16 Best Sex Swing Positions [2024]; Ideas For Suspended Joy!!

Discover creative ideas and fun sex swing positions, whether it’s free hanging or door sex swing. For all difficulty levels – more comfortable to crazy active:

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A sex swing might just be the toy that takes your sex life to the next level, but it’s hard to know where to start. “Sex swing” is the most common term, but you may have heard them referred to as “sex slings” or “love swings.” If you want to know what is a sex swing, we have a guide and review of them!

Have you ever wanted to take your partner from a certain angle but couldn’t get the leverage? Maybe you’ve wanted to ride them a certain way, pretzel your legs around them like a boa constrictor, or stimulate them orally from a unique position but couldn’t find the support for your body. 

Our bodies have limitations, but our minds don’t. Human ingenuity found a way to solve these problems for maximum pleasure and absolute stimulation – the sex swing. 

Sex swings aren’t only for the kinkiest swingers and dirtiest couples; they’re for anyone, but most people don’t know the first thing about them. 

That’s where we come in. Buckle up, strap in, fix your ballgag or some extreme sex toy, and we’ll give you a total rundown on sex swings. 

What’s a Sex Swing?

No, sex swings aren’t anything like the playground swings you played on as a kid – though you will be in the air, and you may or may not be calling someone daddy. 

In short, a sex swing is a suspended device that allows you to try new and exciting positions that might be impossible in bed. It hangs in the air to support you and/or your partner’s body while you have sex. 

A sex swing is usually affixed to your ceiling and made of knitted fabric with a comfortable seat. It supports your body and can be made for one or for two, depending on the positions and flexibility you and your partner desire.

Some designs have both partners on the swing, while others suspend one while the other moves freely and takes control. The device requires some setup, which can be a fun DIY sex project for a handy couple

Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get into the different types.

Types of Sex Swings

Not all sex swings are created equal, and it’ll be up to you to choose the one that’s right for you. 

Or buy two and convert that extra office room into a pleasure room. It’s up to you. 

Hanging Sex Swings 

If you want the whole experience of being weightlessly suspended in the air, the hanging sex swing is the way to go. 

These bad boys can hang by one or two hooks in your ceiling, letting the receiving partner relax, rotate, and swing at their leisure. Single or double-point swings are both great, but a single-point swing enables you to spin 360 degrees without tangling the ropes. 

While a hanging sex swing requires a lengthy installation to a firm base, it has more customization options and is more comfortable than most other swings. If you’re not the kind of person who’s willing to drill into their ceiling, don’t worry! If you dish out a few extra bucks, you can buy a frame for your hanging sex swing. 

Alternatively, you can get creative. Other frames, such as pullup bars or sturdy doorframes, might do the trick. Lovers with more to love will want to invest in a two-point swing, as they distribute weight more evenly and have wider seats. 

Either way, the feeling of an aerial orgasm won’t be cheap. Hanging sex swings are pricier than other types, but they give you a unique experience you won’t find anywhere else. 

Screamer Dual Hook Sex Swing

The Dual Hook is the gold standard of Screamer Sex Swings, as this device is all about providing style and comfort. It features fully adjustable stirrups and ergonomically designed handles. And it is much more spacious than your regular single-hook option, making it ideal for you and your partner to use simultaneously. 

Sex Slings

Sex slings have four hooks instead of just one or two, which allows for more support and a far more comfortable seat. You can use a sex sling a lot longer than a regular sex swing without getting uncomfortable or cramping up, but some of the more adventurous positions aren’t as easy to pull off. 

Lots of sex slings have a built-in headrest and larger seat, making them popular with people who prefer more neck support and comfort. However, this might limit your ability to rotate.

With four points, they can also hold a lot more weight than your standard swing, which is perfect for those with curvier bodies or who find regular swings too narrow. As you can imagine, mounting four points to your ceiling is going to be costly. 

If money is no object, you can purchase a frame for your sex sling that can hold it up without relying on the ceiling. It’s a hell of a buy, but nothing says “I love you” like an easy-to-install, extra comfy loveseat. 

Screamer Sex Sling (non-leather)

The Micro-Suede Screamer is a non-leather sex sling mounted using four standard points. The material is comfortable and easy to clean, preventing your skin from sticking. And the set is complete with stirrup straps and “mount anywhere” handles, perfect for making any place an excellent sex getaway.

