Holy Trainer V5 Cock Cage Review (2024): NEW & Improved!

Holy Trainer’s new 2024 V5 design model is a great cock cage to have if you’re into that sort of play and are in a market for a good cock cage.

Holy Trainer

If you’re a big fan of dick cages and the chastity lifestyle, the way I am, you know that it can be hard to choose the right fit. You need to pay attention to the sizing of the cage itself, the size of the ring, the material, and the lock.

And of course, the price is always important.

In this Holy Trainer review, I’ll discuss all the things you need to know about this device, including its suitability for the chastity lifestyle and potential use in chastity games. Also, I’ll share my experience using it and whether I think it’s worth your money.

Let’s jump in.

The Good

It has a great design and many different sizes to choose from, making it available for many lovers of cock-caging.

The Not So Good

The circumference is the same for all sizes, which makes it more challenging to use for those with thicker-than-average penises.

The Bottom Line

It’s a good-quality dick cage, with many different options to choose from, from the color to the size of the ring. The adjustable sizes mean it will be a good fit for most penis owners.

Holy Trainer V5 is for you if:

  • People who want something sexy and sleek looking, but don’t want the heavy stainless steel options.
  • People who are traveling a lot for work and want something that’s discreet.
  • People who want custom colors and cartridges to really make their cock cage their own (or their Key Holder’s)

Holy Trainer V5 might not be for you if:

  • People who are new to chastity as it’s a costly investment
  • People with thicker-than-average penises

Holy Trainer V5 Review: The First Impressions

In today’s review, I’ll be focusing on the new 2020 design, the Holy Trainer V5 version.

There are many reviews online about the V4 version, which is the V5’s predecessor. You can’t get it on the Holy Trainer website anymore, but many people are still looking for that version to buy. 

Now, there are not a lot of differences between these two Holy Trainer models, just some slight design improvements. 

Holy Trainer V5 has a new in-built locking mechanism that does away with bulky padlocks. Don’t worry though, you still get a key to keep for yourself, or to hand over to your Key Holder.

V5 Overview

So, to start with, let’s take a look at some general specs of this device. 

Holy Trainer is a plastic cock cage that might not be as sexy as the stainless steel models, but it’s still great.

It’s made out of bio-resin – a 100% natural material that passes medical-grade quality control and won’t cause allergic reactions.

So, even though it’s plastic, it’s still a very good quality device, and it weighs less than stainless-steel devices.

Holy Trainer comes in five different tube sizes: Nub, Nano, Small, Standard, and Maxi. They also offer five different ring sizes to fit your penis better. 

I’ll be talking about the Standard size Holy Trainer today as that’s the one I have personally and tried for this review. 

As I’ve mentioned already, the Holy Trainer V5 model has three different colors you can choose from – black, clear, and baby pink.

However, if these are boring for you and you want something more fun, Holy Trainer offers a custom option where you can choose from 20+ different colors for an extra $20. 

You can also include a custom cartridge with words or photos of your choice.

It might be worth it if you’re buying it as a gift or maybe want something more personalized. 

To better understand the different models, here is a table comparing different specs of each Holy Trainer V5 model:

Ring Diameter
Tube Length
Internal Diameter
V5 Maxi
V5 Standard
V5 Small
V5 Nano
V5 Nub
Ring Diameter
1.41 inch, 1.55inch, 1.75 inch,1.95 inch, 2.14inch
1.41 inch, 1.55inch, 1.75 inch,1.95 inch, 2.14inch
1.41 inch, 1.55inch, 1.75 inch,1.95 inch, 2.14inch
1.41 inch, 1.55inch, 1.75 inch,1.95 inch, 2.14inch
1.41 inch, 1.55inch, 1.75 inch,1.95 inch, 2.14inch
Tube Length
2.6 inch
2 inch
1.7 inch
1.41 inch
1 inch
Internal Diameter
1.4 inch
1.3 inch
1.3 inch
1.3 inch
1.3 inch
Black, Clear,Baby Pink
Black, Clear,Baby Pink
Black, Clear,Baby Pink
Black, Clear,Baby Pink
Black, Clear,Baby Pink

Price, Where To Buy

Dick cages are not the cheapest sex-toys to have. Holy Trainer is not an exception. 

All five models, no matter what size, cost $165, and the custom color option cost $185.

Now, it might seem like a lot, and you might want to go and get the cheapest option on Amazon instead.

But, I don’t recommend you do it as cock cage goes on to the most sensitive of all your body parts, and you want to make sure you’re using the good quality stuff. 

With Holy Trainer, you know you’re getting a device made from safe, high-quality materials that won’t cause an allergic reaction or any other negative experiences. 

So, when investing in a dick cage, it might be worth paying a higher price. 

You can also buy their tubes or rings separately for the Holy Trainer V5 model, but keep in mind that you can’t interchange parts from the V4 model with the V5 model, so don’t waste your time. 

The tubes cost $96, and the rings cost $71 when you buy the parts separately.

You can get your Holy Trainer V5 at their website here.

Design, Features & Discreetness

The very great thing about the Holy Trainer V5 model is that it’s way more sleek and elegant looking than its predecessors. Even though it is made from resin, it doesn’t look cheap. 

In my opinion, the lock for this Holy Trainer device is very smart, and one of the main selling points.

Instead of having the lock outside, hanging around the tube, and the ring, it is integrated with the tube and looks very discreet. 

Not only does it look better integrated inside, but it also doesn’t make any sound like external locks do when they move around and hit the ring or the tube.

So, if you want to wear a Holy Trainer dick cage in public, you don’t have to worry about your penis area attracting attention. 

Let’s briefly talk about the ring:

Many people who try cock cages, complain about the ring design and size.

