We-Vibe Bond Review 2023: Is This Wearable Cock Ring Worth It?

Wanna know if you should get We-Vibe Bond? Let me share my likes and dislikes about this wearable cock ring and find out if this penis vibrator is the one for you!

we vibe bond review

I’ve used a variety of cock rings over the years, and the vibrating kind is my favorite – especially during sex. But I wanted to try something I could use outside the bedroom…

So here we are with the We-Vibe Bond.

Although it may look like any vibrating ring on the market, it’s designed explicitly as a WEARABLE cock ring.

The Bond is gradually evolving into my new favorite toy, thanks to its unlimited vibrating settings and the fact that you can wear it outside and in the shower, bath, or even the jacuzzi.

In this article, I’ll discuss what I like and dislike about this wearable stimulation ring. And to top it off, I’ll compare the Bond to two other We-Vibe cock rings: the Pivot and the Verge.

But before all that, here’s my general rundown on things. 

The Good

The Bond is a wearable silicone vibrating cock ring that’s lightweight, discreet, and simple to use. It’s super easy to put on and remove even without lube, thanks to its openable design. You can practically wear it anywhere and control the vibrations using its physical remote or your smartphone through the We-Connect app.

The Not So Good

The Bond’s gentle vibrations are mainly for teasing and foreplay, so you or your partner can’t orgasm from this one alone. The cock ring size is also not well-endowed friendly, and there are still connectivity issues with the app. 

The Bottom Line

Cock rings are made to give men stronger, long-lasting erections and orgasms. While the We-Vibe Bond doesn’t guarantee orgasms for most men, it’s a great beginner cock ring that’s easy to use, and you can wear when you’re out and getting naughty. 

We-Vibe Bond is FOR YOU if:

  • You’re looking for a wearable toy to sport outside.
  • You prefer teases or gentle vibrations.
  • You want a toy you and your partner can enjoy for foreplay.

We-Vibe Bond might NOT BE FOR YOU if:

  • You’re looking for a toy to get you (or your partner) off during sex.
  • You prefer stronger vibrations.
  • You’re bigger than average.

My First Impressions of the We-Vibe Bond

If you decide to purchase the We-Vibe Bond, you have the option to have it packaged discreetly. 

So that’s what I did.

I’m not exactly the type to show off my expenditures. Much so if their sex toys. So discreet packaging is always a plus in my book. 

Now, for what’s in the package, I got the usual. I find a small, rectangular box housing the toy inside. The box itself has orange and black tones. The front shows a picture of the product. And the back illustrates some information about it. 

On the inside, you have the following items:

  • the We-Vibe Bond (cock ring)
  • the remote
  • the USB magnetic charging cable
  • the custom fit link (extra link)
  • a quick start-up guide
  • a safety guide
  • and a small satin storage bag

What’s great about We-Vibe products, in general, is that they’re consistent with providing high-quality products. So you’re bound to have no disappointments.

Well, in MY experience, at least.

Comparison Between We-Vibe Cock Ring Models

Tech Specs
We-Vibe Bond
We-Vibe Verge
We-Vibe Pivot
Manual, remote control, We-Connect app
Manual, We-Connect app
Manual, We-Connect app
Charcoal Black
Midnight Blue
USB rechargeable lithium-ion battery
USB rechargeable lithium polymer battery
USB rechargeable lithium polymer battery
Rune Time
2 hours
2 hours
2 hours
Charge Time
90 min
90 min
90 min
ABS and body-safe silicone
Body-safe silicone
Body-safe silicone
3.07″ x 1.73″ x 1.89″
2.36″ x 4.49″
1.22″ x 2.80″
2 years
2 years
2 years

How Does the We-Vibe Bond Look & Feel?

After having a quick feel of the Bond, I knew I’d have a good time with this one. The silicone material has a soft velvety feel to it. And at first glance, it looks simple enough to use.

The ring has a bit of a curved shape, making it easy to stimulate the perineum and penis and add stimulation to your partner’s body. 

The Bond has a more flexible, softer silicone, with a durometer of about 5A. However, the “adjustable” custom fit clip really limits how far the Bond can be stretched.

Ironically, the component that should allow Bond to suit bigger penises instead inhibits it from expanding to comfortably accept additional girth.

Nonetheless, I think that the clip is a great addition to stop the Bond from tearing if you stretch too far.

A great addition that I especially like is the USB magnetic charging cable that goes with it. It’s pretty convenient as you can easily connect and disconnect, thanks to the magnetic tip. 

All in all, the We-Vibe Bond has got it all figured out!

It’s simple. It’s stylish. And most importantly, it’s easy to use. 

We-Vibe Bond’s Key Functionality

Wearable Design

What makes the Bond unique from other vibrating cock rings on the market is that it is a wearable sex toy. It’s made of soft, silky silicone that’s comfortable for extended wear.

