18 of the Most Discreet & Best Tenga Eggs Review (2024)

Tenga Eggs continues to pack a punch with unique textures, unexpected sensations, and innovative design. While they’re the most affordable masturbators in Tenga’s lineup, their disposable nature raises an essential discussion on environmental sustainability.

In this article, I’ll guide you through these aspects to help you select the best Tenga Egg based on its texture, cost, and durability. We’ll also explore how you can extend their lifespan without compromising your experience and values.

Key Considerations

  • Texture: Choose a texture that matches your desired sensation, as each model offers a unique feel, like wavy patterns, brush-like ridges, and raised nodules or bumps.
  • Durability: Tenga Eggs are designed for limited use. If longevity matters to you, seek models known for multiple uses or explore ways to extend their lifespan.
  • Cost-Effectiveness: Factor in the price per use. Packs with multiple eggs or varied textures can offer better value if you want to experiment without overspending.

Top 3 Products

New Standard TENGA Egg Pack

New Standard TENGA Egg Pack

T he perfect introduction to Tenga Eggs and the most versatile, well-rounded option that offers a little something to everyone. It provides a range of classic and familiar textures like gentle waves (Wavy II), brush-like strokes (Brush), and spherical nodules (Sphere) that suit personal taste.

Wonder TENGA Egg Pack

Wonder TENGA Egg Pack

This is for those drawn to more unique and varied textures than the classic ones from the Standard pack. Its unique assortment might not appeal to everyone, but it’s a great pack for those exploring different sensations.

Hard Boiled TENGA Egg Pack

Hard Boiled TENGA Egg Pack

This is the better choice for those who prefer a more intense experience. Its firmer material might be too much for beginners, which gives a more intense and pronounced sensation. 

The Best Tenga Egg Variety Packs Reviewed


New Standard Tenga Egg Pack

$39/pack; $6.50/piece
Stretchable, disposable TPE
Egg measurements:
1.93” D x 1.93” W x 2.40” H
Insertion length:
Stretches up to 7.80”
Insertion width:
Stretches up to 2.40”
Included in pack:
Wavy II, Boxy, Brush, Tornado, Sphere, and Silky II

Take the 6 OG egg designs from the Classic pack and season ‘em with Tenga’s top-secret sugar, spice, and everything nice.

The result? The New Standard Tenga Egg Pack!

The folks at Tenga decided to keep some awesome features from the OG eggs and added SOME MORE, so users can experience more different sensations from different yolks.

You get a variety of incredible patterns, nubs, ribs, and waves for another round of Os.

Like the OG pack, you’re getting6 different eggs with a softer and stretchier gel material for that overall COMFORTABLE FEEL. That means they’re still great for new and experienced pleasure seekers alike.

Unfortunately, the New Standard Pack is only available in Asia and the US (sucks, I know).

I wasn’t able to get my hands on these eggs fast. I had to bribe my good ol’ friend (yup, the same friend) to bring home ‘em new eggs.

And here’s what I got inside the pack:

  • Tenga Egg Wavy II
  • Tenga Egg Boxy
  • Tenga Egg Brush
  • Tenga Egg Tornado
  • Tenga Egg Sphere
  • Tenga Egg Silky II


Wonder Tenga Egg Pack

$39/pack; $6.50/piece
Stretchable, disposable TPE
Egg measurements:
1.93” D x 1.93” W x 2.40” H
Insertion length:
Stretches up to 7.80”
Insertion width:
Stretches up to 2.40”
Included in pack:
Wind, Stud, Mesh, Tube, Curl, Ring

Just late 2022, Tenga released yet another half-dozen variety pack. It’s called the Wonder Tenga Egg Pack. These Tenga eggs are pretty similar to the Classic Easy Beat and New Standard eggs in terms of stretch, softness, and comfort. The Wonder Pack just offers completely new internal overall designs for more variety.

In this pack, you’ll get the following:

  • Tenga Egg Wind
  • Tenga Egg Stud
  • Tenga Egg Mesh
  • Tenga Egg Tube
  • Tenga Egg Curl
  • Tenga Egg Ring


Hard Boiled Tenga Egg Pack

$39/pack; $6.50/piece
Stretchable, disposable TPE
Egg measurements:
1.93” D x 1.93” W x 2.40” H
Insertion length:
Stretches up to 7.80”
Insertion width:
Stretches up to 2.40”
Included in pack:
Thunder, Crater, Misty, Cloudy, Shiny, and Surfer

If you’ve made it this far, congrats! You’ve just graduated from average wanker to intermediate eggs-plorer.

The Hard-Boiled Tenga Egg Pack is definitely not for penis-owning noobs and users with limited male sex toy experience. PLUS users who are more sensitive down there.

But if you’re looking for the strongest sensations from your Tenga eggs, then you’re in the right place.

Unlike the Classic and New Standard packs, the Hard-Boiled Pack has eggs made of a thicker gel material and lotion, so you get the most intense solo play experience.

And yeah, they’re much tougher like hard-boiled eggs (duh!). But they don’t give as much stretch as the eggs from the other two packs. So, make sure that you don’t overstretch them.

