17 Best Sex Machines For Men to Satisfy Sexual Needs! (2024)

Male sex machines aren’t just your average toys—their mechanical components offer intense sensations through thrusting, vibrations, and other sexually simulated motions. The best sex machine for men is versatile and compatible with other toys like dildos or anal plugs. Plus, it comes packed with interactive features.

With this in mind, I looked at key considerations like simulation types, budget, control options, and discreetness, with a satisfying and convenient sexual experience as the endgame.

male sex machine

Key Considerations To Look For In A Male Sex Machine

  • Material Quality and Safety: Considering the male sex machine will be touching your most intimate parts, it’s essential to choose machines with internal parts made from body-safe materials like silicone, glass, or metal. Avoiding porous materials like latex, rubber, and PVC maintains hygiene and reduces health risks.
  • Stimulation Types: A range of stimulation types allows versatility and helps you discover what feels most enjoyable. Go for a sex machine that offers options like thrusting, stroking, and sucking, with adjustable speeds and patterns—the more options the better.
  • Price and Value for Money: Sex machines for men typically cost between hundreds and thousands of dollars. If high-end options are too expensive, choose more affordable machines with good quality and performance. The goal is to find a machine that provides good value for money.
  • Interactive Features and Control Options: Male sex machines with interactive capabilities, such as compatibility with VR and videos, enhance the user experience. Consider control methods such as manual buttons, remote, or app controls for better customization and ease of use.
  • Discreetness: Discreet size and quiet operation are crucial if you prioritize privacy, especially in shared living spaces. Also, ensure the machine can be conveniently stored when not in use.
  • Ease of Use and Setup: The male sex machine should be user-friendly and straightforward, without complicated assembly or settings. This makes for a hassle-free experience, allowing users to focus on enjoyment rather than technicalities.

Top 3 Sex Machines For Men

Kiiroo Keon

The Kiiroo Keon , known for its sturdy build and range of customizable features, delivers an immersive, hands-free experience. Besides the variety of sleeve options, this male sex machine hits speeds up to 230 strokes per minute and offers deep, lifelike thrusts. Despite its subpar battery life, the Keon shines with its interactive capabilities, syncing with VR porn to mirror real-time movements and using FeelTechnology for immersive long-distance play.

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Kiiroo Onyx+

The Kiiroo Onyx+ shares interactive features with the Keon, but its internal mechanism (featuring 10 contracting rings) makes it more of a milking machine than a blow job simulator—in other words, it strokes rather than sucks. With a minimalistic appearance and motor optimized for low noise emissions, it’s also a reliable choice if you’re looking for a discreet toy. Although the accompanying sleeve adds to the lifelike feel, it’s not very durable and may require occasional replacement.

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Autoblow AI Ultra

For those seeking a realistic yet customizable blowjob, the Autoblow AI Ultra offers up to 220 strokes per minute and 10 preloaded sensations. Clearly an upgrade from previous models, this male sex machine seamlessly syncs with porn using PornSync and even comes with a fully stocked library. However, I found that the new design, which is open on both ends, allows mildly distracting spills, but on the plus side, it’s easier to clean.

The Best Male Sex Machines

SexualAlpha Top Pick

1. Kiiroo Keon

Top Speed:
230 strokes per minute
Insertable Length:
2.4lb + 1.7lb (stroker)
Battery Life:
30-120 min
Other Features:
VR + Interactive Scripts, FeelTechnology-enabled
  • Awesome interactive options 
  • Works with Fleshlights and other strokers
  • Easy to set up and use
  • Short battery life on interactive mode

Kiiroo is one of the biggest names in automatic male sex toys and for very good reason. 

Their latest and best invention is the Keon. 

The first thing you notice is how sleek, well-built, and professional it feels. A lot of male sex machines kinda feel like some wacky inventor in a garage made them, but the Keon is polished and – dare I say – cool. 

It walks the walk, too. 

Boasting a top speed of 230 strokes per minute and a stroke length range from 0.8 to 2.56 inches, it can simulate sex nicely. 

There’s a manual mode where you can play around with speeds and lengths to achieve your desired outcome. 

But what really made me say “wow” is the interactive technology on display. 

