What does dP feel like [2024]: Double Penetration For Men & Women?

Relaxing your mind and body is all that is key in getting to know “what does DP feel like”. For women, it’ll most likely be a “fuller” experience with a little more intensity inside, along with the pleasures. For men, if you’ve ever finger-plugged your partner during PIV, then you’re all not too far 🙂

What Does DP Feel Like

So, what does DP feel like?

It goes without saying that many people have, at one point in their sexual lives, fantasized about giving or getting double penetration.

And that is rightly so because it has one of the most intense and fulfilling pleasures you could get from a three-way sexcapade.

You could end up opening the doors to pleasure levels that your bodies never thought existed.

You could end up discovering the hidden passions that lie deep within yourselves and help each other explore them.

While for the ladies, it is kind of a “filled up” experience, men will have to adjust to being served extra tightness.

What Is Double Penetration (DP)?

Double penetration, or DP, is when a person is penetrated in two orifices (like the vagina, anus, or month) at the same time.

DP could happen with just one partner by using a penetrating object like toys and fingers

Double penetration stimulates you in all kinds of ways. Some people enjoy the stretch when penetrated with more than one object. Others like dual stimulation. Double penetration is an awesome way to achieve a squirting orgasm because it allows for pressure on all the right spots. Try it and find out!

Types of Double Penetration

There are many different forms of double penetration, which means there are a lot of combinations to play around with and a lot of sensations to explore. 

Vaginal Sex & anal Sex

Stimulating both brings intense pleasure, but there is a high risk of pain as well. Make sure you’re very experienced in anal play and take a lot of safety precautions before going to town. 

Vaginal Sex & Oral Sex

A good place for newbies to start because the risk of pain is minimal. The logistics can be a bit tricky, but you’ll have fun figuring these out. 

Anal Sex & oral sex

A great option for anyone who enjoys anal play and a perfect opportunity for gay folx to experiment with DP. 

Let’s not forget that the objects that penetrate the orifices can be different. 

You may opt for а threesome, but you can keep it between you and your partner by adding a toy to the mix. You can also enjoy DP yourself with the help of just sex toys.

Do Women Like Double Penetration? What Does It Feel Like For A Woman?

Put one finger in the ass, one in the vagina, then move them. Won’t be the same, but I’m sure you can extrapolate.


Reddit user

Well, I would say that this greatly relies on the particular woman’s fetishes or fantasies.

Some may feel shy or are just reserved about it. In most cases, they would want to do due diligence before engaging in the scenes of double penetration.

Also, the lady must be comfortable with an extra shaft (dick/vibrator) in her orifice.

My girl, for instance, is very cool and is always receptive to trying anything new that can add more spice to our bedroom kink.

Now, for the ladies, it is important that you first start your experience with a bit of plug play…

Before getting into it… You might want to test yourself by first using anal plugs to familiarize your butt with what it’ll be up against.

B-Vibe Anal Training Kit

b-Vibe Anal Training Kit

Already there are myriads of butt plug options available in the market. 

So picking one for yourself shouldn’t be that hard… 

You could go for the vibrating or non-vibrating option, depending on what your personal preferences are.

And to make things better for you… There are also different sizes that come with the butt plugs. You may choose to start off with the smaller ones if you’re totally new to anal play.

Then, gradually, you can rise through the ranks till you get to the larger ones once your body’s loosened up.

Another way of finding out how it feels is through allowing your partner to stick up a finger inside your butt as you do PIV sex.

The feeling you get there is what you should expect when you finally try it out. Only this time, things will be amplified a bit… 🙂

I’ve done it before with an anal toy and my Bf. I’m (f) it feels great. The sensations are more intense and the feeling is more full. Definitely a fun experience.


Reddit user

How Does It Feel For A Man?

If you’re not comfortable with cocks touching, this is not for you, yes you can feel the other guy’s junk both ways… a little more in DV… it’s a little awkward getting into the position it’s not as glamorous as on porn, but it can feel really good.


Reddit user

Well, most men would want to try this with their girls. But a great number can’t follow through because they get stuck up with the idea of rubbing dicks with another guy.

In as much as I believe consent does clear a lot of that, you must also be willing to let your bodies be in such close proximity. 

As for myself, I haven’t gotten a chance to get it on with a fellow man yet, but I enjoy the experience when I use a vibrator.

It’s like a mini thrust-rush inside there, and this excites me so much.

It feels significantly tighter along with feeling like something else is sliding against your penis. You can feel each thrust of the other guy sliding along your own penis.

If you’re a man while having PIV, slip a finger in the back door and give yourself a little hello from the other side. That’s what it feels like but a lot more with another guy in there.


Reddit user

Double Penetration With Toy

The idea may seem exciting but overwhelming if you’re new to double penetration. Adding toys to your solo adventures or partnered play lets you experience DP safely and comfortably, especially if you (or your partner) aren’t down for inviting a third person into the mix. 

