24 Best Places To Buy Sex Toys Online In 2024 [Reviewed]

Looking for the best place to buy sex toys online? We’ve rounded up 24 of the best online sex stores so you can shop all you want to your discreet heart’s desire.

Going to a real-life sex shop can be a very anxiety-inducing experience. After all, sex is a very delicate and private matter. 

I remember one time at a sex shop. The seller looked so much like my elementary school teacher it got me completely out of the zone.

So for those of you who want to shop discreetly or just don’t want to encounter a doppelganger of an old teacher at a sex store, online shops are here to help you! 

Since there are so many of them out there, I’ll help you out in your search for the perfect place to shop.

This will be a round-up in two parts – General Sex Toy Shops & Official Brand Shops.

But first, let’s start with the all-around top 3.

SexualAlpha Top Pick

Whatever you’re thinking of buying, Lovehoney probably has it! This site has a HUGE inventory and offers something for every budget, taste, gender, and sexual orientation. Best of all — you will NEVER get a cheap knockoff of a popular brand. It’s the best place to browse and discover new stuff. 

Best Shop For Interactive Toys

The folks at Kiiroo have developed cutting-edge interactive toys that can sync up to VR porn or interactive webcam shows. That way, you can completely lose yourself in your fantasies, and your solo experiences will be even more exciting. For couples, Kiiroo offers sets of toys that can sync with each other, so you can feel your partner’s moves — perfect for long-distance play.

Most Popular Brand for Masturbators

Masturbators are fun for solo play, couples play, and even stamina training. If you’re looking for one, visit Fleshlight’s site! All the sleeves are made of their patented body-safe material that mimics actual penetration for a more life-like feel. The site has a wide array of sizes and textures, so you can get what’s right for YOU. 

Top 3 Sex Toy Shop Websites

Best Shop For Interactive Toys


SexualAlpha Top Pick


Most Popular Brand for Masturbators


Interactive male, female, couples
Masturbators, others
Free for orders over $100
Free for orders over $49 
Free for orders over $80

Best Sex Toy Shops Online

SexualAlpha Top Pick

1. Lovehoney

Free for orders over $49
Return policy:
Full refund within 60 days of receiving the item
  • Huge range of quality toys
  • A lot of sales and discounts
  • Less fetish or niche items

Whatever you’re thinking of, chances are Lovehoney has it! 

Lovehoney operates both in Europe and the United States and has fast and discreet shipping, which is free for orders of $49 and up (US).

The shop has some of the most popular brands out there and offers toys, lingerie, bondage accessories, and more. You can find all the best sex products in one place and are guaranteed the real deal – NO KNOCKOFFS HERE! 

The site offers quality products for every budget, so you’ll find something right for you no matter if you want to save or splurge.

The site is so large you may get a bit overwhelmed while browsing. Have patience. Lovehoney is easy to navigate, so you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Also, they offer all sorts of discounts, so you might strike a deal on that one thing you’ve been eyeballing for a while. 

Now, if you’re into some niche or specific kinks, Lovehoney may not have the variety you are hoping for, but it would still offer something that will catch your eye.

Pro Tip

Use the code HONEYX10 for a 10% discount on Lovehoney.

Best To Educate About Body-Safe Materials

2. Peepshow Toys

Free for orders over $70
Return policy:
Work with manufacturers’ warranties and offer replacements
  • Focus on body-safe materials
  • Products for transfolk
  • You have to spend more to get free shipping

Yes, every one of your sex toys should be made of body-safe materials. But what does that mean exactly? 

This is where Peepshow Toys come in.

On the top of their priority list is selling toys made from body-safe materials and educating their customers on what that means exactly.

They offer toys for both men and women, products designed for transfolk, and more. 

The site has a unique “Shop by pleasure” category. It allows you to browse toys based on what kind of stimulation you enjoy. That makes things easier for the newbies among you who aren’t sure which toy does what. 

Best For Kinksters

3. UberKinky

Fantasy, XXL, BDSM
Free for orders over $69
Return policy:
Replace faulty items, refund unopened products
  • Products designed for kinky people
  • Fantastic range of fantasy dildos
  • Almost no toys suitable for vanilla people

Maybe you’re over basic toys and are looking for something different, unique, or adventurous.

UberKinky, as the name suggests, is a heaven for all you kinksters out there. They have an excellent range of XXL toys, BDSM accessories, dildos, and more.

Some of the best products include their fantasy dildos – animal, alien, unicorn, dragon, tentacles, and more!

The unorthodox shapes, sizes, and textures offer new and exciting sensations. Of course, if you’re vanilla, you might be overwhelmed. But you might still find something fun!

