Mia Malkova Fleshlight Review [2024]: How Good Is The LVL UP Sleeve?

In this Mia Malkova Fleshlight review, you will find out if this sleeve is worth buying. I tested the Mia Malkova sex toy over the past 4 months and will tell you all about it! Read on:

Mia Malkova is a Fleshlight girl. Yeah, I know. Let it sink in. That means you can finally have a slice of what Danny Mountain was having. 

The Mia Malkova is a two-part series, namely LVL UP and BOSS LEVEL. The first one is a mold of Mia’s pussy, while the latter is her butt’s. 

The series waxes poetic by combining the best of Mia’s worlds, which is gaming and, well, sex. The big question: Is it worth your time?

I’ve played with this thing for over several weeks now, and man, do I have a lot to say. 

We’ll unwrap this thing piece by piece. From the weird but oddly satisfying tentacle chamber down to the masturbator’s intense spiral design and other uniquely textured chambers, so you can decide whether or not to take the plunge (that’s a pun, you’re welcome).

The Good

It’s super intense, perfect for dick-milking fans. Every inch inside offers a unique sensation, the intensity and stimulation ramping up the farther you go. The spiral, tentacle design sucks you in while the ribs, nubs, and spikes give it a smooth, ticklish texture. 

The Not So Good

The sleeve requires more upkeep than your average masturbator. You also won’t feel the LVL UP’s final chambers if you’re not built big. For new Fleshlight users, the intensity can be shocking, if not overwhelming. 

Some users also complained about tearing issues on the orifice after using it several times. I believe this commonly affects the significantly ‘girthy’ male population, so you should keep that in mind.

The Bottom Line

The LVL UP’s design offers intense stimulation, lifelike textures, and an excellent grip that overall makes it a fantastic buy, as long as you don’t mind the thorough cleaning and upkeep. While the tearing issue seems alarming, users reported that the damage stopped after the Fleshlight’s opening sufficiently accommodated their considerable girth.

I’d recommend it for people who enjoy variation, with the LVL UP’s chamber sensations ranging from sucking to caressing (ticklish!).

Here’s the TL;DR.

FL Mia Malkova might be for you if:

  • You’re craving something mid-intense
  • You’re an avid fan of adult toys with gaming/sci-fi elements
  • You’re looking for a highly textured Fleshlight for stronger orgasms

FL Mia Malkova might not be for you if:

  • You’re not keen on cleaning your toy thoroughly

My First Impression of the Mia Malkova LVL UP

The Mia Malkova LVL UP sleeve screams ‘premium’ right out of the box. The case finishing and matching skin tone feels extra and makes you feel good about your purchase.

The LVL UP comes in a typical Fleshlight box packaging with an image of Mia’s naughty-innocent smile in front and the user instructions at the back. 

The pearlescent case also has a clean, minimal look I love and has an excellent gripping surface to boot. 

Mia’s beautiful vulva is the centerpiece, with seductive lips that sport an uncanny resemblance to the stars (you know why I know!). 

Mia Malkova Fleshlight Specs Comparison: LVL UP vs. BOSS LEVEL

The LVL UP and BOSS LEVEL have earned their fair share of accolades and praises, and rightfully so. 

The main difference? Intensity. The BOSS LEVEL’s suitable for a relaxed evening while the LVL UP’s on a more aggressive track.

That aside, both Mia Malkova sleeves feature entirely different holes in Mia’s goddess of a body. Here are some specs to set the two apart.

Sleeve Length
8.9 inches
9 inches
0.39-1.18 inches
0.39-0.79 inches
Soft Plastic
Soft Plastic
Water Resistance

Which is Better?

Overall, both toys have a spot in my list of Fleshlight greats. I’ve had the LVL UP far longer than the BOSS LEVEL, so I’m not much of an expert on the latter. But the BOSS LEVEL hits some sweet spots.

