LELO Hex Review: Is It Still The Best Luxury Condom In 2023?

Is this condom a game changer? We answer all your questions in this LELO Hex review and how its innovative design is supposed to solve the problems of most contraceptives.

lelo hex review

LELO came out with the Hex to solve some of the major issues plaguing most condoms.

Condoms can be fiddly, ill-fitting, and restrictive, taking some of the fun out of sex. Hex’s innovative design is supposed to take all those problems away, leaving you safe and enjoying every second of intimacy more than you thought possible with a barrier contraceptive. 

So how does the actual Hex measure up to the hype? 

Read on and find out… 

…Or if you’re in a hurry, just check out the TL;DR. 

The Good

These condoms feel fantastic, thinner, and more comfortable than most of the condoms you can find. And they’re extremely durable, so there’s much less worry about one breaking.

The Not So Good

In the unlikely event that one does break, the hex shape makes it less noticeable than with a traditional condom. So you have to check more carefully for holes in the wall. 

The Bottom Line

These are great condoms that really do make intimate moments feel more intimate.

LELO Hex is for you if… 

  • You want a more comfortable, form-fitting condom. 
  • You like thinness and durability in one package.

It might not be for you if… 

  • You prefer thicker condoms for any reason. 
  • You or your partner is sensitive to latex.

LELO Hex Condom Packaging & First Impressions

The LELO Hex condom comes in a stylish, understated white box that’s really classy. You can tell right away that these are condoms for the distinguished gentleman, someone with taste and distinction.

So they definitely suit me *coughs nervously*

Seriously though, the box is as nice as I’ve come to expect from LELO.  

And each individual condom comes wrapped in what looks and feels more like wax paper than the typical foil or plastic. It’s easier to tear and take out than an ordinary condom, which is a nice touch that makes the whole experience feel that little bit more special.

Tech Specs: How Thin Are LELO Hex Condoms?

LELO Hex™ Original

7.08 in
2.12 in 
0.045 mm / 0.0017 in

How Does LELO Hex Look And Feel? 

Personally, I think these condoms look great.

Less plastic bag for your dong, more science tool for your tool.

As a big sex-tech fan, I love the unique hex design. It makes them stand out from the crowd. IN A GOOD WAY.

And they feel awesome. The thinness of them really has to be felt to be believed. Just looking at one condom, stretching it, and holding it between my fingers, I couldn’t wait to try one out.

LELO Hex Key Features

Hexagonal Structure

The first thing you’ll notice about these hex condoms is the unique hexagonal cells making up the whole thing. These are there for a few reasons.

First, they make the structure MUCH STRONGER than a traditional condom, which means they can be ultra-thin without sacrificing durability. They stand up to stress tests very well. 

And second, the texture provides a slight but noticeable texture for you and your partner to enjoy. Don’t expect it to feel like a ribbed rubber, but if you pay attention, it’s there. And it’s nice. 


The hexagons make the LELO’s Hex condoms cling to your shaft much better than your average condom. LELO calls this their anti-slip grip, and it works wonders.

We all know how annoying it is to have to readjust condoms in the middle of sex, but the Hex solves that problem in a snap. 


They’re thin, they’re soft, they’re easy to put on. That’s a high grade on the comfort standard. They’re also much less restrictive than your average condom since they’re stretchier. 


No latex condoms are truly without any smell, but these are better than most.

They smell pretty neutral and inoffensive, much better than your typical Durex or Trojan deal. There’s more of a smell than a polyisoprene or polyurethane condom, but that’s to be expected. All in all, solid performance on the nose but nothing awe-inspiring. 

How To Use A LELO Condom

These condoms might look like the beginnings of a sexual sci-fi future, but Hex works just like any other condom. 

You take one out of the hex condom packaging, pinch the handy reservoir tip, and roll it all the way down your shaft. 


The Hex Condom Test: My Experience

It’s all well and good looking at the box and admiring the hexagons, but how does it feel during sex? 

Only one way to find out. 