Best Sexual Wellness

4. Betty’s Toy Box

Free over $59
Return policy:
For defective within 15 days 
  • Products are handpicked by the team
  • Focus on sexual wellness
  • Won’t offer you much if you’re into niche fetishes

Sex products should be widely accessible and enjoyed without judgment or fear. That’s the mantra of Betty’s Toy Box. 

The staff handpicks all products and focuses on sexual wellness products and literature.

You can find quality toys for Kegel exercises, prostate health, vaginal dilators, products suitable for people with erectile dysfunction, and more.

If you’re just starting out in whatever sexual practice, if you value learning about sexual wellness, or if other shops are a bit too flashy for you, Betty’s Toy Box is your place!

Pro Tip

Use the discount code SEXUALALPHA for a 10% discount on Betty’s Toy Box.

Best Boutique

5. Ella Paradis

Free for orders 29.99 and up
Return policy:
Refund for lost, damaged, or stolen package
  • Nice boutique experience
  • Accepts returns of defective items, but it takes time to get that sorted out

Ella Paradis offers a boutique experience with its curated selection of over 2000 quality brands and toys. They cater to women, men, and couples.

You will find products suitable for most budgets, so feel free to browse and choose what’s right for you.

Sadly, returns of defective products do take a bit of time to be sorted out. On the plus side, they offer a 30-day satisfaction guarantee on Better Love products.

Best For Art Lovers

6. SheVibe

Men, women, couples, transfolk
Free for orders of $68 and more
Return policy:
Policies for different problems
  • Great artwork
  • Sex products for almost everyone
  • Space of inclusiveness
  • The range of products is not as big as with other shops

SheVibe stands out among other sex toy shops with their creative artwork. If you’re an art lover and a comics fan, the site is a very fun experience.

SheVibe has over 83 art covers you can see on their site. They also are the creators and exclusive distributor of the Totally NSFW Coloring Book. If you have a creative side, you will probably have lots of fun with the series. 

The range of products isn’t as big as with other shops, but SheVibe strives to create an INCLUSIVE SPACE. I would like to point out the incredible cover artwork on the “Gender Affirmation” section with the message: ”You are seen.”.

Shops that not only offer quality products but also go out of their way to make statements supporting gender equality and sexual wellness deserve our support. 

Best For Foot Fetish

7. Oxy Shop

BDSM, foot fetish
Tracking your order
Return policy:
Staff will help you if there is a problem with your order
  • Specialized toys
  • Most returns aren’t acceptable

Oxy Shop focuses on the BDSM scene and offers different types of bondage, male and female chastity products, and more.

If you’re into foot fetish play, you’ll also find quality foot masturbators. Some feet have a vaginal orifice at the ankle. There is also an option of getting a realistic half doll (from the waist down). 

The products are made to mimic human skin, and the designs are modeled after real girls for a more sensual and life-like experience. Most returns aren’t acceptable, but the staff will gladly help you if you by any chance receive a defective product.

Best For Booklovers

8. Spectrum Boutique

Free over $99
Return policy:
Only for items that are damaged when you first receive them
  • Wide range of sexual wellness literature
  • You have to spend a lot for free shipping

Like many online shops, Spectrum Boutique has a variety of products for men, women, and transfolk. What sets it apart from the rest of those general shops is the wide array of books on sexual wellness.

You’ll find BOOKS related to relationships, LGBTQ+, BDSM, masturbation, and even parenting!

So while you’re picking up some toys, why not pick up some reading material too? You might learn something that will enhance your sex life even more than toys can!

You would have to spend a lot to get that free shipping, but then again – neither books nor sex toys are that cheap to begin with.

Pro Tip

Use the discount code ILYSM to get a 10% discount on Spectrum Boutique.

Best BDSM Store

9. The Stockroom

BDSM, FetLife
Free over $99
Return policy:
Size exchange for items that do not pose a health risk
  • Specialized for BDSM accessories
  • No products for vanilla people

If you’re already an expert in the BDSM scene, stores that carry the most basic BDSM gear probably don’t cut it for you. So you might want to visit The Stockroom shop, which specializes in FetLife gear and accessories.

No matter which side of the slash you’re on, you’ll find something to pique your interest – whips and paddles, gags, bondage kits, electric toys, animal roleplay products, and so much more!

This shop won’t interest you if you’re not into rough play…but I still recommend checking it out. You might surprise yourself.

Best Women-Friendly Sex Shop

10. Babeland

Focused on women’s toys
Ships products to over 250 countries worldwide
Return policy:
Accepts returns for defective products
  • Wide range of female products
  • No free shipping

Babeland started in 1993 in response to the lack of women-friendly stores in Seattle. Now, although they do offer male sex toys, female pleasure is still their main focus.