Yes, I can still use it during solo play hands-free, but practically wearing this toy anywhere you go is a WIN. 

You can have it under your clothes and not think it’s there. 

Well… until the vibrations start to kick in. 

And you could also make it more exciting by having your partner control the Bond in public using the remote control it comes with or through the We-Connect app. 

Who says a quick trip to the convenience store can’t be fun?

The ring produces subtle vibrations that will make any everyday task more enjoyable.

Custom Fit Adjustability

The We-Vibe Bond is made from high-quality silicone that’s stretchy enough to fit most penis sizes. But what sets this cock ring apart is its “openable” design.

Instead of stretching the ring to go over your penis or penis and balls, you can simply open the ring through the link and adjust it with your comfort in mind.

The toy comes with 2 custom fit links, so if you feel the default size doesn’t fit, you can get the other link.

The hook ensures that putting on and removing the Bond is super easy. There’s NO NEED TO USE LUBE like you usually do with other cock rings.

Gentle and Rumbly Vibrations

The Bond can deliver gentle vibrations in 10 different default patterns (and more with the We-Connect app).

The vibrations feel rumbly. You could feel the sensations travel deep into your skin like you’re getting a deep tissue massage. 

What’s better is that the toy is easy to set up. We-Vibe has an app that caters to all their products called We-Connect.

I’ve had my go with the app before. So I already have it installed. And everything seems to connect with no problem. 

The toy’s 10 vibration patterns vibes feel nice and deep. Every setting felt something new and exciting. It’s not the typical increase in strength and frequency.

I’d say from experience that the Bond’s vibrations are similar to that of the Moxie clit vibrator, another product from We-Vibe.

Though overall, the We-Vibe Bond’s strength is lower than the other toys of its variety.

I’d imagine it’s on purpose as the Bond is used mainly for teasing and foreplay. It’s all about building that pent-up urge. It’s not about going all the way. 

Close-Range & Long Distance Control via We-Connect App

In addition to the default vibrations, a smartphone app can be used to operate the penis ring. 

You may share control of the Bond using the app from any location at any time, and you can access all of the intensity settings and vibration pattern options and even CREATE MORE.

The We-connect app has been a lot of fun for my girl and me to operate the cock ring.

My partner “tickling” me from the opposite side of the city has brightened many dreary workdays. Although this cock ring is the perfect couple’s toy, a lone guy would also like it very much.

100% Waterproof

The We-Vibe Bond has an IPX7 waterproof design, making it suitable to wear in bodies of water or wet environments.

The toy’s waterproof feature allows you to play with it constantly in a pool or while taking a shower. Or, in my case, have some good quality “me time” in the bath.

Not only that, but it’s also easy to clean after use. All you have to do is submerge in soapy water. Then rinse thoroughly. And you have it good as new.

Whisper Quiet

The vibrations and motor of the toy are whisper-quiet, making it suitable for use in public places. 

Among my collection, it’s probably one of the most silent vibrating toys I have. So that should give you an idea of how it fairs. 

No way a stranger sitting next to me could hear the festivities going on down there. That’s what makes the We-Vibe Bond exciting. 

It’s quiet. And it’s an excellent choice for spontaneous, on-the-go fun.

How to Use the We-Vibe Bond

There are 3 ways to control the We-Vibe Bond:

  • with a button
  • with a remote controller
  • with the We-Connect application

As for the button, there’s only ONE on the toy.

  • To turn on or off, press that button for 2 seconds.
  • Then tap the same button to choose among the 10 pre-set vibration patterns.
  • Press the button for 5 seconds to pair the toy with the remote controller.
  • Also, press the button for 5 seconds to pair with the We-Connect app.

Take Note: You can’t simultaneously connect the We-Vibe Bond to the app and the remote controller.

So, make sure you disconnect the toy from the remote control or We-Connect app if you want to change how you control it.

It’s not the most convenient, but it is what it is. 

Sometimes, I even have to reset the ring to make sure all the connection works. 

To reset, just press the button for 10 seconds.

I usually adjust with the remote controller since it’s more stable. But you could also use the app as well. Also, I didn’t need to look down to search for the button. I just took a quick feel. 

Having said that, a drawback of the remote controller is that it requires a non-rechargeable CR2032 button cell. Not really the most sustainable, but this shouldn’t be an issue if you use your smartphone to control the toy.

But if you’re curious, I haven’t replaced my battery yet. And I bought mine a few months ago and have been using the toy regularly.

My Experience With the We-Vibe Bond

My girl and I initially purchased this toy in the hopes that it would introduce something fresh into the bedroom. We were intrigued by the wearable design and remote control capabilities that made it possible to indulge in some fantasies even when we were not close with each other.

One day, we decided to test the Bond outside. After a few video call meetings that morning, I left home with the ring on to catch a few errands. 

