5 Best Labia Spreader [2024 Review]: Clamps and Labia Spreaders!!

Best Labia Spreaders And Stretchers

At A Glance: Top 5 Best Labia Spreaders in 2024

Don’t freak out; this has nothing to do with a medical exam.

Quite the opposite.

These sex toys help you open up for your lucky partner or yourself. Say hello to intense clitoral stimulation, and let your partner easily find your G-spot!

If you’re the type who already has the best nipple clamps and enjoys using a BDSM spreader bar, then adding a good pussy spreader to your toy collection is a no-brainer.

If that last sentence made you wonder what I’m talking about, then read on, and you will be introduced to the beautiful world of labia spreaders and labia stretchers. 

Let’s start with my Top choices for the best labia spreaders you can get now:

Top Labia Spreaders

G-Spot Intimate Spreader
  • Simple design makes it easy to use
  • Good quality for a low price
  • Goes deep enough to touch the G-spot
  • Ridged texture feels great (with a bit of lube)
You 2 Toys Vibrating Labia Spreader
  • Vibrates for extra pleasure
  • Wireless remote
  • Great for solo use
  • Just imagine—you’ve got a little vibrating bullet inside, those soft round bumps on the arms rubbing up against your labia, and another finger stimulating your clit!
Frisky Petal Pusher Silicone Labia Spreader
  • Design makes it easy to use for beginners
  • Super soft silicon material
  • Pocket friendly
  • The oval ring gives a feeling of “fullness” when inserted
  • Great for partner play especially for tight openings

Best Labia Spreader In 2024

G-Spot Intimate Spreader

SexualAlpha Top Pick

G-Spot Intimate Labia Spreader

Insertable Length:
Special Feature:
Ridged texture for extra pleasure
  • Simple design makes it easy to use
  • Good quality for a low price
  • Goes deep enough to touch the G-spot
  • Doesn’t stay open because it is too flexible

The G-Spot Intimate Spreader is the gentlest way to introduce a speculum into your sex play. 

The ridged silicone texture feels incredible once covered with a nice amount of lube.

The fun started as soon as you started putting the spreader in, and I had to take a few minutes to enjoy the feeling of it rubbing against my labia.

Once inside, the curved shape is excellent for finding your special spot. So easy that you can hand things over to your partner and just lay back for the ride.

The spreader is also narrow enough to use confidently without feeling uncomfortable or “stretched.”

Unfortunately, things get slightly damp (and not in a good way) once the spreading starts.

The soft silicon arms are too flexible, so the spreader doesn’t open wide. It even slipped out a few times. Thankfully, it’s a lot of fun putting it back in.

In the end, I got a little spread after working the arms to the right angles. It’s enough for a taste of what’s possible with a labia spreader. Still, experienced users will get a little frustrated because it cannot stay open.

Overall, a great little spreader for beginners and those of you who plan to use it with a partner. (Those extra hands can help hold it open)

You 2 Toys Vibrating Labia Spreader

Best Vibrating Labia Spreader

You 2 Toys Vibrating Labia Spreader

Insertable Length:
ABS Plastic + Silicone
Special Feature:
Vibration and wireless remote
  • Vibrates for extra pleasure
  • Wireless remote
  • Great for solo use
  • Weak vibrations
  • The battery gets over fast

Talk about doubling your pleasure! This nifty little labia spreader comes attached to a bullet vibrator that sits right up next to your G-spot.

When it all works together, the stimulation you can get from this baby is off the charts!

Just imagine—you’ve got a little vibrating bullet inside, those soft round bumps on the arms rubbing up against your labia, and another finger (or tongue or vibrator) stimulating your clit!

The wireless remote makes things even more fun, and you can even hand it over to a partner for some surprises.

Now the not-so-good. My first complaint with this toy is that the vibrations aren’t powerful enough. The buzzy bullet is only good if you are getting some additional stimulation.

