How To Build A DIY Sybian At Home In 2024 (Step-By-Step Guide)

Discover the hidden side of a DIY Sybian Sex Machine – the costs, the work involved, and how to do it in the most economic fashion…

DIY Sybian

If you’ve ever heard the name Sybian thrown around, you’re probably aware of the reputation that goes along with it. 

These ride-on sex machines has amassed what I’d dare to call a cult of women following. With a powerful dual motor and an array of sexual pleasure-giving attachments, this DIY Sybian sex machine is a formidable addition to the bedroom.

With all that hype, though, comes a hefty price tag for this specific sex machine. 

If you’re not in a position to shell out thousands of dollars for the real sex machine, don’t despair.

Here’s how you can make your own version for a fraction of the cost but with the same vibrations and speed of the original sex machine.

Is It Hard Replicating The Original Sybian Sex Machine Design?

This is hard to do, just check this video of how the motor looks inside the Sybian.

The original motor is quite big, and it has a belt that transfers the rotation to the screw. Platform sites on 4 springs that help with the rotation.

A belt system is tough to make and will require welding between the 2 bolts. Exact replica is thought to pull off as it’s very complicated and requires making precise parts.

Is A DIY Sybian Sex Machine Safe To Use?

The main concern is the motor – if you’re not sure what you’re doing, you may end up using a motor that’s way too powerful. And no, that wouldn’t be safe.

Before attempting this, make sure you have a decent grasp of DIY electronics and construction. If you don’t, and yet you’re comfortable with it, you could ask someone else for help in building your sex machine.

How Much Is It Gonna Cost You?

The biggest consideration in a DIY Sybian is where will you get the parts and how much are you willing to spend.

A motor, speed control and bearings are all needed for a homemade Sybian.

Ebay is a great source for components for a DIY Sybian build:

  • Motor – a quality motor  is valued around $100 (one from eBay or reuse from a fan)
  • Speed control – around $20
  • Bearings – the harder part is to weld the parts together.

As for an attachment, I would actually buy them either from the official Sybian’s website or the Motorbunny website.

Pro Tip

You can use discount code SEXUALALPHA to get $40 off your order on Motorbunny.

If you have a 3D printer you could make them yourself, but the sex machine is what’s expensive and is gonna amount to so much money, not the attachments.

How To Actually Build Your Own Sybian Machine

diy sybian elements

Option #1: A Basic DIY Sybian Machine Using Sex Toys

Choose A Sex Pillow

Sex pillows are already designed for getting down and dirty, so they’re the perfect base for a simple DIY sex-machine

One of my personal favorites is the Liberator Heart sex pillow. It’s a wedge-shaped sex pillow with a distinctive heart shape that’s perfect for our little craft project.

Another fantastic option is the Liberator BonBon. This sex pillow is actually shaped just like the original sex machine and includes a toy mount.

Liberator BonBon

Attach your favorite dildo or vibrator to the pillow either in its dedicated toy mount or with a strap-on harness toy.

Add A Chair

You’ll want a chair that’s low enough to position you directly over the toy and allow the dildo to penetrate you and feel the vibrations. 

If you have a low-lying chair at home that you don’t mind destroying, go ahead and attach that!

Otherwise, there are sex toy chairs designed specifically for this. The one I recommend is the Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer.

Bondage Boutique Sex Position Enhancer

It’s a simple toy with wide, comfortable slings to support your weight and add a bit of bounce. 

A gap between the two slings allows for genital access. Attach this over your mounted toy (a dildo or a vibrator).

Test It Out!

Now all that’s left is to have fun and feel the sexual pleasure!

If you’re using a vibrating or rotating dildo, you’ll get a taste of the Sybian’s motorized functionality. 

Plus, the stool can be used for lovemaking with your partner or pussy worship, and the sex pillow can be used as a standalone toy mount, plus an aid for trying out different couple’s positions.

It’s win-win-win!

Option #2 – Simplified Homemade DIY Sybian

  • Build a platform that holds on 6 hard springs (to support vibrations)
  • Attach 2-3 double sided 24v vibrating motors
  • Build the outer design with padding, foam, leather to make your sit more comfortable (Sybian’s dimensions are 10″ height, 13.25″ wide, and 12.5″ long)
  • Add on top Sybian or Motorbunny toy attachment into your sex machine.

