How To Use A Sex Swing (Guide & Instructions)

A sex swing can be hanged on your doors, walls, and ceilings. After installation, learn how to use a sex swing by adjusting the height, and attaching accessories like headrests, BDSM bondage, and door mounts to improve your experience.

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If you’ve ever wandered into the wild world of sex furniture and BDSM sex toys, you’ve probably heard of what is a sex swing is. These suspended sex aids are a fun and exciting way to bring something totally new into your sex life. Plus, they open up a whole range of possibilities when it comes to sex swing positions

If you’re curious about whether a sex swing is for you, I’m here to give you the low-down on these high-up sex aids.

So let’s get into the swing of things, shall we?

What Is a Sex Swing?

A sex swing is a harness used to suspend you during sex. It allows for greater possibilities in sex positions and supports a person’s weight, or sometimes even two people! 

Usually, it’s a seat, platform, sling, or series of straps attached either to the ceiling or to a specially-made frame. One person can sit or lay in the swing while the other person remains standing. 

Why should I use a sex swing during sex?

Sex swings are perfect for increasing the types of positions available to you and your partner. They’re also great for increased physical stamina since they take a lot of the work out of sex.

If you or your partner experience mobility issues, sex swings can help make certain positions much easier and can help you enjoy them for longer without having to stop or take breaks. They use gravity for you, not against you.

Beyond the immediate physical benefits, using a sex swing can bring something new and exciting into your sex life. If you’ve never tried one before but want to see what all the fuss is about, keep reading!

Different types of sex swings

The term ‘sex swing’ can be used to refer to a variety of sex aids. To understand their different uses better, there are three main categories to look at.

Sex Swings

Sex Swings

These are the most flexible of the three options. They only require one or two mounting points and can be turned in any direction for maximum versatility. 

They usually consist of one or two straps for the seat and stirrups for the legs. Some also have hand holds for added stability or even wrist restraints for an extra edge.

Sex Slings

Sex Slings

A sex sling is the most supportive of the three types, so if mobility issues are your main concern, this will be the best option. They support your body weight on a wide hammock-like seat, which is much more comfortable than a typical swing.

They can be attached to the ceiling via hooks or to a support frame, but unlike the other types, they need four separate support points. This, unfortunately, makes them more expensive too. 

Door Swings

Door Swings

This is the most affordable of the three options and the easiest to install, especially if you have limited space. A door swing needs to be mounted to a securely closed door. Like the sex sling, it involves a series of straps to keep you suspended. 

The downside is that the person in the sling will be pressed up against the door the whole time, so if you intend to get rough, you might find some bruises the next day.

Body Swings

Body Swings

These aren’t technically sex swings, but I’m including them here since they offer some of the same benefits. A body swing is a harness designed to be worn by a strong penetrating partner. Think of one of those chest harnesses people carry babies in… but sexy.

It allows for face-to-face standing sex and includes thigh straps that suspend and open the receiving partner’s legs for deep penetration.

The Best Sex Swing Positions


If you want to spice up an old favorite, a sex swing can make missionary seem like a totally new position. The receiving partner should be suspended in the swing face up while the giving partner is standing. You can use the movement of the swing to aid penetration. 

Doggy Style

If you have a sex sling, this is as simple as having the receiving partner lay face-down in the sling. For sex swings with straps, you’ll need to place one around your chest and the other under your belly or hips. You can adjust the straps so that your ass is raised, and if you have stirrups, you can try using those too! The giving partner will be standing, the same as in missionary.


Similar to the missionary position, the receiving partner can rest their legs on the shoulders of the giving partner instead of using the sex swing’s stirrups. This is great for more skin contact and deep penetration.

Oral Sex

For sex swings with adjustable straps, the giving partner can be kneeling while the receiving partner is in a semi-seated position. This is amazing for pussy worship or cock worship.


