“Jesus Christ, Tenga”: The Best Tenga Egg Sex Toys in 2021

If you want to see all the best Tenga egg sex toys in one place, then you’ll LOVE this complete guide!

I personally love Tenga sex toys and over years have tried practically all of them.

And you can quickly filter through the list to find the right toy for you. Every selection is accompanied by helpful suggestions and videos to make decision easy.

Sounds good? Let get going:

best Tenga eggs examples cover

Before we start with Tenga…

An important note:

While Tenga eggs are the most popular (and cheapest) of Tenga toys, they won’t always be the smartest choice for you.

This is why besides reviewing the best tenga eggs.. we also took a deep look into other Tenga masturbator alternatives:  Tenga cup, Flip Hole, 3D, Flip Zero.

Tenga is an incredible male masturbator toy creator.

Almost always if you need to decide Tenga vs Fleshlight, you’ll be better served with Tenga eggs.

That says a lot. Lets dive deeper in to this best Tenga egg review:

Introduction To Tenga Sex Toys

Tenga is a Japanese brand that focuses mainly on male masturbator sex toys.

According to Wikipedia, the company was founded in March 25, 2005. And it’s founder is Koichi Matsumoto with its headquarters located in Tokyo, Japan.

Tenga offers tons of different products. Starting from one-time use Tenga eggs, tenga cups to reusable tenga cups and flip holes.

Lately they have also been introducing the vibrators for women like Iroha.

Tenga doesn’t try to create artificial vagina type of products. Rather, they focus on increasing male masturbation pleasure instead.

Similar to Lelo, Tenga is known for it’s luxury, premium look design sex toys.

various tenga sex toys

However, unlike Lelo, they have cheap, discrete disposable products. That sometimes alienate their loyal audience.

But they are also unique in that way since. For example, Fleshlight has only premium, more expensive products.

In some countries they even have Tenga eggs stored in supermarket. 😉 And in Japan they have vending machines for tenga eggs.

tenga toys on supermarket

What Are The Best Tenga Products?: Deep Look

Vital: Don’t buy sexual wellness products on Amazon. You won’t get a warranty. And chances are high you’ll get counterfeit product. That is lower quality and possibly toxic materials. Instead, buy from original creators or from trusted sources we’ve identified.

Tenga Egg Review

Lets kick this off with a Tenga egg review.

The new Tenga egg series is a true egg shape, with a great modern and sleek design.

Tenga Easy Beat Egg (original series egg) is a great option if you want to be able to vary the pressure with your hand. Or if you don’t like the masturbator that feel like sex-in-a-can toy. (usual pocket pussy models like Fleshlight).

There are many great textures available. The Tenga egg is soft and since it looks like a condom, you can add the lube and it doesn’t go anywhere.

Each of these Tenga Eggs provides a unique sensation. It can massage the penis head differently.

There are 6 kinds of Tenga eggs on Easy Beat pack:

  • Tenga Egg Wavy
  • Tenga Egg Clicker
  • Tenga Egg Spider
  • Tenga Egg Twister
  • Tenga Egg Stepper
  • Tenga Egg Silky

Personally, I prefer the Tenga Egg Wavy. The Egg Wavy offers pretty good intense feeling in the easy beat pack.

Next, is the new standard eggs from LOVE ME TENGA. Unlike the Easy Beat pack, the new standard series is only available in the USA and Asia.

There are 6 kinds of Tenga eggs on the new standard pack:

  • Tenga Egg Boxy
  • Tenga Egg Brush
  • Tenga Egg Wavy II
  • Tenga Egg Tornado
  • Tenga Egg Sphere
  • Tenga Egg Silky II

Lastly is the Hard Boiled Tenga Egg 6-Pack. The Hard Boiled pack also contains 6 kinds of eggs:

  • Tenga Egg – Thunder
  • Tenga Egg – Crater
  • Tenga Egg – Misty
  • Tenga Egg – Cloudy
  • Tenga Egg – Shiny
  • Tenga Egg – Surfer

The Hard Boiled pack is thicker and less stretchy compared to the Tenga eggs on the Easy Beat Pack.

