First Time Squirting: A Guide to Squirting for the First Time

First time squirting may seem hard, but it’s POSSIBLE with patience, practice, and the right techniques. And we cover all that and more in this squirting guide.

Female ejaculation. 

It exists, and it’s awesome. But you already knew that, right?

What you don’t know is HOW to get there and WHAT squirting for the first time will feel like. Are there techniques to this? So you have to practice? Can anybody squirt, or is it some sort of special superpower? 

Squirting for the first time can be both exhilarating and confusing. However, you probably feel unprepared if you haven’t done it before, seen it only in porn, and talked about it with your girlfriends.

No worries! You have an experienced squirter (me) to guide you through your journey.

We’ll talk a bit about the mechanics behind squirting or how your anatomy works to make the magic happen. Then I’ll give you some practical (tried and tested by me) techniques that will make you wet the bed… literally

If you have a partner who wants to join in on the journey, it’s probably a good idea they read this as well. But, again, you’ll have a better time if you’re both prepared.

If you want to know the best toys for it, check out our best vibrators for squirting!

Let’s get some questions out of the way first 

What Is Squirting Anyway?

Squirting is another word for female ejaculation. 

When a woman or vagina owner squirts, they expel tasteless, odorless liquid from the urethra. This can happen either before an orgasm or during an orgasm.  

The fluid is NOT urine, despite what some myths might say. 

Peeing is voluntarily emptying your bladder, whereas squirting is sudden and involuntary. However, there might be traces of urine IN the ejaculation fluid because it’s expelled through the urethra. The Skene’s gland produces ejaculate (we’ll talk about it briefly). 

Can All Women Squirt? 

They sure can!

If you have never done it before, you probably thought that squirting is a special skill possessed only by a select few.

On the contrary! While it may be a bit tricky to do, squirting isn’t just for pornstars.

Every vagina owner has the anatomy needed for squirting. You just have to be patient with the learning process.

Is Squirting Healthy?

Yes! Squirting is a natural and healthy experience.

The hormones released when a woman squirts and orgasm help release stress and lower anxiety.

There is nothing wrong with you if you haven’t squirted until now! There is also nothing wrong with you for wanting to learn how to do it. 

Will My First Time Squirting Be Like In Porn Movies? 

It might be, but don’t count on it.

The amount of ejaculation varies from person to person. It also depends on other things like how well hydrated you are. 

The speed at which the ejaculate squirts out also depends on many things. Some people are like water guns. Others have the fluid gushing or flowing out of them. 

If you train your muscles with kegel exercises, you might be able to squirt harder and further, so you can try that. A strong pelvic floor muscle is responsible for better orgasms anyway, squirting or no squirting. 

Which Body Parts Are Responsible For Squirting? 

Before learning how to squirt for the first time, you must learn how your body works.

The parts of your anatomy that make squirting possible are the Skene’s gland and the G-spot.

The G spot is located on the upper wall of your vagina (towards your belly), between 1 and 3 inches from the entrance. The G- spot tissue feels spongy, and the area is very sensitive.

It’s a bit tricky to find, but it becomes engorged when aroused, just like the penis does. So that makes things a bit easier.

When trying to squirt, the most crucial part is the G-spot. More pressure on it will make squirting more plausible. 

When you stimulate the G spot, you will also be stimulating the Skene’s gland, located just above it, on either side of the urethra.

The gland’s primary function is to lubricate and clean the urethra, producing the female ejaculate. That’s why it’s sometimes called the female prostate.

Some Encouragement For First-Timers 

Squirting for the first time can be both exciting and unnerving. I get it.

On the one hand, you’ve heard about it, girlfriends have told you it feels awesome, and your partner has said that if you do it, they would be soooo turned on… it all sounds fantastic. Why wouldn’t you try it? 

On the other hand, you might feel uneasy because even though it sounds great, the squirting can (and will) also be messy.

Maybe you’re worried you won’t be able to do it. Maybe you’ve already tried a few times and just can’t seem to get there. 

Yes, reaching a squirting orgasm is very tricky. However, that doesn’t mean it’s impossible! 

Remember, the most important thing is that you (or you and your partner) have fun with the learning process. If you’re nervous or over-ambitious, you’re not going to achieve anything. 

