Lelo Loki Review [2023]: Is This Prostate Massager Any GOOD?

In this Lelo Loki review, you will learn if this girthy vibrating prostate massager is a good fit for you. I’ll tell you all about it after months of thorough testing. Read on:

So, you’re looking to buy a prostate massager, and you’ve found Lelo Loki. Is it as GOOD as it looks on the manufacturer’s page? 

Is it WORTH the price tag? Would it be the right one FOR YOU? Well, I’ve had this toy for the better part of a year now, and I’m here to answer all your questions. 

Let’s dive in to see if this luxurious prostate massager is right up your (back) alley… or not.

The Good

The Loki is a rechargeable high-end toy with an intuitive ergonomic design, and it’s made from body-safe materials. It’s bigger and wider than beginner toys, so it gives you a nice full feeling and makes targeting the prostate easier. It has 6 vibration modes, all with customizable intensity, so you’ll have variety when playing.

The Not So Good

It has no remote, so the only way to control it is by using the buttons located on the handle, which can be a drag. It doesn’t have a perineum stimulator. The massager would probably be too big for you if you’re a newbie to prostate play, and it could be too pricey for a lot of guys.

The Bottom Line

The Loki is a high-quality toy with a luxurious outlook, good design and some nice features, but it’s also quite expensive. It might not hit the spot if you have some specific needs or wants. In that case, you might want to check if the Lelo Billy (for beginners) or Lelo Loki Wave (for those looking for more options) are a better fit for you.

Lelo Loki is for you if: 

  • You’re looking for a girthier toy
  • You prefer a simpler design
  • You’re in the market for something high-end

Lelo Loki might not be for you if: 

  • You’re new to prostate play
  • Perineum stimulation is important to you
  • You’re on a tight budget

My First Impressions

First things first: the name.

I know what you’re thinking, but no- the Lelo Loki is not based on any part of Tom Hiddleston’s anatomy and has nothing to do with comic books. 

But don’t be disappointed! 

This toy has a high chance of stealing the show and becoming your favorite “bad” boy, much like the Loki we know from The Avengers. More on that in a bit…

Lelo makes fancy-ass toys (Get it? Ass? Ba-dum-tssss), and the packaging reflects that. 

The elegant black box has a luxurious feel to it. I didn’t even need to open it to admire my new massager – the Loki is displayed in a transparent window on the lid. 

The toy itself also has luxury written all over it. 

It’s minimalistic, it’s slick, it’s soft to the touch, and I got mine in a nice deep royal blue (a guy’s toy that has a non-black option? Gimme!) Inside the package, I also found some extra add-ons

The Loki comes with a short USB charging cable but no wall adapter, so keep this in mind – you either need to order one or use your laptop to charge it. 

There is also a nice black satin pouch to store your toy in. It will protect your massager from dust, and also the other things in your drawer from contamination.

Look, we all know what Loki is for and where it goes. I know (or hope) you clean it well, but it’s always nice to be extra safe.

Inside you’ll also find a warranty card (1 year) and an instruction manual. Even if the company is a synonym for quality and the chances of the Loki breaking are slim, you never know if you will need a replacement, so don’t misplace the warranty.

Lastly, the manufacturer has put in a TINY 5ml packet of water-based lube. 

It would almost be a nice gesture if it wasn’t WAY TOO LITTLE for anal play.

So no matter how impatient you are to use your toy right out of the box, be sure to have plenty of lube on hand first. 

Let’s Talk About Tech Specs

Before we get into more details, I’m just going to give you a simple table of the features that probably interest you the most. Here you go:

body-safe silicone for the insertable part, ABC plastic for the handle
insertable length of 3.9”, widest diameter 1.5”
0.3 lbs
4 button interface (on the handle)
1 hour
2 hours
6 (1 constant, 5 patterns)
Max. Noise Level: 50dB
A choice between black and blue

Did you get all the basics?

Let’s figure out what they mean for you.

How does Lelo Loki look and feel? 

Loki’s design may be simple, but it has certainly been made with attention to detail.

I like how the body-safe silicone feels soft and smooth to the touch. The toy is also very light without being flimsy. 

The handle is made from ABC plastic and is easy to hold in your hand. It’s perfect for positioning the toy how you want it and can even be used for some trusting motions. 

The bottom of the handle has a small removable cap where the charging port is located.

On the handle, you’ll find the 4 button interface used to control the toy.

But what really makes this Lelo worth your time? Let’s take a closer look.


As for vibrations, there are 6 variable settings – 1 constant and 5 patterns, all with customizable intensity. The vibrations range from gentle to VERY aggressive. There are some even more intense powerhouses out there, but I’m sure Loki’s level of intensity will be more than enough for most guys. 

You’ll also find some deep and rumbly options that feel very penetrative. In fact, the Loki’s vibrations are MOSTLY rumbly, but they still have just a bit of buzziness to stimulate the surface of the tissue for that extra kick.

