Lelo Soraya Wave Review [2021]: How Good Is This G-spot Rabbit Vibrator?

Lelo has done it again – they’ve improved upon Soraya 2 and are delivering a toy that does the most work for you (especially if you love G-spot stimulation).

lelo soraya wave cover

The Good | Soraya Wave is ergonomically designed, feels a joy to use, and lets you focus on the pleasure by giving you high quality internal and external vibrations together with come hither motion for your G-spot pleasure.

The Bad | With the come hither (Wave Technology) motion comes a price in reduced battery life (2hrs vs 4 hrs) and extra noise that won’t be great for someone whose top priority is discreetness.

The Bottom Line | It’s a great toy that has several strong sides – G-spot stimulation, quality internal vibrations, and clitoral stimulation. The added Wave technology allows you to be lazy and enjoy the ride, instead of working hard for it.

Introduction: the first impressions

First, let me say that my girlfriend worked hard to test this toy, and I’m just the one who has described her experience to the written word.

It was a joy to hear the details of her learning how to get the most out of Soraya Wave that resulted in satisfying orgasms and luxury experience.


As we received the toy, you could immediately see why Lelo is considered to be the Apple of sex toys: a luxury toy brand.

You can also read our Lelo Sona review to know why Lelo is great.

The package was mixed with black and golden shades with a transparent case showcasing the midnight blue Lelo Soraya Wave.

My girlfriend loves the G-spot stimulation so she was excited to test and experience the famous Wave Technology (come hither motion) mixed with the vibrations.

The package had a few surprises in: a water-based lube & a satin pouch for storage.

So we took it out, put to charge…and had some time to look at the specs…

So How Does Soraya Wave Looks Specs Wise?

I decided to compare it against the Lelo Soraya 2, the model that looks exactly the same but has no Wave Motion (come hither).

Instead it has 12 vibration modes vs 8 of Soraya Wave.

Lelo Soraya 2
Lelo Soraya Wave
ABS Plastic / Silicone
ABS Plastic / Silicone
Charge Time
around 2 hrs
around 2 hrs
Usage Time
up to 4 hrs
up to 2 hrs
Overall size / Insertable length
8.6 x 4.3 x 1.7 inch
8.58 x 4.3 x 1.7in
12 modes
8 modes with WaveMotion
182g / 0.4 lbs
185g / 0.4 lbs
Noise Levels
Medium Loud (because of WaveMotion)

What are the key differences? Lelo Soraya 2 vs Lelo Soraya Wave

Few things to bring to your attention are: usage time, noise levels, modes.

Everything in those two models is pretty much the same except the Wave Motion. And that G-spot targeting motion affects two things: the Soraya Wave’s motor will last 2 hours (instead of 4), and it’s also louder than Soraya 2.

The motor that does the come hither motion takes it’s toll.

But is it worth it?

Read on… we’ll soon find out.

So What’s The Price & Where Can You Buy It?

Lelo Soraya Wave isn’t cheap.

But you knew that already since Lelo is the most famous luxury sex toy brand.

As for the price, it will set you back 250-300 USD depending when you buy it.

In exchange, you get high-quality vibrations that don’t numb, Wave Motion technology, and of course, the brand. It’s Lelo we’re talking about here.

It is one of the pricier G-spot vibrators in the market, and probably you can save $100 on similar functionality less known brand item, but if you want the best…

Lelo Soraya Wave won’t disappoint. I’ll explain soon.

The safest place to buy is directly from the Lelo website. It will guarantee that you’ll receive a 1-year warranty and free shipping.

Let’s Talk About The Lelo Soraya Wave Design & Functionality

Look & Feel

Wave is made from soft matte silicone material and is available in 3 colors: deep rose, midnight blue & black.

It feels extremely nice to touch & look at it. A luxury feel.

However, you’ll also notice the ABS golden elements on the tip of the vibrator & and a golden hole in the handle (which is fun to play with by the way).

I have mixed feelings about the golden element at the tip.

I understand the reason why Lelo has put it there (and kept over the iterations). It’s a way for them to differentiate and showcase their toy.

But to clean this will require extra attention and scrubbing those gaps harshly might make the golden paint come off with time.

It’s not a deal breaker for sure, but a little detail. Although I understand why it’s done.

And Here Are Other Little Things Make Soraya Wave Usage A Nice Experience

First of all, the toy is 100% waterproof. You can safely use in bath or shower even despite its charger hole is not being covered.

