Honest Beducated Review (2024): Expert & UNBIASED Insights!

Do you want to know more about how to improve your sex life? Behold Beducated, the online sex ed platform. But is it worth the hype? Here’s our own Beducated review.

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Beducated is a popular online sexual education program. 

Whether you want to brush up on your skills in the bedroom or you need some sex advice, there are thousands of courses to choose from.

We’ve personally looked at the best sex blogs around as well as erotic/personal sex stories and are yet to find a platform as informative as Beducated.

But it comes down to what you think. 

So we’ve tested out Bedcuated and a few of their courses to break down whether this sex-ed could be worth trying out.

The Good

Amazing selection of courses inclusive to whatever sexuality you are. Courses on sexual care and self-pleasure are provided by sexperts. 

The site is easy to use and navigate. You can find any education you are looking for, whether it be specific like anal pleasure courses or cunnilingus.

We like that the site is not just about sex. It’s also about sensuality and emotional intimacy, focusing importance on how they can all affect the quality of each other.

The Not So Good

Although the courses are very extensive, with over 100 hours worth of video, there were no options for two vagina owners. This was a little disappointing but might be added in the future. 

Their trial is also limited to one day, but we can understand why since you only need to use the platform for a few hours to see its value.

The Bottom Line

You can benefit from Beducated no matter if you are single or in a relationship. 

Even if you are experienced, the lessons on sexual intimacy, basic steps, and techniques allow you to improve your sex life. 

We, therefore, think it’s 100% worth the subscription.

They are regularly updating their library with new content so you can learn more and keep it exciting in the bedroom as your subscription goes on.

Who Is Beducated For?

  • If you like easy to understand, on-demand learning videos.
  • You want to learn more about sex and explore different techniques. 
  • You’re looking to try new things and make sex exciting again with your partner.
  • You want to learn more about your own body and intimacy in a helpful yet non-formal way.
  • You are interested in less spoken topics like BDSM and want professional reliable guidance.

Who Is Beducated It Not For?

  • You want to watch pornography. 
  • If you require professional help with a sexual problem. 
  • If you are looking for free education (although they offer a free trial).

What Is Beducated And How Does it Work?

Beducated was founded and created by a couple who were struggling with their sex life. 

They looked on the web to try and find the answers to their intimacy issues (like many of us have) and couldn’t find any sound and reliable information.

The main thing Beducated stands for is that sex is a skill that many of us haven’t been taught (sex’ed in school usually doesn’t cut it).

We deserve to enjoy it and have access to the resources to learn properly. 

This is why Beducated has sexperts with lots of informational videos and courses to guide you with your sexual development journey. Allowing you to become more confident in your sexual self.

They aim to fill the gap and educate people on sex so people can have more fun!

How Does Beducated Work?

Beducated is a subscription-based service, you can pay monthly at around $30 or $99 for a year when using their coupon offered to first-time users. 

This normally costs $199 for the year, you can also get a free trial for one day.

Once you’re signed up, you get access to 100 different courses on your laptop or from their mobile app which come with tasks and homework. 

The set-up is easy to scroll through depending on what you are looking for and you will be asked which topics you’re interested in at the beginning. 

They will then show you the most relevant courses to get you started.

Exploring The Online Experience Of Beducated

Exploring The Online Experience Of Beducated

If you’ve not tried out online courses before, you might be reluctant to give online sex education a go. 

This online course platform is worth it though if you want reliable knowledge rather than googling questions and answers. 

Having all this online on your device allows you to learn in the comfort of your home without the stigma around being taught sex. 

The instructors are professional and there are even Facebook groups for extra support.

Plus, the online platform is easy to navigate and view, with subtitles and homework to keep you engaged and put that knowledge into action!

Who Would Benefit The Most From Beducated?

The great thing about Beducated is that anyone can benefit from this platform if they’re interested in learning more about sex, their body and general intimacy. 

Whether you are older and looking for more info on menopause or a beginner to sex itself, the site will have something valuable to teach you.


benefits of beducated

Beducated is not just about sex as a couple, they have so many topics and courses on self-pleasure. 

You know what they say, you have to love yourself first before you can love anyone else, right?

This empowers you to get to know your own body, your likes and dislikes and what brings you to that mind-blowing orgasm

It can also make you more confident if you’re shy around the topic of sex. 

There is a great course on premature ejaculation too if you’re having problems in the bedroom and want to work on it privately in an informal way. 

In A Relationship

Sex can often be an unspoken topic in relationships, which is one of the reasons we aim to help inform people with Sexual Alpha too. 

Many fear that bringing up a sexual desire or kink could put their partner off or even make them feel bad. 

This is why Beducated is great since you can approach the courses as a couple and learn together. It prevents one person instructing the other which can often feel harsher in the bedroom.

It makes sex more exciting as you get to try new things out together, it’s worth it if you feel like things are getting boring in the bedroom and you both want to try something new together.

Even if you are experienced, there are still new things you can learn from this platform which you might not have tried before.

My Personal Experience With Beducated

My Personal Experience With Beducated

Now we’ve got the details out the way. 

Let’s move on to my experience with Beducated and how I found learning through this site. 


Upon logging into the site, you can see it has a very simple and clean aesthetic which is easy to navigate through.

The sign-up was easy, you just have to choose your subscription which will be monthly or yearly and they will give you a free trial.