Loki’s best advantage is that the motor is located right at the tip of the toy, so it really works its magic where it needs to – right on your prostate! 

Prostate Pressure

Vibration isn’t everything when we’re talking about prostate stimulation. That’s why Loki also supports prostate PRESSURE. 

This toy is shaped in a way that puts pressure on your P-spot when you insert it. That said, Loki can’t do all of the work for you. The ergonomic handle lets you apply MORE manual pressure just where you need to and just how much you want to.

If you put some effort into massaging your prostate, you’ll certainly experience a different level of pleasure.


While there certainly are bigger toys out there, Loki isn’t on the small side either. 

It’s pretty wide, so it’s ideal for post-beginner or even expert users. However, beginners might find the Loki intimidating or even plain painful. 

I myself enjoy Loki very much, but I’m by no means a newbie at this. Honestly, if I was, I wouldn’t start with Loki. Beginners should direct their attention to more manageable toys, like the Lelo Billy 2. It’s not as strong as the Loki, but the slimmer design is very forgiving. 

Shape and Design

The ergonomic design takes some of the guesswork out of targeting your prostate. 

It also delivers that nice stretch some of you are looking for. 

The tip is slightly pointed for easy insertion. Near the handle, there is a flared ring, so you don’t have to worry about inserting the Loki too deep. 

Just at the ring, the toy is tapered smaller, much like a buttplug would be

That means your muscles can relax on it, and it won’t pop out as easily if you’re in the mood for some hands-free fun.


The vibe is shaped in a way that is supposed to fit into your body naturally and without discomfort. The tapered tip and buttplug-like forms make the toy feel comfortable going in AND out of your body as well as staying inside.

Honestly, I found it very comfortable even for prolonged use, but keep in mind I participated in my fair share of prostate play.  

Ease of Use

The Lelo is controlled by 4 buttons. Fun little extra: the buttons light up. The LEDs give it a video game joystick vibe. (Fitting, isn’t it? Joy + stick… ok, I’ll stop.) 

The lights make finding the buttons in the dark easier, while the 4 buttons offer easy stimulation customization.

The controls don’t take long to get used to.

A long press on the “+” button starts the toy. Use quick but purposeful presses on the “+” and “-” buttons to change intensity, and the up and down buttons to change vibration modes. 

This toy is easier to use with a partner than solo. You have to reach down there to apply some manual pressure on your P-spot, which isn’t the easiest of tasks, especially if you’re not very flexible. I managed alright, but realize it might be difficult for a lot of guys.

Noise Level

The maximum noise level of the Loki is 50 dB, which is very quiet, ESPECIALLY considering the power it puts out. I would say it’s a pretty stealthy toy, even more so when it’s actually in use, because when you insert it, your body will muffle the sounds further. 

If you’re worried about nosey housemates listening in on what you’re doing or just find the buzzing of other sex toys distracting, you’ll probably love the Loki. 

Charging and Battery Life

The Loki is rechargeable, as all high-end sex toys should be. That makes the motors less noisy (we just talked about that) because no batteries are rattling around inside a chamber. It also makes prepping the toy for a play session easier – no need to run to the store to get batteries. Last but not least, rechargeable toys give you more play time. 

The bottom of the handle has a small removable cap where the charging port is located, and you can charge your Loki either in your laptop it in a wall outlet (if you get yourself an adapter)

It takes the Loki just 2 hours to charge completely, which gives you up to 1 hour of play. There certainly are toys with longer battery life, but the Loki’s superior power and design features are sure to get you to the finish line in no time.

How to use Lelo Loki 


REMEMBER – LUBE is your butt’s BEST friend.

Don’t use non-water-based products because they can damage your toy. 

Some people use soap and water when they realize they’re out of lube, but I wouldn’t recommend that. It may be safe for the toy, but it might irritate your insides, ruining all the fun. 

It’s nice to use solo, but partner play may be better for this toy, so you’ll have some extra hands when reaching down for the controls on the handle. 

Lelo advertises Loki is 100% waterproof to the depth of a meter, so you can also have some fun in the shower or even the bath…

BUT! I wouldn’t recommend risking your new expensive toy too much.

The removable cap at the charging port can come off, and getting water in there might damage the toy. 

The 4 button interface doesn’t take long to get used to.

A long press on the “+” button starts the toy. Use quick, but purposeful presses on the “+” and “-” buttons to change intensity, and the up and down buttons to change vibration modes. 

My experience with Lelo Loki

I always get SUPER EXCITED when getting a new toy, so I got down to business almost immediately after receiving my package. 

The insertion was relatively easy for me. The girthier design gave me a very pleasant full feeling without crossing over into painful territory. 

I should note that if you’re new to this, the insertion would definitely be hard for you, and the girth might be too much.

Since I’m now experienced in prostate play, having the Loki inside me felt very nice even while it was still turned off. I used my hand to gently move it around so I can get used to its shape and size. 

And THEN when I turned the vibrations on… 


 It really does hit EXACTLY where a p-spot massager should hit. 

