We Vibe Sync Review: Is This Couples Vibrator Worth Buying? [2024]

The Sync is another great couple’s toy that comes with the sleek We-Vibe Control function. It also has an updated connectivity feature with a new Beat Mode that lets you synchronize the vibrations to your favorite jams. It’s also great for long-distance and has dual stimulation with adjustable arms for the best experience.

We Vibe Sync

We-Vibe has always made a buzz when it comes to the cag stimulators. Its latest series with dual stimulators have become quite popular and are gaining a following with each release.

Today, we’re doing a We-Vibe Sync review with the hope of showing you why it’s amongst the top favorites in the clitoral vibrators category.

The closest model to the Sync was the We-Vibe 4 Plus, which was recently discontinued. 

The We-Vibe 4 Plus was upgraded from the We-Vibe 4 and had new features that included smartphone connectivity through the We-Connect app.

Apart from that… Whereas the We-Vibe Sync has an adjustable form, the We-Vibe Unite and We-Vibe Match are stationery slim forms.

Let’s learn more about its dual stimulation, connectivity functions, and how it actually feels in use.

The Good

It’s great for a couple-play. It has dual motors that deliver stimulation to the clitoris and G-Spot region inside the vagina. Has 2 adjustable points that you can use to angle it perfectly on your clit and inside. It also has a remote and app control feature that allows long-distance pleasuring.

The Not So Good

Guys with bigger girths may struggle to get it right with this one. The buttons, again, are difficult to press. It’s pretty expensive.

The Bottom Line

It’s an awesome couple’s toy with superb connectivity features. The dual stimulation plays well with its adjustable arms and offers very pleasant sensations. It’s highly recommendable if you value quality.

We Vibe Sync First Impressions / Packaging

we vibe snyc review

Like all We-Vibe products, the Sync comes in beautiful packaging. The two-tone box reminded me of a sunset scene, which already put me in the mood for an evening of pleasure.

Inside, I found the small, U-shaped vibe presented on a display board. Behind it were the usual suspects for a We-Vibe toy – the USB charger, the user manual, We-Vibe’s signature lube sample, and the Sync’s remote.

What I didn’t expect was the charging station. It’s a smooth white pod that holds both the We-Vibe Sync and the remote for easy, secure charging. With the lid in place, it’s indistinguishable from any other household appliance. Stealthy.

We-Vibe Sync Review: Tech and Specs Overview

we vibe snyc overview


It’s small and compact and only measures 2.94” (L) x 1.24” (W) x 1.64” (H). 

The insertable arm is relatively slim but could still inconvenience guys with big girths.


The We-vibe Sync is made from body-safe silicone and BPA plastic that is latex-free. 

This combination gives the toy a soft, sturdy, and flexible nature for the best experience.

Comparison Table

snyc versus

Here’s a table I prepared comparing the models’ overall specs. Hope this helps in guiding your decision in the future.

We-Vibe Sync
Silicone, BPA
Couple, Solo
App-enabled, Remote control
Dual Stimulation
Silicone, BPA
Couple, Solo
Remote control
Dual Stimulation
Silicone, BPA
Couple, Solo
Remote control
Dual Stimulation

How Does the We-Vibe Sync Look & Feel?

II was immediately struck by the We-Vibe Sync design. It was cute and small enough to fit in my partner’s petite hand, which means it would be perfect for travel.

how does we vibe snyc feels like

It’s also beautifully designed. I love a good sex toy that doesn’t look like a sex toy, and this is one of them. The colors (even though there are only two to choose from) are tasteful, and the whole thing just screams luxury.

The smooth silicone is soft to the touch with ridges in all the most important places. Those ridges, in use, added just the right amount of texture to be stimulating without overwhelming my girl. Top points so far!

Key Functionality

we vibe snyc function


The We-Vibe Sync has up to 10 vibration modes. You can mix with the varying intensity levels to create different vibrating combinations for your ideal orgasm.

All of which you can control using the included remote control. The We-Vibe 4 Plus has only 4 modes but includes a remote control.

The modes are Low, Medium, High, Ultra, Pulse, Wave, Echo, Tide, Crest, and Surf.

Apart from the Sync, Chorus, and Match, it’s only the We-Vibe Unite that can control the vibration intensity using the remote. 

  • Quality

Lovers of rumbly vibes will be happy to know the We-Vibe Sync delivers just that! They’re deeply penetrating, both on the clitoral and the G-spot ends, and don’t risk numbing or desensitizing you.

  • Strength

The We-Vibe Sync vibrator also delivers on power. Even though the internal arm is a bit weaker than the clit arm, both are still powerful enough to please your partner and give you a bit of extra pleasure too! Even the medium settings are plenty powerful, so you’re bound to find a setting that works for you.


The ergonomic design makes this beauty a beast when it comes to sensations. It also has a dual stimulation feature that allows you to get double stimulations.

One concentrated on your clitoris and the other on the G-Spot area inside.

The soft and smooth silicone body delivers very pleasant waves of vibrations onto the clitoris and internals alike.