That’s great especially if you care about discreet session and cannot get a private time at home. Just take this bad boy behind the close bathroom doors, put some background noise, and enjoy the ride.

Next…I must highlight something that won’t show in specs but explains why Lelo has won design awards for their toys.

The three buttons are placed just perfectly, they are big enough, you don’t need to look at them during use. Simply slide your fingers over and you will easily get what is what.

This might now seem like much, but I cannot tell how many toys get this wrong.

Usually those buttons:

  • are placed in uncomfortable place
  • are too small
  • are hard to press
  • and/or have no texture to differentiate one from another.

Not so with Soraya Wave:

soraya wave handle and buttons
Also notice how it just feels right to put the hand through the handle. Things you never knew you wanted, but love when they are there.

Let’s Turn It On & Talk About Functionality

As we found out earlier Soraya Wave has 8 modes. On top of that, you can press +/- buttons to increase/decrease intensity.

When pressing +/- buttons interestingly it feels like turning up/down a continuous level. What I mean is that one press of button won’t equal one jump in intensity. Instead, the vibrations slowly grow or fade.

This is great when you’re trying to find just the right vibration strength & adjustments are subtle.

As you press through the 8 main modes (using the middle vulva-like button) you’ll notice that Soraya Wave has 3 motors:

  1. Controls the MotionWave motion
  2. Controls the vibrations of the main insertable shaft
  3. Controls the vibrations on the clitoral rabbit vibrator

While you cannot decide which one to turn on/off, you can switch through the modes and find one that works for you. Then you adjust the intensity of that mode to just the way you want it.

It would be great if there would be extra control over each motor (through an app maybe ?!), but right now you just need to cycle through preset settings. Which is fine too.

Quality Of Vibrations

My girlfriend noticed a clear difference in the quality of the vibrations compared to other toys. First of all, Soraya Wave has an awesome range of vibrations starting from very light to STRONG.

The light vibrations are great if you are in for a long session of enjoying yourself or want to add extra buzz to thrusting. Even at the lowest settings, you can still feel a gentle pulse.

But even the most intense vibration settings didn’t numb my girlfriend. Instead, they were deeply rumbling all around the area.

Cheaper toys leave her overly sensitive after the first orgasm, but Soraya Wave kept her playing until she reached 3 beautiful climaxes (and that was not the limit, she said).

It’s hard to measure the quality of vibrations, but you definitely notice when it feels bad or great. And Soraya Wave does feel great.

Oh, together with this my Miss mentioned how the bendy rabbit tip is just the right size and place to hit the clit. Many companies get this wrong too.

How Good Is Wave Technology?

Alright, alright… I know you’ve been waiting for this part.

After all, the only difference between Soraya Wave and Soraya 2 is its’ added come hither motion.

Well… if my girlfriend needed to choose she would always pick Wave over Soraya 2.

But keep in mind that she absolutely loves G-spot stimulation together with a bit of clit action.

And that’s what Soraya Wave does well – it offers all those things.

A little bit of this and a little bit of that.

That come hither motion has only one speed, but honestly, it’s still a game-changer to the whole experience.

Usually, if you want a G-spot stimulation you need to work hard to bend and thrust the toy to get it right….not so with Soraya Wave:

By default, you get a bit of G-spot pressure, and this allows you to work a LOT less and enjoy a lot more.

And this alone makes Soraya Wave worth it.

Lelo Soraya Wave VS iPhone 8 size comparison

That is, if you enjoy G-spot stimulation and want the full bundle.

However, if you love primarily external clitoral stimulation, maybe you should consider Lelo Soraya 2 that comes with 12 modes, or Lelo Sona instead.

Oh, and also it depends on how much G-spot stimulation you want. If you want a gentle massage – Wave Technology motion will give it.

However, if you want strong pressure, you’ll still need to work on it. The toy itself is quite light (0.4 lbs) so you’ll need to press the handle down to get more out of the Wave motion.

More weight (that, for example, Njoy Wand has) allows more pressure with less work. But then again – Njoy Wand is 2.875 lbs of stainless steel. And… zero vibrations.

Less weight equals more force you need to apply yourself.

Noise Levels

The vibrations themselves are really silent – the room we were at had a background noise at 30dB and the light vibrations only rose the level by 2dB. The strongest ones didn’t go over 40 dB.

But with that Wave technology on, things change.

You see, the motor that bends the tip of the toy produces a characteristic sound… Sort of like a prosthetics bending. It is not very loud (even at the loudest setting it didn’t go over 50 dB), but it is still noticeable even when the toy is inserted.