You’ll find toys from different brands, lingerie, and movies. 

Babeland is not just an online store – it also has retail stores in New York and Seattle!

If you’re a local, you can pick up your order directly from the store. Sadly there is no free shipping, but the products are worth it.

Best Sex Toy Sites of Official Brands

Best Shop for Interactive Toys

11. Kiiroo

Free for orders over $100
Return policy:
Unopened items can be returned for a partial refund
  • Interactive toys that work with an app, interactive webcams, or VR content
  • Toys suitable for long-distance play
  • Offers only a partial refund on UNOPENED toys

If you want to take advantage of everything new technologies have to offer you, you’ll LOVE Kiiroo. 

Kiiroo kicks things up a notch by giving you the opportunity for an immersive interactive experience. One of their most popular items is the KEON stroker, which can sync up to VR porn, interactive webcam shows, or other Kiiroo toys.

This is a great way to indulge in your fantasies and makes them even more intense and realistic.

If you’re in a long-distance relationship, Kiiroo offers options to connect to your partner wherever you are. They offer special couple’s sets, where the toys can sync with one another. 

You and your partner can control each other’s toys through Kiiroo’s phone app. You can also feel your partner’s moves – when they use their toy, your toy response, and vice versa!

There are sets for both straight AND same-sex couples.

Pro Tip

Use the discount code SEXUALALPHA for a 10% discount on Kiiroo. (Minimum purchase of $69)

Most Popular Brand For Masturbators

12. Fleshlight

Free for orders over $80
Return policy:
All items that are unopened and unused can be returned for product value
  • Strokers of different shapes, sizes, and textures
  • Masturbation sleeves modeled after real adult film actresses
  • Mouth orifices aren’t very popular

Fleshlight may be the best brand for quality masturbators.

Their design is meant to mimic a flashlight, perfect for those who prefer to keep their toys incognito. They’re also made of a high-quality material that mimics the feeling of real intercourse so you can really get into your fantasies.

There is a choice of sizes from the original that will deliver the ultimate FL experience to the Go and Quickshot series, perfect for traveling and using with a partner. 

Fleshlight also offers a huge variety of textures to play with, and the site has a picture of each one, so you know exactly what you’re getting. You can go for something closer to real-life or something very intense that will be perfect for stamina training.

They even have toys with orifices modeled after some of the most popular porn actresses. So if you ever fantasized about what it’s like to get it on with Riley Reid, for example, you’ll have a blast with this collection.

Sadly, mouth orifices aren’t very popular, but if that’s your thing, you can find it in the Quickshot Stamina Training Unit.

Fleshlight not only is focused on masturbation sleeves but also has a very high-quality female toy lineup, so you can pick up something extra for your girlfriend. 

Best Shop For High Tech Couple Toys

13. Lovense

Male, female, couples
Different methods for every country
Return policy:
1-year warranty
  • Every toy has Bluetooth connectivity for short and long-distance control
  • Toys are suitable for setting up interactive webcam shows
  • Kind of pricey

The products by Lovense are perfect not just for solo play but also for COUPLES that enjoy including toys in their play sessions.

Every toy is equipped with Bluetooth connectivity.

With the Lovense Remote app, you can create your own vibration patterns, use patterns by other users, sync your toys together, or to the rhythm of your favorite music or even your voice. This creates virtually endless possibilities for stimulation and play. 

The app lets you control toys either nearby or over the internet from anywhere in the world. This means you have some exciting play sessions with your partner, even if they are in another city or another country.

Some toys are perfect for wearing out and about, and you can give up control in the hands of your partner for some risky fun.

The toys are especially popular with interactive webcam shows. They can be set to react to the tips the performer receives, so the audience gets to be part of the action on screen. So if you’re starting webcamming, this is the store for you!

Pro Tip

Watch out for their discounts. Often they take $20 off in flash sales.

Best Shop For Large Dildos

14. Mr. Hankey’s Toys

No free shipping
Return policy:
No returns after the toy leaves the shop
  • High-quality dildos customized for your needs
  • No free shipping

If you’re looking to experiment with large dildos or are already an expert, look no further than Mr. Hankey’s Toys.

Big dildos are no small challenge, and for safety reasons, you should use high-quality toys designed specifically for stretching and depth training! Mr. Hankey’s Toys offers just that.

All the dildos are handcrafted and made from 100% platinum cure silicone which is odor-free, body-safe, and won’t melt when in contact with other silicone toys.

This guarantees you a long life for your toy and a long time of fun for you! They also offer the best prices per pound of silicone, so you’re getting a deal.