And yeah, as the name suggests, they do feel like hard-boiled eggs.

different tenga eggs explained

Tenga Easy Beat Egg 6-pack is advertised as one time male masturbation toys.

(Tenga Eggs were designed as single-use toys. But some people wash them and re-use them 2-3 times before discarding the Tenga egg away.)

Tenga eggs can be easily cleaned with soap and water.

Most of the time, a tenga egg will last for around 5–10 uses (if you’re gentle).

The 6 pack Tenga Easy Beat Egg Male Masturbator option is nice. Because you can get a mix of different textures. Where 3 have medium or low stimulation texture, and other 3 are high intensity.

How to Choose The Best Tenga Egg?

  • Hard Boiled eggs are slightly thicker material
  • Pick the simpler texture over more extreme

Even if sensations aren’t that different, it’s fun to mix things.

Pro Tip: Use the condom on top of tenga egg, if you don’t want to bother cleaning it 😉 Just remove used condom and throw it out.

Tenga eggs – some guys love it, some hate it, but they are cheap and definitely worth trying the experience.

Tenga eggs almost feel like jelly and super stretchy. 

Maybe you’ll just feel like the Tenga egg is massaging your penis with a thick condom. But then you simply need to get Tenga Flip Hole 😉

Just make sure you use lube with the tenga eggs — it being dry will ruin the masturbation experience.

Tenga Flip Hole Male Masturbators

Similar to Tenga Eggs, Tenga Flip hole has been around for years. It’s a futuristic-looking male masturbator.

It’s not designed to look like or even feel like an artificial vagina. But the texture inside this egg like masturbator is all optimised for man’s pleasure. It feels incredible.

different tenga flip hole models

What’s great with Flip Hole’s is that they flip open which makes them very easy to clean (compared to Fleshlight).

Tenga Flip Holes stand out. Because you can control the tightness and sensations with your hands. you can do this by pressing the buttons or sides of the toy.

It will fit the average man’s penis size— 5″ to 6″ are perfect for it.

And you can get so many textures to introduce variety.

If you care about the noise though, it can get quite loud with active thrusting.

Note: Just make sure you always use plenty of lube. Not using enough will lead to orgasms that are too sensitive and overwhelming.

While Tenga Flip has tons of models, two of the best ones are:

  • Tenga Flip Zero (+ vibration version)
  • Tenga Black

Tenga Flip Zero

This is the latest flip hole model from Tenga and is the most recommended by guys.

There are two versions of this model (besides two colors) . Standard and EV model with electronic vibrations.

There is a price difference for the vibrations model.

The standard Flip Zero gave us really tight sensations, great suction.

tenga flip zero on the stand
perfect gift for your significant other

As all other models it flips open and is easy to clean.

Compared to Tenga Flip Black — Zero, it has no buttons. You can press both sides with your fingers giving a similar feeling to jerking off with your hand.

Just in this case there is great wetness, textures and suction involved.

Watch this video to see how it works:

Some guys complain that this model breaks apart fast. So you should be gentle or just look at proven older Flip Black model.

TENGA Zero Flip Hole

This is a modification of Flip Zero with electronic vibrations.

On top of the Zero model, you get 5 different vibration modes — low, high, pulsing, alternating, and random.

tenga flip zero on stand

You can recharge the toy with USB and Tenga guarantees 50 times of use. (But many men report it being a lot more durable than that.)

Tenga Flip Black

If you want to be super safe and get a Tenga Flip model that lasts and have proven to be durable, then get Tenga Black.

From three texture choices most men recommend black version.

tenga flip black toy

Or you can go even older and get Tenga White which has been around for more than 8 years.

When you use it — don’t go fast though.

Take your time, let your penis sensitivity build up. And then you’ll understand what those textures are all about.

Add plenty of lube beforehand and your self-pleasuring sessions will be transformed forever.

Watch this video that reviews all four of the color and texture models for more.

Tenga Onacups

Tenga cups are a little bigger modification from tenga egg. Unlike tenga eggs, it comes with its own container.

