20 Chastity Games & Ideas YOU Should Be Playing With Your Partner

When you get started in chastity play or any kink, there is always a fun ‘honeymoon’ period. But when the novelty wears off you need to think outside the box to keep things interesting… this is where chastity games come into play!

Male Chastity Games

Bring the magic back to your cock cage by swapping out the standard release requests for some challenges.

Gamification with a reward or punishment system will not only spice things up but it can also help reinforce sub/dom relationships

Make that sub EARN their penis freedom! 

The uncertainty and extra risk factor will heighten the sexual tension for both the keyholder and “lockee” and will have that caged up cock tingling with anticipation. 

Let’s play chastity games!

What Can Chastity Games Add To Your Chastity Play?

Games are the perfect way to add some variety and elements of surprise to your chastity. Uncertainty and skill games make being in a chastity device more exciting for both partners – it’s more exciting if you don’t know what’s going to happen for the rest of the week or all the time.

Gamifying the experience can break up some of the monotony that even the most committed Doms and subs get bored with. The dopamine rush of a dice roll or beating a challenge solves that.

Choosing a Chastity Device To Use

It’s important to get the right chastity devices when you’re planning on sessions and games that suit your unique needs.

If the sub is a pain lover, then something that gives a bit of a sting is fine. 

If they’re an eel, you’ll need something harder to escape from. 

There are tons of options to decide from, but for a brilliant all-rounder that will satisfy a big range of needs, take a look at:

CB-6000 Male Chastity Cage Kit

If you’re starting out or upgrading to your first “serious” chastity cage, this is an outstanding all-rounder. It’s highly adjustable with a bunch of different-sized parts in the box, so you’re sure to get a good fit out of the box without having to get more components. 

It’s made of tough polymer that can handle some abuse, with a quality lock that clicks satisfyingly into place. 

It may not be steel, but it’s still a high-security penis prison that your sub will have difficulty getting out of. And it’s still convenient to take off when it’s time for fun and games of any kind. 

The Dangers of Chastity Games

A chastity game can be extremely rewarding, but it’s not without risks. Restricting any body part carries certain potential dangers, and the penis is no exception.

Fortunately, most of these can be mitigated in some way, so let’s see what the risks are and what to do about them: 

  • Problems with bad fit – Most of the time, injury or problems from a chastity device usually links to one that fits badly. A wrong sized device allows a bit of an erection but not a full one can actually damage the soft tissues in the penis, for example. Devices should fit properly following all the right procedures. 
  • Weaker Erections & Atrophy – Muscles, including penis muscles, that aren’t used could become weaker. Long-term users report some shrinkage and weaker erections for some time and it usually links to wearing a device after a long time. This is temporary and easily remedied by leaving it free for some time. For some people, this shrinking effect is good, but that’s up to the individuals. 
  • Blue balls – Frequent teasing and denial of orgasm can lead to this sensation. Despite what you might have heard, it’s not a serious issue, but the aches and pains are real (though quite mild compared to what a hard Dom can do!)
  • Leaking – A long time without release can cause leaking pre-cum from the penis. Just make sure to clean it regularly to keep everything nice and hygienic. 
  • Reduced fertility – There’s conclusive evidence, but some doctors think that lack of regular ejaculation links to lower sperm count and fertility, though it’s unlikely to cause actual infertility. Still, if you’re trying for a baby, maybe leave the device off for a while or forever.

Safety First

To keep the risks low and make sure everything is nice and safe to the best extent possible, here are a few golden rules to follow: 

  • Have a safeword and clear boundaries – Before any locks go on anything, you need to have a frank and open discussion about what is and is not okay. Make sure everyone is on the same page and knows the safeword(s). 
  • Always have a spare key in case of emergencies – It doesn’t matter how committed you both are to game, you MUST keep a spare key somewhere that can be accessed easily by anyone in an emergency. 
  • Clean and dry genitals and cage regularly – You have to be able to clean the genitals and the cage properly, at least every few days (minimum!). 
  • Check for skin problems – Itching or burning sensations are the most common, but you might have a lot of dry skin or a rash that doesn’t feel like anything. Leave the cage off until it heals if you are uncomfortable and do have problems. 
  • Keep it SSC (Safe, sane, and consensual) – The golden rule of any BDSM interaction!

Lucky Dip

1. Lucky Dip

Get your sub and dom heads together and let your creative juices flow for this one. On slips of paper, write down as many rewards and punishments as you can think of

Fold them up and place them in a little silk pouch or similar. Then, every evening or as often as you wish, the submissive should dip into the bag and choose their fate.

Here’s some inspiration for the kind of things you can write: 

  • 2 more days of chastity
  • Edging for 10 minutes
  • 5 minutes of ball fondling
  • Bend over buddy, it’s pegging time!
  • Give your keyholder a back massage
  • Pussy worship, now!
  • Sex but with no orgasm for you, loser.

Put It To The People

2. Put It To The People

Some kinky couples like to document their chastity adventures on blogs, social media channels, or in fetish forums, anonymously or otherwise.

You can bring your followers and fellow kinksters in on your game. 

Create a poll on how long your man’s cock should stay locked up for. Or post a photo of his tackle in chains on the condition that for every ‘like’ or comment the post gets, you add a day to his chastity.

You can also ask for their ideas and suggestions for teasing or extra punishments.

Beat The Clock Key Seek Challenge

3. Beat The Clock Key Seek Challenge

There are a few ways you can play this treasure hunt challenge. In the first version, the keyholder should hide the key in a specific agreed-upon location.

For example, the key is somewhere in the bedroom or in the living room. 

Then, put time on the clock and the search begins! If they find the key before the time is up, they can be unlocked and bring themselves to orgasm.