My partner was almost as impressed with the Hex design as I was. She tried pulling on one condom to see how strong it was since she couldn’t believe something that thin could actually be that safe. 

But my partner’s fears were soon allayed, and we got down to the actual test.

Taking another one out of the package and rolling it on was a MUCH EASIER time than the usual fiddling with plastic wrappers.

I think other condom manufacturers could take a lesson out of LELO’s book and use wrapping like this. It’s so much easier to tear and take out, especially when your fingers are slippery, which is probable during sex. 

These condoms also come out of the wrapper rolled down a bit further than I was used to. For a second, I thought that was a mistake until we realized it was intentional.

It’s meant to make it easier to tell which way around is the right way. 

That’s another nice touch that we often don’t consider.

How many times have you started rolling on a condom, only to realize it’s the wrong way around, and now you have to get out yet another one? ESPECIALLY in the dark? 

So I rolled the condom on correctly the first time, and… well, it felt like it disappeared

Once it was on and securely in place, it didn’t move, yet there was no feeling of tightness or restriction. 

It’s an odd sensation to be able to see a condom on your shaft but not to feel its presence.  

And once we got going, it was the same story. Neither of us really noticed there was anything there. It didn’t quite feel raw, but it was a huge improvement over your typical slippy, distracting rubber feeling. 

So that was AWESOME.

And it held up to every test. We tried many different positions, speeds, and whatnot, and I’m happy to report that the LELO Hex never moved, broke, or failed in any way. It exceeded my expectations of how I thought a latex condom could perform. 

And that annoying latex smell you get after sex with a regular condom? A quick wash and it was gone. I mean washing ourselves, NOT the condom. That would be weird.

All in all, we were very impressed with the performance. I did feel the need to check the condom for any signs of breakage since I knew it might not be immediately obvious like it is with a standard condom, but there was nothing. It held up. 

Price & Where To Buy A LELO Condom

You can get a pack of these Hex condoms from Lelo’s website. Prices vary according to the quantity you’re buying, but you can get a 36-pack for about $36 or $1 per hex condom. For a luxury product like this, that’s a STEAL!

What Do Other People Think Of Using It In Sex?

Personally, I use the Lelo hex condoms. Never had any issues with breakage, and I find them to be super comfortable. I’d say I’m pretty average in size.


Reddit user

It’s really about the sensitivity. I tried the Lelo Hex in a size that fits well, and they’re at least better than normal condoms (in my size), but still far away from not wearing a condom at all.


Reddit user

The LELO Alternatives 

LELO Hex™ Respect XL

If you’re sold on the benefits of the hex design, but you’re BIGGER in the trouser department, you’ll want to go for the Hex Respect XL condom instead. It’s got all the same features and the same hex design but in a bigger package.

Lifestyles SKYN Elite Non-Latex Lubricated Condoms

SKYN Elite condoms are another thin, luxurious feeling condom with plenty of benefits. They’re not as secure-feeling or form-fitting as the LELO Hex, but they’re made of polyisoprene, which is notably softer than the Hex’s latex material. 

And the SKYN Elite condoms don’t trigger latex allergies or skin irritation since they don’t contain any latex. So if that’s an issue, then SKYN Elite condom all the way. 

If you don’t have any issues with latex condoms, then honestly, it’s a toss-up. Try both and see which you prefer.

Trojan Ultra Ribbed

LELO Hex condoms have an awesome texture that adds more sensation for both partners, but it is quite subtle. 

If you want more direct stimulation from the structure of your condoms, then go with the Trojan Ultra Ribbed condoms. The texture is more enticing and gives your partner more sensation, which is an advantage. 

These condoms are a bit tighter and not as well-fitted as the LELO Hex, though. So that’s a trade-off.

If you’re looking for more condom options, you can check out our best condom guide.

Final Thoughts 

I would say the LELO Hex is more evolutionary than revolutionary. The hexagons allow them to be thinner, more comfortable, and stronger than other rubbers on the market, which is mighty impressive. 

It doesn’t feel like you’re wearing nothing at all, but compared to your average condom, there’s a world of difference.

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