67 Easy Homemade Sex Toys Made From Household Items (2024)

If you like to get crafty while you get kinky, here are 67 incredible homemade sex toys you can make or find at home.

Homemade Sex Toys

Not everyone’s budget extends to include sex toys. Or maybe your best masturbation sleeve or vibrator finally broke, and you’re in urgent need of a replacement, like NOW.

Whatever your reasoning, there’s something you can use at home to create fast (or slow!) sexual pleasure for little money and little effort.

Some items don’t need any enhancement before you use them for pleasure, but there are also plenty of toys you can make yourself.

Here you will find:

  • Improvised Sex Toys Around The House (Kitchen, Bathroom and Bedroom)
  • DIY Male Sex Toys
  • DIY Female Sex Toys
  • DIY Anal Toys
  • DIY Restraint Ideas
  • Food Sex Toy Ideas

Dangers & Safety Precautions When Using Homemade Sex Toys

Using homemade sex toys is exciting and can be extremely satisfying when used properly. But first things first!

As with all things that go inside the body, there are risks associated with using homemade sex toys.

Use A Condom!

Some homemade sex toys are made from porous materials, which means they are absorbent and could harbor bacteria. 

Even the smallest amount of mold, dirt, or bacteria could lead to an infection in the vag or anus, so using a condom is ideal.

Don’t Lose It!

The last thing anyone wants is to have their homemade sex toy accidentally stuck inside their body. This would obviously be awkward and painful at the same time.

Make sure you avoid inserting your toy too deep and quickly if it’s small and doesn’t have a flared base. This could end up pushing it further down the vagina or rectum than intended. 

If this happens, you’ll have no other option but to rush to the nearest hospital to have it extracted by a doctor.

Homemade Sex Toys Around The House – Kitchen

Homemade Sex Toys Around The House – Kitchen

All of these use-as-they-are items are incredible for couples.

1. Ice Cubes

If you want to play with sensation, try ice cubes. Have some humiliation fun and use them to shrink the penis. 

Or put an ice cube in your mouth during oral (on him) to make him squeal with more than pleasure. 

You can also use ice on the nipples to get them hard – or suck ice, then lick the nipples for the same reaction.

2. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is a great edible lube. Use it to enhance oral sex.

If you want to go sensual rather than sexy, it works great as oil for massages.

3. Wooden Spoon

If you’re kinky, the wooden spoon makes a great paddle for spanking! The small surface area of wood shouldn’t hurt too much but will be effective.

To avoid leaving marks, increase blood flow to the area first with some gentle hand spanking. Then get naughty with the spoon.

4. Metal Spoon

Try using a metal spoon instead if you’re tired of having your fingers alone for foreplay. You simply need to press it against your clitoris and then move it in circles gently.

You may put a couple of drops of lube onto the spoon for a smoother experience.

If you want to be even more creative, you can warm the spoon by rubbing it between your hands. The additional warmth will intensify the sensation.

5. Latex Gloves

Cleaning supplies like gloves are usually for after sex, but they can be used during, too. They’re another fun thing to spank with. Stretch them back, let go, and let them snap your partner’s body – but only if you’re into that!

For couples who aren’t quite so extreme, you can use them for prostate massages if you lack an anal toy. 

It’s easier to let a toy do the work if you have one, but a massage by hand can be great foreplay to prostate milking – check out our guide to find out more about prostate orgasms.

And if you want to look at some non-DIY toys, here’s an insight on the best prostate massagers.

6. Feather Duster

For more fun with cleaning supplies, grab a feather duster, and tickle your partner between the legs. This works best on the head of the penis, the nipples, and the inner thighs.

Bonus points if your partner is blindfolded, or one (or both!) of you dress up as maids.

Homemade Sex Toys Around The House – Bathroom

Homemade Sex Toys Around The House – Bathroom

1. Faucets/Jets in the Tub

Do you have a fancy bathtub with underwater jets? Or are the faucets placed in an accessible location?

