Ohmibod Esca 2 Review: Is This Wearable Vibrator Any GOOD? (2024)

This Ohmibod vibrator is a good egg vibrator coming with a Bluetooth control connection. It has a convenient control button on the antenna that makes operating manual mode easy. Though its connection is problematic, this toy is very quiet in use.

Ohmibod Esca 2

The Esca 2 is an impressive Ohmibod wearable vibrator which is why it made it on our list of the best long-distance smart sex toys.

Amongst its features, it has the Ohmibod app connectivity that is only seen with high-end brands like Lovense Lush.

It has done well to diversify its Bluetooth controls and has included a fairly decent motor for powerful vibrations.

You may also to check the other long-distance sets for couples made by Kiiroo! It’s one of the best made products all in one bundle and there’s so many bundle to choose from. You might as well get a sweet deal out of it!

But how does this Ohmibod technology compare against Lush and We-Vibe models?

Let’s find out below!

The Good

The Ohmibod Esca 2 comes with a Bluetooth connection feature for more exciting control. You can connect it to an apple smartwatch if you have one and enjoy its accessibility from there too. It’s made of silicone, and it’s extremely discreet.

The Not So Good

Its connectivity is really problematic. The battery life isn’t much, despite what most people say. It’s very expensive for that matter.

The Bottom Line

It is an okay toy mainly because of its average connectivity performance. The silicone body is great, and the app features would’ve killed it were the connection stable.

The First Impressions

The Ohmibod Esca 2 has simple and functional packaging. It doesn’t come in a high-end designer-looking box like some brands, but it doesn’t look cheap by any means.

You get a simple sturdy white box with a picture and the name of the product on it. (of course, all sex shops wrap their packages, so the delivery guy won’t see what he’s bringing you )

Along your brand new Ohmibod Esca 2, you get a USB charging cable and a satin storage pouch to keep away dirt and germs. There is also some important info like a user startup manual and an instruction manual.

What’s more important, you’ll be getting an OhMiBod authenticity card and a 1-year warranty from OhMiBod! You can rest assured that if you receive a toy with defects (it happens), the manufacturer will take care of your problem.

I’m happy to say my toy came in perfect condition and is still a-ok, so my warranty probably won’t be put to use.

Esca 2 Tech And Specs Overview


In comparison, this toy is slightly larger than both the Lovense Lush and Lovense Lush 2. 

It weighs 0.12 lbs and measures 7.3” in length and 1.3” in diameter.


The Ohmibod Esca is also built using high-quality silicone that covers its entire body.

And to spice up the outlook, they went with a smooth matte finish and a cute ABS band below the neck. This garners points for aesthetics.

Battery Life

This model is rechargeable and comes fitted with a Lithium-ion battery. It takes 1.5 hours to charge and can give you just above 1 hour of usage time.

In the package, you’ll find included a USB charging cable. To charge, you can plug it into your computer, soundbar, power adapter, or any other device that is USB compatible.

An LED indicator light will blink while the charging is ongoing, and it’ll stop when the toy gets to full charge. 

Price, Where To Buy Esca 2

Ohmibod’s Esca 2 is also not cheap, and some may shy away from buying it as a result.

But for those who want to get one, you can go to the Kiiroo website as they are providing tech for the OhMiBod brand ($119)and get free shipping + a 1-year warranty.

Pro Tip

You can use the discount code SEXUALALPHA to get 10% off on purchases from Kiiroo.

You can also check out at Lovehoney ($119.99) and get free shipping within the US and a valid 4-month payment plan.

DON’T BUY from Amazon or eBay! It’s public knowledge that the vendors there usually send knockoffs made using generic materials that are not body-safe. Keep your health and bucks safe!

Comparison Table

Check out this table showing how these popular 3 models compare to each other. I hope this will help your buying decisions in the future 🙂

Ohmibod Esca 2

Lovense Lush 2

We-Vibe Sync

We-Vibe Sync

Silicone, ABS
BATTERY LIFE (minutes):
Silicone, ABS
4 Manual Modes, App-Customized
7 Manual Modes, Unlimited App-Customized
12 Modes, App-Customized

Esca 2 Review: Design & Features


The Ohmibod technology is pretty much what you’ll interact with using the Lovense vibration babes.

It has 4 preset vibration settings for the manual mode that you can explore. When using the Ohmibod app, you can create a number of more customized patterns. 

Again, though the vibrations are fairly strong, they lack the robustness of the Lovense Lush 2’s.

One of the more interesting features is the Club Vibe mode. It synchronizes your toy’s vibrations to the surrounding sounds, whether it’s music or ambiance. You can turn it on via the OhMiBod app your Esca can connect to.


