9 Best Lubes for pH-Balanced To Glide On In 2023 Reviewed

Wetter is better, but that’s not all that matters! In this review, we will help you find the best pH-balance Lubes for women. Go organic & natural! Read on:

best lube for ph balance

Have you ever seen “9 and a half weeks”? It’s an erotic thriller with Kim Basinger and Mickey Rourke. Great movie, with a whole lot of sexy scenes. And a bizarre one where the two leads are having sexy fun with food, as you do…

And then they use honey for lube.

That made me so mad and, honestly, perplexed. I decided to write an article about ACTUAL lubricants that are SAFE to use.  

The vaginal microbiome is very delicate, and disturbing the balance can cause many problems – irritation, infection, and dryness.  To prevent these from happening, you need a lube that keeps your pH balance in check (not honey, ok?)

Here are my top 9 lubricants that are good for your pH – I’m sure you’ll find a favorite too. Let’s take a look at the top 3 first. 

SexualAlpha Top Pick

A good lube should not only be pH balanced but also free of all other irritants, allergens, and artificial perfumes. It should also contain a few ingredients. Sliquid H2O covers all bases! And it has the ideal pH level of 4, which is just in the middle of the safe zone.

Best Glycerin-free Lubricant

Glycerin is one of the most commonly used ingredients in lubes, although it can actually be bad for you. Well, SUTIL Luxe Body Glide has no glycerin – just safe ingredients that won’t cause you any irritations, a luxurious silky feel, and a biodegradable bottle. So you won’t just be getting something good for yourself; you’ll be doing something good for the planet by not buying lube in a plastic container.

Best Thick Formula Water-based Lubricant

Water-based lubes often feel thin, but not AH! YES Organic Water-Based Lube. It has a thicker formula that ensures it will be smoother and last longer than similar products, so you can play for hours. It’s also hypoallergenic and perfect for those prone to irritations and allergies.

Top 3 Best Lubricants for pH Balance

Best Glycerin-free Lubricant

ph balanced lube

SUTIL Luxe Body Glide

SexualAlpha Top Pick

ph balancing lube

Sliquid H2O

Best Thick Formula Water-based Lubricant

best lubes for ph balance

AH! YES Organic Water-Based Lube

pH level:
4.0 – 4.4
3.8 – 4.2

Best PH-Balanced Lubes In 2023

ph balanced lubricant

1. Sliquid H2O

4.2 oz
pH level:
4.0 to 4.4
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Mimics natural lubrication
  • Can be difficult to reapply if your hands already have lube on them

The Sliquid H2O has a very simple formula of 5 ingredients – in fact, it’s about 96% purified water. That means you won’t be unpleasantly surprised by pesky no-go ingredients, and it’s the best choice for anyone prone to allergies. 

Sliquid H2O mimics your natural lubrication quite well, so it feels very natural on your skin – no stickiness, unnatural thickness, and virtually no residue. All in all – all the qualities needed for a pleasant experience. 

The product’s packaging is smooth, so it gets all slippery when you touch it with lubed-up hands. This makes reapplying a bit difficult. Make sure to wipe your hands before handling it.

best lubricant for ph balance

Best Glycerin-free Lubricant

2. SUTIL Luxe Body Glide

2oz / 4 oz / 8 oz
pH level:
  • Eco-certified ingredients
  • Biodegradable bottle
  • Can’t be used for anal play

SUTIL is a luxury personal lube made with natural and organic plant-sourced and eco-certified ingredients. The all-natural approach is perfect for anybody prone to skin or vaginal irritations and allergies.

This lube is glycerin-free. Why is that so important?

Glycerin/ glycerol/ glycerine (it is all the same) is a sugar alcohol polyol compound. It can be food for some types of healthy vaginal flora or yeast strains. In other words – it can cause you a yeast infection. It also pulls water out of mucous membranes, which can cause vaginal dryness. 

The SUTIL Luxe has an ideal pH for vaginal use, but note that it’s too low for anal play.

safest lube for ph

Best Thick Formula Water-based Lubricant

3. AH! YES Organic Water-Based Lube

1.7 fl oz / 5.1 fl oz / single-use applicators
pH level:
3.8 to 4.2
  • Made with 96% organic ingredients
  • Thick formula with guar gum
  • No added fragrances, flavors, or dyes
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Might be too thick for those who prefer a lightweight texture

This water-based lube is made almost completely of organic ingredients, to ensure you get the highest quality and best results.

The manufacturer hasn’t added fragrances or flavors, so there is nothing to throw off the balance of your vaginal microbiome or irritate your skin. In fact, this lube is hypoallergenic, so it’s suitable for even the most delicate and sensitive vaginas. 

This product is thicker than most water-based lubes you can find. 

On the plus side, it gives you a more cushiony feel and lasts longer. However, you might notice it leaves more residue than other water-based lubes, or you might just prefer lighter textures. 

best lube for women's ph

Best Hypoallergenic Lube

4. Good Clean Love Bio-Nude

3 oz
pH level:
  • Great for sensitive skin
  • No perfumes or artificial flavors
  • Safe if you’re trying to conceive
  • No pump dispenser
  • Not very long-lasting

Bio-Nude is a life saver for sensitive skin. There are no perfumes or flavors that cause serious irritations for us ultra-sensitive types. This also makes it sperm-friendly – it doesn’t have any ingredients that might damage the sperm, so it’s great if you’re trying to conceive.