Yet, as the price shows, they are not intended for many uses.

With proper care you can use them up to a week.

red tenga ona cup toy

They look like tenga eggs. You could use a condom on top of this cup and use it for more times, otherwise it’s gonna be super hard to clean this one.

tenga cup insides in detail

It comes in five versions with most popular being: original vacuum cup and deep throat cup.

The best feature of the cup is the suction. It will give the perception of blow-job and deep-throating. The sensation felt is similar to that of a blowjob machine.

Tip: Put it in hot water before use to enjoy it more.

Oh.. and if you would prefer to have suction feature with spiralling, spinning sensations..

Check this Tenga Flex cup reusable modification of this standard cup model.

tenga flex cup

Tenga Air Tech Reusable Masturbation Cup

This is another version of the cup. (It looks like a Tenga egg) Yet this one is actually intended to be reusable which makes it easier to clean.

tenga air tech masturbation cup

As with all cups the greatest feature is their vacuum, suction kind of feel.

Take a look at this handy video showing how Tenga Air Tech looks from inside and outside:

Also it’s a lot more silent compared to Flip Hole… Material is very soft, but rigid enough.

Tenga Spinner Cup Reusable

This toy is completely designed to expose you to a different kind of sensation. (A twisting and spinning kind of sensation.) This sex toy may remind you of the Tenga egg but on a larger scale.

As you jerk the toy up and down, it will automatically spin during the process.

Just watch this video:

The only warning is that if you’re bigger than average (above 6.5″) this will be too small a toy for you.

Looking for more unique sensations? You should give this a try if you previous experience with Tenga products.

Some like spinning sensations, some cannot get used to it.

It comes in 3 styles (detailed in our Tenga Spinner review) with different textures (Tetra is the most popular):

tenga spinner masturbation toy

Tenga 3D Sleeve Spiral

Tenga 3D is the middle-ground between the tenga cup and the flip hole.

It is like a rubber type of tube without a hard container.

tenga 3d toy different textures

It has a closed end like the egg sex toy.

You just unroll it, lube it up and get to work. It’s easy to clean, comes with it’s own glass container and stand to keep it in.

This thing is very stretchy and will fit most average and bigger than average penises.

Pro tip: Put the lube and the masturbator in a hot water for few minutes before using. Will improve the sensations a lot!

It comes in 5 different textures and different strokes. Each texture offering different sensations.

tenga spiral on stand

Spiral, pile and polygon are top 3 most recommended textures. Start with spiral.

For extra effect don’t just jerk if off up and down but actually spin it, roll it around your hands.

You’ll get to a completely new masturbation sensations.

Watch this video for more visual look.

The sleeve itself has a stand and it looks like a beautiful design product.

Tenga Iroha Vibrator For Women

Finally I gotta mention the Iroha which is a fun product for women.

yuki tenga vibrator toy

You have probably not seen a vibrator like this.

The silicone on this thing is super soft and has very smooth vibrations that women love.

There are three models: Midori, Yuki and Sakuri. They have little different shapes that will please different parts of pussy.

Check this video for great explanation on how each vibrator is different and how to use (she has two of them):

Charge will last for 90 minutes on full power, the motor is very silent and rechargeable.

As everything from Tenga, this is a luxury product and will make an excellent gift 😉

How To Clean & Maintain Tenga Sex Toys?

Use corn starch regularly. Like other male masturbator creators, Tenga uses porous materials, like TPE. Which means that material will degrade over time and will harbour bacteria.

Porous doesn’t mean it’s toxic, it’s just porous.

Corn starch slows that process. It prevents these toys from getting sticky and make them last longer (few years at least).

While for female sex toys — silicone is a standard. For male masturbators the porous materials are more common.

Silicone toys don’t have this problem, but they are more expensive.

Here are the steps:

  • Wash Tenga right away with soap and water and leave it turned inside out.
  • Spray it with sex toy cleaner (if you have one) and dry it up.
  • Dust the toys with 100% cornstarch from the inside and outside to keep the toy fresh before storing away. Do not use baby powder.
  • Water-based lube will also help extend the life of the toy.