The 2 adjustable arms are also made to allow you to change the angles of the arms to rest on your two pleasure areas comfortably.


The We-Vibe Sync is quiet and discrete, though I wouldn’t suggest outdoor use.

Connection Quality & App

we vibe snyc connection

The Sync has a connection feature that allows you to pair it up with a smartphone using the We-Connect App.

What this means is that you may now have intimate moments with a partner regardless of your current geographical location. 

There are reports of breakdowns with some users.

But the remote control function is very handy during couple-play and has a connection radius of up to 3 meters. You can use it to adjust the intensity of the motors too.

The We-Vibe Match and We-Vibe Unite, on the other hand, don’t have the App feature but have the remote function.

If you want more details about the We-Vibe Match, check out our We-Vibe Match review!


We really loved the charging pod – it’s a neat extra feature that makes charging super easy. Just plug the pod into a USB port or wall adapter and then place the We-Vibe Sync in its allotted spot.

The remote doesn’t need to be charged, but there’s a space for that, too, to keep everything together. The remote battery should last a few years and can be replaced with a cell battery when it runs out.

Magnetic chargers get a bad rap for their tendency to fall off the moment you turn your back. The charging pod solves that problem at the same time as making storage a no-brainer. 

Plus, it’s so discreet! The sleek white design means it wouldn’t look out of place on a bedside table, a kitchen bench, or an office desk – basically, anywhere you’d expect to see electronics.

Battery Life

It takes approximately 2 hours to get to full charge, and this could give you around 90 minutes of usage time if you’re in moderate settings.


The tricky thing with dual stimulators is getting the right fit. One size never fits all, but the We-Vibe Sync comes close. It’s super flexible and has an impressive 70° of flexibility and two joints. That means it’s much more likely to be a good fit since the clitoral head and the internal arm can be adjusted separately. 


The We-Vibe Sync is great for its intended use – PiV sex. It’s small enough to fit between you and your partner, even in missionary. That said, it does NOT work in every position, so play around and find what works best for you.

The good news is, it can be used as a great addition to anal sex too! If you and your partner enjoy anal play, the vibe can be used to give added pleasure to her clit and G-spot, giving her the holy trinity of stimulation.

Even though the Sync is designed as a couples toy, she can use it for solo play too! If she wants a luxurious self-pleasure session, the Sync is a great companion.


The We-Vibe Sync is IPX7 rated – that means it’s fully submersible up to 3 feet. That makes it great for shower sex or your girl’s me-time in the bath. 

It also makes cleaning incredibly easy and stress-free. Just don’t get the remote wet, or you’ll have to fork out for a new one! 

How to Use the We-Vibe Sync Vibrator

how to use we vibe sync

Using a bit of water-based lube, your girl can slowly insert the G-spot arm of the Sync into her. I recommend giving her time to warm up (a lot) before trying any penetration.

Luckily, the remote or the app gives you plenty of opportunities to help her with that process. If she’s cool with you taking control, this can be a hot foreplay session that keeps you both on edge!

Once you’re both ready for penetration, get very liberal with the lube. I know you might be tempted to dive right in, but trust me, you’ll want to take it slow. Especially if you’re packing some girth. 

If you’re bigger than average, she might even want to do some extra stretching beforehand, just to make sure she can fit you both in without issue.

Button Control

The single manual button is really just a last resort in case you can’t use the remote or app for some reason. To turn on the Sync, press the button down for two seconds. The same can be done to turn it off again.

To cycle through vibration modes, quick-press the button. This is best done before you insert it – trying to use this button is really annoying when it’s already inside you! 

Remote Control

The remote was my favorite way to control the Sync while my partner and I were in the same room. It’s about half the size of the Sync itself and easy to use with just four buttons arranged in a circle.

The buttons pointing up and down are used to control vibration intensity. The vibration modes can be controlled with the buttons pointing left and right

If you’ve been using the app controls, you’ll need to resync the remote and the sex toy. To connect  them again, you just have to hold down any button on the remote for 3 seconds. 

App Control

If you really want to experience the full range of capabilities that the Sync has to offer, the app is the best way to do it. To sync the app with your toy, just download the We-Connect app – it’s available for both iPhone and Android. 

You can do everything you can do with the remote, plus a whole lot more. Aside from adjusting vibration intensity and choosing from preset patterns, you can create your own patterns, sync the toy to vibrate in time with your favorite song, or share long-distance controls.

Unfortunately, connectivity is a pretty common issue. To get the best results, make sure you both have new phones and good connections.

Our Experience with the We-Vibe Sync

experience we vibe sync

First and foremost… We applied a generous amount of water-based lube on my girl beforehand.

Now, the G-spot arm went inside her vulva, taking up some room too. So, men, you’d want a lady to warm up to the extra sauce coming her way.

This is again very important if you want her to relax and identify the combination that works for her.

The App gives real-time control of the modes and intensities on the vibrator.

It allows you to connect the sex toy through Bluetooth if you have an iOS 9 or newer and if you have Android 4.4 or any later versions.


Check whether your current smartphone can connect with the app beforehand. There are only a few models tried and tested, and this even We-Vibe confirms. You may get this information from Reddit and other such forums.