It was simple to slide the ring over my penis and then under my balls. The adjustable clip on the Bond fits perfectly, and it is so simple to attach and remove compared to other similar products I tried. 

I was initially taken aback by the Bond’s silky soft texture and how cozy it felt to wear. After readjusting, I entered a coffee shop, feeling a little naughty about the little secret in my underwear.

Just waiting for my partner to surprise me with vibrating sensations made me feel so hot and turned on.

I could imagine my naughty girlfriend testing each vibration setting as I still talked to the attendant. Luckily, she wasn’t going all out. 

Using a sex toy in public was thrilling, but getting me embarrassed would not be ideal. Thankfully, I felt a little more secure because the Bond continued to vibrate while remaining perfectly silent.

I had no control over what would happen next and was completely at my partner’s mercy.

I had to leave the coffee shop early as the deep vibrations were starting to feel GOOD. I rushed to my car. My girlfriend increased the vibrations’ strength and frequency at this point to probably test how far I could go.

I didn’t quite finish due to the strangeness of it all. Or the vibrations were just too weak to give me an orgasm.

That night, I urged my girl to quit playing pranks on me with the vibrations because I needed to finish some work for a business meeting the next day. She planned a night out with her friends, so I kept the house to myself.

Little did I know, she was up to her old tricks by bringing the remote control with her. 

The sensations began again while I was preparing a presentation. I was on the verge of erupting again, but that was it.

Lucky for me, she didn’t stay up late with her friends and decided to finish things off.

From testing the toy in these two instances, I can say that the vibrations are not as intense as other vibrating cock rings I have. It’s really a great toy for teasing when you’re out and about or far from each other.

We did try using the Bond during sex. And yes, it was good enough to stimulate my girl’s clitoral area once you figure out the correct position. If you’re both turned out, using the Bond can be great for mutual pleasure. 

Now that’s what you call hitting two birds with one stone.

How To Clean The We-Vibe Bond

Again, the Bond is 100% waterproof. So after you use it, just rinse it under soapy water. 

Give it a good wash. Then take a clean towel to dry it off. Simple as that. 

For storage, you have the small satin bag from the package.

We-Vibe has for sure thought of the entire customer experience with this one. And it shows that they are a premium brand that thinks more than just the quick sales.

After washing or charging, just put the toy back in the bag. It keeps the Bond safe and dust-free. And you can have it stored anywhere you want. 

These days, I have it stored in my work bag. So if I want to make my work days a tad bit exciting, I can just pull this out at my discretion. 

We-Vibe Bond Price, Where To Buy

You can now order the We-Vibe Bond from SheVibe for $122.55. They offer free shipping (on U.S. orders) and discreet packaging. And they have a 2-year warranty as well.

What Do Other People Think About It?

The we-vibe Bond provided some great vibration, so that helped send me over the edge.

Sure, Bond is mid-range powerful and very rumbly, but follows most manufacturers’ penchant for creating a toy that’s tailored to a “median” size range BUT then claiming it’ll fit “almost anybody”! When human bodies are so, so diverse. This is especially important for rings that restrict blood flow from the penis. Indeed, long-term wear of the Bond is a safety issue if a penis + testicles package is much at all larger than average.


Reddit user


We-Vibe Bond vs. We-Vibe Verge

We-Vibe Verge

The Bond and Verge are similar in providing perineum stimulation.

The Bond, however, is for light play and long-time wearing because the vibration is very gentle. It’s also easy to put on or off.

Verge’s vibrations, on the other hand, are quite intense. The part that goes toward the perineum is broader, so it’s good at relaying the rumbly vibrations on the user’s perineum and penis.

Because of Verge’s bigger size and powerful vibrations, it’s not great for public play. If you’re looking for a vibrating cock ring that you can use for public play, then go for the We-Vibe Bond.

Read on the full review of the We-Vibe Verge.

We-Vibe Bond vs. We-Vibe Pivot

We-Vibe Pivot

The Bond is designed for people that enjoy public teasing. They’re for individuals who prefer softer cock ring vibrations, so they don’t get off easily or simply want something to play with before intercourse. 

The Pivot, however, is designed for play between partners. Their potent vibrations are made specifically for use during sex so that both partners can experience the sensations fully. And even climax together ideally. 

The Pivot is more for intense stimulation as the vibrations are more rumbly. The top part of the toy can even stimulate the clitoris in any position when you and your partner have sex.

I recommend our comprehensive best cock ring guide if you want more options.

Final Thoughts

Overall, the We-Vibe Bond is a good toy, and the gentle vibrations aren’t that bad. It may not make you climax on your own, but it sure makes for some good fun with your partner. 

If you’re looking for a vibrating toy you can use during sex with your partner, this might not be the best choice. But if naughty public play is at the top of your list, this toy will surely give you and your partner a good time.

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