Don’t worry about the potential mess. There are ways to avoid washing your whole mattress (going to cover that in a minute)

Also, as we’ve covered, squirt is not pee, so you don’t have to worry about that either. If you are grossed out about it having some pee in it (which is possible), remember that pee can be almost colorless and odorless when you’re well hydrated. So it’s no big deal. 

It may not happen right away, but I promise you, everyone is capable of learning how to squirt. Just be patient and try, try, try again! 

Prepare Beforehand 

If you’re a first-time squirter, you don’t know if you’re one of those who squirts a lot and with force or one who doesn’t go too far with the wetness. 

In any case, you have to be prepared so you don’t concern yourself with potential clean-up.

Let’s be honest, squirting can get really MESSY. And I assume you don’t want to sleep on wet sheets. 

Think about using a water-resistant mattress protector if you’re planning to play on your bed. If you don’t have one, you can always use plastic wrap or a plastic bag UNDERNEATH the sheets. 

DON’T put it OVER the sheets, it will feel unpleasant, and you’ll just get sweaty.

Now you’re safe from cleaning a whole mattress. You can also try to avoid changing the sheets altogether. Instead, lay some towels or absorbent pads over them. 

Cover a big surface with every protective layer you use. You don’t know how hard you are going to squirt.

For most first-timers, things don’t really resemble water guns, but if you squirt hard, you might spray liquid quite far. This tip is also useful if you plan to play on the floor or anywhere else. 

To avoid virtually ALL clean-up, get in the bathtub or shower. But don’t push it if you don’t feel comfortable in that space because you won’t be able to cum. 

Getting Started

If you want to learn how to make yourself squit, understand that you need to build up to it. So don’t just count on following some techniques – listen to your body. 

Get comfortable

First, You need to be in the right mood. You should be VERY relaxed.   

Everybody has different ways of loosening up. Do whatever works for you. For example, light some aroma candles, take a nice long shower, put on some relaxing music, etc. 

When squirting is new for you, you should ensure you’re experimenting in a comfortable space where you can really let go. 

Get in the mood 

Next, if you want to achieve any orgasm, especially when it’s a squirting orgasm, you must also be VERY aroused.

You can try things like reading erotica and watching porn (alone or with a partner). If adult media is not your cup of tea, fantasizing on your own is also great. 

Don’t worry about any techniques at this point – do whatever gets you horny. We’re not trying to squirt just yet. 

My suggestion would be whatever you do to take it slow and let things build up.

Don’t stimulate your clitoris just yet. All of your body deserves attention, not just your genitals.

Massage yourself –  breasts,  belly,  neck, arms, and legs. Play around with speed and pressure. Go below the belt after you’ve gotten really turned on. 

Why do you need to do this?

When you’re aroused, your genitals fill up with blood and get bigger. It doesn’t happen just for penises (although it’s quite obvious in that case). The vulva and everything it includes also gets engorged. 

If you take time, your Skene’s gland and your G-spot will swell up. This will make them way more sensitive and responsive to stimulation.

The G- spot would also be easier to find. This is what will make squirting possible. 

Getting to it 

When you’re finally ready to experiment with the techniques, don’t forget to use plenty of lube! It will protect your genitals from drying out and getting hurt. Wetness also makes every way more receptive to pleasure.

Your best option is using a water-based lube.

It’s completely safe for your body and condoms or toys you might want to use. Not to mention, it’s available in every drugstore or supermarket. 

Try different techniques, and don’t rush things – squirting takes time. Squirting for the FIRST time – even more so. 

Everybody responds differently to the techniques I’m about to share with you. So don’t freak out if something doesn’t work for you. Instead, give it a chance, and if it’s getting you nowhere, just move on to the next thing. 

Some Techniques

The Hook

The best technique using only your hands is what I call “the hook.”

You must lie down on your back and insert your middle and ring finger into your vagina. Your index and pinky finger are left outside and pointing toward the bed. 

Find your G-spot and gently massage it. Your hand’s position should resemble a hook. 

There are several ways to massage and stimulate your G spot in this position.

