Lelo Sila Review: A Gentler Sonic Clitoral Vibrator (2024)

I’ve tried many different clit suckers over the years, from cheap to luxury, from numbing to barely getting the job done. I’ve survived the Sona Cruise and its painful controversy and the Womanizer with its great suction, but horrible name…

lelo sila product shot

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And now I have a new addition with the LELO Sila. 

To be honest, I’ve heard of a few talks here and there about the Sila, but I never really delved into it until this review. So going in, I didn’t put too much of an expectation when testing out the toy myself. 

However, I did have some experience with other LELO products. So I had a feeling that the design would fall around the realm of sleek and minimalistic, albeit it’s somewhat of an odd shape when I finally got my hands on it. 

Now without going into too much detail yet, all I can say is that if you need a clit massager, then this toy is a MUST BUY.

Is it one of the best sex toys for women? It could be. But that depends on what you’re looking for. 

It’s undoubtedly one of those clitoral vibrators worth trying out, though. So I’d give it a go!

So who is it for?

  • you prefer to take time over self-love;
  • enjoy edging towards a deeper, more earth-shattering climax;
  • or ‘suffer’ from a very sensitive clit.

Who it’s most likely not for?

  • you prefer fast love and super intense focused clit-nubbin pleasure;
  • you need more than clitoral stimulation to get off;
  • or you want the sen-sonic waves AND penetration*.

To find out if it’s for you (or your vagina-owning partner), just read this quick (yet insanely helpful) review and find out!

What is Lelo Sila?

Lelo Sila is a handheld clit massager that offers “contactless stimulation.” 

It doesn’t vibrate. Instead, it produces sonic waves, mimicking the feeling of oral sex. 
The 8 intensity levels and strong suction head pleasure your clit from every angle. The wide mouth makes it perfect for broader stimulation.

What’s in the Box of the Sila?

Sila arrived discreetly packaged, which spared me any awkward conversations on delivery. I had barely closed the door before ripping it open to find a stylish display box. 

Inside, I found the following:

  • LELO Sila (pink, lilac, or aqua);
  • A tiny packet of LELO’s own water-based lube;
  • USB charging cable;
  • Stretchy black storage pouch;
  • warranty registration card;
  • and an instruction manual (which you can also read here).
lelo sila and accessories

On popping the Sila out of the box, I gave an audible ‘oooh’… it’s so pretty!

This isn’t really surprising though since the LELO brand is built on the idea that sex toys should be beautiful enough to be on display. The Sila certainly delivers on that with its sleek body and discreet design

I was a little daunted by the size though— it dwarves my other cheaper clit stimulators

Not only is the body of the Sila bigger than most air pressure vibrators, but the mouth part that fits over your clit is also much larger. 

The question lingered, would bigger mean better? 

LELO Sila Design Features & Tech Specs

Let’s take a closer look at what makes Sila tick your box in this Lelo Sila Review.


The LELO Sila is shaped like a French Horn with a large ‘mouth’ piece with a soft flat-edged rim that fits snuggly to your body. 

The larger mouthpiece comes with two advantages: 

  1. It’s more accommodating for more body types and larger clits, and
  2. It covers more of your pleasure area. 
measuring the opening of lelo sila

Depending on your body shape/size, this larger than life design may also tickle and tantalize the vaginal opening. Lucky you! 

Techie Specifications

The Sila measures 80 x 75 x 35 mm / 3.1 x 2.9 x 1.4 inches and weighs 105 g / 0.23 lb. It is slightly smaller and lighter than the Sona, but still is a bit bulky to hold, especially if your hands are tiny like mine! 

If you have any joint or wrist issues, I’m not sure how comfortable this will be to hold in place for any length of time. 

Despite being a slightly larger size, it’s still a slim, elegant design that will fit neatly into your handbag making Sila a good travel buddy!

lelo sila on hand

Show Us What You’re Made Of…

Sila is made from premium grade silicone that is safe for your body, and extra-smooth to the touch. You won’t notice any weird seams on Sila either! 

But, what about that large nozzle…is it flexible?

YES, thankfully!

Having a nozzle covered in body-safe silicone is nothing new for premium sex toys but Sila’s “mouth” is extra bendy. This makes it gentle on the clit allowing it to move with you without any pinching or bruising.

