do-over is a must. Don’t settle for a flimsy result. That can make the final product look deformed and undesirable in the process.
  • Lumps and air bubbles can occur if you don’t properly mix the powder. Try using sandpaper to smooth the trapped air around the mold. If it’s a no-go, then repeat the process from the top. This time, ensure you get the ingredients in their desirable scale and amount. 

You can use my discount code ALPHA15 to get 15% off on purchases from Lovehoney.

My Results, Tips & Experience

So what did I learn from the whole Clone-A-Willy process?

Well, I gotta say that it’s a great achievement to look at a product of your own making. Initially, I had doubts about whether I’d pull it off at the end of it all. 

But again, it all boils down to how good you are at following instructions. And it’s also important for me to mention that you need more of a sexy than ‘science’ mood here.

This is mostly true if you want to initiate and maintain a boner – a key ingredient.

From what I gathered in my experience:

If you are larger than the 9.00” mark, then consider buying a separate XXL 7” vibrator. That is more fitting to deliver enough vibrations to ripple through the added silicone mass.

Again, a 9”+ penis length means that you ought to weigh getting an extra silicone solution. The same also applies when you want to make a non-vibrating impression.

And to add more tips…

You may use a cock ring to help you sustain an erection. 

But if you have a partner, you could try making out passionately to help keep you hard. You can also opt to go for a good-blowing session and you will achieve the same results. 

On the other hand…

If you don’t have a partner, you could try using a vibrating butt plug to help keep you aroused. Other means that you could use when solo are watching or listening to some porn.

And on getting the mold’s size right…

If you don’t have a partner, you can use any of your favorite dildos lying around to make measurements.

This will help you get the right estimate of the shaft length that your orifice(s) can accommodate. 

And finally… If your finished mold ends up having bumps on the shaft’s length, use it with a condom.

This is because there’s a likelihood of pores being present on the dildo. And that is bad as they can retain a lot of muck and cause bacterial infections when used ‘raw’.

Would I Recommend this DIY Dildo Kit?

does clone a willy work

I would recommend the Clone-A-Willy to guys who are looking forward to making a DIY dildo.

The quality medical-grade silicone used is a great touch of class and takes out risks of allergic body reactions.

And to add to this party… There is a 9-color option available that you could select from, all coming in the standard size. 

In short, I’d recommend the Clone-A-Willy DIY Dildo Kit to everyone who’s looking for a bit of erotic fun or even just a laugh. It’s great for couples who are in a long-distance relationship.

I’ve got a whole list of the Best Long Distance Sex Toys.

The Clone-A-Will also makes a great gift on Valentine’s Day and anniversaries. It will get quite a few laughs whenever you gift it to your partner.

Just DON’T gift it to your boss! That’s one thing I would NOT recommend.

What Do Other People Think About It?

“The good: it works as advertised. The vibrator it comes with for insertion into the mold is pretty cheap but it’ll make a solid mold. A fun thing to have around the bedroom.

My suggestions are:

To avoid losing the erection don’t get hard and go straight to making the mold – get him hard, fuck for a while, do something you know he looooooves, and then after a good while make the mold using your organized and ready-to-go mix. Be quick about it! 😋 It does only take I think 2 minutes of staying hard to make the mold.

Use the mold to make the dong soon after or it will dry out, enlarge the void, and be much larger than he is. (Maybe this something you actually want to do lol!) Ours was left out for 18 hrs or so and “my” cock seems to be dwarfed by the mold in girth.

Also, if he is larger than 6″ or curved get the “big boys” kit, or whatever they call it.”


Reddit User

“A few pieces of advice: READ THE INSTRUCTIONS BEFORE YOU GET SEXY. I didn’t realize there were so many steps when we started in terms of having things ready.

Cutting and taping the tube was a big one. Getting water of exactly the right temperature is another.

After getting sexy: make sure you have a way to maintain his erection. Blow him right before mixing, or if you have my bf, stick a vibrator up his ass. Make out vigorously while his dick is in the polymer sludge.