Inside the pack, you’ll get:

  • Tenga Egg Thunder
  • Tenga Egg Crater
  • Tenga Egg Misty
  • Tenga Egg Cloudy
  • Tenga Egg Shiny
  • Tenga Egg Surfer

Most comfortable, softest feel

OG Easy Beat Tenga Egg Pack

$39/pack; $6.50/piece
Stretchable, disposable TPE
Egg measurements:
1.93” D x 1.93” W x 2.40” H
Insertion length:
Stretches up to 7.80”
Insertion width:
Stretches up to 2.40”
Included in pack:
Wavy, Clicker, Spider, Twister, Stepper, and Silky

Meet the OG: the Classic Easy Beat Tenga Egg Pack that started it all.

I got to try all 6 eggs included in this pack earlier than most folks, thanks to my friend’s surprise gift. To this day, I still buy the OG pack from time to time and add it to my solo and partnered play routines.

I even carry a couple of eggs with me when I travel because of their stashable size (BONUS!). Each egg offers different interior designs that give unique sensations to take your masturbation experience from MEH to eggs-plosive levels!

Unlike most male masturbators, they’re not encased in hard material. That means you can vary the pressure and sensations using only your hands (much more on that later).

The folks from Tenga used a SOFTER and STRETCHIER gel material that can completely cover a 500 ml bottle. So, yes! It can fit most penis sizes (if that worries you).

Plus, you’re getting less defined bumps and lumps for that overall COMFORTABLE FEEL.

This pack is worth trying if you (or your partner) have zero to limited sex toy experience. Even experienced pleasure seekers can get this pack to try various new sensations for a low price.

For this pack, you’ll get:

  • Tenga Egg Wavy
  • Tenga Egg Clicker
  • Tenga Egg Spider
  • Tenga Egg Twister
  • Tenga Egg Stepper
  • Tenga Egg Silky

Limited Stocks!

This OG Easy Beat Tenga Egg Pack is only available to UK. Make sure to get yours while it’s still in-stock!

Best Standalone Tenga Eggs Reviewed

Best Tenga Egg For Twisting

Tenga Egg Twister

The Twister features swirl patterns that run lengthwise as opposed to Wavy’s design. Move the sleeve up and down, and you get some good ol’ squeezin’ action.

But the Twister comes to life when you twist and rotate it on your shaft, as its name suggests. It’s an entirely new sensation that’s far from the same-ol’-same-ol’ stroking/BJ/sex-like action.

The sleeve rotates around you and hits different spots in varying order. You’ll feel tingling sensations that work from the tip of your penis to the base of your shaft.

Woah! Then, you’d be surprised at how it once again hits all the right spots, whether you’re moving it sideways or downwards. I enjoyed the sensations the first time and got off fast.

Best Subtle Tenga Egg

Tenga Egg Stepper

The Stepper has shell-shaped, curved ridges on the inside, which are very different from the small triangles you see on the packaging.

Push the sleeve with your fingers downward and use your fingertips to massage your penis tip. You’ll then feel subtle, tickling sensations that are far from your typical wank.

Stroking the Stepper gives less intense bi-directional sensations but with more variation.

Unlike the other OG eggs that require a light touch to feel their unique textures, Stepper gives more variety when you change the pressure or grip around it. 

So, What Is a Tenga Egg?

The Tenga egg is a small egg-shaped male sex toy that levels up your masturbation experience, thanks to the ultra-realistic material it’s made out of. But don’t let its discreet, unassuming design fool you. It’s one of those sex toys that provide pleasure that’s a lot more intense than a regular hand!

Tenga eggs have been around for more than a decade and remain one of the most popular male sex toys to date. They can be stretched to fit most penis sizes and provide maximum pleasure.

They’re made up of TWO PARTS: a TPE sheath containing a variety of different textures, each catering to a different kind of pleasure, and a hollow egg-shaped case that contains lubricant.

The Tenga egg is very easy to clean, quiet, discreet, and small enough to store in any drawer. Penis owners don’t just use it for solo fun. It’s also a great sex toy to spice things up in the bedroom for couples looking to add a little something extra to their sex life.

Now that you know what these sex toys do, it’s time to experience the best Tenga has to offer – starting with the best Tenga eggs we’ve tested by far.

Just late last year, Tenga released yet another half-dozen variety pack. It’s called the Wonder Tenga Egg Pack. These Tenga eggs are pretty similar to the Classic Easy Beat and New Standard eggs in terms of stretch, softness, and comfort. The Wonder Pack just offers completely new internal overall designs for more variety.

Which Tenga Pack Is Best?

Choosing the best Tenga egg pack all boils down to the egg’s overall interior details. The detailing from the packaging gives you a vague clue to each egg’s inner textures. But the overall sensations can still surprise you more or less.

Now, you can buy Tenga eggs a la carte or get them in a variety pack, with 6 eggs each. Each Tenga egg pack offers eggs of varying interior details to give users an array of pleasurable sensations.

If you’re on a super tight budget and don’t want to put all your eggs in one basket, you can take a chance on a single egg design. Of course, this is based on what you think looks and feels good for you.

