5 Best Bed Restraints & Sex Straps For Bedroom BDSM Play [2024]

BDSM curious or seriously kinky couple? Take control with the best bed restraints of 2024!

Bed Restraints

Whether you’re a dom, a sub, a switch, or you’re simply intrigued by the art of restraint, finding the right equipment can make all the difference to your bedroom bondage antics. 

You need to know that your lover can be safely and comfortably secured AND stay that way, no matter how much they wriggle and squirm.

Of course, finding the best bed restraints takes a little research.

If you’re an eager beaver ready to rumble, head straight for our Best Overall Bed Restraint: the Sportsheets Under the Bed Restraint System.

But, if you do have the time to explore, then read on, dear kinksters! 

Best BDSM Under Bed Restraints Available Today


DOMINIX Deluxe Under Mattress Set

DOMINIX Deluxe Under Mattress Set


Sportsheets Restraint System

Sportsheets Restraint System


Sportsheets Beginners Bondage Kit

Sportsheets Beginners Bondage Kit

Restraint Length:
Cuff Fastening:
Hole buckle

best restraint

Best overall

1. Sportsheets Restraint System

Nylon restraints
Under-bed bondage set, 4 poster style
Restraint Length:
Cuff Size:
Cuff Fastening:
Additional features:
Quick-release clips
  • Easy to install
  • Easy to hide when not in use
  • Comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Soft finish cuffs
  • Noisy Velcro
  • Flexible or thin wrists may escape

The Sportsheets Bed Restraint System is an under the bed four-poster style restraint. Perfect for beginners and bondage bunnies with more experience.

It allows you to set up and get down n’ dirty within minutes

The soft fabric nylon cuffs provide a strong hold but are gentle on the skin. And the Velcro fastener means these babies won’t budge no matter how much you struggle.

That said, it is nice to know they have quick-release clips in case of an emergency!

But what put this piece of equipment at top of our list was the adjustable straps. They fit almost any bed and give freedom to go far beyond the spread eagle position.

You can also leave the sex straps in place as they slip neatly underneath the mattress.

So, you can have spontaneous bondage sessions with your sub anytime you like.

If I had to give a downside to the Sportsheets system, I would say that the Velcro fastening of the cuffs is a little noisy.

It’s just never going to be a sexy sound! But it’s a minor annoyance of an overall great restraint system. 

Bottom line? 

It’s easy to set up, has the comfort factor, strong restraint, and offers the flexibility of positions, all for a decent price. Good work!

best adjustable cuff under mattress

Best leather Mattress restraints

2. DOMINIX Deluxe Adjustable Leather Cuff Under Mattress Set

Leather cuffs / nylon restraints
Under-mattress restraints
Restraint Length:
Cuff Size:
Wrist cuffs 5” – 9” / Ankle cuffs 8 – 14”
Cuff Fastening:
Hole buckle
  • Super strong
  • Soft feel handcuffs for comfort
  • Adjustable straps for different bed size
  • High-quality leather cuffs
  • 2 spread choices
  • Not the easiest to set up

If you’re looking for a bedroom bondage set that combines style with strength then this bed restraint set may tickle your fancy. 

It’s a simple two-strap design with four soft leather handcuffs to secure wrists and ankles. And the feel and smell of the high-quality leather definitely add a certain sex appeal.

It’s not the easiest system to install alone but not impossible. Place one strap around the top of the bed, one at the bottom.

Then fasten with the heavy-duty clip, which you tighten to secure it around the mattress. 

Definitely do this before you get to sexy time! Lifting a mattress and fiddling with sex bed straps isn’t exactly exciting foreplay for your sex life.

This under-the-bed restraint system gives you two spread options – Wide and WIDER! That said, they are the only 2 options, which limits the positions. 

For example, it’s missing the option of securing your sub’s hands together above their head.

If you’re into tickling and want to expose your sub’s underarm area, this might not give you that pleasure.

best beginner bondage kit

Best Budget BED Restraints

3. Sportsheets Beginners Bondage Kit (5 Piece)

Velboa fabric cuffs / nylon restraints
Bondage restraints
Restraint Length:
Cuff Size:
Cuff Fastening:
Additional features:
Eye mask
  • Soft handcuffs for comfort
  • Easy to use
  • Strong straps
  • Not intimidating
  • Gives variety
  • Difficult to untie ends
  • Blindfold not great

If you’re not quite sure if BDSM bed restraints are your thing and don’t want to spend a lot of cash to find out then the 5-piece Sportsheets Beginners Bondage Kit is a good option.