If your sex swing can support the weight of two people, you can try cowgirl style. The penetrating partner will be suspended in the swing while the receiving partner straddles them. Make sure if you’re riding, you keep your feet on the ground for extra traction and to help carry your weight.

Things to Consider When Buying a Sex Swing

There are a few things to take into account before you rush out and buy your new sex swing, some of which are vital to enjoying yourself safely.


Make sure you think hard about where and how you’ll be installing your swing. If you plan to suspend it from your ceiling, check where the beams that you’ll be mounting into. Make sure you spend plenty of time on getting the installation right – it’s not something you want to rush!

If you’re unable to mount your sex swing into the ceiling, do some research into the best sex swing frame for your chosen model. Remember, some swings require only one anchor point, while others need four. 

Weigh rating

If you’re going to be swinging naked from the ceiling, you want to be sure your sex swing can take your weight. Read the weight capacity carefully for any sex swing you might be considering, and always respect those limitations. There’s nothing sexy about a broken tailbone!


When you’re suspended in a sex swing, your entire body weight will be resting on the straps, stirrups, or seat. 

Unless you’re into pain play, you’ll want to make sure those straps and stirrups are padded and that the seat or sling is broad enough to accommodate you. 


I won’t lie; some of the higher-end sex swings can get into the thousands of dollars. If you’re a professional Dom or Domme, that might be fine for you, but for the average person, that’s a lot of money. Luckily, there are sex swings to suit any budget, and more expensive doesn’t necessarily equal better. 

Decide what you’re willing to spend and then shop around within your price range. And if you’re really on a budget, you can even try to make your own DIY sex furniture!

Where can I buy sex swings?

If you’re just starting out, a door swing will be the easiest and most affordable way to try out a sex swing.

You can find a great range of these through Lovehoney, as well as a couple of single-anchor sex swings. Lovehoney is known for its discreet shipping and great return policy and is an ethical, queer-friendly, and feminist sex shop.

For higher-end sex swings and slings, check out This is an American-made online store specializing in high-quality sex swings and accessories. You’ll also read lots of helpful reviews, buying guides, and installation advice, so you’ll find what exactly it is you’re looking for.

How to Install a Sex Swing

Door Swing

If you’re a total beginner, the easiest option is a door-mounted sex swing. These swings attach to a securely closed door by two bars.

Installation is as simple as hooking the sturdy bars over the door, then closing it. The bars will be held in place between the door and the door frame.

Make sure you’re using a solid door that can hold your weight. Hollow doors aren’t usually suitable to hold this kind of load.

Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit

door swing

Sportsheets Sex Swing Door Jam Kit

Sex swings and slings

If you’ve chosen a swing or sling that requires ceiling mounting, you’ll need to break out the drill and attach some sturdy anchors.

The first thing to do is find the central ceiling joist – this will support the most weight and is the safest way to suspend your sex swing. You can do this with a stud finder or by checking your house plans. 

If you’re only attaching one or two anchors, they should be in the joist if possible. Try to give yourself plenty of space between your swing and the walls so you can make full use of the swing’s versatility. At least three feet is best.

For sex slings that need four attachment points, try to get at least two of them into the joist and the others into beams.

The sturdiest anchors are looped plates. These are attached with four screws and feature a welded U-shaped loop to attach your swing to. 

Remember to always follow the manufacturer’s installation instructions. If this all feels a little overwhelming to you, you can always hire a carpenter to do this for you!

Bondage Boutique Deluxe Fetish

Sex Swing

Bondage Boutique Deluxe Fetish
Stockroom’s Leather Sling

Sex sling

Stockroom’s Leather Sling

Sex swing stands 

Ceiling mounts aren’t the only way to set up a sex swing or sling. If you don’t want to (or can’t) install a permanent ceiling anchor, sex swing stands are a great alternative.

These are portable, easy-to-assemble frames that can be set up anywhere (though I wouldn’t recommend taking one to your local park). Once again, make sure you check the weight rating when choosing one.