When applying the casting goo: There is no good way to do this without getting some of it everywhere. Literally, the only good way to do this would be to have him planking with his penis straight down, but that’s dumb. We opted for standing. 

Do this on a towel, preferably an old, disposable towel because this stuff is never coming out of my carpet. And you have to just go for it and really just push it against your skin so it doesn’t leak more than that. 

And did I mention it gets in your pubic hair? At least, it washes/pulls out of that pretty easily.

All this accounted for, I have been VERY satisfied with my new replica penis. It even comes with a vibrator! It was super worth it and cheaper than some dildos.”


Reddit uSER


How to Clean Your Willy

Cleaning your “Willy” can be done in a few simple steps.

Just use a mix of warm water and antibacterial soap to clean it. But make sure not to put the vibrator in water, though.

NOTE: The material can handle water, but it’s not waterproof. If you want to submerge the toy, remove the vibrator first to keep the electrical parts dry.

Though, for an extra deep clean, you can also put your shaft in the dishwasher. 

After washing, store your clone in a dry and clean place. You can use any bag or container as long as it’s thoroughly cleaned. 

And if you have other toys in there, keep them separate. Some materials don’t work well together and may melt or change color when exposed to extreme environmental conditions.

Choosing the Right Lube For Your Willy

When choosing a lube for your cloned Johnson, just follow the basic rules of picking out lubricants for silicone-based sex toys. 

The safest option, of course, is to use water-based lubricants. However, hybrid and oil-based lubes could also be plausible options depending on specific brands and reactions in your body.

Avoid silicone on silicone, as doing so might cause the material of your product to degrade. 

How long does Clone A Willy Take?

The hands-on process of creating your replica willy is quite short and only involves a few simple steps.

However, you have to leave the outer mold to cure for two hours before it is ready to take the silicon mixture.

After pouring in the silicon mixture and inserting the vibrating unit, you have to leave the mold overnight to let the replica set.

Therefore, you can expect to have your finished replica the day after you begin the process.

How long will my finished dildo last?

The replica dildo is made of high-grade silicone and will last for as long as you take care of it.

Provided you only use it as intended and are not too rough with it, this dildo can stay with you for as long as any other silicon dildo.

Other Clone-A-Willy Products

best clone a willy

Clone A Willy Cock Ring

This adjustable silicone cock ring can help you maintain an erection while you make a mold for your penis replica. It can be cut and adjusted to size to fit any girth and gets a quick-release fastener that you can open even in the middle of the molding process if needed. 

is clone a willy good

Clone A Willy Plus Balls

And why forget the balls? If you’re looking for realism in your DIY dildo, then you should create a replica of the ENTIRE PACKAGE.

The Clone-A-Willy Plus Balls kit does exactly what the name suggests.

The kit is slightly more expensive and has an additional step or two, but the results are worth it! Your finished replica will now have a set of accurate balls to play, fondle and hold.

best clone a willy kit

Clone-A-Pussy Plus + Sleeve Kit

Ah, yes, if there’s a Willy to be cloned, then there’s a Pussy to be cloned as well. The Clona-A-Pussy Plus + Sleeve Kit not only lets you make an accurate replica of your favorite vagina, but it also comes with a sleeve to make it into the perfect penis stroker!

This, ladies and gentlemen, is THE ULTIMATE gift for long-distance couples. What can be better than having a replica of your partner’s naughty parts to keep the spark alive from far away?

If you’ve enjoyed our Best Fleshlight Review and have a special vagina owner in mind, the Clone-A-Pussy could be just what you’re looking for!

Final Thoughts

The Clone-A-Willy kit offers a great way to make a clone of your willy. The good thing is that they come in multiple colors and top-quality platinum-cure silicone.

Again, getting the molding process right may need lots of attention and extra care to hack it. So if you just want to have fun immediately, maybe check out our best-vibrating dildos.

Simply put, it’s a cloning kit worth checking out, and the best thing is that it retails cheaply. You can also check our best thrusting vibrating dildos and our best bullet vibrators if you want a mind-blowing experience.

I hope this Clone-A-Willy review was a great help to you.

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