The Velcro fastened adjustable handcuffs are soft on the skin and surprisingly sturdy for the price.

There’s no complicated system of straps, making it super easy to use. Perfect for those exploring restraint play for the first time.

Each cuff comes with a nylon restraint of 44 inches long. Fasten your sub (or bottom ‘player’) to bedposts and other furniture.

Or tie the handcuffs together and use the blindfold for some extra sensory play. 

A word of warning on those nylon straps! When your sub pulls against them, the knots can get extremely tight and become impossible to undo.

So, keep a pair of scissors handy! 

Knowing this, it might make more sense to spend a little extra and get something that offers easier (and repeatable) restraint and release! 

But at just $25, if it lets you discover a new kinky side of yourself, then that’s money well-spent! 

best bondage kit

The best for price kit

4. Bondage Boutique Red Hot Passion Bedroom Bondage Kit (6 Piece)

Neoprene fabric
Bondage kit
Restraint Length:
Cuff Size:
2 x adjustable wrist cuffs / 2x adjustable ankle cuffs
Cuff Fastening:
Additional features:
Includes flogger, blindfold, and small breathable ball-gag
  • Easy to use
  • Sexy look
  • Lots of variety for the price
  • Comfortable restraints
  • Ball-gag hard material
  • Flogger a little soft for some

This 6-piece kit is like a bondage goodie bag for BDSM beginners. The Bondage Boutique kit will give you a little taste of everything without going over the top

As well as the adjustable cuffs and a small restraint, you have a soft rope flogger, a blindfold, and a small ball-gag giving plenty of playtime possibilities.

The neoprene cuffs are really soft and comfortable. The Velcro fastening design makes them adjustable so you and your partner can easily switch roles without needing another set of handcuffs

Depending on your desires, the rope flogger may be too tame. Even with a proper good swing, this is not going to sting! 

That might be great news if you’re brand spanking new to impact play!

But, if you’re anything like me and like a little pain with your pleasure, then this is probably going to disappoint. 

But wait…

There’s more to this lil kit than first meets the eye! The restraint strap has 3 D-rings which opens up a world of position possibilities.

For example, slip the strap around your sub’s waist and restrain the wrist straps behind their back…hogtie style. Oh yes!

You will notice that this kit isn’t a full under-the-bed system, but you can use the restraint strap to tie your lover’s cuffed hands to a headboard or to a bedpost.

But if you want to completely limit limb movement, then I suggest you go with one of the Sportsheets’ kits instead.

best mega bondage kit

The best bed restraint kit for position variety

5. Lovehoney Position Master Mega Bondage Kit (8 Piece) 

Faux fur
Bondage kit
Cuff Size:
2 x adjustable wrist cuffs / 2x adjustable ankle cuffs
Cuff Fastening:
Additional features:
Includes satin blindfold, 4-way hog tie, inflatable sex position wedge, neck strap and cushion, over-the-door straps and over-the-door sex swing
  • Cuffs easy to adjust
  • Sexy satin blindfold
  • Hours of fun with variety
  • Added comfort and support
  • Door straps not suitable for flimsy doors

If the kit above sounds a little on the light side then upgrade to the Lovehoney Position Master Mega Bondage Kit.

The variety offered in this 8-piece kit promises hours of kinky playtime and is a great option for the more adventurous bondage beginners.

It is a little on the pricey side, so if you’re just testing the waters, then you might want to start with the cheaper Bondage Boutique kit first and then level up.

Again, not strictly a bed restraint system, but you can completely immobilize your sub on the bed with the handcuffs and hogtie combo or keep their legs in the air (and ass exposed) with the plush neck cushion and restraining straps. 

The great thing about this kit is the comfort factor. It’s been made with prolonged pleasure in mind.

The neck cushion and the inflatable positioning wedge lets you get into positions and STAY there without feeling any strain.

The over-the-door straps for wrist bondage are really easy to use but just be careful if you have flimsy doors. A struggling sub could cause some damage! 

Same with the over-the-door swing…if you’re curvier the straps will hold, but the door might not! 