Strong jets of water make for a great massage, for him and her. Make sure the water is lukewarm, line up your sensitive parts and let it run.

2. Showerhead

If your shower head is handheld, you have a vibrator built into your house.

Get the water to a comfortable temperature, put it on the strongest pressure setting, and have fun on the frenulum or clitoris.

For even more sensations, do this underwater in the bathtub if the showerhead reaches. You’ll get a strong water jet, and bubbles.

3. Baby Oil

After your bath/shower fun, try massaging each other with baby oil. Unlike coconut oil, you can’t use it as a lube, and you can’t ingest it.

Instead, it’s fantastic for loosening up muscles or stimulating sensitive nipples.

4. Mouthwash

Minty mouthwash leaves your mouth tingling. Use this feeling to please your partner – tease the clit or the tip of the penis with your tongue.

Or give a full blowjob with the sexy sensation the mouthwash left.

5. Toothpaste

Toothpaste is deliciously tingly if you put it on your skin. It makes you feel cold, and like little pins are pricking your skin at the same time.

The sensation makes it amazing for rubbing into the skin.

Keep it away from the genitals – that’s probably not safe or healthy – but on the nipples, it creates great pleasure. Try some behind the ears for women – that’s another sensitive spot.

Homemade Sex Toys Around The House – Bedroom

Homemade Sex Toys Around The House – Bedroom

1. Hairbrush

Your hairbrush has two uses.

One: a paddle for spanking, instead of a wooden spoon.

Two: a DIY dildo to use alone or together. Put a condom on the handle for hygiene and safety, use some lube, and slide it into the vagina. Or if you feel adventurous, up the ass… for her or him

It’s better if it’s a plastic handled brush, though. Wood can splinter, break through the condom, and cause injuries. Ouch!

2. Pillows

There are lots of firm pieces of sex furniture available, and pillows are great for making certain positions more comfortable. 

Doggy style is one this works with – lean over the pillows during it. You can customize the size of the pile, so it’s better/easier than bending over the end of the bed or couch.

For more unusual positions, a body pillow or pregnancy pillow is great support too. For either of you!

3. Hair Tie

A hair tie can work as a DIY cock ring. If it’s not too tight, and it’s clean, then it’s great for trapping blood inside the penis for slightly larger, harder erections.

DIY Male Homemade Sex Toys

Male DIY sex toys mostly include masturbation sleeves. And there are many you may have at home already or can easily make.

DIY Male Homemade Sex Toys

1. Toilet Paper

If you have a small penis or love a tight masturbation sleeve, this is definitely the DIY toy for you. Here’s what you do:

  • Carefully get the cardboard core out of the toilet paper.
  • Put a condom through the hole.
  • Stretch the opening of the condom over the outside of the toilet paper.

Now you have a tight hole, so you’ll need lots of lube.

Here are some of the best lubes you can use for smaller masturbation sleeves.

And if you graduate from DIY toys and are interested in some classic sex toys, check out our list of the tightest fleshlights.

2. Wide Shoelaces

You’ll find wide shoelaces on sports shoes, and you can remove them to make a DIY cock ring.

Wrap the laces around your penis a few times and tie them tight. They’re more adjustable than the hair ties we mentioned in our bedroom section, so will be safer and more efficient.

3. Cling Wrap

Cling wrap can make a custom masturbation sleeve and you never get the same thing twice.

Wrap a thin layer of it around your penis, and make sure there are lots of wrinkles, to add some texture. It’ll be so slick in your hand you might not even need lube.

4. Sandwich Bag

For a smoother masturbation sleeve, get a ziplock sandwich bag of some kind. Lube up, and use the bag as a sleeve.

If you want this to feel tighter, try putting it between the couch cushions and thrusting into it.

5. Stuffed Toy

If you have any old stuffed toys lying around, cut a hole in them, wear a condom and use it as a DIY vagina. You get to control how tight the hole is, and the texture inside will add pleasure.

