6 Best Inflatable Sex Dolls [2023]: Blow Up To Lifelike Size

Looking for the best inflatable sex doll to spice up your night? Allow us to present you with the 6 best options today!

Inflatable Sex Dolls

There are two types of people in this world – those who look for the best inflatable sex dolls available just out of sheer curiosity, and those who are actually considering purchasing one!

Let me assure you, I’ve been in both places! And whether you’ve already ventured into the world of sex dolls by looking for the best sex doll torso, or you still prefer your best Onahole, this guide will have something you’ll enjoy.

In this post, you’re going to learn about the best inflatable sex dolls available online. 

Let’s break it down and talk about the best options on the market. 

Most Realistic

If you really want to bring your fantasies to life, the Horny Quella is one of the most realistic sex dolls out there. From her breasts to her pussy and her asshole, you’ll be surprised at how real Quella feels.

Best for Anal

The Shy Camilla comes with a round, tight ass, and a body shape that’s perfect for sex from behind. If you’re an anal enthusiast looking for a doll that will let you live out your backdoor fantasies, Camilla will treat you right. 

Best Male Inflatable Sex Doll

Whatever your gender, Gladiator is your guy if you’re looking for a male sex doll. Not only does he have a realistic 7” penis and a tight anal canal for you to penetrate – his tongue vibrates! So whatever you’re into, you can enjoy it with Gladiator.

Top 3 Inflatable Sex Dolls In 2023


Shy Camilla

Shy Camilla


Horny Quella

Horny Quella




Vagina and butt
Pussy and ass

Best Blow Up Sex Dolls In 2023

Horny Quella Inflatable Sex Doll

Most Realistic Inflatable Sex Doll

1. Horny Quella Inflatable Sex Doll

Pussy and ass
Needs 2 AA batteries
Bullet Vibration Speed:
Multiple speeds
  • Pussy and butt are realistic
  • The face is surprisingly attractive
  • Shipped with a foot pump
  • Starts to deflate rather quickly
  • The masturbation sleeve is difficult to insert

This sexy inflatable doll gives you a lot of bang for your buck in the inflatable love doll department. 

First off, you get a pussy masturbator and an ass masturbator (both in one unit). These can be removed and used on their own, or you can use them with the sex doll. 

You also get a vibrating egg that you can use inside the toy. 

The body is relatively lifelike, her breasts and nipples are actually fun to play with, and the stretchy pussy and ass holes (and tunnels) feel quite good. 

Quella gives you a lot of value because even if you don’t end up liking the sex doll part of it, you can still use the masturbator and the egg.

Shy Camilla Blow Up Sex Doll

Best Inflatable Doll for Anal

2. Shy Camilla Blow Up Sex Doll

Vagina and butt
Needs 2 AA batteries
Bullet Vibration Speed:
  • Hair and eyelashes add extra realism
  • Holes are tight and lifelike
  • Easy to inflate, deflate, & store
  • Doesn’t work as well on top
  • Takes practice to get the hang of it

Shy Camilla offers a lifelike experience in the sense that her hands, face, eyelashes, hair, feet, pussy, and butt are all surprisingly realistic. 

You can inflate it with the included pump, and deflate it quickly for easy storage. 

The pussy and butt masturbator (she has a pretty nice booty) can be removed for use without the doll, and you get a vibrating egg to add to the mix in your favorite hole if you want more ‘tantalizing’ sensations. 

The pussy side of the masturbator looks and feels quite realistic, as does the butt side – though the butt offers a tighter hole. 

Doing Camilla from behind may actually be easier too, due to her shape. 

She takes practice to get used to, and getting the proper rhythm with her on top can be difficult at first. But with some practice, there’s a lot here to enjoy!

Gladiator Male Sex Doll

Best male inflatable sex doll

3. Gladiator Male Sex Doll

3 AAA batteries
Vibration Speed:
Multiple speeds on dildo and tongue
  • O-ring on crotch can hold other dildos
  • Vibrating tongue hits the spot!
  • Easy to inflate
  • Not very realistic
  • Not very attractive

You don’t date the ‘Gladiator’ for his looks! You date him for his realistic 7” penis, his vibrating tongue, and his tight anal hole!

Gladiator is easy to set up and put away. 

The O-Ring on the crotch will let you remove the included dildo and replace it with a flared-base dildo of your own. Great potential for customization! 