To make matters even more frustrating, the batteries on my piece ran out quickly, leaving me to manage things independently.

Ultimately, this is a fun little toy and great for solo play as long as it works well. Otherwise, having a partner or another toy would be best to get the most out of it.

Frisky Petal Pusher Silicone Labia Spreader

Budget Pick

Frisky Petal Pusher Silicone Labia Spreader

Insertable Length:
About 2”
Internal Metal Frame + Silicone
Special Feature:
Internal oval ring for easy penetration
  • Design makes it easy to use for beginners
  • Super soft silicon material
  • Pocket friendly
  • Can be too small for some vaginas
  • Takes a few tries to get it right

First things first—how cute is the name “Petal Pusher.” It made me smile when I received the package and saw it written in hot pink letters on the packaging. After that, I couldn’t wait to have my “petals” pushed!

Out of the box, this thing is small and feels flimsy. However, the design is quite smart, and the oval ring works well once inside

Unlike other spreaders with a narrow insertable frame, the oval ring gives a feeling of “fullness” when inserted.

However, it would help if you bent it to find the right shape to slip it in. Use lots of lube!

The Frisky Petal Pusher’s design is also the one that will open you up and give your partner the most access to your flower. Getting to those sensitive parts around the clit is easy, as is reaching the G-spot.

Unlike my previous two picks, the spreader itself doesn’t go too deep, so it doesn’t provide any stimulation on its own.

However, it does what it is meant to do quite well. Remember that it works best with smaller vaginas.

Master Series Spread Labia Spreader Straps With Clamps

Best Adjustable Labia Clamps

Master Series Spread Labia Spreader Straps With Pussy Clamps

Insertable Length:
Special Feature:
Pressure-adjustable clamps let you choose how intense you want things to get
  • High-quality straps and clamps for experienced players
  • Great black and silver color for an authentic BDSM feel
  • Adjustable straps and clamps
  • Beginners might find them too intense. Require some practice

Now we’re getting into some deep waters, where I like to swim. These labia spreader clamps have an old-school true BDSM vibe but have been updated to make things more comfortable.

I admit, the first time I used clamps, I was nervous. Having clips on my lips sounded painful! Fortunately, the clips on these babies are rubber-tipped and pressure-adjustable, so you can choose how tight you want them. 

However, expect a little pinch since they are pulling on your skin.

Pro Tip

You can adjust how wide your lips are spread by opening or closing your thighs.

Now to the good stuff, which starts once you have these clamps on. There is no other pussy spreader that feels quite freeing.

The feeling of being so exposed and vulnerable for your partner is one of my favorite BDSM kinks, and I suggest you try it even if you’re a tiny bit curious.

These straps are not for everyone; only experienced BDSM players should use them. However, their adjustable straps and clips accommodate people of all sizes.

This labia spreader is a no-nonsense BDSM toy that looks and feels great. From the pinch of the clamps to the soft faux leather straps, it gives the right sensations to prepare you for an explosive erotic adventure

Master Series The Labia Spreader Female Bondage Device

Best Bondage Labia Spreader

Master Series The Labia Spreader Female Bondage Device

Insertable Length:
10” (Overall)
Special Feature:
6 clips with individual tension adjustment
  • 6 clips for the most comprehensive opening
  • A proper bondage experience for your partner
  • No pressure adjustment on clamps

The ultimate in bondage labia spreaders, this device has 6 separate clamps that can be attached to the labia.

This makes for a truly “spread open” feeling where you are completely at the mercy of your partner. (And it can feel sexy!)

After placing the ring on the vaginal area and gently attaching the clips, each clip can be individually adjusted for tension.

This is a useful feature as each vagina is different, and the adjustable tension means you can get the maximum pleasure from your device. 

Now, this is not for beginners. These clamps pinch quite a bit, and since they are not pressure adjustable, you must be experienced to enjoy them.

This is also one of the few times lube cannot help, as the clips will slip off.