Mr. Hankey’s have a wide range of designs for both realistic and fantasy dildos. Through their shop, you can customize your toy’s firmness, color, and more. That way, you can get a dildo that provides EXACTLY what you need!

Pro Tip

Use the discount code ALPHA10 to get a 10% discount on Mr. Hankey’s Toys.

All Around Quality Toys

15. BestVibe

Free on orders $69 and more
Return policy:
90-day money-back guarantee, 180-day warranty
  • Interesting designs
  • Short warranty

It’s safe to say there is something for everyone on the site, and the prices are quite budget-friendly.

If you’re a fan of innovative and weird designs and multi-functional toys, this is the place for you!

The toys are unique – for example, there is a hands-free masturbator that combines thrusting and rotation. Of course, if you want toys that look fun and are also incognito, there is plenty of that too – like the vibrator that looks like a peeled banana

The only downside is that the toys have a pretty short warranty. So pay special attention to the real customer reviews on each product page – if something doesn’t have a long life, users will note that, and you can choose something that will work for you. 

Note: We’ve replaced some BestVibe links at the moment.

Pro Tip

Use the discount code 15OFF to get a $15 discount on the BestVibe website.

Best Shop For App-Controlled Toys

16. We-Vibe

Male, female, couple
Free for orders over $30
Return policy:
Replacements of faulty products, as guaranteed by the warranty
  • App-controlled toys
  • The connection can be faulty

You’re already using your phone for everything. Why not use it for spicing up your playtime?

In the We-Vibe store, you can find some of the most popular app-controlled toys on the market. Using your phone gives you more possibilities than using a remote since you can create your own vibe, control multiple toys at once, or control a toy from anywhere in the world.

This means you can enrich your experience not only with unique and wild vibration patterns but also engage in long-distance or public play with your partner.

Of course, all app-controlled toys still have some connectivity issues from time to time.

But taking into account where these toys are shoved into, I think we can cut them some slack. We-Vibe constantly improves both their toys and their app for an even better experience.

Best Shop For Anal And Prostate Toys

17. Tantus

Anal and general
Based on the total weight of the package
Return policy:
Refunds/replacements for defective products up to 15 days after purchase
  • Wide range of anal and prostate toys
  • No free shipping

At Tantus, you can find a lot of high-quality toys, from dildos and vibrators to a kink arsenal. 

But where they shine is their line of anal toys. They cater to every level of experience, whether you need something beginner-friendly or are in search of something on the girthier side. 

The toys are 100% ultra-premium silicone. That means they can be completely disinfected. Considering where they are meant to go, that’s pretty neat – bacteria and infections ruin all the fun. 

If you’re in the market for something for anal stimulation, no matter your gender, Tantus’ shop will be right up your (back) alley.

Best Shop For Prostate Massagers

18. Aneros

Prostate massagers
Fees will be dependent on your location
Return policy:
60-day money-back guarantee
  • High-quality prostate massagers
  • No free shipping

If you are a prostate owner and are looking for something that’s both good for your health and good for your playtime, get a prostate massager by Aneros.

Prostate health and sexual pleasure are very interconnected, and prostate massagers help with both.

If you’re unsure of what to get, Aneros offers a handy buyers guide, so you can find the best massager FOR YOU. 

Pro Tip

Use the discount code SEXUALALPHA10 to get a 10% discount on the Aneros website.

Best Value For Money Masturbators

19. Tenga

Free over $75
Return policy:
30 days for unopened products
  • Quality masturbators at good prices
  • Disposable masturbators are not very eco-friendly

If you are looking for a masturbation sleeve but are still a newbie and don’t want to spend too much money, you might want to shop at Tenga’s official website. 

Tenga manufactures not only reusable strokers but also disposable ones. That means you can get to know the masturbator experience for budget-friendly prices and see what works for you before committing to a more expensive toy.

NOTE: They aren’t very eco-friendly, so don’t overdo it. 

All the designs by Tenga are perfect for those of you that prefer their toys to be less noticeable.

The site offers many perks for its users, like a quarterly subscription box that will deliver surprise toys for you every 3 months.

Best Shop For Luxury Sex Toys

20. Lelo

Male, female, couples
Express, premium, and regular
Return policy:
Returns for malfunctioning products
  • Perfect for those of you who are looking for a luxury experience
  • Expensive

If you’re willing to splurge some extra money for a luxurious experience, you should do so on Lelo’s official site.

Lelo offers top-quality toys for solo and couples play. They pay attention to detail, from the design of the toy itself to the packaging.

All toys are made from high-quality body-safe materials, and any motors they have will provide you intense pleasure and will last a long time.