What Other People Say About Tenga Sex Toys?

It’s cool to add perspective with real stories of people sharing their experience. Without a pressure of selling something or looking good.

These are that kind of stories:

“Tenga Flip Hole Air…”

“Bought my first Tenga in 2011. Probably didn’t use it enough since I still have it and it’s just now getting icky…

I can’t complain. Cleans out easy with some soap and water, leave it sitting next to the shower to let it dry out.

My SO gives me shit about it when she sees it out, but it’s always in good fun…

Make sure you stick with water based lubes…

The other Tenga products like the egg and the onacups aren’t bad. But they’re not meant for long-term use like the Flip Hole products are, so they’ll go in the trash soon enough.

Think of the onacups as like a BMW of pocket pussy.

They’re something you buy once, but not all the time.

They are not the same as a Fleshlight.

Fleshlights are like buying an F150, where a Flip Hole is like buying a Toyota Camry.

Ignoring the domestic/import pun there, the Flip Hole requires a lot less maintenance. It will last forever if you take care of it properly, and they will both ultimately get you where you’re going.”

Source: altaccountthree

tenga mascot toy

“Can’t speak personally, but my best guy friend got a bunch of Tengas.”

“One of my other dude friends wanted to try one and hostilities erupted. Because of how much best guy friend did not want to part with any tengas.

He was getting laid at this point.

He just really liked tenga eggs.

“THEY HAVE DIFFERENT PATTERNS!!!” he would excitedly proclaim.

“Some are better than others but it’s always exciting. They’re like special vaginas with surprises! And they’re flexible!!!”

Said other friend was eventually gifted “the shittiest tenga.”

He wanted more after it and best guy friend was like, no fucking way, get your own tengas, these are MY TENGAS.

Again, best dude friend was getting laid fairly regularly. Or at the very least as often as he wanted. Because he never has to look hard for sex, and IIRC this was a fairly fruitful period of his life.

Apparently tengas are very awesome. And cause other males to act in a socially inappropriate way. Such as requesting more precious tengas after you have only been allocated one.

I think they’re expensive though…hence no one wanting to buy more.

Best dude friend has not, to my knowledge, bought more tengas. But he saved them for special occasions. I think for the most princely of masturbation sessions.

I’m seeing him tomorrow for the first time in a long time.

I will have to ask him whether he has had any new tenga experiences. And how they compare to non-pattern boring old human vaginas.”

Source: silliestsloth

“I have the Tenga eggs and the Fleshlight. “

“Fleshlight sleeves feel good, but the cleanup is a headache.

I rarely use it.

The most fun is when my wife uses it on me.

Would not buy it again.

I don’t think size will be problem there.

I just got the eggs and have only used three of them.

Two were no better than my hand, but one really rubbed the tip of my penis nice.

Cleanup is easy, they don’t cost much. Good fun for something different.

Still…nothing beats the human hand.

If you really want to give him a present, give him free hand jobs for a month or something like that.

Good luck and have fun!”

Source: sbxtc

“Girl here and the tenga flip-air (white) gave me SERIOUS penis envy. “

“Tenga products are well-engineered whereas fleshlight is just a tube with a sleeve.

If you’re going to buy a tenga, go for their reusable products.

The eggs are great but they’re one time use and not very sturdy even for that.

They’re quite fun though.

Not much experience with the “lite” products. But to my knowledge, the flip-hole and flip-air lines all have a lite version.

My SO had both the flip-hole and flip-air and they are amazing products.”

Source: mysexytimeacct

Bringing It All Together

So there we go…

Tenga egg review and tenga products review in general.

Male sex toys by Tenga help spice up your masturbation and sex life 🙂

A thorough look into a bit lesser known but loved by many Tenga eggs brand.

You should feel now like an expert huh?

Now you can make informed choice about Tenga products. Especially the new egg products.

Mixing ordinary masturbation with male sex toys is a fun way for easy variety.

Hope you enjoyed this tenga guide and tenga egg review!

What are your thoughts? Let us know in the comments below.

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