However, if spreaders are your thing, I’d suggest working yourself up to this bondage device and finding the right partner to use them with.

Trust me, 50 Shades of Gray feels like a cheap comic book compared to what this spreader can do!

How I Rated The Best Labia Spreaders

After using a number of pussy spreaders over the years, I have built up quite a collection (which includes all the ones reviewed here).

So I asked myself which one to take if my house caught fire. This is basically how I figured out which the best labia spreader was.

The first factor to consider is ease of use. There are lots of complicated spreaders out there that can take BDSM games to the next level.

However, which is the simplest, most comfortable, and most effective spreader? If I were a first-timer, which would I find easy to use?

This is where the flexible spreaders win out over the clamps. They are easy to use on most vaginas, and you can’t go wrong or hurt yourself.

Clamps, on the other hand, can sometimes feel like a loaded gun. They are also difficult to use on small or extra sensitive labia.

Next is the build quality and design. Apart from being soft and made of body-safe material, these clamps must be durable so they don’t snap mid-action.

Since they are placed in such a sensitive area, these things must be DEPENDABLE.

Finally, I looked at any additional features (like the vibrating bullet attachment) that the spreader might have. However, these special features need to ADD to the experience and not just be a cheap gimmick.

The Ultimate Pleasure Combo: Pussy Spreader + Clit Clamp

The Ultimate Pleasure Combo: Pussy Spreader + Clit Clamp

Since using a labia spreader exposes your clit, why not use the opportunity for extra stimulation with a clit clamp?

These adjustable soft-tipped clamps come in various designs, and you can get cheap clit clamps.

My favorite, however, is the beaded tweezer clit clamp. The spacer ring makes it easy to put the perfect amount of pressure on your clit, and the beads are not just there to look pretty.

They can be tugged and flicked for some mind-blowing sensations!

Whichever type of clit clamp you choose with your labia spreader, the effect will be the same.

You can expect to feel heightened sensations on your exposed clit while keeping your hands free from other naughty things. The possibilities are endless.

Want to go one step further? Add an adjustable nipple and clit clamp to stimulate all three pleasure centers simultaneously.

The best part is you can enjoy these toys with your partner or go to town alone. Either way, you simultaneously stimulate many different areas, leading to some pretty explosive orgasms.

Buying Guide For The Best Labia Spreader

So I’ve managed to get you all excited about Labia Spreaders, and now you want to explore all the options out there? Well, go for it. It’s a beautiful world of pleasure!

Here’s what you should remember while searching for the best labia spreader:


There are two types of labia spreaders on the market—BDSM spreaders and “Better Sex” spreaders. BDSM spreaders generally use clamps to hold the labia open (like the Master Series The Labia Spreader Female Bondage Device).

While these can also be used (carefully!) during sex, they are mainly for BDSM games like bondage, forced orgasms, and other sexual scenarios.

On the other hand, the more gently spreaders with soft insertable arms are used as toys to improve foreplay and sex.

By spreading the labia open, they expose more of the clit to heighten sensations. They also help make the G-spot more accessible through penetration.


Labia spreaders can come in a mind-melting variety of comfort levels—from “Petal Pushers” to full-on bondage devices.

Carefully consider your pain threshold while looking for your ideal spreader.

Better Sex type spreaders are made for comfort. Spreaders that use clamps usually have a bit of a “pinch” and are for more experienced users.



Your choice of material also decides how much you feel while using a spreader.

The soft silicone models provide a gentle texture that feels nice when it rubs against your sensitive parts. These spreaders can (and should) be used with lube.

Alternatively, the metal and leather spreaders are more of the BDSM style. Smooth leather and hard-smooth steel are also fantastic combinations for pleasure.

However, you generally cannot use lube with them; they offer more of that SWEET PAIN.


Now, a labia spreader is excellent on its own, but you must have realized by now that combining it with other toys and devices can be a lot of fun.

Therefore, you don’t want to blow your entire load…ahem… spending all your money on just one spreader.