Micro-Suede is arguably one of the more popular items from the brand. And using it ensures that you and your partner will have the most comfortable time possible behind closed doors.

Door Sex Swings

If you guessed that a door sex swing fits firmly on a door, you’re absolutely right. Just try not to use your front door or any door in full view of the neighborhood. 

These swings usually have a comfortable seat, but some models also have bondage straps if you’re looking to experiment with BDSM. If the model you like doesn’t come with these, don’t worry – you’ll probably have some cash left over to buy your own ropes and leather accessories. 

Door sex swings are the most affordable type of sex swing, but they do come with limitations. One partner gets the weightless sensation of being suspended in the air, but they can’t rotate as much or get into every position. 

That said, it’s way easier to install than the other available options and can be stored discreetly when you’re not using it. In fact, it doesn’t get a permanent installation at all. You just toss it over a sturdy door, close it, and go to town. 

It won’t be as comfortable, but it’s portable. You can use it with any door, making it the perfect addition to your honeymoon, anniversary, or spontaneous travel adventure. 

A door swing isn’t the most versatile option, but it’s probably the best place to start. It costs less, takes less effort to install, and still opens up a whole new world of exciting sexual experiences. 

And if it leaves you wanting more, you know exactly what to look for in your next swing. 

Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit

With this all-in-one door sex swing, even couples with limited room can have their ultimate intimate dreams fulfilled. Simply slide the bars over a solid door, and bham… you’re ready to explore the world of seductive suspended poses.

With the help of this Sportsheets Kit, you can explore and experiment with different positions using the swing’s padded seat, hand grips, and stirrup hooks for the feet.

If you want to make adjustments, you and your partner can customize as much as you want, making this product a solid investment for couples and sex sling enthusiasts alike.

Sex Swing Stands

As much as we’d love to, we can’t all drill holes in our ceiling for a giant rotating sex swing. It can be hard to figure out and even harder to explain to the landlord. 

That’s where a sex swing stand comes in. It’ll cost you a couple of hundred dollars at least, but a decent one will come with its own swing/harness and be compatible with several varieties of hanging sex swings. 

You’ll get what you pay for – a sex swing stand is as sturdy as a ceiling-mounted swing, and some models support even more weight than their hanging counterparts. It’ll cost a lot more than a standard sex swing, but it’ll save you an awkward conversation with your landlord.

However, once a sex swing stand goes up, it’s not going to be easy to take down on a whim. You’ll want to find a special place where you can keep it up permanently because it will be difficult to move or disassemble. 

Screamer Sex Swing Stand

The Screamer Sex Swing Stand is a go-to accessory if you’re up for using single and dual-mount sex swings in the bedroom.

The frame of the sex swing has 12 attachment points, giving you more possibilities for bondage play or other uses.

And, most importantly, you can quickly assemble it independently without using additional tools or hardware, which is a must-buy for those who prefer easy-to-use contraptions. 

Fetish Fantasy Swing Stand

Another option you can go for is the Fetish Fantasy Swing Stand. This one can hold up to 400 lbs of weight. And it is just as easily portable and user-friendly as the Screamer. 

It doesn’t have any rings, though, as attachment points. But its metal loops are just as sturdy and effective to make your sensual moments just as hot and heavy. 

Why Buy a Sex Swing?

When it comes to sex, a swing might feel like a bit much for some people. The important thing to remember is that no one defines your sexual relationship with your partner except you. There’s no expectation to get into BDSM for beginners or to use your sex swing all the time if you get one. 

Sex swings aren’t only for super kinky people, and they aren’t the last resort to save a failing sex life, either. Rather, they’re a way to explore your and your partner’s body in new and exciting ways, facilitate a weightless sensation, deepen penetration, and more. 

For some people, sex swings help them overcome physical disabilities that make bedroom sex difficult or impossible. For others, sex swings are a way to engage in “vanilla” sex with more flexibility. With nothing else in the way, even missionary sex feels deeper and more intense.

Everyone orgasms differently, and some people have trouble hitting the right strokes in bed or bent over the kitchen table. Sex swings help many people have orgasms, and for others, they intensify their stimulation.