If you’re petite, then you won’t have an issue with this design. The padded thigh straps are super strong and comfortable and will let you be suspended and played with for as long as your dom pleases. 

If you don’t trust the doors to hold your weight in full sex swing sex mode, then you can also use one of the leg straps to hold one leg up.

It gives extra balance for standing sex and keeps your legs nice and wide for easy access… yum!

Bed Restraints Buying Guide

So, now that you’ve seen the best of what is on offer, it’s time to figure out which bed restraints will float your personal bondage boat! 

What’s the Best Brand in Bed Restraints?

best bed bondage

When it comes to bed restraints, you want a reputable brand that delivers quality, durability, comfort, and ease of use. You also want to satisfy your kinks without breaking the bank. 

Sportsheets certainly ticks all of those boxes. There’s a reason why they appear twice in our best of bed restraints review! The Sportsheets offers plenty of options for both beginners and BDSM veterans.

What Are You Actually Buying? 

Bed Restraints consist of two pieces – the under bed restraint system and the cuffs. You want the restraint part to be durable, while the handcuffs should be strong yet comfortable. 

I would suggest paying more attention to the handcuffs since they are in direct contact with the skin. They are also the piece of the puzzle that keeps your sub securely fastened, which brings us to…

Types of bed restraints

types of bed restraints

There are TWO common types of bed restraints. We have the X-type, and the other is the double strap variety. Here is a breakdown of the two:

The X-type

Just as the name implies, this type of restraint has four straps branching out from a single joint in the middle. You can then position it in the center of the bed, where the four straps would be able to spread the arms and legs of your partner conveniently.

The process might seem tricky initially, but the product overall is easily adjustable. So you should have no problems on that end. If you want to keep the BDSM play under wraps, you can easily tuck the straps under the bed. And voila, no evidence is left. 

You don’t have to go through the hassle of putting these restraints away either. Just slip them under the mattress, and you’re good to go. 

The Double Strap Type

This type of bed restraint uses two sets: The top strap comes with wrist cuffs, and the bottom has ankle cuffs. People who tend to lean towards this style prefer it due to how easy it is to put on. 

No need to flip over your whole mattress. You can simply attach it to both the top and bottom ends. However, the double strap may not be favorable if you intend for an adjustable accessory to add to your repertoire. 

The positioning of the cuffs may be too far apart for your partner. So it may get uncomfortable and ruin the mood. Nevertheless, it’s a great tool to use wherever. So it is a solid option for couples. 

Size of Bondage Cuffs

The size of handcuffs is your first consideration as not everyone has the same sized wrists or ankles. Some bed restraints may give you different cuff options (small, medium, large), so be sure to measure before you buy. 

Material and Adjustability

bed restraints

Think about what you want to be wrapped tight around your skin and how smooth or rough you want that material to be. With many bed restraint systems, you can swap out the handcuffs for ones in your favorite material. And if you want to take turns being the ‘bottom’ (the one tied up), then go for a kit that has adjustable cuffs

  • Cuffs with Velcro fastening are usually the best in terms of easy adjusting; 
  • Bondage rope or sexy silk restraints are for those who are not keen on the Velcro but still want an easy size adjustment;
  • Leather cuffs will not only add kink but last for years;
  • Silicone rubber-like Quickie Cuffs are easy to use but won’t offer much restraint;
  • Neoprene cuffs are for those seeking the durability of leather without the ethical issues;
  • Bondage tape is quick, easy, cheap AND won’t stick to your skin while kicking you out of the more rustic route.

Cuff Attachment

best bed cuffs

Take a look at the cuff attachments. Usually, bed restraints come with a metal clip variety. You can have a removable cuff. Or you can have a permanently-placed cuff on the strap

The decision is up to you. The latter is great if you feel comfortable with the distances between cuffs on the strap. If you want a more flexible option, choose the removable one. 

Complete Kit

best bed kit

If you intend to buy the right bed restraint for you, then make sure you get the complete set. Make sure you not only have the straps but also have the cuffs with the purchase. 

Even certain brands offer a BDSM set with the bed restraint. So they could also include other accessories such as ball gags, whips, and blindfolds. 

Make sure to explore your options. Do some research to find the best choice for you and your partner.

Quality & Durability

Having a quality product is always essential. You don’t want the cuffs to break on the first use, right? So make sure you get a good deal on your buy. 