The body’s smooth curve makes it more precise in positioning than the first Lush.

Again, it has a control button located on top of the antenna for easy and convenient navigation of the manual modes. 

This is also topped with 3 LED lights that turn on with different colors representing the 3 different patterns preset.

Its compactness also makes it comfortable when you slip it inside your knickers.


The Esca 2 here gives the Lush series a run for their money. 

It is very discreet… so much so that placing it on a hard surface doesn’t make much increment. And it gets way quieter when you have it inserted up your cooch.

Connection Quality

The Esca 2 also has a Bluetooth connection function that lets you pair it with the toy using the OhMiBod App.

The drawback here is that it has some critical Bluetooth connection issues. Its interruption is more than the Lush if I should speak from experience.

This is especially true when the toy’s battery life starts getting low. It works best when you’re least dressed, as the Bluetooth signal will face lesser obstacles. 

That said… You are much safer not to expect a the first-class experience when using the toy in public spaces.


Regarding comfort and wearability, the Esca 2 is neither here nor there. 

The bulb has a nice shape, and the silicone is smooth and soft, but the antenna is thicker than with similar toys and doesn’t contour to the body. It moves around in my underwear when I walk, rubbing against me in a rather unpleasant way. Sometimes that also makes the Esca move out of place. 

However, if you’re not using the toy during a long walk, these downsides probably won’t be an issue.

Performance vs. Price

OhMiBod Esca 2 is up there in price. It’s by no means the most expensive toy I own, but it’s no on-a-whim purchase either. So is it worth the price tag? 

Toys with similar features to the Esca 2 also have similar price tags, so I wouldn’t say Esca is an outlier. There are, of course, cheaper options, but most of them don’t have app controls. If you’re content with just having a remote control, you can find plenty of more budget-friendly wearables. 

The most affordable app-controlled alternative is the Svakom Ella. Their app is not nearly as well developed, BUT it does work more reliably than Esca.

If we compare toys in the same price range, I would say Esca 2 is a better option than the We-Vibe Jive when it comes to connectivity. However, it falls short when compared to Lovense Lush, which has become the staple for app-controlled wearables. 

OhMiBod Esca vs. OhMiBod Esca 2: What Changed?

Esca 2 is a newer, better version of the original Esca.  But what changed?

The upgrade that deserves our attention is the battery. There were a lot of complaints aimed at the original Esca about the battery dying too fast and not being on par with similar products at the time. Now, the battery life is more than enough, even for those of you who have trouble climaxing  

How to Use Esca 2

Esca 2 brings the best of both worlds. You can control it manually, AND you can connect it to an app, which turns your phone into an advanced remote for the toy.

OhMiBod Button Control

There is a button at the tip of Esca’s tail. To turn your toy on, press that button for a couple of seconds. You’ll know it’s on when the LED light flashes. You can now put the toy inside of you. 

Quick press the same button to turn on the vibrations and cycle through the different modes There are 3 continuous vibrations and 2 patterns.

To turn your toy off, press and hold the button for a few seconds. Take your toy out, clean it, and put it in its storage pouch. 

How Do you turn off the OhMiBod Esca’s light?

The Esca lights up while working. Since not everyone is a fan of the “light fixture crotch” aesthetic, especially if they want to use their toy outside, you can turn off the LEDs. Just press the “on/off” button twice! 

OhMiBod App Control

You can also pair your toy with the OhMiBod Remote App and expand your fun. This lets you control your Esca 2 via your phone. 

The app is easy and intuitive and gives you more detailed control over your toy. Also, it has this thing I called the Oh!Dometer – an orgasm log within the app with “weekly goals” and stats. A very fun idea, especially if you and your partner are into some BDSM and orgasm control. 

You can use the app for close-range and long-range control. 

Close Range

The Control Panel has six different options to control your vibe. The Music one pulls songs from your library and follows the intensity of the music. Just put on a sexy album, relax and enjoy! 

The Rhythm section has 6 preset patterns with adjustable intensity, so you can customize them to your liking. To set your preferred power level, use the volume buttons on your phone. 

The Tap feature lets you create your own vibration patterns. Your Esca will vibrate as long as you’re pressing the tap button. Sliding the circle around it controls how strong the vibrations are.

The sequence you created repeats automatically, so you don’t have to stay glued to your phone the whole time (a great feature for public play). If you’re enjoying your pattern, add it to your favorites and save it for later.  

This auto-repeat is helpful for public play because it doesn’t keep you glued to your phone the whole time. You can quickly create a pattern and then set your phone down.

The Touch feature provides a vibration pattern that you can control the speed and strength of by moving a dot around the screen. 

Next is Club Vibe, which we already briefly mentioned. It controls your toy through the sounds your phone picks up with its mic. 