When you’re suspended midair, you aren’t feeling the sheets beneath you or the weight of anything else – it helps you focus entirely on the pleasure your partner is giving you. 

And for our kinky readers, it makes it so much easier to tie or be tied up. If feeling helpless is your fetish, there’s nothing more erotic than being tied up midair while your dom does whatever they like. 

In short, sex swings can enhance all kinds of sex for all kinds of people. There’s no limit to the possibilities. 

16 Best Sex Swing Positions

Is knowing how to use a sex swing that complicated? Let’s find out!

Imagine defying the laws of gravity as you and your partner indulge in mind-blowing pleasure. From the Lovebirds’ Swing to getting your Queen on, these positions will transport you to a realm of ecstasy you’ve never experienced before.

So, buckle up and let your imagination soar as we uncover the best sex swing positions that will leave you floating on cloud nine.

1. The Lovebirds’ Swing

This sex swing position is among the top favorites for a smooth and rhythmic hump. Well, okay. 

This position makes a fantastic experience for you and your partner. It allows for great penetrative sex, whether you use one of the best realistic dildos or a peen. 

In case you might be asking yourself, how does it go? Well, it’s rather simple:

lovebirds sex swing position

One of you, with the strapped-on dildo or penis, sits down on the swing’s seat. Ensure that the person is well mounted and has the foot and hand harnesses around their limbs. 

Have the receiving partner climb on top of the seated partner. Finally, thrust the toy or peen inside them. You’re clear to rock on from here! 

You can achieve varying levels of pleasure. This is by controlling the swaying and swinging motions.

2. The Air Missionary

This is also called the ‘flying missionary.’ It is a suspended alternative to the traditional missionary style.

You can set this style up in a door or a hanging sex swing and get new levels of sensual pleasure from your creativity.

The Flying Missionary is excellent for those partners who have a physically challenged counterpart.

It relieves pressure from certain body parts yet allows freedom from painful obstructions.

To get into it:

air missionary sex position

The partner receiving penetration seats on the swing and adjusts themselves into comfort.

They can secure their legs open on the straps and hold on to their partners or the overlying straps. 

You can then angle yourself and let your partner with the toy or peen come in for a fantastic round and release. This works both for vaginal and anal penetration. 

3. The Suspended 69er

Like the Missionary Style, the Suspended 69er is also a favorite among many who max out in oral play.

This swing position is comfortable to engage in as it’s almost a replica of the traditional 69 Action.

So what’s the deal about it? This sex swing position scores massive points as the suspension offers excellent weight relief for the partner on the top.

It solves the problem of getting ‘crushed’ or enduring uncomfortable amounts of pressure.

How do you work it out?

suspended 69 sex swing position

First, you place your butt on the swing seat, ensuring you have the right height for both of you.

Once seated, stretch out your legs in front and push your upper body back as far as you can go (use the harness for support). 

Your partner then stands over you with their crotch above your head. They lean forward towards your crotch, likewise.

You can use your fingers, toys, or mouth to deliver pleasure to each other.

4. The Flying Doggy

Who doesn’t love a good doggy? The Dog Style is a popular sex position that gives you fascinating angles to clump the G-spot.

This position gives the same pleasures, only this time, you won’t have to suffer back strains, knee injuries, or such other tediousness. 

Getting the Dog In Space:

flying doggy sex swing position

Here, the partner penetrated lies using the stomach as support on the seat, leaning forward as far as you can.

Then open and extend your legs behind so that your standing partner can drive in their penis or toy and hold them for support.

You can get your game going and use your free hands to pleasure yourself further. Or suspend them and yield to the deep pleasure arising.

This position is a game-changer here, as the swing allows you to tilt, swing, lift, or rotate to achieve the perfect angling positions. This position works well with either frontal or anal penetration.

An extra advantage for the suspended doggy is the ability to use the swing’s movement to leverage extra intensity for the thrusts from the penetrations behind. 

5. The 360-Spinner

The 360-spinner is an amazing and creative position that plays out right when you want a laid-back session with your partner.

This is because it leaves total control to you and your partner to have either a racy and steamy romping or a good ol’ gentle bounce.

To make sure we are on the same page here, your sex swing must be able to perform a 360-degree turn to get the full experience.

It might sound like a sophisticated position, but it is more comfortable as it’s so much nearer the floor.