Take a look at the straps. Look at the material. Determine if the accessory could cater to how intense your sexual session is. 

Don’t be afraid to evaluate products. They are your investment. So make sure you can get the BEST with your budget. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are bed restraints?

what are best bed restraints

Bed restraints are accessories with straps and cuffs that hold a person in place during sex. Couples typically use them for BDSM. Though in some cases, it also has its use in foreplay. 

People use bed restraints because they are easily manageable. You can take them anywhere you go. Or you could simply tuck them under your bed like nothing’s happened.

 Why buy bed restraints?

There are many valid reasons why bed restraints are an excellent choice. Some choose it for its versatility. Others have it as their go-to due to its easy use. It all depends on the person.

These accessories are quick to set up. So you don’t need to break a sweat when doing the preparations. 

More importantly, they are travel-friendly. So if you choose to have some fun at a hotel one night, you could always have these restraints ready. 

What’s the difference between over mattress and under mattress restraints?

mattress restraints

The difference between the two depends on the bed you use. Over mattress restraints are great for those with bedframes or bedposts. Meanwhile, the under mattress variety is suitable for any mattress used. 

Using an over mattress can take time to set up for those using ropes. So if that’s the case, then go with the latter choice. 

I Have Small Wrists, Do You Think Cuffs Would Accommodate Them?

If you have small wrists, there are a lot of cuffs to choose from so they can be restrained properly. I have stupidly small wrists and struggle even with wearing bracelets! But I have no issue with finding cuffs to fit. I go for adjustable Velcro cuffs or leather cuffs with multiple-hole buckles.

Won’t sex straps bend the mattress under force?

under mattress restraints

There’s no definite answer to knowing if restraint straps will bend the mattress under force. This really depends on the mattress and/or bed frame you have.

(It will also depend on how strong your sub is!)

For those with a memory foam mattress, you might get a good night’s sleep, but you aren’t going to have the most rigid of restraints.

If you have a traditional mattress or a good sturdy bed frame, then you’ll have no issues bending the mattress, no matter how much your kinky captive struggles!

How do I use bed restraints?

Bed restraints are pretty simple to use, although they can be a little intimidating for the bondage virgin. It’s not rocket science; they just might take two pairs of hands.

If you want the basics, here are a few rules you might wish to keep up:

  • Make sure you know the fundamentals of mounting and unmounting your straps.
  • Have every toy and accessory in arm’s reach. You don’t want to ruin the experience. So, ensure you can do everything without moving around too much. 
  • Talk to your partner beforehand about safe words and actions. Set up rules and boundaries with one another. And make sure not to overstep those limitations.
  • Finally, aftercare is essential. Make sure you can cater to your partner once the experience is over. Ask them about their insight. And maybe give them a good cuddling sesh or massage. 

If you still need help setting up your under-the-bed system, there are How to Videos on YouTube.

Or opt for the Sportsheets Beginners Bondage Kit and avoid any complications! Just tie your partner up and tease them until they are begging you to fuck them already! 

How to tie someone to a bed without posts?

over the bed restraint kit

You can tie someone to a bed without posts by using under-the-bed restraints like the DOMINIX Deluxe Set (#2 in our review).

The Sportsheet Beginner’s Bondage Kit is also a great option for those without bed posts, as you can use the restraints to tie to the legs of the bed or any other piece of furniture for that matter!

Or, you can get a whole lot of rope and make your own DIY bondage system – more details on this below… 

Can you give me some bedroom bondage ideas?


After all, Indiana University researchers have taught us that kinky sex is more popular than you would believe. Over 20% of American adults have experimented with restraints.1

Studies even say people who have not experimented with such activities yet have more than likely thought about doing it.2

For me, one of the best things about bed restraints is that it brings instant kink to the bedroom without the need for lots of expensive toys (although other bondage sex toys can definitely boost your experience!).

Think about it…

You have your lover tied up. They aren’t going anywhere, right? So, TAKE YOUR TIME. 

Start slowly and gently with soft touches, light body kisses, and massages but deprive them of touch where they want it the most, for as long as possible.

And then maybe a little bit longer! 

You want to bring them to the brink of release, again and again, and make them beg for your sexual mercy… Mmmmm!

Then build the tension further… 

Get hotter and harder with deeper fingering, anal play, flogging or tickling, hot wax, or ice cubes. Or drive them wild with toys and repeat orgasms.