The packaging is just a large tube, which makes re-applying the lube a little messy. More often than not, your hands are already lubed up, which gets everywhere and makes everything slippery. It would have been better if they had added a pump. 

This lube is on the thinner side, so it dries out easily. You have to reapply very often. That might get expensive in the long run.

best ph balanced lube

Best Aloe-Based Lube

5. Good Clean Love Almost Naked Lubricant

1.5 oz / 4 oz
pH level:
4.2 to 4.7
  • A thicker consistency
  • Includes Aloe
  • the first carbon-neutral lubricant
  • Subtle lemon-vanilla flavor

This Good Clean Love formula contains aloe vera, xanthan gum, and agar, which makes the lube thicker, smoother, and more long-lasting – ideal for long play sessions

The aloe vera gel has some additional benefits – it reduces vaginal dryness and prevents infections. 

Another cool thing is that the Almost Naked lube is the first carbon-neutral lube!

Good Clean Love donates to a U.S. soil restoration project for every purchased bottle to erase the carbon footprint from its manufacturing process. By buying this lube, you’ll also be supporting a cleaner Earth!

Almost Naked has a subtle vanilla flavor to it. It’s made from natural and safe ingredients, but I would still recommend flavorless products as the better option, especially if you’re extra sensitive. It’s better to play it safe.

good lube for ph balance

Most Versatile

6. Überlube

1.7 oz / 3.4 oz
pH level:
  • Long-lasting
  • Can be used for anal sex
  • Can also be used for sports or hair styling
  • Packaging makes it easy to reapply
  • Will damage silicone toys
  • Pricey

Hey, it’s about time we got to a silicone-based lube, isn’t it?

Silicone-based lubes don’t have a pH level but can be pH neutral – this one is so that it won’t disturb your balance. This means that you can also safely use it as an anal lube!

Uberlube is way more long-lasting than water-based products – you will rarely feel the need to reapply. If you do, the pump on the bottle makes it easier and less messy (as long as you just press and don’t hold the product with lubed-up hands). 

Silicone also feels way smoother and really glides on the skin – which might feel better if you’re extra sensitive.

Uberlube isn’t just a sex product. It can be used all over your body to prevent friction while doing sports or ease your hair frizz. 

Keep in mind that Uberlube WILL damage your silicone sex toys, so DON’T use them at the same time. It’s also a little pricey, but considering the versatility and quality, I think it’s worth it. 

ph friendly lubricants

Best Lube To Use With Condoms

7. Coconu Water-Based Lubricant

3 oz
pH level:
  • Condom-friendly
  • Edible
  • Not as long-lasting as the oil-based Coconu

Condoms are the go-to contraceptive for most people, especially if they’re not in a committed relationship.

You may be one of them, meaning you need a lube that won’t damage your condoms AND make penetration smooth. Condoms are more abrasive than human skin and cause more friction.  

Coconu water-based lube is perfect for the job. It won’t damage your condoms, and the formula is a bit thicker for a more long-lasting effect.

This lube is also completely edible, so it’s a perfect addition to oral sex.

I’m glad to tell you this product is also cruelty-free. So by getting it, you will support an important cause. 

Remember that this is still a water-based lube and won’t be as long-lasting as the oil-based variety by the same brand (which isn’t condom safe, so you know… you win some, you lose some).

ph safe lubricant

Best Lube for Vaginal Dryness

8. AH! YES Vaginal Moisturizing Gel

3.4 oz / single-use applicators
pH level:
  • Relieves vaginal dryness
  • Long-lasting rehydration
  • Single-use packets are easier to apply but more expensive

If you suffer from vaginal dryness, the AH! YES Vaginal Moisturizing Gel has come to save the day. It will relieve you from dryness, itchiness, irritation, burning, or just general discomfort. 

If these issues are chronic, using the moisturizer as lube will prevent them. 

Every application helps replenish vaginal moisture for up to 3 days, so it lasts way longer than any traditional lube and continues to work its magic even when sexy time is over. 

Since we’re talking about a moisturizing gel, the contents must penetrate the vagina deeper. That said, single-use packets are way easier to apply because of the long and thin insertion tip, but they’re also more expensive.

best lubricant for sensitive ph balance

Best Natural Lubricant

9. Maude Shine Organic

2 oz / 4 oz / 8 oz
pH level:
  • Natural ingredients
  • Easy to use locking pump top for the 8 oz bottle
  • Can be used with toys
  • Smaller bottles don’t have a pump

Maude doesn’t just produce high-quality toys – it also produces high-quality natural lube to use with your toys!

It’s made of all-natural ingredients and with sensitive ladies in mind, so it won’t cause you any irritation. It’s completely safe not just for your Maude toys but for any toys you might have, so your solo play sessions can be even better.

