The 9 Best Sex Positions To Make Her Squirt Effortlessly [2024]

Squirting from penetrative sex is not impossible. You just gotta know your girl’s anatomy, the right techniques, and the best sex positions to make her squirt.

Sex Positions To Make Her Squirt

Squirting, or “shejaculate,” can be a fun thing to explore with your partner.

Many men want to make their women squirt. They want to see her liquids gushing out of their partner like a release, the same as what they experience from ejaculation.

When it comes to squirting, using your fingers or a sex toy like a vibrator is the easier route. But squirting from penetrative sex isn’t impossible as well—as long as you already know what you’re doing.

Making a woman squirt for the first time during sex might not be the most straightforward activity, but the journey is fun and worth taking. So with that, we’ll discuss the best sex positions you should try to make her squirt.

Things You Should Know Before Making Her Squirt During Sex

Before we go into the sex positions, there are some crucial things you should know first.

Squirting might not be ejaculation and orgasm

Squirting and female ejaculation are often used interchangeably. But they are not exactly the same. Many people also assume squirting is the same as pee, but this also isn’t true.

Squirting and ejaculating are two independent phenomena.

One can happen without the other. But both can happen at the same time as well.

Let’s not stop there.

Squirting and ejaculating aren’t necessarily orgasms. They can happen outside of orgasm as well!

Confusing, right?

That means if a woman didn’t squirt, that doesn’t mean she didn’t orgasm. But, conversely, if she did squirt, that also doesn’t necessarily mean she orgasmed.

Hence, don’t use squirting as a goal to achieve. It’s nice to explore, yes. But it’s not the end-all-be-all.

The squirting anatomy

To make her squirt during sex, you should know what you’re getting yourself into. At the very least, you must know which organs you should be stimulating.

Pro Tip

The most important is the G-spot. It’s located 2-3 inches in the vagina at the top inner wall.

For some people, it feels bumpy or textured when you touch it. Stimulating this region can lead to sexual pleasure and ejaculation.

Another essential part you should know is the Skene’s gland. It’s located behind the G-spot and is sometimes called the female prostate. This gland swells up and fills up with fluid when a woman is aroused, which is what’s expelled during squirting.

To put two and two together, you need to stimulate the G-spot and Skene’s gland to make her squirt.

If you want to know more, check out our guide for her first squirt and vibrators for squirting!

Don’t forget the clit

The clitoris might not have a direct hand in squirting, but it lends to making a woman squirt. 

As I said, she needs to be aroused. So stimulating this little pleasure nub will feel really good for her, making her enjoy the sensations more.

Usually, a woman squirts from the combination of G-spot and clit stimulation.

During sex, you will penetrate her and use your penis to put pressure on the G-spot. You can then play with her clit simultaneously with your fingers or using a vibrator.

If it’s too much multitasking for you, have your woman play with her own clitoris.

Time when you pull out well

You need to pull out your penis AT THE RIGHT TIME.

You shouldn’t pull it out BEFORE she’s about to explode, as that will stop the stimulation. If that happens, her squirting will be cut off.

But you should pull out at the right moment so you don’t block her liquids from gushing out.

Timing is critical. It’s difficult to say for sure, and only practice and experience will really help you.

It’s not like it appears in porn

You’ve seen how “squirters” do it in porn. And using that as your reference, you’d want to achieve something like it.

How-e-ver, what you see in porn isn’t always accurate. It’s made for show, and if you use that to rate your and your partner’s experience, then you’ll be left disappointed.

It’s not that the real thing is not as good as what you see in porn. But each body is different. Using porn as an “educational” resource would be unrealistic, especially when the scenes are exaggerated or faked.

Clit and G-Spot Vibrators

One of the easiest ways to make yourself or your woman squirt is with the help of a vibrator to stimulate the clit and G-spot. We’ve listed a few favorite types of vibrators below.

Lovense Lush 3

Lovense Lush

Insertable length:
4 inches
Egg Vibrator

The Lovense lush 3 vibrator is Bluetooth remote controlled, making it perfect for long-distance play and giving intense vibrations with little sound. 
There are unlimited vibration patterns you can set with this best egg vibrator. You can even sync it to music! Its super soft silicone design is also waterproof.

Desire Luxury Curved Vibrator

Desire Luxury Curved Vibrator

Insertable length:
5 inches
G-spot vibrator

To bring yourself or your partner to squirt, a g-spot vibrator like the Desire Luxury curved vibrator can definitely help. 