Thanks to FeelTechnology, you can sync up the Keon to other Kiiroo devices for some hot simulated action with a partner anywhere in the world as long as there’s internet, obviously. 

You can’t have virtual sex at the bottom of the ocean. Yet. 

A huge range of interactive VR porn will sync to your device, so you feel the action as you’re watching it. This technology is developing every day, and it’s already incredibly immersive. 

Unfortunately, when it’s in interactive mode, it will only last about 30-40 minutes on a full charge. But then… Do you even need it to last longer? 

Kiiroo sends you a complementary Feel Stroker along with the Keon that feels pretty great, but you can also slot a Fleshlight sleeve into your Feel Stroker case for even more texture options!

Or if you’re brand loyal, Kiiroo have come out with Feel Girls, which is an alternative to Fleshlight Girls, but they fit better in the case. 

If you want the most immersive, interactive experience possible right now, you’re in safe hands with the Keon.

If you need to know more, go check out our Kiiroo Keon review!

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kiiroo onyx plus

Best Penis Milking Machine

2. Kiiroo Onyx+

Top Speed:
140 strokes per minute
Insertable Length:
about 2 lbs
Battery Life:
about 60 minute
Other Features:
Interactive features, FeelTechnology-enabled
  • Realistic contracting motions
  • Very quiet
  • Intuitive to use
  • Only one replacement sleeve included
  • Replacing the sleeve is a hassle

Unlike the Keon or Handy, which stroke up and down, the Onyx+ uses a series of 10 contracting rings to create a stroking sensation. 

It’s more like a milking machine than a blowjob simulator, so it squeezes and ripples while you hold it in place. 

It’s got all the same connectivity features as the Keon, but the mechanism makes it even more realistic in feeling when you’re watching interactive porn. 

Say you’re watching a blowjob scene where they’re just working the tip. You’ll feel the same thing. 

And you can thrust in and out manually to add more stimulation. 

The sleeve for the Onyx+ is made of a SuperSkin-like material so it’s a thin layer of thermplastics.

It feels great, but it wears out and has to be replaced. 

And Kiiroo only gives you one replacement sleeve by default. You have to order more separately. But don’t get this mixed up with cock sleeves!

Fortunately, you only have to replace them every few months. Just remember to always have a spare one in case of horny emergencies! 

Autoblow AI Ultra


3. Autoblow AI Ultra

ABS plastic, Silicone
10” x 5.5”
10 modes
Full stroke
  • Realistic sensations of a handjob
  • Better than the AI+
  • Connecting to Wi-Fi can take a bit of work

Among the many male sex machines I’ve tried out, I have to say that AutoBlow AI Ultra has become one of my favorites. I’d treat it as a thrusting gimmick most of the time, but it’s just as much of a stroker as any other product on this list. With 10 customizable options and syncing features, you’re up for a fun night ahead with the Ultra.

This machine excels above the prior AI+ model when connected to your favorite porn via Porn Sync. It matches the action to a tee, and the fact that its video library is complete with everything amateur and steamy means you’d have a more realistic experience.

A direct power source eliminates the annoying problem of the machine dying mid-session, unlike the Kiiroo Keon. Plus, there’s no need to fiddle with downloads because you can manage everything from an online app. And trust me when I say you can do everything.

With its moderately quiet and intense operations, the Ultra model gives the impression that it’s doing everything for you. I had to resist the urge to scroll through my favorite tags to keep going for longer. But I do have my off days. 

It’s just as versatile as using open API, which makes it possible to play with other apps.

It does have its downsides, though, even if it has become one of my favorite sex machines for men as of late. As a result of its two open ends, the sleeve case is a breeze to clean; however, I did notice that fluid spilled out when using it, which was unpleasant. 

The fact that your hands are still required to operate the stroker is an additional drawback. You can do it hands-free, but based on my experience, it may need some planning. 

The cons are minor, though, and I’d say the machine is worth the price because of its high quality and lengthy lifespan.

Autoblow VacuGlide

Best Luxury Sex Machine For Men

4. Autoblow VacuGlide

ABS, Silicone
15.5” x 6.18”
4” – 7”
4” – 7”
  • Provides various speeds and lengths
  • Unique suction
  • Expensive
  • Bulky

The Autoblow VacuGlide is a state-of-the-art machine that’s relatively new. And I’m just going to say it now: this one’s not for the faint of heart. Well, at least it’s not good for your wallet. 