I also had to enter some of my preferred topics so they could show me the most suited courses. These are only suggestions, you still have access to other topics.

You can filter through categories depending on how explicit they are, if there is nudity, and what you’re looking to learn.

I found this process smooth and think it would be excellent for a beginner who’s new to online course learning.

There is a mobile app which is beneficial if you want to learn on your commute or a walk. 

Just be careful with the nudity videos otherwise you might surprise your neighbor!

If you have any problems using the app you can simply call their sexperts who will answer any questions you have and give you educational advice.

Course Selection

With more than 100 hours worth of video on their site, you can practically search for anything on the site and there will be a course on it. 

They have very specific topics like tantra or more non-sexual topics like communication in your relationship. It works on emotional, physical and sensual stages so that you can get the most out of each subject.

The videos are short and easy to learn through and there is also a collection of more kinky BDSM guides if you want to learn more about this kind of sex.

I found the self-pleasure ones with the step-by-step process to be useful. They showed you what to do on a real person, this meant I could mirror the techniques and see if I was doing them right.

Inclusivity And Accessibility

From using the platform, I can see that Beducated are putting captions on their videos. This makes them accessible to deaf/hard-hearing people which is great.

The layout is also simple and clear so you don’t have to be a tech freak to work the site.

Beducated are also very inclusive. They have videos for people with two penises, lots on LGBT and also non-monogamy. 

The only videos not included are for two vagina owners.

But overall, I was impressed to see the wide range of topics on offer and with them adding weekly, more topics will be covered in the future.

Style & Tone

At first glance, I was skeptical about how engaging the videos would be and if they would come across too ‘instructional’. This can put a lot of people off when learning about sex.

I was pleasantly surprised, the tone in the videos was professional. This made me feel comfortable throughout the learning process.

Since I’m used to talking/learning about sex, this style of learning was great. 

I think it would be even more beneficial to people who are often embarrassed about the topic and want to be eased into the subject.

A Detailed Look Into Beducated’s Courses

A Detailed Look Into Beducated’s Courses

Now I’ve been using Beducated for a few weeks. I have had a chance to dive into some of their most popular courses and can see why they stand out. 

These courses could be great if you are just starting with the platform and want to learn more about how to pleasure your partner or yourself!

Beducated Courses Which Stood Out

Lingam Massage & Yoni Massage

I found these two courses to be the perfect options if you’re interested in the more sensual side of sex and exploring tantric methods.

The Yoni massage course, in particular is excellent for improving intimacy. Allowing you to learn how to massage the vagina either as a couple or through self-pleasure.

I learnt that emotional healing is very important for proper intimacy.

There was lots of valuable info in the Lingham massage course too. For example, I didn’t know that tantric sex massage could help men with premature ejaculation.

Road Map To Intimacy

Without a doubt, this is the best course on Beducated for couples.

It’s suited for partners looking to relight the flame in their relationship or have deeper intimate understanding of each other.

The course is structured well, covering emotional, physical and sensual intimacy. The instructors are compassionate and empathetic.

I learnt lots of communication tips through this course which can help better my approach to sex with my partner through physical and theory tips.

Most importantly, this course can put a lot of confidence back into intimacy if you struggle with being open and talking about sex. It breaks the awkwardness about bringing up the topic.

Learning Orgasmic Techniques

Beducated's Learning Orgasmic Techniques

Learning how to give yourself or your partner the best orgasms is empowering. Especially for women, since the majority reach orgasm externally rather than through penetration.

In the Beducated learning orgasmic techniques courses, they have plenty of options. From squirting, cunnilingus, edging and penis massages allowing you to become an expert in any field.

I tried out both the penis massage and squirting courses and found the step by steps helpful to learn proper techniques.

The edging course, in particular, is also well put together and perfect if you find yourself often rushing into sex.

Delaying your orgasm makes you more relaxed and turned on, especially for women. These techniques are both perfect for single or partner play.

Explore The Female Orgasm Course For Yourself

In my opinion, the female orgasm course on Beducated is best for men and women who want to learn more about female pleasure techniques.

I learnt so much about how different textures, pressure and simple exploration can help give you the best orgasm of your life.

The course is split up into six main pleasure sections; clitoral stimulation, cervical sensation, g-spot arousal, nipple love, multiple orgasms and anal play.

They also showed sex toys to help enhance your stimulation and encourage partner play while you try out your techniques.

The videos were quick and straight to the point which is easy to fit into your schedule.

I also loved how women came on to talk about their real-life experiences and what worked for them. It showed me that getting to know ourselves can help the process of having the best orgasms.

Their cunnilingus course is also popular for exploring female orgasms. It features real couples showing techniques, perfect if you are more of a visual learner.

Here’s a review of the course below.

“I checked it out for the cunnilingus series and thought it was interesting, they have a couple act out the sex, and you can see the moves.”


Reddit user

Final Thoughts

Overall, we like and appreciate Beducated’s platform.

It’s not easy to learn about sex. Especially if you’re looking for reliable advice that can make a difference to your sex life.

We do believe along with Beducated that sex is a skill.

The more you learn and train, the better and more confident you will be, enhancing both of your sex lives.

The platform is easy to use, comfortable and kind of addictive, we could see why it would work for couples. You can sign up together to bring more exciting techniques into your sex life.

If you’re interested in learning more about sex education, we have a list of the best sex advice blogs.

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