Thankfully, most spreaders have a basic design and cost between the $20 and $50 range. Then, you can get more expensive ones made of higher-quality materials.

However, I’ve used many pocket-friendly labia spreaders, and most have done the job just fine.

Other People’s Tips & Experience

“You can add some leg restraints, anal play, or plug while completely neglecting the spread pussy always had me squirming! That and wax”


Reddit User

“Tease her with a small vibrator and watch her juices come out. She won’t be able to hide being wet. All she can do is squirm.”


Reddit User


What is a labia spreader?

A labia spreader is used to part your labia and expose the clitoris and the area around it. Since this is a susceptible area full of nerve endings, it heightens sensations.

Even the lightest stimulation on the exposed clit can feel incredible and significantly raise the intensity of your orgasms.

As I explained earlier, some labia spreaders also help open the vaginal cavity, making it easier to find the G-spot. This makes dual stimulation of the clit and g-spot by yourself or a partner much easier.

There are also bondage-type labia spreaders that also expose the clit by spreading the labia but do not penetrate. Again, these are great for BDSM games.

Why use a labia spreader?

A labia spreader can help heighten sexual pleasure by making your clit and g-spot more accessible. This gives you a great starting point for your sexual adventures. 

Since you or your partner would otherwise use your hands to expose the clit, a labia spreader frees up your hands so you can focus them on other things. 

Just an idea for you to try out— Using a clit sucker with your labia spreader can be a game changer!

Suppose your partner is having trouble finding your pleasure spots. In that case, a spreader can make things easier and much more pleasurable for both of you.

If this is the case, do yourself a favor and give your partner my detailed guide on How to Suck a Clit

How to use a pussy spreader during sex?

A pussy spreader holds you open, making penetration a lot more intense. Remember that some pussy spreaders are more suitable than others for sex.

Once the spreader is in place, your partner can dive right in. Because the vagina is more exposed, sex with a labia spreader can feel quite different at first, but once you get used to it, it FEELS SO GOOD.

Who is a labia spreader suitable for?

A labia or pussy spreader is suitable for anyone who wants to heighten sensations on their clit and vaginal area. They can be used during masturbation or intercourse, and some even help stimulate the G-spot. 

Since such a wide variety of spreaders are available, it is worth figuring out what you want to use them for. Or, as I did, pick a beginner labia spreader and start experimenting!

Is using a labia spreader painful?

Is using a labia spreader painful?

Using a labia spreader doesn’t have to be painful. You can choose just how intense you want to make the experience, and you can get soft and gentle spreaders.

Some users enjoy a bit of pain, and if you’re one of them, you can find spreaders that will give you what you’re looking for.

However, whenever you’re experimenting, be careful and slowly increase the intensity to find the perfect level without hurting yourself.

How to clean a labia spreader?

Cleaning a labia spreader is relatively easy because of its simple design. You only have to be careful not to damage the material.

Silicone and rubber pussy spreaders are best washed with warm water and gentle hand soap. Use a sex toy cleaning kit if your spreader is delicate.

If you have a spreader made of metal and leather, it is better to use a wet cloth or a specialized cleaner that doesn’t damage the material.

Where can I get the best labia spreader?

Well, this is your lucky day. I’m about to tell you about my favorite online sex toy shops I’ve used for years. You’ll find the perfect labia spreader for yourself at Uberkinky and Lovehoney

If you’re like me, you’ll browse for hours in their huge collection of sex toys. These websites always fire me up to experiment some more! 

If you’re looking for sweet pain and bondage, check out the best BDSM stores online. 

A Final Word on Labia Spreaders

Well, my dear sexual adventurer, you now hold all the knowledge I’ve collected from years of using pussy spreaders.

Whether new to them or looking to raise your intensity level, there is a perfect spreader for your (or your partner’s) pussy.

So figure out what you like, find the best deals on these online stores, and SPREAD the joy!

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