Plus, the vibrating tongue is soft and flexible – and really, really hits the spot! 

It’s popular with couples who are interested in a toy for threesome play, and it provides a world of possibilities if having a penis and a hole is important to you. 

He’s not the best looking soldier on the block. But he shows up ready for duty when the desire arises!

You don’t date the ‘Gladiator’ for his looks! You date him for his realistic 7” penis, his vibrating tongue, and his tight anal hole!

Gladiator is easy to set up and put away. 

The O-Ring on the crotch will let you remove the included dildo and replace it with a flared-base dildo of your own. Great potential for customization! 

Plus, the vibrating tongue is soft and flexible – and really, really hits the spot! 

It’s popular with couples who are interested in a toy for threesome play, and it provides a world of possibilities if having a penis and a hole is important to you. 

He’s not the best looking soldier on the block. But he shows up ready for duty when the desire arises!


Best for Small Penises

4. Brianna

Insertable length:
Vagina and butt
Soft plastic
  • Can be used for vaginal and anal sex
  • Great for stamina training
  • Includes a foot pump
  • Holes are very tight
  • Doesn’t come with a vibrating bullet
  • No mouth hole

If your penis is on the smaller side, Brianna has your back. Her ultra-tight holes may prove challenging for people with larger penises, but for everyone else, she’s basically the perfect woman.

Her holes aren’t the only thing about Brianna that’s petite. Her waist is tiny, giving her a mouth-watering hourglass shape.

Plus, her breasts feel surprisingly realistic – rounding out the whole fantasy.

If you’re a bigger guy, there are definitely better dolls out there for you. And if you need a vibrating bullet for that extra edge of sensation when using a sex doll, keep in mind that Brianna doesn’t come with one.

 Brianna may not be the best choice for oral enthusiasts, either – her mouth is strictly decorative.

But for guys who want to build their sexual stamina, or just enjoy a satisfying grip during penetration, Brianna is an ideal option.

Thrust Pro Xtra Naomi Realistic Inflatable Sex Doll

Best Inflatable Doll for Oral

5. Thrust Pro Xtra Naomi Realistic Inflatable Sex Doll

Vagina, butt, and mouth
2 AAA batteries
Bullet Vibration Speed:
10 speeds
Soft plastic
  • Can be used for vaginal, anal, & oral sex
  • Lifelike face, hands, and feet
  • Includes a foot pump
  • Holes are on the smallish side
  • Foot pump could be better

Naomi brings something a little different to the mix with a soft, open mouth for oral sex. 

She also has a double-sided, stretchy, lifelike vaginal/anal masturbator sleeve that you insert prior to inflating her.

The great thing about Naomi is that she gives you all kinds of options. With three different holes, realistic hair, and a great body, she brings a lot to the table for an inflatable sex doll.

She even ships with renewal powder to keep her privates fresh and firm! 

The bad part is that the holes are just a little bit too small for some people. If you are endowed with a larger-than-average member, Naomi may not be the lady for you. 

It ships with a vibrating egg as well, so you can insert it into your preferred opening for an even better time! 

Miko Realistic Love Doll

Best for variety

6. Miko Realistic Love Doll

Mouth, vagina, and butt
No batteries required
Bullet Vibration Speed:
Rubber, vinyl, and TPR
  • Rubber breasts for added realism
  • Includes pubic hair
  • Hands are soft and movable
  • An air pump is cheaply made
  • Mouth is on the small side

Miko brings a lot of variety to the table. 

Her stretchy, realistic pussy and ass don’t come out for easier cleaning, but they do give you separate holes and love-tunnels that both feel quite good!

Her hands and feet are soft and flexible, meaning that you can get some hand or foot action with a bit of imaginative thinking and ingenuity. 

Her breasts are rubber and can be inflated or deflated to taste – making her an ideal candidate for breast play. 

One of our main concerns is the mouth opening. It’s a little bit on the small side – well-endowed users may be a little bit disappointed with this part. 

She even has a bit of pubic hair on her realistic vagina! 

How We Rated These Inflatable Dolls

How We Rated These Inflatable Dolls

As for how we evaluated each inflatable toy, our team of experts tested all five individually, having then listed their respective strengths and weaknesses based on experience. 

As a result, we came up with a correlation of answers where we successfully ranked each model, taking into account their consumer reviews and specific niches within the market.  