The lower and more rumbly vibrations are my personal favorite. 

The lack of a remote is kind of a downer. Working with the buttons isn’t hard, just a bit uncomfortable, especially if you want to change modes often. 

That, combined with the lack of a perineum stimulator and the “not-small-but-not-really-big-either” size makes it a hit or miss for most people.

In any case, it was more of a “hit” for me.

It would’ve been awesome if it had a longer-lasting battery when it comes to couples play, which I also tried out. On the lower settings, the battery could last a few extra minutes, but not much more. 

Price, Where To Buy

At the moment, the Loki is sadly out of stock at Lovehoney, but you can always purchase it from Lelo (184$). Standard shipping is 14 days. Lelo sometimes offers discounts on products, so keep your eyes peeled for the next deal.

Don’t forget, you get a 1-year warranty that the manufacturer actually honors (according to sources), AND Lelo guarantees your toy will actually last 10 years of fun.

What Do Other People Think About It?

Since the Loki isn’t a beginner’s toy, nor does it have some of the more advanced features prostate play veterans are looking for, it’s important to remember it’s not for everyone. That’s why I’ve prepared some user reviews for you, courtesy of our pals at Reddit:

I also own the Lelo Loki and the build quality is perfect. BUT…

For me the tool is to big and this is kind of a problem when it comes to longer sessions. You should take this as a serious argument. Yes it did serve me prostate orgasms but other tools are better there.


You have to decide which is more important to you. Build quality: then go for the Lelo Loki; If you are like me who thinks that wearing comfort is much more important: then go with the Svakom Vick (which is even cheaper)


Reddit user

I have one. I use it occasionally and must always use poppers with it or the vibration just numbs me up. I have never had a hands free wet or dry orgasm from just the toy. I have to hit the poppers and stroke, but the super T(radiational) orgasm is really nice.

Overall construction is top rate. Price is a little expensive. I’m glad I have it, but it is just one of my growing collection.


Reddit user


If you’re looking for something more or something less than the Loki – Lelo have you covered with the Billy and the Loki Wave.

Lelo Billy vs Loki

The Billy is slimmer than the Loki – same insertable length but only 1.1” in diameter. In other aspects, the toys are quite similar – the same great quality and 8 different vibration functions with customizable intensities. So if you’re in the market for a high-end p-spot massager but are still a beginner, go for Billy.

Lelo Loki vs Loki Wave

If you already know your way around your back door and want to kick it up a notch, you could also consider the Loki Wave. It offers everything the Loki does plus:

  • 4 more pleasure settings
  • a “come hither” motion to massage your prostate 
  • a perineum stimulator

The Loki Wave is definitely pricier at 242$, but worth it!

Lelo Loki FAQs

How does Lelo Loki stimulate the prostate?

The Lelo Loki offers versatile prostate stimulation by hitting you from three different directions: 

The considerable girth gives you a pleasurable full feeling and pushes on your prostate. 

The curved shape helps you target your sweet spot and apply manual pressure right where you need it.

The strong vibrations stimulate your prostate intensely. 

All of these features let you easily explore different sensations without needing to get yourself multiple toys. 

What type of lube to use with Lelo Loki

Since the Loki is made out of silicone, silicone-based lubes will damage it. Go for a water-based or oil-based lube. 

Water-based lube is the most versatile type out there, it’s safe to use with all kinds of toys and condoms, and it’s also hypoallergenic. 

Oil-based lube lasts longer and is more slippery, which makes it ideal for anal toys. Just make sure you’re not also using a condom with your toy, because oils damage latex.

How do you clean the Lelo Loki?

To clean the Loki, it’s enough to use warm water and soap, or if you prefer a toy cleaner. Be sure to give it a good rubbing, rinse it generously, and dry it up before storing it in your designated butt toy pouch that came in the box. 

Be careful with the charging port tab – it could be a bit flimsy, and you SHOULD NOT get water in there, according to Lelo’s instruction manual.

How long does it take to charge the Lelo Loki?

Loki has a relatively short charge time – just plug it in for 2 hours, and you’re ready to go! You get up to 1 hour of play AT MAXIMUM SPEED. That’s plenty to have more than one toe-curling orgasm!

How do you insert the Lelo Loki?

Make sure you’re relaxed because anal insertion can be close to impossible if you’re all tense. Take your time with foreplay AND with the insertion itself.

Make sure to use plenty of lube for easy, pain-free insertion. 

Be wary of using a lube designed to numb the eventual pain of anal. Not feeling everything increases the chance you’ll hurt yourself while playing. Pain is unpleasant, but it’s also a good indicator that something is wrong.

Final Thoughts

I enjoyed my time with Lelo Loki, and I’ll keep it around for future use. There is a pretty high chance you’ll enjoy it too. If you feel you’ve finished the beginner stage of prostate play and are looking for something of quality to enhance your experience (and have the budget to do so) – the Lelo Loki might be just what you need.

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