Discover The Best Chastity Cage That Doesn’t Break The Bank

After tons of research and testing I’ve found the best chastity cage that actually works, doesn’t break the bank, and is great for long-term wear!

best chastity cages compiled

Top Cock Cages In 2021

Steel Cage By Oxy product shot

Steel Cage By Oxy


Price: $$
Internal Length: 1.89”
Canal Diameter: 1.34
Rings: 3 rings
Material: Stainless steel

CB-600 chastity cage



Price: $$$
Internal Length: 3.25”
Canal Diameter:
Rings: 5 rings
Material: Polycarbonate plastic

Master Series Detained Chastity Cage

Master Series Detained


Price: $
Internal Length: 4”
Canal Diameter: 1.5”
Material: Soft plastic

CB-6000 with product descriptions


Our pick

This is the most famous and quality male chastity device that has stood the test of time.

It’s pricier but because of that, you get plenty of customizations and options. That will make sure that it fits PERFECT!

It’s extremely well made and comes with 5 ring sizes that will fit everyone (in terms of diameter). CB-6000 won’t disappoint if the length fits — 3.25″.

They also come in shorter pink color for bigger humiliation (note that it’s 2.5″ length). It has a shorter, transparent version, as well as a curved CB-X model for well-endowed members ( 3.75″ in length).

different models of the CB-6000

The CB-6000 is made of medical-grade polycarbonate plastic material.

This means it’s easy to clean and it plays well with thick silicone lubes. It is considered one of the best chastity devices in the market.

The package comes with a key, lock, 5 sizes of U-rings, 44 ml of silicone lube and even nice storage case.

If you measure correctly the length. (which is quite easy) Then it’s 100% that you’ll get the CB model that fits and will work for a long time. (and keep in mind that LoveHoney has a 1-year warranty).

Alternatively, look at LockedInLust Vice and HolyTrainer. But I’m not gonna be delving deeper into them as this guide is more tailored to starter budget cages. Rather than high-end long-term wear options. Also, Holy Trainer products can be another option. Holy Trainer is made of biosourced resin.

Steel Cage by Oxy

Budget pick

Steel Cage By Oxy product demo

Oxy Shop creates and offers a high quality stainless steel cock cage for $40-50 while allowing to pick from 3 size main rings – 40mm, 45mm, 50mm.

It’s 48mm in length and 34mm in diameter, and has 3 air holes.

If you like the experience, let it serve as a stepping stone for something more suitable.

Make sure you watch the video on the product page. To see how this looks in real life and all the elements included in the purchase.

Master Series Detained Stretchy Soft actual product and box

Master Series Detained Stretchy Soft

If locked chastity sounds scary to you. This simple, stretchy and transparent sleeve is a safe alternative.

This male chastity device can be safely worn for a few hours. And while there are no keys happening, you can discipline each other. And see how this kind of submission feels for you both.

Make sure you use a few drops of lube when putting this on.

And while the material is stretchy. Still measure the diameter and the flaccid penis length. To not end up disappointed if they are too small for well-endowed members.

Make sure you watch the video on the product page to see how it looks like in real life.

Cheaper CB Cage Replica with product descriptions

Cheaper CB Cage Replica

If you’re new then with 1 size ring cage chances that you’ll get the right size from the first attempt are 1 of 4… 25%.

It’s just hard. Because even if you measure correct, sometimes the exact measurements are too tight.

In the end, it’s about trial and error. And then it can get pricey…unless you get the one with several rings and locking pins.

This Dominix silicone cage comes with 5 size rings. Guaranteeing that diameter will fit. And uses a brass padlock.

The only precaution that you must think about is internal length — 3″.

With a flaccid penis, will it be enough length?

If you’re bigger than average (5–6″ when erect) you might struggle with this one.

The upside with silicone is that it’s more flexible than steel cage. And will allow you to get more erect while still denying the access to the penis itself.

With all said, if the length is not an issue this will be great not only as a starter cage. But also as an affordable long term option that holds.

But here’s a tip — if you don’t want to get your hair trapped — give the buddy downstairs a shave.

Finally, watch the video on the product page to see exactly how to use the locking pins and see the size of the cage.

dominix stainless steel cock lock belt

Dominix Deluxe Steel Cage

If you like more restrictive and heavier play then this stainless steel cock cage might be worth looking at as a budget option.

Make sure you check the sizing though, I would caution for bigger than average guys to not get this.

But if you’re average and flaccid with little help of lube you’ll get through.