Screamer Sex Swing Stand

Sex swing stand

Screamer Sex Swing Stand

Tips on How To Use A Sex Swing

Tips On How To Use A Sex Swing - put different types of sex swing accessories

You can add a creative flair while using sex swings to increase the pleasure and thrill. Let’s check out the following tips right off the bat!

1. Get Extra Accessories

Extra accessories can affect your experience ranging from the installation process to comfort. Some of them are:

It keeps your partner from getting a stiff neck from prolonged use.
Used to enhance the squatting position and are attachable to the Screamer sex swing. Before purchasing these, ensure the straps on your sex swing accommodates them.
These engage your BDSM fantasies and will easily attach to most of the sex swings and slings.
They come in handy when you want to convert your suspended sex swings into door swings, especially when you want to travel! 
They are installation accessory that allows attachment to an exposed roof beam strong enough to hold your weight in the sex swings.

2. Adjust The Height Upfront

This is very important before you get things going. What do I mean? The height of the sex swing determines a great deal of the types of adventure you’ll have in your positions (stick around for a guide on this!). 

You can use the straps to bring the stirrups to a comfortable height.

So, if you and your partner are banking on mileage and intensity, then consider adjusting the height to a comfortable level before ripping those clothes off.

3. Warm-Up/ Start Slow To Prepare For A Workout

You know when they say ‘Practice makes perfect’? Yeah… What you want to do here, before enjoying any pleasure, is to ‘acquaint’ yourself with the sex swing first.

Sit on the swing. Examine the stirrups and practice getting in and out of the harness without much hassle. 

Try out a few tests on the positions from your fantasies, then give it a good run with your partner later on.

This brief workout gives you an idea of the sort of energy or physical involvement required during its use. 

Also, the workout will help your body muscles adapt to the sex on the swings and slings. The aim here is to prevent injury or any form of discomfort during your playtime.

4. Enjoy the Bondage Aspect of It

Enjoy The Bondage Aspect Of It

The main reason for the invention of these things is ultimately to create and fulfill your wildest fantasies.

Take advantage of some of the sex swing accessories we’ve mentioned above and add them to your swing to create a BDSM experience of your own choice!

Are you in for more spice? Get a load of this: 

You can read this article dedicated to showing you 8 Best Sex Swing Positions and Ideas! 

Other People’s Experience

See what others are saying about sex swings and how to use a sex swing:

Swings are great! Mount it with a heavy duty eye bolt into a strong ceiling joist. We use a carabiner (as used in rock climbing) to quickly attach it and take it down, they are more than sufficient for the weight. You might want to consider some type of hammock chair to hang when the swing isn’t in use depending on the location, this also lets you hang out in the chair and gain confidence in the mounting system.

As far as sex in it goes, it is great! It requires very little physical effort so you can go forever. The bondage aspect of it is part of the appeal for us.

During one party I (male) somehow ended up hanging in it towards the end of the evening. My partner at the moment thought it would be funny to spin me, grabbed my ankle and gave me a spin. Try getting out of one of those things while naked and dizzy!


Reddit user

A clever suggestion from another Reddit user:

I’ve never used one, However, if you are up too high, can you just go to Home Depot or Lowes and get a couple inches or a foot of chain to make it lower?

Also, maybe try just bottomless if you get weirded out being naked in it?

If you want to stabilize yourself somewhat, why not put on wrist/ankle cuffs and have your partner tie you to something fixed?

I’m guessing that the more you, um, hang out in it the more comfortable you’ll be…


Reddit user

You can also watch the video below to get more details on using a sex swing.


There you go! We have literally given you the most important details on how to use a sex swing, how to do an installation, and offered some pretty spicy tips that will help you and your partner on the adventure to pleasure island. 

Is there any question about using sex swings we should know about?

Do you have a suggestion on how you could maximize the sex swing experience?

Leave your comments below and let us know what you think!

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