Want even more bondage ideas?

Use pillowcases for a hood or make a blindfold from pantyhose or a scarf, or a gag from panties. 

Or introduce a few “pervertibles” – everyday objects that can be put to kinky use. Think wooden spoons, brushes, spatulas, or belts for some impact play. 

Can i make my own DIY bedroom restraints / BDSM ties?

Yes! Check out the video below on how you can easily make your own DIY under the bed restraints.

All you need is a couple of lengths of rope which you position between the mattress and the bed frame. 

You don’t have to use expensive heavy-duty rope either. I often use a cotton clothesline in my BDSM play, and it keeps my sub secure!

The material is strong yet softer than your average hardware store rope.

A word of warning, though… when making your own restraints, be wary of comfort and safety for the wearer.

Not only can rope chaff and give some nasty burns, but the knots can become impossible to undo. Keep a good pair of scissors handy just in case!

If you want longer-lasting restraints or to indulge in harder BDSM, then you’ll need to get a little more DIY savvy.

Drill a few discreet holes in the bed frame and attach rope or truck straps under the mattress.

What are the best bedroom bondage positions?

best bondage position

Using bed restraints may limit movement for the wearer, but it doesn’t have to limit positions. It just needs careful consideration and a healthy dose of sexy imagination!

If you’re a complete beginner, spread eagle will probably be your first position. It’s comfortable and lets your dom tantalize and tease you in countless ways.

But actually having sex with your legs spread wide and immovable isn’t that comfortable. You will want to move your legs, at least a little.

Bed restraints that allow for quick and easy adjusting will sort that right out.

Another tip for easy position change? Restrain your subs’ wrists together above their head. This means you only need to release their ankles when you want to flip them over. 

Of course, there are more options beyond the face-up or face down spread eagle…

Tie your lover’s hands to the headboard and have them ready for doggy style, anal play, or a nice flogging. 

Or, if they are flexible, why not fasten their feet to the headboard instead? 

Another option is to position your lover across the bed (side to side), giving you easy access to both ends

Or, if you have a four-poster bed, have your sub stand at the foot of the bed facing it. Restrain both ankles to the posts, bend them over, and secure their wrists to the top.

Then enjoy full access to ass, pussy, or mouth to your heart’s content!

How to be safe with bed bondage restraints?

We’ve covered a few, but general safety measures should be kept in mind when using restraints. You should be mindful of these standard practices:

  • Put trust in your partner during the experience. Being overtly cautious may ruin the mood. So best to establish some reliability beforehand.
  • Talk to your partner about your kinks. At the same time, talk to them about your dislikes. Don’t be afraid to experiment, but remember to set boundaries
  • Couples must plan safewords and actions ahead of time.
  • Contingency plans are a must in case things go wrong. For example, have a pair of bondage scissors ready in case the straps or cuffs seem challenging to remove.
  • Practice proper aftercare for your partner. Give them a good cuddle or maybe have a simple conversation about the experience. Get them to just loosen up afterward.

How to clean BDSM bed restraints?

how to clean bed restraints

Bed restraints don’t usually get as dirty as other sex toys and accessories. So for maintenance, just use soap and warm water for rinsing. And then you can use a small brush to get into crevices.

After, dry the straps. If there are metallic parts, then avoid soaking them with water. Continuous maintenance may make them rusty in the long run. So avoid washing those areas. 

Where to buy the best bed bondage restraints?

To buy the best bed restraints, we recommend going to SheVibe or Lovehoney for the best deals and choices on the market. 

Bringing it All Together

So, there you have it fellow kinksters – the best bed restraints of 2024. 

Whatever your experience with BDSM, there are BDSM bed restraints for everyone to play with.

They are a quick and easy way to spice up your sex lives or add variety to your existing bedroom bondage fun.

But wanna know the best part? 

Bed restraints allow you to explore your boundaries with pleasure and pain.

The act of taking control or relinquishing it completely can take intimacy and trust to a whole new level. 

AND heighten the intensity of orgasms!

Remember with any BDSM activity…always respect the limits of your sexy lil play-thing and have fun!


  1. Psychology Today, 2018. Fact: “Unconventional” Sex Is Actually Very Common
  2. Taylor & Francis Online, 2016. A provincial survey on the prevalence of paraphilic interests and behaviors in the general population.
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