Thanks to its suction build, you can choose three sizes depending on your mood. The design’s most exciting feature is its simple ability to get you going quickly. 

On top of that, you can customize your experience with this wild male sex machine by pressing a button to alter the stroke length and speed. In terms of strokers, it’s up there for me. And if it’s easy to clean, bonus points for this bad boy. 

While experimenting with the different settings, I discovered that going faster made it feel more like a handjob, and going slower made it feel more like a blowjob due to the increased suction.

Given that this is VacuGlide’s first offering, the sleeves now lack a variety of designs and textures; however, I fully anticipate that this could change in the future.

Yes, it’s expensive, but the experience is priceless. If you want something more potent than the Ultra, I’d venture to say this one can do the job for you.

Kiiroo Powerblow

Best For Beginners

5. Kiiroo Powerblow

ABS, PU Foam, Silicone (Ring)
2.8” x 3.0” (top diameter) x 2.4” (bottom diameter)
1.5 hrs
1 hr (variable)
230 strokes per minute
About 2 hours
  • Affordable
  • Great suction
  • Not all paired sleeves can be satisfying

The Kiiroo Powerblow is an add-on that you can use with your FeelStrokers or other male strokers that have a similar shape, like Fleshlights. However, for the best compatibility, I suggest the FeelVictoria June Mouth.

When you connect the PowerBlow, it will control the suction levels and patterns of your stroker, turning it into an automatic blowjob machine. You can use an app or do it by hand, but the former was much more convenient on my first runaround with this accessory. 

I coupled the PowerBlow with Keon for the classic experience. And it definitely delivered!

I like using it alone, but my partner made it much more exciting. They kept me on my feet using the FeelConnect App, and by the end of the session, I was fully locked and loaded.

If you want to switch between manual and automatic, you can easily do it with a simple switch.

The Kiiroo PowerBlow is ideal for anyone interested in automated blowjob machines or strokers yet apprehensive to buy one. It is also an excellent addition for anyone with a vast stroker collection to add a bit of spice to those old goodies. 

It’s easy to handle and manage, making it a fantastic accessory for you or your partner.

However, like everything else, it had its drawbacks. I found it easier to regulate manually than with the app when watching porn on my pc.

And even though the PowerBlow adds little weight, it does add a bit of chunk to your strokers. 

You might also want to skip this if you don’t like having your member sucked on by the end cap of your sex machines for men.

Look, I know there’s a gadget for every problem out there. But sometimes, the classic suck is just as priceless!

Velvet Thruster Stroker

Best Thrusting Male Stroker

6. velvet Thruster Stroker

140 strokes per minute (6 speeds)
Stroke length:
Battery Life:
300 stand-by hours, 8 hours use time, & 30-minute charge time
  • Customizable colors (base only)
  • Portable thrusting male masturbator
  • Cheaper than some
  • Flexible and bendable while thrusting
  • No custom colors on the Stroker head

Step into the future with the latest addition to the Velvet Thruster Prime line.

This thrusting dildo is not just a toy but a customizable experience. Its innovative interface lets you choose from a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to fit your distinct tastes.

The beauty of the Prime series is its flexibility. You’re not stuck with just one sensation. With interchangeable tops, you can effortlessly switch up the mood whenever the feeling strikes.

But here’s the standout feature: this isn’t your ordinary thruster. It’s the trailblazer with a unique, patented drive mechanism.

This technology lets the Stroker head move with an agility you won’t find anywhere else, allowing it to flex, bend, and curve during action.

What’s more, its construction is top-notch. Made from the softest medical-grade silicone, it guarantees deep thrusts—3″ to be precise—at a rapid pace of 140 strokes per minute.

A powerful motor with six dynamic speeds drives this performance.

And don’t stress about battery life. Its durable battery ensures the fun doesn’t get cut short.

For those partners eager to dive deeper into thrusting pleasures, check out our Velvet Thruster review!