Work it Baby

The Sila is pretty easy to use with a simple three-button interface. 

lelo sila reviews

I appreciate how intuitive the buttons are. With just a few clicks, you quickly figure out that the Pussy-looking button in the middle is for changing the pattern and the +/- buttons are for adjusting the intensity.

You also have the ability to lock the Sila using the + button. So it won’t start buzzing in your bag, wasting battery, or inviting any strange looks on the subway!

Pleasure Modes

Sila has eight different pleasure settings and each one can be adjusted in strength GRADUALLY. This makes it much easier to find the perfect level of tingle for your mood. 

Having the ability to control the intensity is a huge plus for me. With other sex toys, I have found myself sticking to just one pattern as the others are either too strong or too weak. 

I don’t want to be Goldilocks when it comes to settings, I want to mix it up and with Sila, you have that freedom. 

By the way, none of these pleasure modes can be described as “jackhammer” hard. It’s more of a mid-level intensity without the crazy numbing buzz.

Oh, and one little extra…

Sila remembers the pattern you left it at.

So if you have to pause mid-action for any reason, or you find the perfect speed and vibration pattern, you can come back to where you left off. It’s a pretty cool feature that few other clit suckers have. 

Charge it Up

LELO Sila comes with a USB cable for easy recharging. It should be ready to rumble, but it’s best to give it a full charge before first use.

lelo sila review

It takes two hours to charge and, when fully juiced up, you get 2 hours of playtime.

sila lelo

How Does Lelo Sila Work?

Before I could enjoy Sila’s sonic love, I had to figure out how to position it! 

My natural hold (AKA TV remote grab) seemed to not work with Sila. 

sila cruise reviews

In this position, I couldn’t reach the buttons and the mouth-piece didn’t seem to surround the area it needed to. 

However, when the right way round, it did feel much better between my legs, and the buttons suddenly made total sense! 

They have a perfect shape and size to comfortably maneuver through various settings WITHOUT LOOKING.

lelo sila cruise

Once I found the positioning, the mouthpiece connected well and stayed in place even as I moved.

I could really notice the difference the wider mouth brings. The vibrations worked through the area surrounding the clitoris and went MUCH deeper. 

The patterns themselves were a big advantage of Sila compared to other clit suckers. With Sila, you get a continuous “buzz”, a few wave-like patterns of different speeds, and a few different pulsating patterns, which is plenty to take you to different moods. 

And, let’s not forget – you can adjust each of them to your liking.

Personally, I need mid-range intensities, as anything too hard and heavy will just leave me oversensitized and numb. 

So, Sila’s range is perfect for me. 

It is strong enough to make me cum fast if I’d want toBut it’s not overpowering. And more importantly, it gets that job done over and over (…and over) again in one session! 

In my case, this is directly connected to the intensities I use (or rather… lack of them?). 

The fact that I can climax multiple times in one session with Sila is what keeps me coming back to it even though my small hands are not fond of the toy’s design.

What About The Noise Level Of The Sila?

LELO describes Sila as “whisper quiet” but I’m not sure I’d go that far. The noise level ranges from 40-46dB but when you place it on the skin, it suddenly jumps to around 50-52dB. 

lelo sila sonic massager - aqua reviews
measuring the noise level of sila

Considering that the noise level of a ‘silent’ room is 30dB, it’s not super loud but it’s still an audible rumble, more like a mobile-vibration rather than a dentist drill-buzzing! 

While it’s not the best idea to run it next to someone in a silent room….You can easily cover the noise up with some music. 

lilo sila

Cleaning & Durability

One of the Sila’s extra perks is that it is 100% waterproof. It doesn’t just mean that shower time fun is possible, but also that cleaning is easy. 

Just rinse it thoroughly with warm water and antibacterial soap and allow it to dry fully. 

Avoid using hand creams, silicone-based lubes, or cleaning products containing alcohol with your Sila. You may end up with a permanently sticky, fluffy, lint magnet. 

If you follow the care instructions in the manual then your Sila should continue to please for years to cum!

Price & Where To Buy?

The LELO Sila is on the pricey side, retailing at $169. But if you have the extra cash to splash, then why not splash it on your clitoris? 

You can purchase the Sila directly from LELO’s official website.

