3 Best Bad Dragon For Anal YOU Need In 2024 (Plugs & Dildos)

Ever wondered why Bad Dragon seems to be the most raved-about fantasy sex toy brand? Well, it’s a combination of factors: their amazing quality, a vast array of products (from somewhat tame to the wildest, most fantastic designs), endless customization options, and more.

But when there are so many different options to choose from, knowing which is the best Bad Dragon dildo for anal can be a challenge. After much research and testing, I’ve come up with their top picks based on their design, material, user comfort, and more, as well as some excellent alternatives from other brands.

What to Look for in a Bad Dragon Anal Toy:

  • Design, Texture, and Curvature: You first need to decide whether you’re looking for a smooth feeling or want to try some (or many) ridges, knots, and bulges. No matter what you end up choosing, ensure your dildo has a curved shaft and a tapered tip for a comfortable anal experience and great G-spot or P-spot stimulation.
  • Size, Firmness, and Comfort: Some models offer sizes ranging from Mini to Extra Large (although going up in size means you’ll have to pay more), and firmness can be Soft, Medium, or Firm. You’ll know best what size suits your comfort level, but regarding firmness, keep in mind that Soft tends to be too soft for anal play.
  • Material Quality and Safety: Whether you opt for a Bad Dragon toy or a similar alternative, always go for body-safe and durable materials like silicone. Silicone is non-porous, hypoallergenic, and non-toxic, so you can easily clean your toys and forget about bacteria hiding in them.
  • Special Features and Versatility: Most Bad Dragon dildos can be customized to add a cumtube and a suction cup. Some can also have a Dragon Mount —a ridged opening that makes it compatible with Vac-U-Lock products so that you can use them with harnesses and fuck machines. Not all of them can have a cumtube and a suction cup, so check the accessory guide before purchasing.
  • Ease of Use and Handling: When selecting your size, keep in mind how you plan to use your toy—the smaller ones will always be easier to handle and adjust, while the larger models can be a bit more challenging to manage. However, you can always add a suction cup to enjoy hands-free play and experiment with different positions.
  • Discreetness, Storage, and Price: Bad Dragon anal toys are fully customizable, but each new feature costs money. Even the most basic models will provide a fun time, so you do not need to blow your budget with the most expensive customization options. Always remember your storage and discreet needs because these toys stand out!

Top 3 Bad Dragon Anal Toys



If you’re feeling like going on a horse ride, then the Tucker is the best Bad Dragon for anal play you’ll find, with a slim upper shaft that is perfect for backdoor activities. It’s suited for both beginners and experienced users, although its non-tapered head can be a bit of a challenge to insert. Once it’s in, though, you’ll be getting the most pleasurable playing session of your life, thanks to its amazing prostate stimulation.



The Nox takes the prize for the best dildo for anal thrusting since the tapered tip and subdued texture make it perfect to go to town without risking injury or discomfort. Both the head and the slight curve on the shaft can hit the P-spot amazingly well, while the bumps along the shaft provide stimulation at all points of insertion. The design might be underwhelming for those looking for a more extreme fantasy design, but its thrusting qualities make up for it.


Mr. Hankey's Dragon

If Bad Dragon isn’t really up your alley, you’ll find a fantastic alternative in Hankey’s Dragon. Made of high-quality silicone and available in a wide range of colors and sizes, its intricate scales and details are perfect for those who want a heavily textured toy and intense stimulation. While its tapered head makes it easy to insert, you should take into account that, even in the small size and softer firmness, it’s not the best choice for a fantasy dildo newbie.

The Best Bad Dragon Dildos For Anal

bad dragon anal



7.25″ long, 1.5” (at the top) – 2” (knot) wide
Extra Large:
11” long, 2.6”-3.8” wide
Mostly smooth, has ridged head
  • The flared top/knot combo feels great 
  • Flared tip rubs the prostate 
  • Not so easy to insert

As far as horse cocks go, Bad Dragon’s Tucker is a thoroughbred that will buck your world.

This silicone sex toy sports a killer mushroom tip and knot combo.

The silicone dome-shaped head, graced with a crown of bumpy glans, makes Tucker an awesome Bad Dragon toy for men looking to give their prostate a good rubdown.

It’s great for anal pleasure, but this horse dildo isn’t all that easy to tame.

This is mostly because of the lack of a tapered head. The knot of the toy is also hefty, so you’ll find a challenge there.



6.75’’ long, 1.5’’ (head) – 1.8’’ (shaft) wide
Extra Large:
13.25’’ long, 3’’ (head) – 3.65’’ (shaft) wide
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Ideal thrusting texture
  • Compatible with all Bad Dragon accessories
  • Not as “fantasy” looking as other models
  • A suction cup is kind of a must

Beloved by both beginners and experienced users alike, the Nox is definitely a must-have in every collection. The subtle head shape and gentle curve make insertion a breeze, and both can hit the P-spot amazingly well.