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Luxury Upgrade

7. Hismith Premium Deluxe

Top Speed:
Insertable Length:
24.58 lbs
Angles, speed, thrusting depth
Other Features:
App control and Hands-Free
  • Adjustable for lots of different penetration angles and styles
  • High-quality materials and motor
  • Silent mechanism
  • Easy to set up
  • Heavy and difficult to move and store
  • Might shift when used with bigger toy attachments

The great thing about the Hismith Premium Deluxe is that it is compatible with lots of other Hismith attachments.

This gives you a lot of options to not just get penetrated but also TO PENETRATE. Once you see all the accessories available and the possibilities they open up, that fat price tag starts to look pretty sweet.

Here are my favorite masturbator attachments for the Hismith Premium Deluxe.

Find the right one for yourself, or treat yourself to the ultimate solo-pleasure experience with the Hismith Men’s Stroker Machine Bundle.

Reachargeable Vibrating Masturbation Cup

Rechargeable Vibrating Masturbation Cup

This vibrating masturbator offers 7 vibration speeds and 3 modes.

This might not sound like much, but once you attach it to the Hismith Premium Deluxe, it turns into a completely different beast!

In addition to the modes on the vibrating cup, you can also choose the thrusting depth and speed. The overall result is mindblowing!

This masturbator attachment comes with a soft textured TPE sleeve and a rechargeable battery that runs for about an hour.

It can accommodate medium to large penises and is best used with a nice big drop of water-based lube.

10 Pattern Vibrating Masturbation Cup

10 Pattern Vibrating Masturbation Cup

This is a cheaper masturbator attachment for the Hismith Premium Sex Machine, but it still feels pretty dang good!

It misses out on the different modes but has 10 vibration speeds. The soft TPE sleeve also has a fantastic internal texture which provides a lot of sensations!

The rechargeable battery also lasts for a good amount of time. This is a great and pocket-friendly way to get a lot more pleasure out of your men’s sex machine.

It also has a nice shape that lets you hold it and use it with your hand in case you don’t feel like setting up the machine.

Rotating Masturbation Cup

Rotating Masturbation Cup

This is a different kind of stroker attachment that fans of oral sex will love. Instead of vibrations, this one has rotating motors that feel like a well-practiced mouth!

Combined with the thrusting of the sex machine, this attachment turns the Hismith Premium Sex Machine into a fantastic blowjob machine!

The inner sleeve is made of the company’s super soft and durable TPE material and feels incredible when used with water-based lube.

Keep in mind that this attachment is made for regular-sized penises, and those with large penises might find it uncomfortable.

Hismith uses a proprietary Kliclok system to attach and detach accessories from the sex machine easily. In fact, many of their sex toys use this system, making them compatible with each other (which is very useful!).

The accessory has a small 8-sided screw, while the sex machine has a compatible female socket. Simply push in the screw of the accessory and twist it to lock it in place.

The Kliclok attachments are made of metal and are highly secure, making them great for the fast movements of the sex machine.

Make sure that whichever accessories you buy are also compatible with the Kliclok system.

If you need to know more, go check out our Hismith review!

lovense max 2

Best Men Sex Machine For Couples

8. Lovense Max 2

Top Speed:
N/A (Contracts & Vibrates)
Insertable Length:
1.2 lbs
Battery Life:
3.5 hours
Other Features:
Interactive features, Lovense App 
  • Lovense app is the best for remote couples play 
  • Great battery life
  • A bit noisy 
  • The outer case is slippery when wet

The Lovense Max 2 might not look quite as polished or fancy as some of the other toys on this list, but don’t let appearances deceive you. 

It’s one of the most advanced masturbators on the market when it comes to teledildonics (toys that connect wirelessly for long-distance play between partners). 

The Fleshlight-sized toy connects to other Lovense toys, like the Nora.

Once connected real-time, they can copy and relay your movements to your partner, and vice versa, so you feel what the other person is doing in real-time. ]

It’s amazing for long-distance couples, and Lovense’s app is the benchmark for good connectivity and features. 

Max 2 can also respond to music or just be controlled remotely from your partner’s smartphone. 

It even has sex games!

The Max 2 comes with access to 3DXchat, an online multiplayer virtual world, and a VR sex game where you basically use the Max 2 like a controller. Whatever you do to it gets represented on-screen.