Here’s how to do the 360-spinner:

360 spinner sex swing position

As this sex position plays out on a much lower height, the first thing you’ll need to do is lower your swing down up to the level your partner will be lying.

Once that checks out, the one receiving penetration climbs and sits on the swing’s seat in a squatting position.

The partner administering penetration lies down beneath you under the place.

Then, holding the straps for stability, you pop out your butt off the seat, making sure that your feet remain on the seat. 

Finally, lower yourself down into your lying partner’s penis or toy. The pleasure here comes in through bouncing off your partner from the suspended sitting position.

The main gist here is your lying partner grabbing your butt or the straps, then spinning you around in directions you both please!

6. Flying Oral

The Flying Oral is a great satisfaction genius among the sex swings styles and ideas. From your preferences and imagination, you can develop some pretty intense oral adventures.

This position involves one or both partners placed in the sex swing.

If there is trust, restrainers are some of the best accessories to have in your kinky collection.

If you want the red-hot BDSM experience, feel free to bring in the padded cuffs

Here are more pointers on Flying Oral: The best part about it is that you and your partner can execute it while kneeling (an everyday favorite), standing, or sitting.

Let’s see how to get a certified muff diving:

flying oral sex swing position

Again, here, you can throw in the wrist and ankle fasteners for a full BDSM experience. The one receiving the oral places themself in a sitting position with legs spread apart on the sex swing harness. 

In case you’re down with the BDSM option, find a way of securing your hands and legs to expose your pelvic region to your partner.

You can perform the pleasure delivery using the tongue or toy and see how far you can reach.

You can climax this experience by using subtle yet effective actions. This could be a light peck on the bums or little smacks between your partner’s legs.

7. Reverse Cowboy/Cowgirl

The reverse cowgirl/cowboy position is a top-rated sex position that throws into your game the spice of length and reach.

It is a matter of shifting the rodeo from your bed onto your sex swings!

For clarity, this is when the riding partner sits facing away, giving you their back.

The upside to performing this sex position on a sex swing is that it also improves the variety you and your partner can come up with.

So let’s get things giddy-upped in here, partner! How is the Reverse Cowboy/Cowgirl saddled up?

reverse cowboy cowgirl sex swing position

The partner giving the penetration sits on the swing with their legs spread out and touching the ground for anchoring.

The partner receiving the penetration then sits on the one penetrating and eases into suitable poise. 

A penis or a toy works well in this scenario. You can also use the swing’s harnesses to find comfortable leverage for your vaginal and anal play. 

8. Rocking Cowgirl/Cowboy

The Swinging Cowgirl/Cowboy is yet another creative position in the rodeo-riding series.

In the same spirit of looking for an alternative to the traditional rides, this comes in as a recommendable substitute!

Again, as the name suggests, this position works well in a hanging sex swing or an adjustable sling.

It positions the riding partner on top of the penetrating one on a very low suspension.

This position is also a big deal when one of the partners is physically handicapped or may want to avoid any injury from traditional riding.

Note that before you start using it, you have to adjust the swing and lower it close to the surface that your other partner will be lying on. 

How do we get swingin’? Read below:

rocking cowgirl sex swing position

After settling down on your preferred height, the riding partner sits in the sex swing and ensures your thighs are well-positioned.

The penetrating partner with a preferred toy of choice or penis lies and positions themself under. 

The seated partner then sits down on the lying partner and uses the harnesses for stability and the perfect ride control.

You can achieve variations in experience and thrill using playful spins, back-and-forth bouncing, and any other movement pattern you can come up with! 

Watch this video to see detailed explanations of some of the highlighted sex swing ideas above!

9. Air Rider

The air rider is a sex swing take on the classic “cowgirl” position. The bottoming partner sits on the swing while the top rides them in the air. 

Wondering how to make this one work?

First, lower your swing just below knee height for the partner who’s being ridden. That partner will lay back in the swing while the top partner mounts and rides them. 

The one being ridden can use their arms to create movement and leverage by pushing on the ground. 

The one on top usually gets stuck doing most of the work with the cowgirl, but the air rider lets both partners participate equally. 

10. Victory

Sweet, sweet victory. This position lets one partner penetrate the other like they’re being carried from the front but without the weight. 