This luxury vibrator is made from smooth, silky silicone with three vibration speeds and four patterns to stimulate your g-spot.

Pillow Talk Sassy

The Pillow Talk Sassy

Insertable length:
5 inches
G-spot vibrator

The silicone Pillow Talk Sassy vibrator is a rechargeable g-spot vibrator with an insertable length of 5 inches and strong bullet vibrations.

Its design has a Swarovski crystal at the end, and the large curved tip is designed to hit your G-spot just right.

Lovense Nora

Lovense Nora

Insertable length:
5 inches
Rabbit vibrator

The Lovense Nora is a Bluetooth-controlled rabbit vibrator that gives both g-spot and clit stimulation simultaneously, thanks to its double ends.

Its soft, flexible arms are designed to hit the right spots while delivering rotating vibrations. It would be great for long-distance relationships, too.

Lelo Sona 2

Lelo Sona 2

Insertable length:
5.5 inches
Clit vibrator

The Lelo Sona 2 is a vibrator dedicated to maximum clit stimulation. This clit vibrator is equipped with SenSonic tech and has 12 different settings to experiment with. 
Unlike other standard vibrators, the design of this model literally sucks your clit for a larger coverage.

Magic Wand Plus

Magic Wand Plus

Wand vibrator

This Magic Wand Plus is a corded kind of vibrator and has four different levels of intensity with varying speeds. 
If it’s your first time using a wand vibrator, we have a great how-to guide here so you can finally build up to an orgasm or squirt!

Njoy Pure Wand

Njoy Pure Wand

Insertable length:

Now, the Njoy pure wand might not be a vibrator, but it can 100% bring you or your woman to squirt due to how it stimulates the g-spot and p-spot.

Its design has both 1-inch and 1.5-inch bulbs and metal, which is body temperature sensitive.

We-Vibe Tango X

We-Vibe Tango X

Insertable length:
4 inches
Bullet vibrator

The Tango X by We-Vibe is a small, discreet bullet vibrator ideal for beginners or anyone who wants a portable vibrator.

Its targeted form hits the spot precisely and delivers eight different intensity levels according to your stimulation level.

Fun Factory NŌS

FunFactory NŌS

Ring size:
3.5 diameter
Vibrating cock ring

Now, the NOS vibrating cock ring isn’t just for your partner’s penis; it’s also for the clit and is excellent for couple play when grinding and having sex.

The vibrating cock ring is designed to sit right on the shaft of the penis to directly stimulate the clit during sex.

Best Sex Positions To Make Her Squirt

Squirting is quite hard to achieve if you try it from sex first. It’s best to explore fingering first. If she’s having a hard time squirting from fingering, it will usually be more challenging for her to squirt from the penetration.

Regular sex and squirting sex are quite different.

With squirting, you would need precise pressure. And that’s where the fingers come in handy. You can be more precise in the pressure, rhythm, angle, and position to hit her G-spot.

Pro Tip

G-spot stimulation doesn’t need deep penetration, so penis sizes won’t matter at all. You only need to hit the spot a few inches in the vaginal wall.

Again, the angle should be one of your priorities.

Some women even squirt from anal sex positions when combined with clitoris stimulation, not penetration.

Being aroused is also very crucial for the woman. It’s difficult for her to squirt if she’s not hot and ready. So, stimulating her erogenous zones during sex is essential.

For example, you can massage her clitoris. Or she may participate and do it herself, which can be better, so she’s more in control of what feels best for her.

1. Missionary Sex Position

The good old missionary is definitely an oldie but a goodie when it comes to squirting. 

Some might find it the most basic and boring position, but it’s a classic for a reason: it hits the right spots. And it’s one you shouldn’t underestimate.

During missionary, your penis is tilted upwards—which is great as the G-spot is located at the upper vaginal wall. Thus, it’s a perfect angle for squirting.

One of the benefits of missionary is you’re facing each other. You can look at her expressions more easily so you can better study her responses and feedback from the stimulation. Is she enjoying it? Are you hitting the right spot? Should you change angles or speed?

Another great thing about this position is how it’s so easy and straightforward. You don’t have to be flexible or anything to perform this position well, so it’s very friendly for everyone. With that, you can focus more on the sensations, mainly if squirting is on your menu.

How to do it:

  • Your girl lies on her back. Her legs are spread open.
  • You lie down on top of her while facing her. Your legs are between hers.
  • You can steady or support yourself by positioning your elbows on either side of your partner.