And, of course, you can use it solo. 

The sleeve itself is a highly textured TPE sleeve that feels like a good Fleshlight. It vibrates with 7 different settings and contracts with 3, along with manually adjustable suction. 

That’s a lot of options to customize your wanking experience!

If you need to know more, go check out our Lovense Max 2 Review!

9. The Handy

Top Speed:
600 strokes per minute
Insertable Length:
2 lbs
Battery Life:
AC plug-in only
Other Features:
Interactive porn, remote control
  • Works with any small to medium sleeve
  • Interactive features
  • Compact and light
  • Has to be plugged in to the wall
  • Doesn’t fit Fleshlights or big strokers

The Handy is a nifty little thing that looks a bit like a Bluetooth speaker. But instead of putting on your favorite tunes, you strap in your favorite small to medium-sized sleeve, and let it jerk you off. 

With a nice long stroke length of up to 4.3 inches and a ludicrous top speed of 600 strokes per minute, the Handy takes handjobs to turbo levels. 

It has great interactive features like interactive porn and remote control over the internet. 

And Handy’s developers are constantly working on updates and improvements to the firmware, so if they don’t have a feature now, they might add it in a few months’ time. 

The interactive features aren’t quite as streamlined as the Kiiroo Keon’s, but overall there are more options and customizability. 

There’s an enormous quantity of compatible strokers you can strap into the Handy quickly and easily. Fleshlights are too big to fit, but many Tenga toys and smaller pocket pussies work easily. 

And if the sleeve is heavier, the Handy will work harder to stroke with it and produce resistance, making the sensation even more realistic. 

At the moment the Handy is the best alternative to the Keon, so let’s break it down. 

If you need full-size sleeves to bottom out in and don’t like having to sit near(ish) to a wall socket, go for the Keon.

But if you like smaller sleeves, a lighter design and faster stroking – the Handy is your friend.

If you’re looking for more machines like The Handy, check out our best handjob machines guide!

Cobra Libre 2

Vibrating Frenulum Sex Machine

10. Cobra Libre 2

Top Speed:
Insertable Length:
0.6 lbs
Battery Life:
2 hours
Other Features:
  • Two powerful motors with rumbly vibrations
  • High-quality, body-safe silicone
  • Easy to clean
  • Only vibrates on the glans

The original Cobra Libre was one of the very first hands-free penis head vibrators, and they were onto a winner. 

So for the Cobra Libre 2, they just made a few adjustments and upped the power. 

It’s a deep, rumbly vibration that feels like it travels through your penis and around your whole body almost. 

It works one-handed or even hands-free since you just hold it in the same place and let the vibrations do their work, a lot like the Arcwave Ion. 

And like the Ion, the Cobra Libre 2 is for you if you like low-effort, motionless orgasms that build up over time.

If you need to know more male vibrators then check out our best vibrators for men guide.

Interactive Vibrator

11. Kiiroo Titan

Top Speed:
230 strokes per minute
Insertable Length:
1.8 lbs
Battery Life:
30-40 min
  • Powerful vibrations
  • Interactive features
  • Hands-on only

Is the Kiiroo Titan just a sleeve with a bullet vibrator in it? 

Well… yes and no. 

It’s really a sleeve with a bunch of bullet vibrators in it. 

It works a lot like the Onyx+ except with vibrations instead of the contracting rings kinda like a penis ring or most commonly known as cock ring. 

That means all the same interactive features and options but with powerful rumbly vibrators doing their thing on your shaft. 

If you want to know more details about the Kiiroo Titan, we have an in-depth Kiiroo Titan review.

Best For Ease Of Use

12. Quickshot Launch

Top Speed:
250 strokes per minute
Insertable Length:
3.2 lbs
Battery Life:
60 minutes
  • Very easy to use
  • Good range of motion
  • No interactive options
  • Only works with Quickshots

If you love Fleshlight Quickshots but wish you could enjoy them hands-free, keep reading cause this one’s for you. 

It’s a simple and easy-to-control machine that only works with Quickshots – a range of small sleeves made by Fleshlight. 

It has four options for stroke length, from pretty short to long enough, and you can change the position and speed quickly. 