Esca vibrates stronger when the noise is louder… this is a great feature for any kinky clubgoer and people who want their toy to remain incognito. It’ll never make a sound louder than the environment. 

The Pulse setting allows you to sync your toy with an Apple Watch to control your vibrations, which can also help mask your activities when you’re playing in public.

Long-Distance Range

The app lets you connect with a long distance partner over Wifi, so you can still be intimate even when you’re miles apart. Your partner just has to have the app installed on their phone too. You add a connection by searching for your partner’s username and sending a request. 

Let your partner take control of your Esca and guide you to orgasm. They will be able to use most of the features from close-range mode except Club Vibe and Music Control.

For an even more intimate experience, the OhMiBod’s app has built-in text and video chat, so you can communicate with your partner with ease. 

Even when your partner is controlling your toy, you’re not completely at their mercy. You can still adjust the intensity of the vibes or pause them.

The “Oh!dometer” I mentioned earlier lets your partner know when you climax, so they can feel close to you even when they’re not physically there. 

In Use: How Does It Feel Like?

I took it for a test run with my girl. After a nice foreplay, she used a water-based lube to add extra moisture to her vag before inserting.

Because of its curvy shape, you can tuck it inside without feeling any discomfort. Silicone magic, I guess… 

And since its control button is located on the antenna arm, you don’t have to pull out the toy to change settings, just like the Lush 2. That was one big turn-off for my girl when using the Lush model.

Thinking of it now… This saves a lot of lube in the process.

So, playing with the manual mode…

The LED lights do a good job of indicating the mode you’re in at each given moment. There are 4 settings, all of which my girl seemed to like when we kept the intensities moderate.

This was all pleasant as it was quiet 🙂

Switching to the app function was quite easy (provided you have a smartphone or computer). The UI (User Interface) is also simple and easy to navigate. 

There are numerous combination settings that we were able to try out, which were very dynamic in range. From Pulsating high to Pulsating low, Fast Deep Rumbles to Slow Gentle Buzz, it really was worthwhile.

The reason why we are not as excited about this toy is that we had to restart several times when using the app’s Bluetooth remote function.

The long-distance interaction was not meticulous either.

And while I know it depends on a phone’s system software, there was no great improvement when we used my laptop too.

But aside from that, my girl enjoyed herself and climaxed all the same when we stuck to manual mode.

How Easy To Clean & Durability

Cleaning the Esca 2 ain’t a fuss. To clean it, use warm water and mild soap. Afterward, rinse it thoroughly and air it to dry. 

The good thing is that there’s an included storage pouch for you to keep the toy in once clean and dry.

Always remember to clean this kinda toy before and after every use.

Would I Recommend It? If so, to whom?

Hmmm… Think I’d give it a 7/10 for what it’s worth. While some people have referred to it as the best Ohmibod stimulator, I feel they have room for improvement.

They have done an amazing job of ensuring quality in its physical design, but I think the detail escaped them.

The vibrations are also great but don’t get to the dynamics of the Lush 2.


Who Is It For?

  • If you prefer vibrating stimulators with app-accessibility options.
  • Girls who travel a lot.
  • If you value discreetness.
  • If you can afford the price tag.

Who Is It Not For?

  • If you don’t like vibrating stimulators.
  • If you prefer a more stable inter-device connection.
  • If you’d rather go grocery shopping with that money.

What Do Other People Think About It?

Read what Squirrelmunks had to say:

“Esca 2 has a more rumbly, deeper vibes than the others, but Lush 2 has the best, most full-featured app. I think that’s the most important tradeoff. 

Both are great toys, but I think your choice should mostly come down to whether you prioritize vibration quality or app quality.”


Reddit user

Here’s another user who had this to share after using the Esca 2:

“The first time I tried to use it… the longest it would stay connected was maybe a minute?! 

Then it would have me go back through the process of connecting it. The battery was at 95% according to the app. It’s frustrating!”


Reddit user


There’s only one best alternative I’d give if you want something that has gotten it right with vibrator connectivity. 

And this is the Lovense Lush 2 model! View our Lovense vs Ohmibod comparison to know why.

They are the original divas in the best hands-free vibrator category and have up-to-date, maintained a sassy image when it comes to performance satisfaction.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

Closing down the shop…

This toy doesn’t deliver its promise of a great connectivity experience. While the features and options in the Ohmibod’ app are superb, it doesn’t serve much purpose if you can’t enjoy it :/

Though, I commend its super-discreetness and easy-to-use manual mode.

If you want something worthwhile with better connectivity features, then the Lovense Lush 2 is undisputed!

I hope this Ohmibod Esca review has helped you with your queries.

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