2. Butterfly Sex Position

In some ways, the Butterfly is similar to the Missionary position. The girl lies down on this one as well, but with some variations.

This position is really good for angling to hit the G-spot

Like the Missionary, you will do most of the work in this move. The girl mostly lies down to sit back and enjoy. Of course, she can also raise her hips to meet your thrusts for a sexier session.

By raising your hips, you can get a good angle to hit her G-spot with your peen directly. 

How to do it:

  • You would need a bed or a table for this position. It’s not a requirement, but you’d like the woman to get on the edge.
  • Have your partner scoot to the edge with her butt resting on the edge of the bed or table.
  • You will then stand by the edge. 
  • Lift her legs to your chest. She can rest or drape her ankles around your shoulders, depending on how tall and flexible she is.
  • You may just kneel if you’re on the bed and not on the edge. That said, it’s easier to move forward and backward while thrusting when you’re standing.

3. Launch Pad Sex Position

The Launch Pad is a sex position with all access and deep penetration.

You can stimulate her G-spot this way while hitting her deep inside, even for average-sized men. It’s also a very dominant position, perfect for couples who want kinky and aggressive sex.

One way to make sure you’re hitting the G-spot is by leaning back a little. This way, you’ll hit the upper vaginal wall exactly when you thrust in and out for her to squirt.

As this position needs more flexibility, you can vary the pose by placing her feet on your sides instead of your chest. The key move is to have her hips raised up.

How to do it:

  • The woman lies down on her back. She then lifts her legs up and brings them to her chest, close together.
  • She can rest her feet on your chest so it feels more comfortable.
  • You kneel, facing her, with your hips positioned to meet hers for penetration.
  • For some, the woman has her knees to her chest while spreading them apart. She then slips her hands under her knees and holds onto her ankles on each hand. This would need more flexibility, though, and she has to have a solid core to balance the position.

4. Crab Sex Position

The Crab sex position is another move that targets the G-spot, of course. It’s not the easiest (but also not at the difficult level). 

The woman does most of the work here. It’s a move pretty similar to Cowgirl, where the rider is on top. So, she’s in more control of the thrusts.

You would also need quite a penile flexibility for this pose not to feel uncomfortable.

This is because she will be “bending” (well, not literally) your penis as she leans back and moves up and down.

You and your partner should ease into this position gently just to be safe and avoid injuries.

 How to do it:

  • You will lie down on your back. Your legs are straight and stretched out on the bed (or couch or wherever you’re doing it).
  • She will go on top of you like in Cowgirl. But this time, she will lean all the way back and open her legs wide.
  • Her legs will be on either side of you. She’ll most likely have her feet flat on the surface.
  • Her hands will be behind her, fully supporting her weight. She can place them on your leg or the surface.
  • This way, she penetrates you at an angle and speed that feels good to her. Another variation is to have her grind on you by moving backward and forwards.

5. Bouncing Spoon Sex Position 

The Bouncing Spoon is a variation of spooning that takes the move to another level.

With “spoon” as the keyword, you and your partner’s bodies are nestled together. Yep, this is an intimate sex move.

Unlike other positions that give you all access and range of motion, the Bouncing Spoon has limited scope for movement. But that’s not a bad thing, as it also feels more sensual.

The Bouncing Spoon has more intimacy than regular spooning because of the contact.

For example, she can have her head resting on your shoulder. Meanwhile, your hands are free to stimulate her nipples or clitoris in this position.

How to do it:

  • You will sit down on the bed. For support, it’s best to rest your back on the wall or headboard.
  • You don’t have to be at a 90-degree angle in this sitting position. You can jut your butt lower down, not having it touching the wall.
  • She then straddles you while facing away. Her back is on your chest, and she will kneel on either side of your knees. Penetration happens this way.
  • This angle is really good for G-spot stimulation, plus she gets more control of the movements. For example, she can thrust up and down or forward and backward.

6. Double Decker Sex Position

It’s called Double Decker because this sex move looks similar to the double-decker buses—two bodies stacked on top of each other.

Not many people know or have tried it before, but it’s not too difficult to perform. What you need, however, is a GOOD BALANCE. She will be lying on top of you—it’s like spooning, but instead of sideways, your bodies face the ceiling.

At first, balancing is quite a challenge. But, like many things, you can get better at it with practice.

Again, this rear-entry position hits the G-spot well because of the angle so she can squirt. She can thrust at an angle that targets her internal hotspot while you can meet her thrusts for a sexier session. You can also reach down to massage her clitoris to help her squirt more successfully.