Most stuffed toys are full of fluff, but if you own any stuffed with beads you’re very lucky!

6. Banana

I know what you’re thinking… but no. You’re not going to put the banana inside you. Peel it, and use the skin to masturbate. 

The texture will be smooth and creamy, like a silicone lube, but there’ll be more texture with the peel – very subtle little ridges or nubs, but it varies with each peel.

7. Towel And Glove

Have you ever heard of a fifi? It’s a prison term used for DIY masturbators made of towels or socks. It’s a classic of homemade sex toys.

  • Roll the towel into a tube shape.
  • Stuff a glove into the end opening, with the glove opening sticking out.
  • Pull the glove opening over the end of the towel.
  • Hold it in place with a rubber band.

Lube up and enjoy. You can alter the tightness with every new attempt to make the perfect custom fifi.

Towel and glove masturbator

8. Water And Cornstarch

Cornstarch solidifies into a squishy goo when it’s mixed with water. So try this:

  • Get a glass big enough for your penis to fit.
  • Add 100 grams of cornstarch and 100 ml of water – mix it together.
  • Put another 100 ml of water, mix again.
  • Microwave for 1 minute.
  • Wait for it to cool enough to use.
  • Create a hole in the solid goo, deep enough for you to penetrate.

9. Bubble Wrap

Next time you get a bubble-wrapped package, don’t pop the bubbles. Lube up and use it as a textured masturbation sleeve.

10. Gummies And A Container

Get yourself some kind of a container like an old Pringles can, or Pot Noodle carton. Fill it with gummy worms or gummy bears. Now enjoy!

11. Diaper

This is not as gross as it sounds, but it can be messy!

The padding or gel in a diaper swells when wet, and can be very pleasurable to touch. So fill a diaper with warm water until it can hold no more, cut a hole to reveal the gel, and hump it.

It will probably crumble into tiny pieces, so lay a towel down first and take a shower afterward.

12. Floaties

Inflatable armbands/floaties for kids swimming are a great masturbator to try. The younger the age range for the floaty, the tighter it’ll be!

13. Leather Couch

Step one, use water-based lube and a condom.

Step two, fuck between the couch cushions.

Step three, clean up!

But beware, silicone lube stains leather, and oil-based lube ruins condoms, so use only water-based lube. 

To make sure it won’t damage the couch, rub some water-based lube on a part of the couch nobody sees. If nothing happens, then it’s safe to use.

For a step-by-step guide to creating your first DIY Sleeve, go here.

14. Socks

Socks can also be used as an effective automatic stroker in two ways.

The first way works by filling the sock with a good amount of lube or lotion and using it as a masturbation sleeve. You can still feel the texture of the cloth against your skin, which can enhance sensations and help you get off faster.

The second method is placing a condom inside the sock and securing it by flipping the condom ring around its opening. 

It’s a tighter and more intense feeling because of the condom’s stretchy nature. Plus, your lube won’t be absorbed by the condom like it would if you use a plain sock.

15. Scrunchie

A scrunchie is made from elastic fabric, so it can provide a tight grip on your balls. 

When snugly wrapped around your balls, it feels tight, like having a cock ring on. This can help you maintain an erection during sex or a long session of masturbation.

DIY Female Homemade Sex Toys

Female sex toys are all about vibration. And there are more vibrators in your house than you think. Some are meant for external use, but others can go inside, too.

DIY Female Homemade Sex Toys

1. Electric Toothbrush

An electric toothbrush has many uses. You can put the handle in a condom, turn it on, and use it for penetration. Or you could leave it to buzz against your clit. 

For extra excitement, put the bristles against your clit. But make sure you use a condom for this, too, for hygiene and safety.

Don’t forget to wash the whole toothbrush with antibacterial soap, before and after use.

2. Washing Machine

If you want gentle shuddering and buzzing, try sitting on the washing machine. It works alone, or while straddling your partner. 