Lelos products come with a warranty. In the unlikely event you have problems with your toy, they will be happy to help.

Best Shop For Clit Stimulating Toys

21. Womanizer

Clit stimulators
US and Europe
Return policy:
5-year warranty
  • Innovative and contactless clitoral stimulation
  • Not every woman is a fan of the sensation

Clit stimulating toys are fun, but traditional vibrating toys are getting kind of boring at this point.

If you want to experiment with a different kind of external stimulation, take a look at Womanizer. 

Womanizer makes special products that stimulate the clitoris with contactless Pleasure Air Technology. The toy uses air pulses on your nerve endings, giving you a very different kind of pleasure than traditional vibrating stimulators.

The sensation can still get pretty intense, and it’s become a favorite among many users, but not everyone is a fan, so tread carefully.

Best Shop For Premium Toys

22. Fun Factory

Male, female, couples
Free for US
Return policy:
25-day refund
  • Wide selection of premium toys
  • Colorful designs
  • Pricey

Fun Factory has a HUGE selection of toys for every gender, sexual orientation, and level of experience. 

The company is known for its brightly colored products, which are ideal for those who find the realistic designs off-putting. They’re all made from body-safe materials, and the motors used are durable and reliable.

If your way of deciding on what to buy is through browsing and if you want to invest in a premium experience, Fun Factory has a lot to offer you!

It’s easiest to go to the Best Sellers list and see what others have enjoyed the most. 

Best Shop For Sex Furniture

23. Liberator

Sex furniture, bondage, general
Free on orders over $75
Return policy:
Defective products can be returned for exchange only
  • Quality sex furniture
  • Sex furniture tends to be expensive

It’s not just about toys – sex furniture can also spice things while also providing comfort. Liberator offers pillows, ramps, sofas, benches, loungers, and more. 

Sex furniture can be very helpful for people with some disabilities by providing support for positions they otherwise can’t engage in.

If you’re a fan of bondage, Liberator’s furniture also provides plenty of options for restraining.

These products tend to be a bit expensive, but are worth it, especially if you need them. If you’re interested in getting some toys as a bonus, Liberator has a pretty nice collection. 

Pro Tip

Use the discount code ALPHA20 for a 20% discount on Liberator.

Best Shop For Fucking Machines

24. Hismith

Sex machines and attachments
Standard shipping is free
Return policy:
Refund or replace defective items within $30
  • High-quality sex machines
  • Doesn’t ship all over the world

Those of you who want to kick things up several notches might be looking for fucking machines. They not only provide you with a very pleasant hands-free experience but can get pretty intense.

Why not take a look at Hismith?

They have basic and premium machines that come with attachments like different shaped dildos or masturbation sleeves.

Pro Tip

Use the discount code HSM10 to get a 10% discount (and a spring attachment freebie) on Hismith.


Why Don’t I Recommend Buying Sex Toys on Amazon?

I’ve talked about this in detail before, but here’s your TL;DR:

Amazon is a HUGE site with THOUSANDS of sellers. That means that even when Amazon tries to get rid of cheap knock-offs, some still slip through the cracks.

That means you might end up buying something of very low quality, even when the seller claims they’re selling an original product. There have also been reports of people receiving toys who have most likely already been used… All I have to say about that is “ew” and “nope.”

Yes, some respectable manufacturers sell on Amazon, but they’re very hard to find among the piles of weird cheap toys.

All in all, it’s not worth the risk of buying from Amazon, even if you like their fast delivery and cheap prices. 

Will My Delivery Be Discreet?

The delivery guy will arrive at your doorstep yelling at the top of his lungs “PLEASE SIGN HERE FOR YOUR BOX OF TOY PENISES AND OTHER SEX STUFF.” 

Okay, maybe not. 

DISCREET DELIVERY IS A MUST for every shop that delivers intimate items, and all the sex shops on our list stick to that rule! 

There are many ways to do this. Packaging is neutral, details of the seller may not be written on the box, the items may not be listed, and so on. So relax – even the delivery guy won’t know what he’s delivering.

What Can I Do If My Sex Toy Breaks?

Most shops only accept unopened and unused products for returns and refunds.

Don’t worry, though – there is a solution if you receive a faulty toy. Many manufacturers offer a warranty on their products and send replacements if there are problems on their part, even after you’ve used your toy for a while.

The terms and conditions on returning a product are different for every site and company, so pay attention to the details when ordering and don’t misplace your warranty card when you receive your toy.


I hope you now feel more confident in the world of online sex shops. There is something for everyone out there. Stick to our list and I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

Now all that is left is to start browsing.

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