This is a way to do it, but the question is will the vibrations be strong enough.

Then if you want a feature that controls speed that adds an extra layer of complications.

Hah, and option #3?

In my mind it’s the best homemade Sybian option that will get the job done. And all 3 pieces will be priced at $300 max, but you can use them separately… mix and match with other attachments.

Sounds like a good simplified solution in building this machine.

Oh, and here’s another user who actually made even cheaper version of DIY sex machine by using a sex pillow, strapon harness and Magic Wand:

homemade sybian diy sex toy

If You Know Your Way Around…

Not everyone is down to get to work hard for their DIY sybian sex machine. If you feel at home with power tools and aren’t afraid to get your hands dirty, the options open up even more.

Use a more powerful motor

If you can get your hands on a powerful motor, you can go up to 10,000RPM for your DIY Sybian. 

That said, 6000RPM will give you plenty of fun on your machine, so don’t stress too much about that – it’s always better to work with what you already have.

A good source for this could be a jigsaw, an orbital sander, or a wood router. You just want to make sure whatever it is, it’s speed-adjustable.

Use a stronger casing

Along with a stronger motor, you’ll want a stronger casing to make sure it stays together in light of all those powerful vibrations.

Sturdy wood, or even metal, would make for a good casing

You’ll also want well-padded materials for the seating, so you’re not getting knocked around from your sex machine on a hard surface.

Other People’s DIY Sybian Alternatives and Sex Machines Experience

I made a Sybian from an 800 Watt Jigsaw and a Hitachi Wand, the VFD on the Jigsaw is controlled by a lamp dimmer I got off eBay for a dollar.

This is my first sex type build, I have a background in mechanical engineering and am trying to make cheap sybians for around $300. I’m working on my second one now using a whetstone bridge resistor dimmer I found on eBay for 2 bucks. Here’s a link of it operating.


Reddit user

I built a big assed vibratory with a 900rpm motor and an off weight pulley, it was not fast enough. You need to be able to at least go to 6000 rpm, that’s 100hz and about the same frequency as a low growl. No matter how powerful it is, you need the speed. I think sybian go to 10,000 rpm.

Get a used adjustable random orbital sander, it’ll be much easier and better.

The problem is that they (dremels) don’t have the torque needed to get the rumble. Mine hade plenty of amplitude, just not enough frequency. Also it was an ac motor so it got hot around 30 minutes and only had the single speed. I think if you could find a variable speed wood router or sander that it would work much better, but the girl I was doing it for isn’t there any more so I’m hard pressed to build a 30 lb vibrator any more.


Reddit user

You can rent one, as well as buy them locally, I saw them at the Vancouver Sex Show last year. I can’t recall the name of the place, but I’m sure if you Googled “sybian for rent/sale Vancouver,” you’d find it. Btw, I rode one and was unimpressed, so renting for a week might be a good option to start, anyway.


Reddit user

Finally, if you’re super handy then you might like the work of a guy building his own DIY sex saddle machine or check out our guide on the best sex saddle machines!

He said he worked on it for 2 months and built vibrating part from scratch. Then he decided to upgrade the machine and add the thrusting features too.

While schematics aren’t available anymore, he did share that for vibration motor (the main part) he used a heavy duty 2-speed fan from Homedepot.

After watching this video you’ll understand why Sybian and Motorbunny cost so much.

But the main takeaway is that you gotta be creative and scrap the stuff you have around, and plug random pieces together.

Bringing It All Together

If I were you I would first rent out a used Sybian (silicone attachment), and then try that BonBon Liberator mount + Magic Wand combo.

You’ll get a quality experience for less money and no work.

Then if you’re hard-pressed to build your own version, check out like-minded communities like DIY Electronics to get help and advice on building process.

The basic design is simple, the main issue is the power. Then the comfort.

You may also want to consider checking out the best sex machines guide for more options.

Finally, you could consider cheaper Sybian vibrating saddle alternatives if you’re okay paying at least a few hundred bucks for it without any work.

Good luck, and I hope this DIY Sybian guide helped you.

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Aliyah Moore

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