Firstly, the BOSS LEVEL’s internal sleeve architecture is uniform, so you don’t have to have a 9-inch dick to experience the whole sensation package.

Also, while it is tighter, the BOSS LEVEL offers a milder experience than the LVL UP while still retaining a delightful texture. If you’re worried about overstimulation, I’d suggest the BOSS LEVEL.

How Does the Mia Malkova Fleshlight Look & Feel? 

The vaginal orifice eerily looks and feels like a human’s, thanks to Fleshlight’s patented Real Feel SuperSkin texture of course. 

When I pulled the masturbator out of the box, I noticed its considerable heft right away. Not too heavy, but probably enough to tire your arms thirty pumps in.

The entrance features tentacle-like suction cups that spiral around your dick, drawing it in like a warm, slick hand wrapped around your shaft. By twisting the cap, you can adjust the suction. 

I tried the twisting feature, and holy cow, did my dick get sucked in! It was a thrilling change from ticklish to chair-gripping orgasm in a split second.

How to Use Mia Malkova LVL UP Fleshlight

The sleeves work like any other masturbator: you lube up your dick and thrust till you cum. But it doesn’t have to stop there. 

Throw in a Fleshlight Universal Launch for a high-tech wanking session. You can attach your LVL UP Fleshlight to the Launch, and it’ll do the jerking off for you. Plus, it has a phone holder for easy porn watching. Yes, gentlemen, this is the future.

Furthermore, you can also opt for a Fleshlight fastening system with suction cups. The system is excellent for a hands-free jerk sesh, so you can better imagine holding Mia’s hips while you’re thrusting.

ME? I prefer letting my girl handle it. She can do anything she wants: adjust the suction, speed, force, and so on. Oh, the thought drives me spine-tingly crazy!

On a side note, remember to use water-based lubes only. Avoid silicone- or oil-based lubes if you don’t want to damage your Mia. *MAMMA MIA!*

My Experience With Mia Malkova LVL UP Fleshlight

The first thought when I opened the box was: “okay, weird.” A beaded tentacle spiral design? My mind recalled war flashbacks of tentacle hentai back when I wasn’t savvy with my porn searches.

3.5 Inches In: The Tentacle

That all melted away when I penetrated the LVL UP sleeve. True to its word, the tentacle design seems like it’s tightly hugging or “sucking” your dick, but in a soft, gentle manner

The small blobs surrounding the spiral felt similar to other sleeve textures (THINK True Lust, MVP, or Wonderland) but so much better because of its gap sensation and additional suction.

The gaps between the spirals dole out the ‘suck’ sensation in beautifully spaced intervals, making you anticipate every inch you put in. 

The spiral suction cup holds on to your penis like it doesn’t want you going further.

Most masturbators are labeled ‘intense’ in the guise of being 99% close to choking your dick off. This isn’t LVL UP’s case. It’s more of a tight hug. Slightly uncomfortable, yet still arousing.

5 Inches In: Tight and Smooth

The second chamber was just as stimulating, albeit in a more subtle manner. The ribs sprinkled all over this section delivers a smooth, silk-like sensation. 

The sleeve tightens considerably here, ramping up the intensity but losing the ‘suck’ factor. The sensation feels a bit subdued compared to the beaded tentacle before it, but I think it balances the experience well.

6 Inches In: The Ticklish Cum Spikes

My penis barely reached the third section, owing to length problems. But I felt the tiny spikes brushing against my head. The third section canal widens up slightly, so the spike tips only brush against my penis, giving it a tender, caress-like feeling. 

The caress is an excellent push moments before ejaculation, almost like tiny fingers cheering and stroking my dick tip to blast off. 

OVERALL, it’s a mid-intense Fleshlight with a host of exquisite textures.

The first section’s spiral stimulation turns up the ejaculation power, owing to its fantastic grip and suction on my shaft. 

Meanwhile, the second section offers a smooth texture and tighter grip that ramps up the intensity, albeit with lesser sensation. 