I would advise avoiding buying from Amazon, as it may say LELO on the box, but you can’t be sure you’re getting the real thing.

lelo silo

What About Lelo Sila Clit Sucker Alternatives?

lelo sila cruise

LELO Sila vs. Sila Cruise

Alongside Sila, LELO also offers the Sila Cruise. But what are the differences?

Both toys look, feel and operate the same way, except for one important distinction. Sila Cruise has the “Cruise Control” feature, which regulates the intensity when the toy is firmly pressed against the body.

Normally, you would feel like you’re losing some power with the pressure. 

To avoid that, Cruise Control makes the toy automatically increase the intensity by about 20% when needed. That way, you won’t experience a power drop that might disturb your arousal. 

The Cruise model is only about $10 more. So if you need this feature, you shouldn’t think twice.

lelo sila

LELO Sila vs. LELO Sona 2

Both Sona and Sila use SenSonic technology and have 8 adjustable patterns, but their design makes all the difference in sensation.

Sona has a smaller mouthpiece—ideal for extra intense pinpoint clitoral stimulation.

Sila has a much wider extra soft mouthpiece, which offers broader stimulation and lets the sonic waves penetrate deeper into the tissue. 

Sona also has a shorter battery life than Sila. But on the bright side, its price is way lower. You can decide whether to prioritize long play sessions or affordability.

One of the best clit suckers indeed!

Lelo Sila vs. Sona 2 and Sona 2 Cruise

Sona 2 and Sona 2 Cruise are updated versions of the original Sona. They have a whopping 12 pleasure patterns (more than the Sila, which has 8), so they’re perfect if variety is important to you. 

However, both of them still have a significantly shorter battery life than the Sila, so choose Sila if you’re into extra-long play sessions.

The mouthpieces are larger and softer than the original Sona but still not as wide as Sila’s. That said, they’re still better for focused/pinpoint stimulation, whereas the Sila is better for broader sensations.

The only difference between Sona 2 and Sona 2 Cruise is the “Cruise Control” feature, which gives the toy a power kick of 20% whenever it’s pressed against the body. That also makes Sona 2 Cruise the most intense of the 3 and great for any power queens out there. 

lelo sila

LELO Sila vs We-Vibe Melt

We-Vibe Melt and LELO Sila have similar concepts but differ in some key features. 

Some people find the Melt easier to grip because of its “handle” shape (as opposed to the round body of the Sila).

Melt’s mouth is not as flat as Sila’s and also not as big, so it doesn’t stimulate the surrounding clitoral area like Sila does. But it’s also not narrow enough for pinpoint pleasure. 

On the bright side, the Melt could feel a bit more intense, which is great for anyone that finds Sila too soft and Sona too powerful. 

The biggest difference between the two products is that We-Vibe Melt has an app control feature, while Sila doesn’t. 

The app offers high customization and makes your choice of patterns virtually endless. You can create your own, sync it to music, or even to ambiance picked up by your phone. 

It also allows your toy to be controlled by a partner anywhere in the world, so it’s perfect for long-distance relationships. 

If you’re interested in app-controlled toys, you’ll probably prefer We-Vibe Melt, as the toys are otherwise very similar even in price. 

However, not everyone likes to fiddle around with an app during play. Also, the connection of every app-controlled toy is far from perfect. 

What Do Other People Think?

One YouTuber claims the Sila got them off in less than 30 seconds. Of course, such dramatic reactions depend on how sensitive your clit is and what kind of sensations turn you on. 

Everybody is different after all.

The reason I enjoy my Sila more is because I don’t personally enjoy the hyper-focused clitoral sensations from other clit suction toys I’ve tried. The Sila has a wider opening than the Sona models so it’s not as intense and tightly focused.

I prefer that and so do some others who have found their orgasms less pleasurable from the huge amount of intensity focused on the clit from other toys.


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Final Thoughts

The clit is a world of nerve endings, so having a toy that focuses its attention on more of them is no bad thing! 

LELO Sila is an aesthetically pleasing air pressure vibrator that is smooth to the touch, not overly noisy, and certainly does the job it was intended for. 

It is a little on the large side for me to comfortably hold and that detracted from the overall experience. But in saying that, the sensations and climax were good enough to keep me coming back for more.

Aliyah Moore

Aliyah Moore

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