A lot of sex toys offer extra stimulation (like vibrations), which adds even further to your pleasure. Plus, they come in so many shapes, sizes, and materials you’re bound to find something that will work for you.  

However, toys are not people – they are predictable, which can be nice. At the same time, they can’t offer you the spontaneity or excitement another person can add to your sex life.

If you want to explore the possibilities of double penetration (whether vaginal & anal, vaginal & oral, or anal & oral) using a toy, here are a few recommendations that you might want to check out: 

Lifelike Lover Double Penetrator

Lifelike Lover Double Penetrator

The Lifelike Lover mimics a true double penetrator and is fun even for one player. The two dildos are a size 5 and a size 6, respectively, and you can use them in tandem with strap-ons for some partner play.

Double O Heaven

Double O Heaven

The Double O Heaven is capable of penetrating both your vaginal and anal orifices, resulting in a truly unforgettable sensation. If you’re curious about DP but have never tried it, this low-cost option with three speeds and seven different vibration patterns is a perfect match.

Double Fun Vibrating Dildo

When it comes to anal sex, nothing beats the flexibility and firmness of Lovehoney’s Double Fun Vibrating Dildo. This toy is top-notch since it comes with varied speeds and two rings that give your balls and penis a tight embrace.

For more options, see our list of the best double penetration penis rings.

Lovense Nora

Lovense Nora

If you have a hard time making your girl orgasm by simply stimulating her clitoris, the Lovense Nora bunny vibrator is the way to go. What’s great is you can use it for solo play or with a partner, no matter how far you are from them anywhere in the world.

Check out our article on the best rabbit vibrators to see other options. And I suggest the Happy Rabbit Triple Curve for something more unconventional your way.

Lovense Hush 2

If you and your long-distance partner both enjoy public buttplay, then the Lovense Hush is something you should look into purchasing. You can even use it with another wearable Lovense toy if you’re partner is up to experiencing satisfying sensations on both the anus and vagina.

Refer to the provided link to learn more of the best butt plugs in 2024. 

Womanizer Premium

When it comes to touchless clitoral orgasms, there is no better option than the Womanizer Premium. It has a high-quality silicone exterior with 12 adjustable intensities, complete with Autopilot and Smart Silence features. A perfect gift for you and your partner’s anniversary…

As for alternatives, see our article on the best clit suckers of 2024.

We-Vibe Tango X

We-Vibe Tango X

There is no better bullet vibrator for DP than the We-Vibe Tango X, which features a decent array of vibration patterns and intensities to your choosing. Ideally, if you want to go the classic route without breaking the bank, this toy is just what you need.

However, if you want to spend more, check out our list of the best bullet vibrators to see more costly alternatives.

Vixskin Mustang

The Vixskin Mustang is a stunning work of art that makes dildos go the uncanny route. The shaft has clear veins, complete with a crown that makes every thrust worth it. It also comes in different colors, is made of high-quality silicone, and has a dual-density build to make it easier to use for pros and beginners alike. 

Still not satisfied? See our article on the best realistic dildos to find out more. 

Does Double Penetration Hurt?

No, DP shouldn’t hurt when done right.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, it’s important that both of you are comfortable with it. A relaxed mind and body set the best premise for a successful double penetration pleasuring.

Even more important, you have to make sure that the receiver is aroused enough. This eases them into the mood and makes it simpler for them to enjoy the pleasure of it.

Another thing that may determine whether DP will hurt for you or not is the size of the shaft(s) you’re dealing with.

As this majorly alludes to the MFM scene, it also applies to the dildos or other toys you intend to use.

As a more cautious method, it’s always best to allow the slimmer size to go into your ass and the bigger one to go into your vag.

Again, you might want to consider the butt plugs I recommended earlier to “pave the way” before penetrating.

And on the DV action… You need a whole new level of readiness before taking on two members in your cooch.

This is for those who love the “full” sensation.

Hint: You should get yourself a good lube that’s paraben and glycerin-free if you want a smoother anal ride. Getting lubed up correctly helps counter the high friction levels that are mostly associated with double penetration.

Tips & Techniques For First-Time Double Penetration


Lube is your friend!

It’s a must if the type of DP you choose includes anal play or toys. Unlike the vagina, the anal cavity doesn’t produce lubrication for penetration, and neither do toys.

Avoid using numbing lube for anal. It’s supposed to lessen the pain of anal sex, but the pain is what’s telling you that something ain’t right.

Lube is also beneficial for vaginal penetration. The more moisture you introduce to your private parts, the smoother the penetration will be and the more pleasure you will feel.