250 strokes per minute is enough to get you off, even if you’re a speed demon, especially when you change the position to target your hot spot. 

Since it only works with Quickshots, you should be sure that you like those before investing in this machine.

You can also make the total insertable length longer by connecting two Quickshots together for a full-length sleeve. 

If you like them and you just want something simple that gets the job done, this might be the machine you’ve been looking for.

If you need to know more, we have a Fleshlight Quickshot Launch review!

Sex Machine For Fleshlights

13. Fleshlight Universal Launch 

Top Speed:
230 strokes per minute
Insertable Length:
about 3.2 lbs
Battery Life:
60 minutes
  • Works with full-size Fleshlights
  • Intuitive controls 
  • No interactive features

While you can use Fleshlight sleeves in the Kiiroo Keon’s stroker case, it’s a tight squeeze that feels a bit cramped and affects the texture. 

If you want the full automatic experience as Fleshlight intended, you need the Universal Launch. 

It works with *almost* any full-size Fleshlight thanks to their ratcheting system, so it’s a good choice for any FLyer who already owns a bunch of sleeves. 

There are no Bluetooth, internet, or interactive features here. 

That might be a deal-breaker for some of you, but if you don’t care about interactive or connective stuff, then you can have a lot of fun with the Universal Launch. 

You can change the stroke depth, speed, and position quickly on the fly, and the controls are very responsive. 

Plus, the handle and trigger controls are just fun to use. 

It feels like you’re flying a fighter jet and masturbating at the same time, which was everyone’s life goal as a teenager, right? Or was that just me?

If you need to know more, we have a Fleshlight Universal Launch review!

Tenga Flip Zero

Quiet Auto Blowjob Machine

14. Tenga Flip Zero EV

Top Speed:
Insertable Length:
about 1 lb
Battery Life:
40 minutes
  • Easy to clean and dry 
  • Highly stimulating texture
  • Very quiet in use
  • Not great if you’re wider than average

Tenga are the masters of innovative sex toy design, so here’s their take on an electronically enhanced blowjob experience. 

It’s basically a vibrating masturbator, but there’s a lot of cool stuff going on that elevates it above other strokers. 

The texture is insanely convoluted. They designed the texture specifically to enhance and improve the vibrations, and it shows – they complement each other incredibly well. 

There are orbs that massage and caress as you stroke it up and down, walls at the end to hold on to your glans and ribs and nubs and who knows what else. 

It has 5 vibration modes, including a random option, so you won’t get bored. And the vibrations are deep and rumbly, exactly what you’d hope for. 

And so quiet! When you’re inside it, the vibrations are barely audible. Compared to the other machines on this list… actually, it’s not even really a comparison on the noise factor. 

And if easy cleaning is important to you, they’ve got you covered. You simply flip open the case and wash it out before leaving it on the two-in-one charging/drying dock. 

All that in a package small enough to take on holiday with you. 

If you want convenience in your male sex machine, Tenga should be your go-to.

If you need to know more about Tenga, go check out Tenga Flip Zero review!

Most Innovative Male Sex Machine

15. ArcWave Ion

Top Speed:
Insertable Length:
about 2 lbs
Battery Life:
65 min
Other Features:
Storage + charging case
  • Unique air pulse sensation
  • Easy cleaning and storage
  • Stylish packaging and design
  • Doesn’t work as a stroker

If you’ve never heard of frenulum stimulation before, then check this out because you might have found your new favorite way to get off. 

The Arcwave Ion used focused pulses of air to stimulate the frenulum (the bit of skin connecting the head of the penis to the shaft, AKA banjo string). 

Your frenulum is super sensitive and works a little bit like the female clitoris. 

So when the Pleasure Air™ tech gets to work, you can experience a brand new kind of intense stimulation.

The air pulses feel like they reach deep into the tissue and build up the orgasm over time, which is great for both edging play and earthquake climaxes. 

The Arcwave Ion is a great toy for hands-free, motionless pleasure. 

It doesn’t really work as a stroker – you can move it up and down, but only a bit. Then again, you don’t need to stroke with it. Just hold it in place and let the magic happen. 