It’s usually made like a perfect circle, but in real life, the part of the penis where the ring goes is not shaped like the perfect circle.

It’s wider than it is tall, and when the ring is a circle shape, your penis can slip, and it’s just not a comfortable experience. 

With the Holy Trainer V5 model ring, it is designed to be more compatible with your body and wider in the right place, instead of being a perfect circle.

So, if you were unhappy about other cock cages that have circle rings, it might be worth giving Holy Trainer a shot. 

If you’re one of those people who like to wear the cock cage for long periods of time and need to travel for work, you need something that is discreet and won’t attract attention at airport security.

Holy Trainer is made out of resin, not stainless steel, which makes it travel-friendly. 

In Use: Fit, Comfort & Security

My partner and I love playing with cock cages from time to time.

She finds it very attractive when she is in control of my pleasure, and I think it’s a turn-on to give her the power of my orgasms, so I was very excited to try Holy Trainer. 

So important thing is you need to know how to properly put on a chastity cage.

The first thing I have to mention is that it comes in a very cool looking Holy Book box, so it makes it a good gift for someone special in your life.

I think it’s great that they pay so much attention to details, and it does make you laugh once you receive the product. 

Now, when I first got it on, my first impression was that it was quite comfortable

I liked that the ring fit my penis, and I got the right size for me (I ordered the Standard V5, with the 45 mm diameter). Also, it was pretty easy to get into, and the lock wasn’t a hassle.

One thing that I wasn’t very impressed by was the set of keys for the lock.

Now, usually, a big part of the appeal of using cock cages is giving your partner the keys and giving away the right to your orgasm.

I actually like it when my partner has the keys with her, either on a chain or as a necklace, as it adds to the play when I can see it. It’s teasing, and it makes it more exciting. 

The set of keys that comes with this Holy Trainer is so long and big that my partner can’t really wear it around the house, so it’s kind of a bummer.

But of course, not the biggest issue and depends on your personal preferences. 

For the first time, I wore the Holy Trainer for four days, it wasn’t too uncomfortable to sleep with it or in the mornings, but you have to remember to pee sitting down as otherwise, you’ll pee everywhere.

I’ve learned this lesson the hard way.

How Easy To Clean & Ensure Hygiene?

I recommend taking the cock cage off and cleaning it at least once a week, preferably every three to four days to ensure that it’s clean.

It’s just going to be more comfortable for you, and you won’t get any uncomfortable rashes. 

The best would be to take it off entirely and wash yourself and the male chastity device before putting it on again, as it’s not open enough where you can simply wash it while wearing it.

Now, I didn’t find it uncomfortable, and I didn’t get blisters or anything of that sort, but you need to be careful as there is always the possibility of it as there are holes where your skin touches underwear.

Would I Recommend this Cock Cage?

I personally would recommend this cock cage. It’s good quality, has a sleek design, has an integrated lock, and there are plenty of colors to choose from. 

I know the price point of $165 might seem very high for a male dick like this, but as I’ve mentioned before, you really need to be careful and get only the best quality stuff as it will be close to the most sensitive part of your body.

However it might be a bit of stretch to buy this as a first cock cage. There is a good alternative – Oxy Shop makes a lot more affordable stainless steel or custom (3D printed cages). For example, this steel cage costs only $60 and you can still adjust the main ring and tube size.

What do Other People Think About It?

I’ve looked at what other people on the internet are saying about this cock cage, and I wanted to share my best finds with you. 

Here is a great video review where you can see the Holy Trainer more up close:

What men on Reddit are saying:

Got mine today and I must admit the holytrainer v5 is very comfortable, anyway the locking mechanism is actually good 

You can imagine it as you have a track on the ring to slide the cage in and then you can push a little pin down to prevent the cage to slide back out. The key is actually simple and universal (I got 2 cages so I tested it) just move it a bit to the slide and then back otherwise your key is stuck and this little stick is back outstanding

I really like this mechanism


Reddit user

I really enjoy the V5 nub. Really is comfortable.


Reddit user

Holy Trainer Chastity Cage Alternatives

Steel Cage By Oxy

Our best budget pick is this Steel Cage by Oxy which comes in at $60 – less than half the price of the Holy Trainer.

Oxy Shop creates high-quality stainless steel cock cages for a good price while allowing you to pick from 4 ring sizes – 1.57”, 1.77”, 1.97”, and 2.16”.

It also gives you three choices in tube length – 1.77”, 2.36”, and 2.95”. Its open cage design allows for plenty of airflow and is perfect for beginners. It’s our new budget favorite.

Let’s take a look at some other more popular alternatives:

The Vice Plus

The Vice Chastity device is one of the most popular in the market and has a great design. It comes in three colors and has a more complex design with an outside lock. It cost anywhere between $120-$140, so it is a cheaper alternative.

CB 6000

CB6000 is another very popular cock cage that is of great quality and serves the purpose well. It also has the lock outside, it’s not integrated and comes in many different colors. It’s also a bit cheaper, coming in at around $150 for the device, so if you want to save a bit of money, it might be a good option.

I also have a guide on the best chastity cage out there.

Final Thoughts

So, as you can see, Holy Trainer V4 is a good quality, great design cock cage that offers an excellent experience for those interested in permanent chastity.

If you were looking for something to spice up your sex life and explore the realm of long-term chastity, it might be worth giving this device a go.

With its high-quality construction and thoughtful design, the Holy Trainer V4 can provide a secure and pleasurable experience during the enforcement of a chastity contract.

I hope you found this Holy I hope you found this Holy Trainer V4 review useful, and it helped you make up your mind about whether you need this device in your life or not.

See you in the next review!

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