The big bottle has a locking pump, so you can easily dispense the lube even if your hands are slippery. Sadly, the smaller versions don’t have a pump but are great for traveling or just to keep in your bag for dates. 

The Best Lube for pH Balance Buying Guide

How to choose a lube? It’s not as difficult as you might think. Consider these points:


There are 3 main kinds of lubes: water-based, silicone-based, and oil-based. There are also hybrid bases. 

Water-based lube is the most versatile option – it works great, is available everywhere, and won’t damage any toys or condoms you use. It dries out rather quickly, but you can always use more. 

Silicone-based lube feels smoother and oil-based lube lasts the longest. You must remember that these kinds of lubes can damage some sex toys and condoms. 



It’s important to know which ingredients are safe for you and which you should avoid. Some of the “no-no” ingredients can cause irritation or even make conception harder.

Some safe ingredients are:
  • Water
  • Aloe vera gel or juice
  • Hydroxyethylcellulose
  • Cellulose
  • Propylene glycol
  • Carrageenan
  • Agar-agar
  • Lactic acid
  • Citric acid

You may also find vitamin E oil or naturally-derived oils like plant oils etc.: These are all completely safe! 

Here are some of the ingredients you should try to avoid: 
  • Glycerin /glycerine/glycerol
  • Parabens/methyl parabens
  • Capsaicin
  • Benzocaine
  • Petroleum
  • Mineral oil
  • Added fragrances, dyes, or chemical flavorings

All of these can be toxic and cause you a whole lot of problems. 

Don’t forget to avoid any ingredients you specifically are allergic to, even if they usually are “safe.” 

pH levels

А lubricant can throw off your pH balance, which then causes all sorts of irritation and even makes you prone to infection. That’s why it’s so important that you use the pH balanced product. 

Keep in mind that the vagina and anus each have their own normal pH values, so a lube that’s good for your vaginal pH will probably be unfit for anal play. The vaginal pH is 3.8 to 4.5, and the anus is 7 to 8.


Osmolality measures the concentration of ingredients in a lube that are not water. The highest osmolality that’s considered safe is one that’s less than 1200 mOsm/kg. However, it would be even better if you use something a tad bit below 380 mOsm/kg.

Texture/consistency and performance

The lubricant’s texture mostly depends on its base.  Water-based lubes feel very similar to your natural lubrication. They aren’t overly slippery, which might be the natural sensation you are looking for.

On the other hand, they may be too thin for anal sex.  Silicone and oil-based lubes are incredibly slick, feel thicker, and last longer. 


Look for the best price-to-size ratio, but also consider what would be more practical for you.

Keep in mind that smaller containers are easier to carry around – if you’re going on a date and want to be prepared in case you end up at your partner’s place. Smaller sizes also mean you’re more likely to finish your lube its use-by date. 


Of course, the money you spend on lubricant is also important. Luckily, you don’t have to go bankrupt to get a quality lube – most pharmacies have perfectly good body-safe lubes. The cheaper ones may not look as fancy but will still be useful.

That said, don’t go too cheap – we’re talking about your health after all.


What type of lube is recommended for vaginas?

I recommend getting water-based lube with a pH level of about 4 and no added scents or flavors. 

Water-based lubes most closely resemble the texture of your natural discharge and are also safe for any condoms and/or toys you might like to use. A pH-balanced lube will help you prevent any irritations or infections. Scents and flavors can cause an allergic reaction. 

What are other alternatives to lubricants?

I would always recommend using a store-bought lubricant for the safest and most pleasant experience. 

However, if you need a backup, consider natural oils like cooking oil, tea tree oil, sunflower oil, almond oil, olive oil, and so on. 

Keep in mind that coconut oil might be popular, but it can disturb your pH balance. 

Baby oil is just not safe as lube (although it’s safe for babies). 

Remember that oils don’t mix well with condoms and might damage them, so only use oils if condoms are not your contraceptive of choice. 

What should I look for in a vaginal lubricant?

When getting a vaginal lubricant, make sure its pH balance is around 4, so it won’t disturb your natural microbiome. Make sure there aren’t any unsafe ingredients and that there is nothing that you’re allergic to. 

Is lube safe for pH balance?

A good quality lube is safe. The wrong kind of product, however, can cause you a bunch of problems.  

Buy lubes with their pH balance marked on the package. Keep in mind that your vagina and anus have different pH balances, so consider what kind of sex you need lube for and shop accordingly. 


Lube protects your privates from harsh friction, makes you more receptive to pleasure, and makes penetration easier. It’s very important you get something that won’t disturb your vaginal microbiome and won’t cause you any irritations. 

A pH balanced lube is a must; as you can see, there are plenty of options for you. Get whatever feels right for you – with a pH balanced lube you just can’t miss.

Aliyah Moore

Aliyah Moore

Aliyah Moore (she/her) is our resident sex expert at SexualAlpha. She’s a certified sex therapist with a Ph.D. in Gender & Sexuality Studies. Aliyah is a proud Black, bi-sexual femme passionate about empowering minority voices to embrace their sexuality and identity. She loves to write about everything sexual wellness and gives no-nonsense sex and relationship advice.

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