The design itself is simple — it comes in two pieces. Has open rings for easy cleaning, peeing and ventilation.

Also, notice that with this device you can still access and tickle the glans of the penis.

This can be a fun way to add to ruined orgasm play. As you can cum if you try really hard (under her supervision of course), but it won’t feel really satisfying.

spiked cock cage

Mike’s Spikes Cock & Ball Torture Device

Okay, this last one is fun.

If my partner showed up with this and insisted me to wear it — that would scare the crap out of me!

One of the great way that your mistress could do to you as punishment…

You place them between the ball sack and the penis.

So technically it’s a ball cage, not a cock cage. A lock is not included, make sure to purchase separately.

Pokey, but a satisfying and sexy piece.

The Challenge With Male Chastity Devices

The problem with male chastity cages is that it’s extremely hard to find the right penis tube sizes.

Or finding the perfect length, and diameter that’s right for you. (Even more difficult if the male has a Prince Albert piercing.)

Even after careful measurements over the week. Averaging the flaccid penis size, still, the odds aren’t good. That you’ll get the best male chastity cage from the first try.

Besides you don’t even know yet if you gonna enjoy this kind of D&S play at all!

Navigating the jungle of cock cages can get pricey.

Or.. if you try the cheap knockoff CB6000s, Vice, or Holy Trainer route. Either on Amazon, Aliexpress or eBay you’ll experience problems like:

  • pinching
  • things not lining up
  • buying items supposedly from stainless steel or medical silicone. And then having allergic reactions because it’s made from non-body-safe, toxic material.
  • the metal having unfinished edges that cause irritation
  • super uncomfortable
  • urination hole not being present

In the end, instead of saving money, you end up spending 2–3x.

This research will help you to identify the best male chastity cages for your needs. Which means finding an affordable starter cock cage.

That lets you experience the play without painful mistakes.

chastity cage sizing guide

What You Should Know

The #1 priority that you need to get right with a male chastity device is the sizing.

This is what separates you from having the fun experience vs writing negative review. Because you didn’t read upfront the measurements of the chastity device.

Note: this is the reason why you’ll see in general lower ratings on many chastity devices than any other sex toys.

You must, MUST be careful to measure correctly:

  • 1. the length of your flaccid penis for the tube sizes of the cock cage
  • 2. the circumference or diameter behind the testicles for the ring of the cage
  • 3. the diameter of the penis itself (girth) — this is less important measurement. Since most cages are wide enough in the penis tube, but the cock ring size is crucial.

If you want to be extra careful you can measure sizings every day for 7 days. And then average out the numbers and you’ll get the most precise measurements (ideally after a hot shower).

This is more important if you’re spending some money for a cock cage or even ordering your own custom male chastity device (gotta have goals huh?).

custom chastity device examples

Just for eye-pleasing, these custom cages cost several hundred $$$. But such beauties!

pink cock cage, different cage materials overview

How To Choose The Right Material

Next, you should know that there are two main materials that cages are made of:

  • Silicone or plastic — a great option for first-time chastity slaves. It’s light and a comfortable sex toy. It has a little more give in case you don’t perfectly measure it.
  • Stainless steel — looks badass, doesn’t break. But is also less forgiving, heavier, & will trigger metal detectors. And the metal rubbing against the skin takes time to get used to.

It’s scary to buy no-name, low-quality knockoff items because you don’t know what they are made off. And the items usually are cheap because they are made from cheap materials.

Good materials cost $$. Amazon is notorious for its low-quality standards on sex toys.

So just be careful and be willing to accept the consequences.

How To Put It On

(Every cage usually comes with an instruction manual or even video explaining it).

Keep in mind, that if you choose the right size, then 99% of the hard part is over. Putting the it on is pretty straightforward.

Usually, cock cages are put on the penis. And there is a lock that goes behind the balls to prevent them from coming off.

It goes on man’s penis with a lock on top. Keychain and key go around woman’s neck safely stored.

To learn more about this check out out complete guide on how to put on a chastity cage.

Bringing It All Together

That’s it for male chastity cages folks…

Its great addition to your best bondage gear collection and a nice way to spice up your sex life with role playing and BDSM.

Oh, and if you want to be part of the kinky chastity community, check out this Chastity Subreddit (NSFW).

You’ll get a lot more ideas, see lots of people pictures of them using ones.

Just make sure to get a cage that is not too small. As this could lead to restrictive blood flow or very painful erections.

It’s always nicer when you know you’re not alone out there.

Have fun!

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