The general criteria come down to five categories: design, durability, performance, aesthetics, and price. However, we also considered its overall bankability and unique features to the ease of target readers.

The Most Important Thing To Understand About Inflatable Sex Dolls

They are a wonderful idea. But… they don’t always translate well to wonderful experiences.

The idea of purchasing relatively inexpensive, easily storable, semi lifelike blow-up dolls for added sexy fun is absolutely appealing

But the idea is often better than the result

Now, don’t get me wrong. You can have a great time with some of the best blow-up sex dolls on the market. 

Blow up dolls fill an obvious (and intriguing) role among sex toys.

But you need to know what to look for and you’ll probably learn that those dolls aren’t that great unless you shell few thousand bucks on real sex dolls.

Best Inflatable Sex Doll Buying Guide

What can you expect from a blow up doll?

What can you expect from a blow up doll?

When you first open up an inflatable sex doll, you’ll be surprised at how easy it is to get it blown up and ready. 

You’ll also be surprised by how light they are. For some reason, I always imagined a blowup doll being heavier than it is – but make no mistake, their body is filled with air.

Most inflatable blow-up dolls are somewhere between 5 and 6 feet long. 

Design – realism levels

Some blow-up dolls are more detailed than others. 

Design - realism levels

You can actually buy a blow-up sex doll for less than $20, but the best cheap sex doll does not have much detail. They are just a blow-up sex doll with a hole or two and really aren’t worth the money.

Plus, the holes in such cases just aren’t realistic, don’t feel good, and struggle to bring you any value. 

Note, if you are into Asian blow-up dolls there are certainly a few of these on the market. But finding lifelike blow-up dolls in these categories is usually a challenge. 

Mid-range dolls, on the other hand, can start to give you some ‘bang’ for your buck. 

As you move up in price, the more realistic inflatable sex dolls will have more lifelike features, including hair, realistic face, hands and feet, rubber breasts, etc.

But you need to look for a few key features. 

  • A Realistic, Detachable Vagina – Any blowup doll that doesn’t come with a detachable masturbation sleeve for the vagina and butt is unlikely to feel good
  • Real Hair – If realism, to any extent, is worth the extra money, then buying a blow-up sex doll that has hair makes a huge difference.
  • A Pretty Face – Try to get a look at how the face looks before ordering the doll. You obviously aren’t buying a blow-up doll just for the face, but it is a nice extra. 

There is only so much realism to be had with inflatable blow-up dolls. 

If realism is important to you, and if you want something truly lifelike, you may want to consider a real silicone or TPE sex doll. 


Sorry to ‘pop’ your bubble (bad pun), but there is no such thing as a silicone inflatable sex doll. 

Material of Blow up sex doll

Some sex dolls have genital parts that are made from silicone or TPR, but you won’t find an inflatable doll made entirely of silicone.

The most common types of materials used to create inflatable sex dolls are…

  • Vinyl
  • Latex
  • TPR
  • ABS

On the higher end, these materials feel pretty good. 

On the lower end, they smell like cheap plastic, don’t feel much better.

All of those are porous materials – meaning that they need to be cleaned and dried thoroughly to prevent bacteria growth.

Types of Inflatable Sex Dolls

Types of Inflatable Sex Dolls

Inflatable sex dolls are quite varied nowadays, as they can come in different sizes, shapes, genders, races, and body types. You have the ordinary kind, the male variety, and there are also anime-inspired models.

These inflatable toys can also feature distinct hair, eye colors, and different mouth openings to make them look even more like actual people.

Of course, they can’t compare to the real thing. But these sex dolls are a definite close second if you want something similar in terms of quality.

All you’ve got to do is have your preferences straightened out for a more manageable selection process.


orifices used by female inflatable sex dolls

The vagina and the anus are often the two primary orifices used by female inflatable sex dolls. Some of them can also have a mouth that you may enter to provide fictitious blowjobs.

Male models typically have two orifices. However, as an alternative, people can use them as dildos, as men possess different genitals. 

Yes, the more orifices you have, the better of an investment it is. But if you want something a little more versatile, going for sex dolls with more varied features can also be ideal. 

Weight and Height

When it comes to the sex doll’s limits, always check with the manufacturer to see how much weight it can support. It may look tough and durable on the outside, but it may not handle as much if you also consider the force and motion you’re about to exert. 