Make sure the washer is sturdy enough and very clean on top. Then choose your cycle, relax, and enjoy.

3. Dryer

If the washing machine didn’t do it for you, the dryer will give you a harder, more intense time. First, pick something to penetrate yourself with.

You could use a dildo, your partner, or one of my alternative suggestions.

Then put some shoes in the dryer, and let it do its work. It’s going to be bumpy, so make sure you hang on tight.

4. Phone

Do you ever put your phone on vibrate in your pocket, and giggle when it buzzes? You can use that as a sex toy!

Clean your phone thoroughly and have your partner call you while the phone is on vibrate, again and again. Or check out some vibrating apps. There are lots out there!

5. Facial Exfoliator

The base of many facial exfoliators vibrates when in use. So hold it close and prepare for mind-blowing pleasure.

Facial Exfoliator masturbator

6. Games Controller

If you or your partner are gamers, look for your games that make the controller vibrate and have two kinds of fun. 

To make it better, use a game you know well. Ladies, hold the controller between your legs.

Gentlemen, play the game, and take as much or little time as you want, getting to the vibrating game parts.

7. Electric Razor

Electric razors are another incredible vibrating tool for clitoral stimulation. But be careful, only use an electric razor if you can remove the blades. Otherwise, it’s too much of a risk.

8. Bottle Neck

Stepping away from vibration, the long neck of a bottle is a great replacement for a basic dildo. Beer bottles or Coca Cola bottles are the best, because of their slim neck. 

9. Bandage

Bottle necks are kind of hard and intimidating. If you prefer something more flexible, try a bandage – one of the long, cloth ones for wrapping limbs.

Start with a solid base of some kind, like a couple of pens wrapped with a rubber band. Then start wrapping the bandage around them, resembling the shape of a penis. Add more pens for more stability as you need.

Carefully tie/pin the end when you’re done, then put it in a condom. You have your very own homemade dildo.

10. Candle Wax

Candles are a popular choice for those who are into intense foreplay or BDSM.

You could melt it over the breast, vagina, or penis for sensation play.

However, performing this cautiously is important because melted wax can burn your skin. Test it by applying a tiny bit to the palm to see how it reacts before doing it on the rest of the body.

11. Exercise Ball

The exercise ball lets you and your partner explore various sex positions together. 

You can lie on your back on top of the ball, spread your legs and let your partner eat you out or ride on top of you. You can also use it to perform doggy style conveniently.

12. Warm Washcloth

A warm washcloth can be used to massage the clitoris for extra stimulation during solo masturbation and before intercourse or oral sex.

The texture of the cloth could feel stimulating, helping you orgasm.

DIY Homemade Anal Toys

Speaking of the anus, there are household items you can use specifically for the anus. Any penetrating object will work, but a few are extra special.

DIY Homemade Anal Toys

1. Screwdriver

Screwdriver handles aren’t always smooth. Some have little bumps that work as grips. These bumps are also great for anal stimulation, especially for guys, on the prostate.

You can use a condom or clean the tool very well before insertion. And if you can, cover the pointy end so it becomes safer to hold. I recommend taping some cotton wool over it.

2. Power Cord And Tape

If you have a broken power cord around, don’t throw it away. Get yourself a lot of smooth tape, and you can make a toy from it.

Wrap the cord in tape until it becomes thick enough for you. Then create some tapered bumps along it, too. Make sure one of these bumps is at the end to make it easier to insert.

Now you have DIY anal beads, as large or small as you like them.

3. Pearl Necklace

Wrap the necklace around a bottleneck or some other penetrating item. It creates a pleasurable texture.

Be careful though, make sure the necklace can’t come off the bottle top easily. And ensure the necklace is very strong so it doesn’t break.

4. Sharpie Marker

Not everyone is experienced in anal, and you don’t need special toys to get started. If you have sharpies around the house, you can start with that.