The bottom partner lies back in the swing, bends their legs, and presses them into their partner’s chest. Putting the legs in this position lets the top penetrate deep while holding the bottom’s ass. 

Just be careful not to pull a muscle if you’re on the receiving end – comfort is a priority, so you don’t need to try and get your legs as high as your top’s shoulders unless you really want to.   

11. The Lie Back

The lieback is pretty similar to victory, but this time, the bottom needs to get their legs on top of their partner’s shoulders. 

This probably requires some strap adjustment in the back, so make sure you’re comfy before you get started. Then get ready to have your world rocked. 

This angle lets your top penetrate you deeper than normal, and they have full access to your front so they can pleasure you with their hands while they’re thrusting. 

12. The Pterodactyl

This one’s also called “sitting up straight,” but come on – pterodactyl sounds way better. 

First, one partner gets the middle strap around their thighs for support. Then, they put their feet in the stirrups and hold onto the top straps while their partner penetrates them from behind. 

This works great for anal, but it’s excellent for vaginal sex too. It allows you to sit on your partner and get penetrated without fighting gravity, letting you have sex longer without getting tired. 

13. The Standing Ovation

Also called the “seesaw” (lots of these have more than one name), the standing ovation is like a reverse pterodactyl. 

Follow all the same steps as before, except this time, the top is facing their partner. Again, it gives all the excitement of picking up your partner, grabbing their ass by the handful, and going to town – without tiring out. 

14. The Virgo

These last few are all centered around oral sex, which we love. 

Regardless of your star sign, you can still try the Virgo. It’s fairly simple; the receiving partner sits back in the swing and spreads their legs while the other goes down on them like a whirlwind. 

The giving partner can come face to face with the receiving partner’s genitalia, eliminating those pesky neck pains that often come with long oral sessions.   

15. Helplessly Devoted to You

This one works great with oral, but you can interpret it however you like. It starts with one partner getting into the swing and lying back, binding their hands to the top straps. 

After they’re well situated, the other partner ties a blindfold and has their way with the restrained partner. The inability to move or see takes other senses out of the equation, so all that’s left is an endless pleasure. 

This one can be disorienting, but it’s great for those who love to feel helpless and dominated by their partner. It’s also perfect for someone who has trouble concentrating during sex and needs to get rid of all distractions. 

16. Queening

For this one, you’ve got to get your swing close enough to the ground that your partner can lie down (or kneel/sit) on the floor. Then, take a seat on your throne right above them. 

This lets them go down on you from below without you having to worry about the weight on their head. Plus, you can lean back and touch them all over. 

Other People’s Experiences & Ideas On Best Positions

Here are two user inputs and experiences that we found talking on the topic:

I was curious to see what others had to say here, but sadly, no one has shared their wisdom yet, so I will take a stab:

#1 – Giving your lady oral. Having her on the perfect height and angle is excellent. Both having her sit upright and having her recline is worth a try.

#2 – Have the lady on the swing on her butt and a man standing. Standing sex is for the less muscular inclined with much better movement opportunities.

#3- Lady lays on her stomach, the guy between her legs, giving an interesting reverse cowgirl in mid-air. The angle can be excellent, and obviously, getting up momentum is very easy.

#4 – Both on the swing, her on his lap. We used to call it “the spider” on the school playground when we did it with 100% more pants and less sex. The movements you get from actually swinging can be enjoyable, but not enough thrusting for me to actually get an orgasm- but that isn’t always the goal.

Honorable mention: Cirque du Soleil style 69, but you want good core muscles for that one.


Reddit user

This user gave some great insight into those with plus-sized bursts:

…I have seen a leather version, which I really like because it is open so that my boobs aren’t all squashed if I am faced down. that’s actually one of the uncomfortable things about some of the positions in the strap one. I am very large-chested, and if my body weight is being held up by one strap across my belly (also not exceedingly comfortable) and my breasts, it’s not nearly as enjoyable.

An electric engine hoist? NICE. I did meander Home Depot wondering if I could find a stiffer spring just for peace of mind but couldn’t locate one.”


Reddit user


There you have it! Have you enjoyed this list?

You now have 16 of the best sex swing positions and light bondage BDSM ideas that you can use to bring more color to your sex swings.

You can add more suggestions to the list and tell us what you think in the comments below! 

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