At this point, it’s about the fact that it is simply not the noise your ears hear in your day-to-day life, so you it’s more likely to catch your attention.

So for people who really care about discreetness, you’ll need to prepare around it a bit. That said if you put on some background music or play with it in a shower, and you’ll be all good.

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

After a fresh session of three beautiful orgasms these were the impressions:

Overall Soraya Wave is a joy to use – its’ design is intuitive, vibrations are high quality & G-spot motion hits just right.

You don’t need to figure the right angles or connectivity, simply charge the toy and you are in for a fun ride.

Many G-spot focused toys are useless for pretty much everything else. But Soraya’s shape and the firmness is not too exaggerated, so it feels great to stroke with too.

soraya wave in use

But if we compare it with a cheaper rabbit vibrator – can we say that experience is 10x better and that it is the best Lelo vibrator?

Not sure…but Soraya Wave surely brings a more well-rounded experience. All the little things just come together and add to overall pleasure.

Room for improvement… drawbacks?

It would be great to have an extra button to go back to the previous mode. Now, if you miss your favorite setting, you need to shuffle through all the other modes to get the right one.

Also, my girl would love to have manual control over those 3 separate motors. In the current Soraya Wave, you have a combination of the motors being turned on and off within the particular modes.

You cannot randomly decide to turn off the rabbit vibe while keeping the pattern. You need to find the right setting that has a rabbit turned off.

Wave has different intensities of the vibrations, but only one G-spot rub speed. While that one speed is well-picked, more would be desired.

From these three suggestions, only one (the lack of the extra button) has been an inconvenience. Despite the lack of manual control and extra speed for the G-spot sub, the overall impression is great.

This toy will make the playtime worthwhile and offer a well-rounded experience that you usually would only get from 3 different toys.

But here you get a bit of goodness of many different things in one.

soraya wave next to the box while being cleaned

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Since the toy is made from high-quality silicone with ABS elements you can clean it thoroughly without any special precautions.

It’s waterproof so you can either wash the Soraya Wave in warm soapy water or use an antibacterial toy cleaner.

The only challenging place to clean is the golden ABS material piece at the shaft of the toy. If you want to be thorough, use the toothbrush to clean the finer details, just avoid scraping there with fingernails.

Over time too much scraping will cause the golden paint to slowly come off. Be careful.

And remember, Lelo comes with 1 year warranty, and it’s a quality toy that is built to last.

Would I Recommend It? If So, To Whom?

I (& my girlfriend) would definitely recommend this toy as the whole experience felt effortless – just grab it and use it. Soraya Wave does most of the work for you.

However I also know that if you’re on a budget this toy is a high expense, and maybe a simpler vibrator would be a better choice if you’re starting out.

Who is it for?:

  • For someone who enjoys a bit of everything: clitoral, thrusting & nice G-spot stimulation
  • If the quality of the vibrations is really important to you
  • If you require and can afford the toy from the luxury segment of the industry.
  • If you want a toy that does the most work for you.

Who is it not for?:

  • It’s not for someone who cannot justify a $250-300 budget for a branded toy.
  • It’s not for you if you prefer clitoral, not G-spot stimulation. In that case, a simple clitoral vibrator (or Soraya 2) will be a better choice.


There aren’t really other great toys that have something similar like Motion Wave technology targeting the G-spot and stimulating it for you.

However if you don’t require extra G-spot attention, but still want to choose something From Lelo you could consider:

  • Lelo Soraya 2 gives 12 vibration modes (and currently is on sale on Lelo for $220)
  • Lelo Sona is a great clitoral suction focused toy.

There are plenty of other toys with a G-spot angle, however, and other rabbit vibrators that you can drive yourself for a lower price.

I guess the closest competitor that comes to mind is We-Vibe Nova 2, which comes for $100-150 and has two motors to vibrate both the clitoris and the G-spot.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

Lelo Soraya Wave is a great multi-purpose toy that does a lot of things very well.

For G-spot stimulation fans, it’s a must & little sacrifices you give for battery life and noise are still totally worth it.

A great to have toy, if you can afford the luxury price, that Lelo brand commands.

Lelo Soraya Wave Review

Dainis Graveris

lelo soraya wave
Value for price


Lelo Soraya Wave is a great multi-purpose toy that does a lot of things very well. For G-spot stimulation fans it’s a must & little sacrifices you give for battery life and noise are still totally worth it.



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