Sharpies are slimmer, smoother, and more tapered than fingers. They make great starter toys for anal play.

DIY Restraint Ideas For BDSM and Bondage

DIY Restraint Ideas For BDSM And Bondage

1. Neckties

Your neckties make great bondage ropes. Tie them like your usual ropes, or make a game out of it.

Try different necktie knots and see if your partner knows how to get out of them. The longer it takes, the harsher the punishment. 

Or, the faster it takes, the harsher the punishment – those knots were supposed to be strong, not broken!

2. Cling Wrap

Cling wrap (aka saran wrap) is more than an amazing masturbation sleeve. It’s very tricky to rip if you roll it tightly enough. So make some ropes out of it.

On the other hand, it can work as a chastity cage, too. Wrap the penis until there’s so much it’ll be way too much effort to unwrap. Don’t do it too tight. 

3. Belt

Belts are multi-purpose tools. They’re great for spanking and whipping, but if there are enough holes you can use them for typing your partner up.

4. Clothespins/Pegs

If you like to play with pinching, clothes pegs are fantastic for it. You can create delicious torture by pinching the nipples, testicles, or anywhere else. Try and avoid sensitive genitals, but everywhere else is fine!

Plastic works better than wood with the clothes pegs, though. Wooden ones can absorb body fluids or hold bacteria, and that’s unhygienic.

They can also splinter, which can turn play torture into something serious.

5. Pantyhose

Another idea for ropes is tights or pantyhose. You might stretch them out too much when using them as ropes, so make sure they’re old/unwanted first.

6. Ear Plugs

Earplugs are fantastic in sensory deprivation play. Noise-canceling headphones also work, but they’re bulkier and don’t function without music to block out sound.

7. Sleep Mask

If you don’t have a real blindfold, a sleep mask can work. A t-shirt works too, but it’s large and awkward.

If you want to craft something, socks and string or rubber hands can work also. But it’s easier to use something you don’t have to alter, right?

8. Bedsheets

You can make a rope out of bedsheets, or get more creative and learn how to make a harness for a strapon. This one is great for female doms who enjoy pegging their subs.

9. Sex Furniture

sex furniture

Sex swings, wedges, or bondage boards are a wonderful part of BDSM and bondage. And you can make them all at home.

One idea is to use plain wood furniture, cover it in fabric and padding, then add rings for restraining.

Explore other ideas for DIY sex furniture here.

10. Spatula

You can use the spatula as a spanking tool during BDSM sessions. If your spatula has a rounded handle, you can also use it as a makeshift dildo.

11. Paperclips

Paperclips can be used as an alternative nipple clamping device. Fasten them around the nipples and gently pinch it to adjust the pressure.

12. Chip Clips

A chip clip is another good option for pinching the nipple. It provides a better grip than the paperclip and is easier to control as well.

13. Masking Tape / Electrical Tape

Masking or electrical tape can be used to create a bondage harness. The tape can also be used to bind the wrists and ankles together or to create a gag.

Recreating Classic Sex Toys

Sex machines have been around for decades, but the problem is their price.

If you’re a little on the genius side, or at least decently technical, you can do it yourself.

You can also build your very own DIY sex machine – it’ll cost hundreds, if not over a $1000 less than the classic Sybian or its alternatives.

9 Food Items That Can Be Homemade Sex Toy

Here is a list of phallic foods that can serve well for penetration:

  • Banana.
  • Eggplant.
  • Carrot.
  • Cucumber.
  • Corn dog.
  • Large sausages.

Always use a condom with these for safety and hygiene! And I don’t recommend you eat them after.

Here are some foods you can cut holes in and use as a masturbation sleeve:

  • Grapefruit.
  • Watermelon/melon.
  • Mango.


Anything is a sex toy if you’re brave and creative enough. Look around your house and see what you find.

You might discover a lot of the things on this list, or find something and get your own ideas!

Aliyah Moore

Aliyah Moore

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