When using the app, you may swipe left or right to change to cycle through the modes. To change the intensities, you do this by pinching or expanding the screen till you get your desired level. 

We loved the fact that you can create your own custom vibrations and store them. The app lagged a bit but nothing too serious for us.

All in all… The remote still works well in close-range all the same. Out of all the positions we tried with the Sync, we both enjoyed the Missionary so much.

This is because the external arm kept rubbing her clit with an up-and-down motion with each thrust I made. And it was equally wonderful for me as I could feel the strong vibrations from the clitoral arm rumbling through my shaft.

The only setback I felt was that there’s not much room left for you to work with, especially if you’re packing extra girth.

But driving your strokes slow and steady will make your nuts go crazy, boys 🙂

…She loved it. I loved it. And we both had very strong orgasms! This Sync is definitely a keeper.

How Easy To Clean & Durability

how to clean we vibe sync

Cleaning is easy. You may use warm water and mild soap to go about it. And since it’s made waterproof, you can submerge it if the need arises. 

The great thing is that after drying, you can use the charging base as a storing base again. Just place it back and cover it with the top case, and you’re good to go. 

Not forgetting, since the Sync is also rechargeable, you may use it for several occasions provided you give it proper maintenance.

Price, Where To Buy

where to buy we vibe sync

If chucking anything above $100 for a sex toy is not your ideal budget, then this dual stimulator is not for you. The general price is pretty expensive regardless of where you buy and retail at up to $150+ in some other shops.

While the We-Vibe 4 Plus is already discontinued; you can still get the We-Vibe Sync at their official online store at 20% off as of this writing.

Whatever you do, just make sure you DON’T make an order from Amazon or eBay! Or else, you might receive cheap knockoffs made using substandard materials that could hurt your body.

Would I Recommend this Sex Toy? If so, to whom?

The We-Vibe Sync is a fantastic dual stimulator. I’d recommend it to anyone who understands the joy of getting a good orgasmic release.

It may be pricey, but this is nothing if you consider the new connectivity features enhancing close and long-distance intimacy.

Also, the modes are very dynamic, and I’m certain there’s something for everyone there.

Who Is It For?

  • If you want added stimulation when having sex with a partner.
  • If you love vibrating stimulators.
  • Girls who love toys with app connectivity features.
  • Couples in long-distance relationships.

Who Is It Not For?

  • If you don’t like vibrators. 
  • If your partner’s penis is too girthy.
  • If you’re looking for cheaper options.

What Do Other People Think About It?

We’ve gathered what other people are saying about the We-Vibe from Reddit.

ThatVapeBitch said this:

This toy is perfect. I was slightly worried when I read the reviews on the app (it connects via Bluetooth and wifi), but I’ve had no issues with it so far. 

It’s a powerful vibrator, and with the app, the vibration is completely customizable. I plan to test out the long-range function tomorrow when my boyfriend is at work, so he can control it while I’m at home.


Reddit user

Here’s another user, BlissfullyOrgasmic, with her We-VIbe comparison:

I have to admit I’m super impressed with it. They’ve made simple changes to the 4 plus (which I actually really enjoyed and didn’t have the connection issues that a lot of people had) – they’ve added somewhat of a hinge to the design thus it should fit more bodies. 

I feel the vibrations are a bit more powerful and since the 4 plus came out the We-Vibe APP has improved significantly since the release of the Nova and Rave. The case and charging are a lot better too.


Reddit user


Well, there is another option offering almost the same features and also have a connectivity function that you could look out for.

We-Vibe Sync vs. Lovense Lush 

we vibe sync alternative

Lovense Lush 

($70-99) is equally a powerful stimulator and retails well below the $100 tag.

We-Vibe Sync vs. Lelo Tiani 3

we vibe sync alternative

Lelo Tiani 3

The Lelo Tiani 3 only has one flexible joint, so getting the right fit is much trickier than with the Sync. It’s also not quite as powerful and doesn’t include app connectivity. We do enjoy Tiani’s SenseMotion remote control, though. So, when you move or tilt the remote, the vibration intensity increases.

We-Vibe Sync vs. We-Vibe Chorus

alternative for we vibe sync

We-Vibe Chorus

The Chorus is the new and improved version of the Sync. It includes a squeeze-sensitive remote that ramps up vibrations based on how strong your grip is, plus a TouchSense feature that changes the vibes every time you thrust.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

Sync is one of the best We-Vibe orgasm toys since the We-Vibe 4 Plus. The connectivity features are a great touch, and the adjustable arms make placement more comfortable.

It works well for a couple-play session (worked for us), and it’s convenient for long-distance sessions too. 

The dual stimulator function is also a rad upgrade that enhances the levels of sensation for both partners during intercourse.

You just have to ensure that you’ve warmed up well before inviting any other thing inside you.

But, if you also want a popular brand with almost the same functions, then you can check the Lovense Lush. It’s also made of silicone and is more pocket-friendly.

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading this Sync review! Feel free to share it with your friends and leave any questions in the Comments Section below 🙂


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