Lastly, the third section perfectly wraps up the experience with spiky nodules that caress and tickle your glans penis to completion. 

Intense. Smooth. Playfully ticklish. That’s our Mia for sure!

Cleaning the LVL UP

Given the sophisticated design and varied textures, the LVL UP requires more upkeep than your average masturbator.

The insane amount of ribs, gaps, and ridges makes it essential to thoroughly rub every inch of the textures to avoid grime and bacterial buildup.

To clean the LVL UP, you need to remove the sleeve from its shell, then rinse it with water and mild soap. You could also use a specialized cleaning stick from Fleshlight. In my experience, using my fingers to get in between the ribs and bumps works just fine.

Also, the unequal sleeve surface retains moisture pretty effectively, which means the drying time is relatively high.

Price, Where To Buy

You can buy the LVL UP and BOSS LEVEL directly from the Fleshlight website or from Lovehoney. Both models retail for about $79.95

On a side note, it’s usually best to get toys directly from the manufacturer (or a reliable sex shop), so you get that guaranteed warranty.

Don’t forget that Fleshlight has a Loyalty program that lets you earn points in a few different ways. You can later use those points as money off your purchase.

What Do Other People Think About It?

Let’s find out what our Brothers-In-Mia from Reddit say about the Mia Malkova LVL UP sleeve!

“The Level up is on my personal must-have sleeve list (Mini-lotus, Beyond, Level Up, and Flight Pilot/Destroya.) When I first got the sleeves, I found it to be at a tightness level between Tasty and Beyond. If Tasty is a 1, and Beyond is a 3, I think of Level Up as a 2 in tightness. I’m wondering if Level up will loosen up some as Tasty has with breaking in.”

Mike in CO

Reddit user

“It was mostly mild and natural, extremely pleasurable tho. With any sleeve that is intense, I always have to slow down and even completely stop in order to recover. With lvl up, I kept going, not having to slow down that much. I did have to slow down full-blown, but not drastically like I do with full-blown intense sleeves.”


Reddit user

“I’ve got about a 5.5″ member (cut) and find I need a bit more stimulation. Because of this fleshlight’s design, most of the usable portion is just the tentacles. While it looked really interesting in the photos, they’re actually very subtle and don’t provide much stimulation. I’ve used it a couple of times and have ultimately parked it for other fleshlights in my collection. A more pronounced design with some of the interesting bits moved an Inch closer to the orifice would have made this an excellent design. As it stands, other than the looks (love the lips) there’s not much to this one.”


Stoya Destroya – For More Intensity

If you think you want a higher-intensity masturbator, you should check out the Stoya Destroya. Compared to LVL UP, the Stoya Destroya is more textured and is practically a milking machine. 

The Stoya’s outpaces the LVL UP’s weird tentacles with its crazy teeth-like texture that stimulates my penis like no other toy. With my Stoya, I always expect to finish with an orgasm that’ll leave me gasping. 

Despite this, I think the LVL UP is the more versatile option suitable for beginners and advanced alike. 

Lana Rhoades Fleshlight (Destiny) – For a Relaxed Edging

If you’re looking for something to edge with, the Lana Rhoades Destiny might be the better option. In contrast to the LVL UP, the Destiny provides a more mellow experience.

The Destiny starts with a relaxing entry, gradually tightening up the deeper you go. If you want something tighter than Destiny but not as intense as the Destroya, LVL UP is the way to go.


The Mia Malkova LVL UP sleeve has something for every guy. So whether you’re a fan from her Twitch, Youtube, Porn Channel, or just some plain simple guy looking for a rocking time, I guarantee you’re in the right place.

This Fleshlight has quickly become one of my masturbation mainstays. I like it even more than the Stoya Destroya, and that’s saying a lot.

If you want something intense but not too intense, coupled with some interesting textures and a snug fit, don’t hesitate to pick up the LVL UP!

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