How to do it:

  • You will lie down on your back.
  • She lies down on top of you. Her back to your chest. Her butt to your hips. Her feet propping on your feet or the bed.
  • You will penetrate her this way.
  • For better balance, she can spread her legs out and then bend them at the knee to have them placed on the bed. She may also use her hands to hold onto the surface.

7. Spooning Sex Position (and other variations)

As you may have noticed, a lot of the best sex positions for squirting are similar in some ways to spooning. That’s because penetrating her from behind gives a perfect angle to hit the upper area of her vaginal wall where the G-spot is.

So, of course, Spooning should be on the moves you should try.

How to do it:

  • Lay down on your side.
  • Have her lay down on her side as well with her back to you as you lie down beside each other.
  • Penetrate her from behind.


There are also other variations of the Spoon you might want to try:

How to do the Sideway or Side-by-Side sex position:

  • Start with the standard Spooning position.
  • She needs to lean forward and bend her knees. This way, she’s bringing up her legs towards her legs, but not all the way—depending on how far you and your partner want to bend. Of course, you should maintain the position of lying down on your sides.
  • You will stay in pretty much the same position or have your legs bent as well, mirroring hers.

How to do the Teaspoon sex position:

  • First, go upright and kneel on the bed or the floor. Open your knees a bit wide.
  • She follows by getting on her knees as well while positioning in front of you—her back to your chest.
  • She can have her knees together to give more space for you.
  • Once your bodies are close together, wrap your hands around her. You can hold her by the waist or on her breasts.
  • She can also reach back to grab you by the butt and hold you that way.

8. Jockey Sex Position

The Jockey position is aptly named because it resembles how a jockey rides a racing horse.

This is also a sex position that is very dominant for the man. And it’s great if you want to go for a rougher, more aggressive sex.

You will stimulate her G-spot easily, but it also enables a move that would feel better and would make her squirt even more.

Normally, you thrust in and out. But in the Jockey position, go for grinding on her. 

Basically, you stay deep inside her in the penetration and move WHILE staying inside her, not moving your peen inside and outside.

By doing so, the tip of your penis will rub and put pressure on her G-spot back and forth like it’s milking it!

How to do it:

  • She lies face down on the bed. Her legs should be straight and stretched out. She may have her chest flat on the ground or push her chest up by supporting her elbows.
  • Go behind her and straddle her. Your legs are positioned on either side of her hips. Enter her this way.
  • You can use your hands to support you as you penetrate her.
  • You can lean backward or forward depending on what feels good to you.

9. Doggy Style Sex Position

With all the rear-entry sex positions we’ve mentioned, it’s impossible not to go for the Doggy Style if you want to make your woman squirt.

The angle of the penis in this move is not the most ideal for penetration, but it hits the G-spot really well, which is crucial for squirting.

It’s very easy to do, and you’ve most likely mastered it by now.

How to do it:

  • Have your partner go on all fours—knees and hands on the floor or the bed.
  • Then, kneel behind her and enter her from behind.

To give you more options, here are other variations of Doggy Style you should try:

How to do Leapfrog sex position:

It’s still like Doggy, but the angle is different.

  • Your partner kneels and lowers her forearm and head to the bed. Her butt is raised.
  • You kneel behind her and enter her from behind.

How to do Magic Mountain sex position:

It feels more comfortable for your partner as she has support for her weight, so she won’t be straining to maintain the pose.

  • You would need sex furniture or a stack of pillows for this position. It should be high enough for you to lean down on but not too high for you not to reach it while kneeling.
  • Your partner kneels onto the pillows or sex furniture, her chest directly on it.
  • You kneel behind her and contour your body to her chest, maintaining full-body contact.

How to do Hinge sex position:

It’s a move that needs more athleticism but adds a twist and spice to the classic Doggy position.

  • Have your partner on all fours.
  • You go behind her and kneel on one leg.
  • Meanwhile, your other leg should be pushed outwards. Your feet are planted on the surface. This added space allows deeper penetration.


With all things sexual, you shouldn’t treat something like squirting as your end goal. Each body is different, so don’t overlook the fun of the journey to the destination.

Remember, some women squirt from anal, clitoris stimulation, penetration, or combined.

Make sure to check out our guide for the first time squirting for women.

She might squirt. She might not. But as long as you and your partner gain pleasure from it, it’s a success!

If you’re looking for some anal sex toys to add to the fun, we have a list of our favorites here.

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