What stands out the most about the Nox is that its shape, combined with its mostly-smooth texture, makes it the perfect toy for anal thrusting. Beware, though, that to enjoy Nox to its fullest potential, you should pair it with a suction cup, as its base can be hard to grasp on its own.

However, the features that make it the go-to option for newbies are what might deter some fantasy dildo experts: the design is on the milder side of the fantasy spectrum, so anyone looking for heavy textures and wild shapes might not be such a fan.

You’ll find it hits the spot in every position imaginable, but for the most pleasurable sensations and mind-blowing prostate stimulation, try using the suction cup to mount it on the wall, insert it upside-down (so the top of the head faces your prostate), and thrust back into it.

bad dragon prostate


7″ long, 1,5” (at the top) – 2.1”(knot) wide
Extra Large:
13.75” long, 3”-4” wide
Heavily textured
  • Great ridges 
  • Amazing for prostate stimulation
  • Tapered tip
  • A bit harder to take out
  • The base is kinda unwieldy

If heavy texturing of a dildo is up your alley, Bad Dragon’s Nova will deliver just what you need.

The silicone tip is narrow, so you won’t have a hard time accepting the Nova sex toy into yourself. It also has wonderful, deep crests that feel like a new cock is entering you every inch or so.

All of that silicone texturing makes Nova a marvelous prostate pleaser sex toy.

On the other hand, the ridges of this sex toy don’t feel quite as delicious when taking out, so softer firmness will work better.

The base of the sex toy is a tad unergonomic. As such, you may not adore the way it feels in your hand after prolonged use.

Read our Bad Dragon Nova review to learn more.

Bad Dragon Butt Plug & Dildos Alternatives

Mr. Hankey's Dragon


Mr. Hankey’s Dragon

Mr. Hankey’s Dragon Dildo is a top-notch Bad Dragon alternative. Its intricate design delivers an unmatched sensory experience. Pictured in Metallic Green and Black, colors might slightly vary.

Mr. Hankey's Dildos & Dragons

Mr. Hankey’s Dildos & Dragons

Step into the realm of Hankey’s Toys and discover the unmatched detail of their Dragon Dildos. Perfect as a Bad Dragon alternative, these fiery beasts promise an unparalleled adventure in pleasure. Dive deep and see if you’re ready for the thrill they bring.

Seeing that butt plugs play such a great role in ass play, take a look at these two good products for alternatives of Bad Dragon toys:

bad dragon dildo anal

Tantus Perfect Butt Plug Kit

This is perfect for newbies to the world of ass play. The smallest piece is finger-thin, so it’s a great place to start.

bad dragon anal toy

Tristan Stretching Butt Plug

This is one of the best stretchers in the sex toy game. It has a wide neck (the bit right after the base). That makes it awesome for stretching your sphincters, the most stubborn parts for expanding.

How To Use It Best For Enjoyable Bad Dragon Anal Play?

Bad Dragon sells some pretty large and extra large sex toys like their dildos. Jumping headlong (ass deep?) into playing with them can get you injured.

You don’t want that, and we don’t want that to happen to you. You have to prepare to let the Bad Dragon inside your cave. Here’s how.

Work Your Way Up To The Right Size

Before you slay your Bad Dragon toy, make sure you can handle its size and I mean its Bad Dragon size.

This means you’ll have to do some stretching. And practicing with sex toys like butt plugs is one of the best ways to do that.

Find out what size plug you can easily wear for a few hours. From there, increase the width by 1″ in circumference (around 0.25″ in diameter).

When you master a plug 1″ larger than your dildo (in circumference), you’re ready.

Practice With Dildos, Too

Butt plugs are great sex toys, but they don’t do a great job of emulating the thrust of a penis/dildo.

To that end, practicing by thrusting a dildo will train you for your Bad Dragon experience.

Take It Slow

Anal stretching is a marathon, not a sprint. It usually takes months to ready yourself for taking in a Bad Dragon dildo.

This also applies to the short term. When warming up for a session, start off with something smaller (maybe even a finger) and work your way up.

Keep The Lube Coming

When talking about lube, leave the words “too much” at the door. Once you think you’ve got enough, add more.

Wrap up

Now you know all about the best Bad Dragon anal dildo for those A-Spot and P-Spot! Whichever of these best anal dildos you pick, you’ll have a whale of a time – if you’re safe about it.

Consider checking out other fantasy sex dildos and more Bad Dragon alternatives

So be mindful, but also have fun. There’s no point in doing it if it’s stressful. Relax, give in, and enjoy!

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