Honest Beducated Review (2024): Expert & UNBIASED Insights!

Beducated is an acclaimed online sexual education platform offering a plethora of courses catering to various aspects of sexual intimacy. Whether you seek to refine your skills in the bedroom or desire expert sex advice, Beducated provides a comprehensive array of resources.

The Good

  • Diverse Course Selection: Beducated offers a remarkable selection of courses tailored to different sexualities. From sexual care to self-pleasure, their courses are curated by experts in the field.
  • User-Friendly Platform: Navigating through Beducated’s site is effortless. You can easily find educational content on both general and specific topics like anal pleasure or cunnilingus.
  • Holistic Approach: Beyond sex, Beducated emphasizes sensuality and emotional intimacy, highlighting their impact on overall sexual satisfaction.

The Not So Good

  • Limited Inclusivity: While its course catalog is extensive, it lacks options specifically designed for individuals with two vaginas. However, this may be addressed in future updates.
  • Trial Duration: The trial period is restricted to one day. Although understandable, given the platform’s value, a slightly longer trial could be beneficial.

The Bottom Line

Beducated’s offerings benefit both singles and couples, fostering sexual exploration and enhancement. Even for those experienced in intimacy, their courses provide valuable insights and are regularly updated so you can keep learning, making a subscription worthwhile.

What Is Beducated And How Does it Work?

Beducated was founded by a couple struggling with their sex life. 

Searching online for answers, they found a lack of reliable information. They believe sex is a skill many of us haven’t been properly taught, and everyone deserves to enjoy it with the right resources.

Beducated offers expert-led videos and courses to guide you on your sexual development journey, helping you become more confident and knowledgeable. Their goal is to fill the educational gap and make sex more enjoyable for everyone.

How Does Beducated Work?

Beducated is a subscription-based service that costs $30 per month or $99 a year with a first-time user coupon (regularly $199). A one-day free trial is also available.

Subscribers get access to 100 courses on their laptop or mobile app, complete with tasks and homework.

The user-friendly interface lets you select topics of interest, guiding you to the most relevant courses.

Membership Options

Beducated offers a one-day free trial so you can begin exploring the myriad of courses they provide. After that, you can choose between a monthly pass for $29.99/month or a yearly pass for $16.67/month, billed annually. 

Exploring The Online Experience Of Beducated

If you haven’t tried online courses before, you might be hesitant about online sex education. 

However, this platform offers reliable knowledge, unlike random internet searches. 

Learning from your device at home removes the stigma around sex education. The instructors are professional, and there are Facebook groups for extra support. 

The platform is easy to navigate, with subtitles and homework to keep you engaged and apply what you’ve learned.

Who Would Benefit The Most From Beducated?


Beducated offers a wide range of courses, including self-pleasure and premature ejaculation. These courses help you understand your body and preferences better. They boost your confidence, especially if you’re shy about discussing sex. 

The courses are discreet and informal, allowing you to improve privately.


Beducated is good for couples wanting to improve their sexual well-being and communication or explore new desires together. 

Learning as a team avoids the awkwardness of one partner instructing the other, creating a more collaborative experience and helping you grow closer. 

The platform is ideal for spicing up your sex life if things are getting stale, and even experienced individuals can discover new techniques and insights.

In A Relationship

Sex can often be an unspoken topic in relationships. Beducated aims to change that by providing information and guidance. 

Many people fear that expressing a sexual desire or kink might upset their partner. Beducated’s courses allow couples to learn together, preventing one person from feeling like they are instructing the other. This collaborative approach makes sex more exciting and helps couples try new things together. 

Even experienced individuals can discover new techniques and insights on the platform, keeping their intimate lives fresh and engaging.

My Personal Experience With Beducated

My Experience with Beducated

Upon using Beducated, I found:

  • Ease of Use: With a clean, user-friendly design and a straightforward sign-up process, you can select your preferred topics for tailored course suggestions and filter them by explicitness, nudity, and learning goals.

    The mobile app is convenient for learning on the go, and if you have any issues or questions, their “sexperts” are available to assist you at any time

  • Inclusive Content: Beducated excels in inclusivity with its extensive library. You can find courses on tantra, relationship communication, and more, addressing emotional, physical, and sensual aspects to ensure comprehensive learning.

    There’s content for LGBT individuals, non-monogamy, and even people with two penises, and while there are no videos specifically for two vagina owners yet, the platform continuously expands its offerings, promising even more inclusivity in the future.

    Accessibility is also a priority, with captions on videos for the deaf and hard of hearing. and an intuitive layout for easy navigation.

  • Engaging Learning:  Their content has a professional tone without being overly ‘instructional’, which makes the learning process comfortable and approachable. This style is effective and especially beneficial for those who feel embarrassed about the topic and need a gentle introduction. 

    The videos are concise and easy to follow, including step-by-step guides on self-pleasure demonstrated on real people for accurate technique mirroring. For those interested in BDSM, there’s a dedicated collection of guides.

Noteworthy Courses

  • Yoni Massage & Lingam Massage: The Yoni massage course teaches you how to massage the vagina, and It’s fantastic for enhancing intimacy both as a couple or on your own.

    The Lingam massage is its male equivalent. The course teaches you how to perform it and reveals how tantric sex massage can help men with premature ejaculation. 

    Both courses are very insightful, emphasizing the importance of emotional healing for deeper connection.

  • Road Map to Intimacy: The best course for couples seeking to rekindle their relationship or deepen their intimate connection. It covers emotional, physical, and sensual intimacy, and the instructors guide you through each step with empathy and compassion, ensuring a comfortable learning experience.

    You’ll gain valuable communication tips that enhance your approach to sex, blending practical and theoretical advice. This course is especially beneficial for those who struggle with discussing intimacy, helping to break the awkwardness and build confidence in talking about sex.

  • Learning Orgasmic Techniques: Learning to give yourself or your partner incredible orgasms is a journey. This is why Beducated offers a diverse range of courses, from squirting and cunnilingus to edging and penis massages, ensuring that you can become proficient in the field of your choosing. 

    The step-by-step guides are well-structured, comprehensive, and user-friendly, making it easy to learn and apply new techniques.

    The edging course deserves a special mention for its thorough approach, perfect for those who tend to rush into sex. Learning to delay orgasm not only enhances relaxation and arousal but also deepens the overall sexual experience.

  • Female Orgasm Course: The female orgasm course is perfect for both men and women looking to deepen their understanding of what truly drives female satisfaction.

    Divided into six main pleasure sections: clitoral stimulation, cervical sensation, G-spot arousal, nipple love, multiple orgasms, and anal play, it teaches you about the impact of textures, pressure, and simple exploration in achieving the most mind-blowing orgasms. 

    What sets this course apart is the inclusion of sex toys to enhance stimulation and encourage partner play and the personal touch given by women sharing their real-life experiences.

     The videos are concise and to the point, making it easy to fit learning into a busy schedule, and some courses feature real couples demonstrating techniques, making it ideal for visual learners.

Final Thoughts

Beducated is a reliable resource for anyone looking to enhance their sexual knowledge and improve intimate experiences. Whether you’re solo or partnered, the platform offers valuable insights and techniques. Expertly crafted courses cover all aspects of sexual pleasure, providing practical advice to transform your sex life and deepen your connection.

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