In terms of height, that won’t be much of a problem compared to the former. Although many of these sex dolls are typically around five feet, they don’t usually exceed too far from the standard. So it’s more of an unlikely deal breaker if you think about it. 

Shapes and Sizes

A sex doll’s shape and size can also impact your overall selection. 

Make sure you pick a toy that’s eye-pleasing and optimal in terms of use. And always go for sex dolls that are simple to control and can easily be movable when doing different and wild positions in the bedroom.  

Quality and Durability

Durable sex toys

Durable sex toys are always ideal as you want to keep using them for as long as possible. So when choosing, ask yourself these questions: Are the materials used long-lasting? Is it less resistant to damage? Is the toy’s condition up to par with the minimum standards? 

Once you know the answers, then turn your attention to their quality.

It can be challenging nowadays to choose which toy is of excellent quality with several options and brands available. But with product reviews and roundups made easily accessible to consumers, people can now do it at the whim of their instinct. 

All they need is to push in some effort to do a bit of research to get themselves on the right path forward. 

Ease of Cleaning

These dolls’ waterproof design makes cleaning them with soap and water a breeze.

Some of these toys even include detachable genitalia (which you can remove after deflating) that you can wash separately to ensure it’s as clean as possible for subsequent use.

Ease of Inflating

Inflatable sex dolls are not the easiest to inflate, especially if plugs are involved. It may get tricky, but it’s not much of an impossible task. 

Many toys now have sealing holes that prevent the air from escaping, while some varieties have multiple areas that fill each part individually. So if, by chance, a leak happens, then it won’t deflate the whole doll.

Cost: how much to expect to pay for a blow-up sex doll

How much is an inflatable sex doll?

First of all, never buy blow-up dolls from Amazon!

Sellers on Amazon sometimes offer products that are fake and misleading, and you are far too likely to not get what you pay for! 

As a general guideline, we recommend spending at least $80 on a sex doll. But you can start to ‘tap’ into the most realistic sex dolls in the price range between $150-$250.

This is what I would consider the ‘high end blow up dolls’ range. 


What is an inflatable sex doll?

Inflatable sex toys are the cheaper and lightweight alternatives to life-sized silicone sex toys. 

They typically resemble human-like dolls made from PVC, so users can inflate them using a pump. And depending on your preference and budget, they can come with more than one orifice, making them versatile and much easier to use.

Are inflatable dolls any good?

Blow up dolls are good in the sense that they offer you a body-sized sex doll with a realistic vagina, ass, dildo, or mouth to play with – though when it comes to realism, they certainly don’t win any awards!

The best bang for the buck (pleasure for money) comes from blowjob machines. I love Kiiroo Keon the most, read the review to learn why.

Pro Tip

You can use the discount code SEXUALALPHA to get 10% off on purchases from Kiiroo.

What are the benefits of an inflatable sex doll?

For starters, these dolls cost much less. They’re the budget-friendly option to their silicone counterparts. PVC vinyl is much easier to come by, and building an inflatable sex doll doesn’t require much pricey knowledge. So these inflatable sex dolls are perfect for those who don’t want to go too overboard on the budget. 

They’re great toys for easy storage. After using, simply open the air valves to let out the air. And by doing so, the toy becomes smaller and foldable for your convenience.

As mentioned, they’re also lightweight toys. So they’re great for beginners and pros alike. The weight makes these dolls suitable for people that are always on the go. Simply deflate and tuck it into your bag or suitcase.

Making these blow-up dolls are also not that complicated. So, you’re bound to have various options in the market. 

Finally, you can use these dolls for more than just sex and pleasure. If you want to gag it up a little bit, you can have it be the center of attention for bachelor parties or bridal showers.

Why get an inflatable love doll?

One of the main selling points of inflatable toys is that you can use them whenever you want. It doesn’t matter if you’re in a constant mood; an inflatable sex doll will unlikely cause headaches compared to a real partner. 

You won’t have to deal with any attitude, and they’ll welcome you with open arms and legs. If you are an avid sex enthusiast, this toy is perfect for satisfying your inner desires around the clock.

Likewise, if you’re more of an introvert regarding relationships, buying one of these dolls might be just the right push you need to pull your life together.

If you get this toy, you’ll have a good deal and get all the pleasure you want any time of the week! A sure win in our books if we do say so ourselves. 

How Do Inflatable Sex Dolls Work?