  • Press your G spot repeatedly with your finger like you would press a button. Experiment with pressure. Lightly pressing is plenty for some, but others prefer intense pressure. 
  • Make a ‘come hither’ motion with your middle and ring fingers.  The tips of your fingers will run back and forth on your G-spot, providing you with much more stimulation. Play around with pressure and speed until you find out what works for you.
  • If you want to kick things up a notch, use your entire arm to provide pressure on the G-spot instead of counting on your fingers and wrist. Keep your arm stiff and your fingers in position. 

Sex Toys

Using your fingers can be TIRING. 

Especially when you’re a first-time squirter trying to figure out what works for you. If you want a break, you can always get a good sex toy to help you out. It will also provide you with some pretty intense stimulation that you can’t really get otherwise. 

There are toys designed SPECIFICALLY for G-spot stimulation. They are curved upwards towards the tip to put more pressure exactly where you need to. 

If you’re going to get a toy, your best bet is to buy something made out of silicone (because it can be completely disinfected) and rechargeable (because it’s quieter). Avoid buying from Amazon because you risk getting a dangerous knockoff – go to Lovehoney or Peepshow toys instead.

Do you need a little bit more advice? Here are two of my favorite G-spot stimulation toys.  

If you’re on a budget, I recommend the  Mantric Rechargeable G-Spot vibrator. It’s a beginner-friendly, rechargeable, waterproof silicone toy with 7 vibration modes – a great deal, right? 

Mantric Rechargeable G-Spot vibrator

If you want to splurge, go for Lelo Soraya 2. It’s made from premium quality silicone, has a wide range of vibration modes, and has a battery that lasts up to 4 hours.

Lelo Soraya 2

Squirting During Sex

Even if you’re a first-timer, it’s possible to squirt during sex. You might even have a better time trying with a partner around. 

Your partner could use hand techniques or sex toys on you, but you can also try squirting during penetration. Again, the key is using the correct angle and depth.

Here are some suggestions for positions that might work for you:

  • Start with the classic missionary. The penis is positioned to rub against the G-spot with each thrust your partner does.

Furthermore, the missionary is great for helping you feel relaxed.

  • The cowgirl position is also great for squirting enthusiasts.

It’s a very intimate and emotionally charged position. You control the situation and can target the G-spot yourselves with just the right speed and pressure.

You can also reach down and stimulate your clitoris yourself. 

  • Lay on your back with your butt at the very edge of the bed.  Let your partner between your legs, lift them, and place them on their shoulders.

This angle should target the G-spot quite well. Most people call this position The Butterfly

  • You can have some fun with the butterfly position. Just don’t place your legs on your partner’s shoulders. Instead, bend them at the knees and bring them up to your torso. 

This changes the thrusting angle and should put even stronger pressure on the G-spot with minimal effort. This position is referred to as The Sandwich.

Needing To Pee Is A Good Sign 

When you’re about to squirt, it often feels like you’re about to pee. This is TOTALLY NORMAL. In fact, it means you’ve been doing everything right!

Why does that happen?

Your Skene’s gland (that produces the ejaculate) is very close to your bladder. When it expands, it puts pressure on the bladder. Pressure causes the feeling of needing to pee. If you press your bladder with your hands, you’ll feel the same. 

Your Skene’s gland enlarges as you get aroused and put pressure on the G-spot.

It is only natural that you want to release the pressure. The Skene’s gland is emptied through the urethra, so squirting feels like peeing.  

Do NOT tense up – this will stop the flow. This will be quite difficult when trying to squirt for the first time. Don’t get discouraged – it’s hard to let go. Just try again.

Here’s a helpful tip:

Pee beforehand. That way, you’ll be more inclined to relax and let go.

Final Thoughts

Every first time can seem hard or a bit scary. Remember that the goal here is to experience pleasure and have fun! Don’t turn this into a race or some kind of chore you need to do. Be patient, and you’ll see you’ll get there.

These tips and tricks might not work for everyone because no two bodies are identical. However, I think it’s a good starting point.

Don’t be afraid to improvise and change things a bit, even if it is your first time. Your body is the ultimate guide – listen to it!

If you want to know more tips and techniques, check out the different courses including Squirting course from Beducated! Check out our Beducated review for more insights!

Aliyah Moore

Aliyah Moore

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