However, with 30 different textures (so far) to choose from, can you really pick one that works for you? I highly doubt that.

Pro Tip

You’re better off buying a 6-pack Tenga egg than just one for the best chance of finding a texture that you like.

If this is your first time trying egg male masturbators or male sex toys in general, the Classic Easy Beat Tenga Egg Pack or the New Standard Tenga Egg Pack is a no-brainer. They’re softer and stretchier, giving both noobs and experienced pleasure seekers a comfortable solo or partnered play experience.

For the most comfortable and softest textures, go with the Classic Pack, but if you’re looking for more variety and different sensations, go with the New Standard Pack.

However, if you’re more experienced and looking for stronger sensations, get the Hard-Boiled Tenga Egg Pack. The eggs have a harder gel internal structure and come with harder gel lotion, so you get firmer and more satisfying sensations from each egg.

All egg packs offer a bunch of different textures and sensations. It’s all about finding which ones feel best to you. To quote Tenga: “Different strokes from different yolks” (for different folks!)

How to Use Tenga Egg Toys

Opening my first Tenga egg kinda felt like opening a Kinder Surprise egg. And damn. I was in for a whole lot of pleasurable surprises!

Using a Tenga egg, whether for the first or nth time, is pretty straightforward. Here’s what you do:

  • Remove the egg’s outer plastic casing, and you’ll find a plain white egg without any markings or branding. This is the texture’s case.
  • Open the inner plastic case like you’re opening a plastic Easter egg. Inside you’ll find asoft, stretchy egg-shaped pouch – that’s the sleeve. You’ll also find a short, plastic mini tube that contains the lubepackage.
  • Squeeze the lube from the packet to the sleeve’s entry point and insides.
  • Make sure to squish and move the lube, so it spreads and coats all the egg’s insides. You don’t need to lube yourself up. A bit of squeezing the egg while you’re putting your penis inside is enough.
  • Now, stick your penis into the egg’s opening and start wanking. You can stretch the sleeve as short or as long as you like up to around 8” in length.
  • Move the sleeve up and down. Avoid gripping it too tight, or else you’ll miss the unique textures each egg gives off.
  • Experiment with up-and-down strokes along with some circular movements using your fingertips. You can also apply twisting, circular motions around the penis head.
  • Once finished, place back the used sleeve into the egg-shaped casing.
  • Dispose of the egg with little to no mess.
  • OR you can turn it inside out, wash it with soap and water, leave it to dry, REPEAT!

Something to note

Only stretch the Tenga egg from the base. Stretching the egg from the top may cause it to break prematurely.

Are Tenga Eggs Reusable?

The simple answer’s NO, according to folks from Tenga. These eggs are disposable sleeves meant for single-use only.

Of course, it’s natural for them to say this so that users will end up buying more after disposing of their evidence like it never happened.

But dang! That seems a wasteful lot of money, especially if you’re getting a 6-pack each time. Based on my experience, the number of times you can use a Tenga egg depends on you and your wanking habits.

I can get around 5-10 uses out of them (I like to have long sessions). As long as there are no holes or tears on my eggs, we’re good. Since these eggs are made of porous material, always inspect if they’re still clean and fresh before using them.

For your Tenga eggs to last a while, don’t overstretch while using them.

Tenga Egg vs. Fleshlight: Which Is Better?

Comparing a Tenga Egg and a Fleshlight is like comparing apples to oranges. What’s more comparable is a Fleshlight and a Tenga Flip Hole (but that’s another story).

A Tenga egg is a small, thin, and super-stretchy masturbation sleeve.

You put it on the tip of your penis and use your hand to stretch it down to the base of your shaft as you stroke. You still get some hand-stroking action, but the feeling is a bit different because of the material between your hand and penis.

Meanwhile, a Fleshlight is a large rubber-like material where your penis goes inside it lengthwise. It’s thick enough, so you will not feel your hand directly gripping it. The feeling is entirely different from regular hand stroking.

Pro Tip

Tenga eggs are cheaper than Fleshlights ($7 vs. $70 apiece), but they don’t last as long. However, Tenga eggs can last long enough that you still get your money’s worth.

Once again, it all boils down to your (and your penis’) preferences. I personally love my Tenga eggs; they give me a different kind of experience. They’re super compact, travel-friendly, and easy to clean.

If you want a good upgrade from just using your hand without going through the process of dealing with a Fleshlight, Tenga eggs are a good compromise.

Plus, you can manipulate the egg’s soft texture with different finger movements and twists, so you get sensations impossible with the Fleshlight.

How To Clean A Tenga Egg Thoroughly?

Cleaning a Tenga Egg is essential to ensure both hygiene and longevity.

After each use, carefully turn the Tenga Egg inside out. Use lukewarm water to rinse away any lubricants and bodily fluids, being gentle to avoid any tears or damage.


Tenga eggs are affordable male masturbators that make for a nice gift and a practical intro into the world of male sex toys.

They add an eggs-citing variety and texture to your average masturbatory hand job.

Yes, it’s not as crazy as some strokers like the Fleshlight or Tenga Flip Hole, but its price is unbeatable. Plus, it’s still a fun toy that keeps penis owners coming back for more.

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