Doing DP requires a lot of trust from everyone involved. That trust is built and maintained through open communication

Keep your partner(s) in the loop on how you’re feeling, and make sure they do the same. Communicate what feels good and what doesn’t. If you’re in extreme discomfort, stop all sexual activity until you feel better. 

To avoid potential mishaps, discuss beforehand what is and isn’t okay during play.

Best Positions for Double Penetration

To have fun with DP, you have to ensure you’re comfortable while doing it. Position is key, especially if you’re having a threesome instead of using toys.

Sex Positions
Doggy style
Is great for vaginal/anal and oral DP. It allows everyone to move comfortably and has a very low pain risk. 
Is great for vaginal and anal penetration. The vagina owner is on top of one partner, who’s penetrating their vagina. The third person takes position behind them, so they can access the anus. 
Cowgirl can also be used for vaginal and oral DP, with the third person standing right next to the rider and penetrating their mouth.

Use Sex Accessories For Enhanced Experience

Use pillows to support your sex position. You provide extra stability so you can have fun without unnecessary discomfort. It also makes adjusting the perfect penetration angle easier. 

If you’re interested in vaginal and anal DP but want to keep it between you and your partner, use a buttplug. It can be as small or as big as you’re comfortable with. 

You can practically use it hands-free, and some models even vibrate for an extra layer of sensation. 

Penetrating The Anus?

When experimenting with anal play, you should be extra careful – it’s a very delicate area and there is a high chance of injury if you’re careless. 

Forget going hard during anal penetration, especially when it’s combined with simultaneous vaginal penetration. That can cause tears to the rectal tissue. 

Use plenty of lube and go slow.

Planning on Bringing A Friend?

Fantasies are one thing, but adding threesomes to a couple’s sex life can result in havoc if you’re unprepared. 

To avoid any physical and mental mishaps, communicate openly – voice your concerns, establish hard boundaries, and explain what you like. 

Don’t forget that the third individual you brought in is a person, not an accessory – make sure their needs are met as well. 

Other People Tips, Experiences & Techniques

Check out what the others had to say on Reddit about DP…

Firstly… it’s really not like porn, also I cannot imagine it working with guys that weren’t secure with their sexuality. The three of you are definitely having sex with each other in a way you just aren’t in other three-way positions.

Getting going was awkward, we switched around a lot before finding a position that worked, then one would slip out, or I would start laughing. But once we got going, with one guy in my butt and one in my cunt, well holy fucking shit, it was so incredibly intimate. 

All the skin contact, their bodies and the sounds they made. Hands are always kinda everywhere in a threesome, but feeling both men find places to hold onto me, it was so different.

At first, they weren’t really ‘in sync’ and I find that I need a rhythm to penetration to be able to cum, they would stop or change just as I was getting into the orgasm zone. It didn’t take long for that to change and after that, I came a lot…

It was gonna be a one-off, but we’ve done it since and will certainly again.

… And since my DP adventures with the boys. I’ve been a lot more into butt-plugs. Before I didn’t really get it, but now I really love wearing them for PIV sex.


Reddit user

And another user:

It depends on the dildo and the penis. If something is going in my ass, it should be smaller than what goes in my vagina. This is a personal preference. The same goes for using 2 dildos.

To have both my ass and my vagina full is lovely. We usually only do DP with that last orgasm of the night where we’re both exhausted and want more and more of each other…

My preference is doggy style so that as he thrusts, the plug/dildo etc. are also pushed in when he thrusts. The feeling of the orgasm depends a lot on how I’m feeling and how relaxed I am. The orgasm that I feel could be described as an explosion of feel-good-happiness. 

My body becomes super hot and I can feel the back of my throat ache and tingle. Then I feel the pressure well up and I somehow manage a 3-way orgasm, from my clit, vaginally, and anally, and then I make another terribly strange face and the aftershock orgasms start.


Reddit user

In the words of my wife “intense, satisfying, but totally overwhelming” …. for her it’s something she loves but also something she just physically can’t handle more than once in a blue moon. I’m sure that’s not everyone’s experience, but that’s her’s.


Reddit user


To seal this hole…

Double penetration offers an entirely new world of pleasure-filled intensity for both men and women.

Getting started on your first DP experience just needs consent and willingness from every party involved.

A willing body is more open to the hidden treasures that are found in this kind of play.

And to check whether your body is ready for it, you might want to try a finger-in-the-butt experience.

This works both ways as it serves to help the receiving partner get the idea of how full things could get. And for the giving partner, how tight and what amount of friction he’ll most likely be up against.

Also, to answer the question of ‘Does dp hurt?’… It’s important that you get generous with your lube and test yourselves with fingers and plugs first before engaging.

But all in all… If you find yourself needing more assistance, then you should check out how to do double penetration.

There is a brighter tunnel that’ll safely lead you to a fantastic orgasm.

I hope all these help you out in your journey.

Till next time… Have a blast!

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