Blow up dolls are pretty easy to figure out. Most of them work like this. 

  • Step 1: Remove it from the box. 
  • Step 2: Place the masturbator sleeve into the hole, or attach the dildo. 
  • Step 3: Inflate the sex doll.
  • Step 4: Apply plenty of water-based lube. 
  • Step 5: Get down to business and have fun! 
  • Step 6: Clean it, deflate it, and put it away until next time! 

What Does An Inflatable Sex Doll Feel Like?

Having sex with a blow-up doll feels very similar to sticking a fleshlight into a body pillow (or a dildo onto a pillow) – except that an inflatable blow-up doll gives you a more body-shaped experience and doesn’t weigh quite as much. 

It does feel nice to have something to hold on to, and being able to lay or sit on top of it does add to the experience. 

It takes a while to get used to its light weight. But if you can find a good position and rhythm, the size of the toy helps it to feel more realistic. 

How To Have Sex With An Inflatable Doll?

The best way to have sex with a blow-up doll is to experiment with it. 

Start with plenty of water-based lube!

For men, lay it down and insert into it, try different ways of moving and thrusting. Turn it over and try it from behind as well, as the sensation is often a lot different. 

For women, the most obvious method is to straddle the toy and ride it. 

You can also incorporate furniture, place the doll on pillows, throw a comforter on top of it to add extra weight, or even blindfold yourself and use your imagination! 

How to dress your inflatable sex doll?

Dressing up is crucial to make your inflatable sex doll stand out. A proper get-up is sure to bring out their personality. At the same time, it can make the experience exciting and sexy.

A significant hitch is ensuring you know the doll’s proper sizing. As the owner, you can’t exactly bring them anywhere you go. So, you have to make do with what you’ve got. 

You can use the measurements specified by the manufacturer. Or you could use a tape measure to get the correct values with your effort. 

As for the clothing store, choosing the right retailer doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Since you already have the measurements, you can always go to regular stores instead of those sex toy shops.

Of course, you must ensure that the quality is excellent and that you have various options if one choice doesn’t work out. There’s no need to get all exclusive with your intentions, either. You can get an attendant to help you and have them pick the right fit based on the measurements taken. 

How to clean an inflatable sex doll?

When cleaning, rinse all bodily fluids using soap and warm water. Or if you have, you can use a sex toy cleaner.

As for the inner cavities, wash them using a bottle. And then scrub using a soft brush. And if necessary, also clean the doll’s hair with the use of regular shampoo.

Pat dry afterward. And then, leave it to air dry before storing it in a safe and secure place.

How to store an inflatable sex doll?

Intense environmental conditions can ruin the doll’s material and overall quality. So, you should do storage carefully.

After deflating, hang it in a closet using a hangar. And have a towel over the crossbar to prevent potential creases or tears.

Hang the toy equally on both sides of the hangar. And make sure you’re not exposing it to extreme temperature changes.

How to repair your inflatable sex doll?

Potential damages can always happen even though you practice excellent aftercare and maintenance. As a recommendation, you better invest in a simple repair kit to help keep those ripped seams and punctures intact.

Avoid all-purpose adhesives as they can damage the toy’s material.

If any leakage happens, start by finding the source before cleaning the area. Inflate the doll, then flatten the specific portion to ensure you can patch it up efficiently.

Then, get your repair kit. And apply glue on the leakage before pressing the patch and smoothing it so it doesn’t stick out like a sore thumb.

Where to buy the best blow up dolls online?

For inflatable sex dolls, we recommend going to Lovehoney. They have some of the best high-quality toys with a guaranteed warranty and return policy.

What to avoid when buying men blow up dolls?

When purchasing, always go for reputable retailers in the market. So cheap male sex dolls from shady sellers are a definite red flag. They will only make your experience unsatisfying and can even potentially cause unwanted harm to your body.

When reviewing these inflatable toys, we had already considered their respective qualities. So if you intend to buy one from the list, rest assured that you’ll get a good deal. 

However, if you want to expand your options, be more cautious when choosing an intended investment.


Inflatable sex dolls aren’t super realistic, but that’s not really the role they’re intended to play. 

The best thing about an inflatable sex doll is the space it takes up. For the price, they give you a life-sized toy to play with, hold onto, ride, straddle, and even cuddle with. 

If you’re super curious, try out the best blow-up sex doll for you.

You may be pleasantly surprised! 

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