If you’ve ever played with your frenulum and thought, “Hey, that feels good, that’s interesting,” then the Arcwave Ion might be your cup of tea.

If you need to know more, we have an Arcwave Ion review!

Upgrade Hands-Free Blowjob Machine

16. Vedo Hummer 2.0 

Top Speed:
180 suction impulses per minute
Insertable Length:
  • Realistic blowjob simulator
  • Powerful suction
  • Stroker also vibrates
  • Noisy

Nothing imitates a blowjob like a machine that really sucks. 

The Vedo Hummer 2.0 is a sucking machine with a detachable vibrating stroker. (Yes, the stroker vibrates even when it’s not attached). 

Once you’ve got it set up, you can enjoy both vibrations and some pretty impressive suction that feels like a milking machine on the 1st setting – manual. 

The other 8 settings are preprogrammed simulations that speed up, slow down and occasionally stop to imitate the action of a real blowjob. It’s very convincing and very fun. 

The vibrating stroker is impressive too. It’s got some serious power, one of the strongest motors I’ve seen in a vibrating stroker. Add that to the suction, and damn! It’s hard to last more than a few minutes!

It’s one of the most expensive items on this list, but you get a lot for your money. Powerful vibrating, sucking, and a realistic blowjob feeling? Worth it. 

Interested in learning more? Read our in-depth Vedo Hummer review here.

BestVibe Spinning Thrusting Milking Machine

Cheapest Blowjob Sex Machine 

17. BestVibe Spinning Thrusting Milking Machine

Top Speed:
about 150 strokes per minute
Insertable Length:
1.2 lbs
Battery Life:
  • Rotates and thrusts
  • Suction cup for hands-free use
  • Only splashproof not fully waterproof
  • Needs a ton of lube

Here’s something that might (not) surprise you. 

There are more than 2 dimensions. 

That means sex toys don’t have to just go up and down. They can also rotate. 

This one does just that, spinning around as well as thrusting back and forth for a unique sensation. 

And it’s hands-free! There’s a strong suction cup attachment that sticks handily to any flat surface. 

But don’t take it in the shower since it’s not really waterproof, just splashproof. 

The rotating can get pretty intense, so make sure you use a lot of lube when playing with this toy. 

Those things aside, this is one of the cheapest blowjob machines I’ve seen that actually works and doesn’t break after the first couple of tries. 

Definitely worth a look if you want hands-free wanking on a budget. 

Update: We’ve changed this recommendation to an alternative for now.


Q: How To Use A Male Sex Machine? 

A: Read the instruction manual. Seriously, doesn’t matter how simple it looks, read the instructions before you accidentally break your machine. I’m guilty of this too – I prefer to jump right in and mess around before I know what all the buttons do. But I resist the urge, and so should you. 

Q: How Do I Take Care Of & Store My Male Sex Machine Properly? 

A: Some sex machines for men are easy to clean and maintain; others less so.

Check to see if it’s waterproof. If it is, great! You can just rinse the used part and leave it to dry. If it’s not, then you have to be more careful.

And with some sex machines, the sleeves are detachable in which case washing and drying is a breeze. 

As for storage, you should keep your sex machine in a cool, dry place away from children, pets, and nosey people who should mind their own damn business.

Closets are the obvious choice since they don’t normally have too much traffic and they’re not damp. 

Or you can do what a friend of mine does and just leave it on your bed when people come to visit. Play the power move. Fear no judgment. 

Q: Can Male Sex Machines Be Used If I Have Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Peyronie’s Disease (PD), Or Premature Ejaculation? 

A: If you have one of these conditions, then always check with a doctor first.

Many sex machines can help with stamina training to improve premature ejaculation issues.

A few might be recommendable for anyone with ED or PD, but in general, most sex machines for men won’t be suitable in these cases.

But I’m not a doctor. Go see one and find out! You might find something that works better than you imagined. 


Male sex machines aren’t just something you say when your computer freezes anymore. 

There are all kinds of weird and wonderful contraptions for us guys to enjoy. And if nothing takes your fancy now, check back in a few months. 

Technology is moving so fast that there will be new and better machines before we know it. 

Personally, I can’t wait. 

Dainis Graveris

Dainis Graveris

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