If they don’t, well then, chastity continues until the next challenge. 

The other way to play the game is to make him strip down to his chastity device, blindfold him and command him to crawl around on his hands and knees in search of the key.

Dice Days

4. Dice Days 

Dice are a great way to determine consequences for any time your submissive misbehaves.

Whatever number they give is how many extra days of chastity your disobedient sub should have. Just roll the dice and hope that it doesn’t last a week! 

The more die you use, the crueler the punishment, and the greater the lesson. 

You can also use it before lock-up to determine how many days their session should be.

If you’re using two dice, instead of adding the numbers together, why not multiply them?

Double Devil Dares

5. Double Devil Dares

Double Devil Dares is a great game for those who really like to humiliate their caged partner.

The keyholder should come up with two challenges, each of them difficult and as equal in humiliation levels as possible.

Then, give your partner the choice of which ‘devil dare’ he will attempt. Of course, failure to choose or to finish the task should come with a high stake punishment.

But be sure to reward your sub with something extra pleasurable if they complete the dare successfully or to your satisfaction! 

Wheel Of Pain Or Pleasure

6. Wheel Of Pain Or Pleasure

Taking inspiration from the Wheel of Fortune, this is the ultimate game of chance! If you have the time and like to get crafty, you can create your own spin wheel. 

Or better yet, get your male sub to make it for you. But the keyholder should be the one to come up with the ‘pain or pleasure’ chances.

Have a variety of sweet rewards, delicious dares, and painful consequences. Then each day, spin the wheel and see what your chance will be!

Back To School

7. Back To School 

If you or your partner are also into teacher/student roleplay, this will be extra exciting. 

As the key holder, you should choose a topic that you know well or have an interest in since you’ll have to come up with the questions. 10 or 20 of them should do. 

Then agree on a point system, i.e., how many chastity days should be added for wrong answers. If you’re feeling generous, you can also add rewards for correct answers.

It’s also a great game if you are actually studying or training for something. It will certainly make study days so much more interesting!

Best Of Six Chastity Dice

8. Best of Six Chastity Dice

Here is another chastity game led by the dice. All you need is one dice and six outcomes.

Five options should be something that will torture and tease your locked up man. And just one that will allow them to cum…the best of six. 

Here is some inspiration:

  1. One hour of your favorite porn but no release and no masturbation allowed.
  2. Watch your keyholder masturbate and bring themselves to climax. No touching.
  3. Give your keyholder three orgasms in a row by a method of their choosing.
  4. Strip and take a photo of your locked up cock. Post it on the internet and thank everyone who comments.
  5. Add five days to your current chastity session and roll again.
  6. Sexy Six! Release time, and you get to climax anyway you like!

Queen Of Cocks

9. Queen of Cocks

This is a pretty easy game to get going. No complicated rules, but it really ramps up the anticipation. Get yourself a standard deck of cards and shuffle them.

Then every day, take a card from the top. 

If you pull a Queen, your sub can be released and allowed to cum. When he’s all done, lock him up again and it continues until the next Queen of Cocks is pulled.

Coin Toss Cock Boss

10. Coin Toss Cock Boss

Settle on the number of chastity days…let’s say 20 days of locked up cock. At the end of each day, you flip a coin. 

Heads, you add a day to your chastity period. And if its tails, do you reduce it by a day? 

Hell, no! That would be far too easy. 

It simply stays the same. But your sub has to make you climax. Pure satisfaction for the keyholder, while the sub ‘enjoys’ the pain of a locked cock that can’t enjoy his erection.

1 In 20

11. 1-in-20

Hide the key to the cock cage amongst a bunch of 20 keys. Then give your sub 60 seconds to find the right one to unlock themselves.

If you want to make the game harder, add more keys, or lessen the time they have to try. 

Make it even sweeter by adding rules like, should they fail, you can add the number of tried keys as days to their lockdown.

Blue Balls

12. Blue Balls 

Have ten blue marbles and one red marble in a bag. Every day, your sub should choose one marble. If it’s blue, then lockup continues for another day.

When he finally draws the red marble, he gains his freedom and maybe let him cum, if you’re a kind person!

You can make this one even more interesting by adding in other colors and assigning them to different fun things. 

For example, pull a yellow marble? It’s a no underwear day for your cock-caged partner.

Pull out a purple marble? Give your keyholder a sensual massage and feel that cock strain!

Postman’s Bag

13. Postman’s Bag

Make snail mail fun again with this game! Get five (or more) envelopes. Lock up your boy’s love stick and pop the key into one of the envelopes. Then, your sub will have to wait on those envelopes to arrive.

In the other envelopes, put some smart-assed comments on a note. Something like, “Maybe tomorrow, loser.” 

To be totally sure the right envelope doesn’t arrive first, I would suggest posting it a day or a week later!

By the way, whenever you’re letting the key out of your control, ALWAYS have a spare for emergencies. 

Deck Of Delights And Dares

14. Deck of Delights And Dares

This one will take a little time and imagination but it should last a long time so it will be worth it.

Get a deck of cards and on a piece of paper, write down the names of all the cards and next to each one, write a pleasure, a pain, or a challenge

Shuffle the pack each morning or however often you decide and let your sub choose a card.

If you can’t think of so many challenges, then don’t worry. Think of four forfeits for the four suites, things that can easily be repeated as per the value of the card pulled from the deck. 

For example: 

Hearts – pegging thrusts

Clubs – spanking/flogging

Spades – ball slaps

Diamonds – butt plug wear

Jokers – release for orgasm 

If your sub pulls the 10 of Hearts, they have 10 thrusts of an anal dildo. If they pull the 5 of Spades, it’s 5 slaps to the balls. 2 of Diamonds? 20 minutes butt plug time. 

You get the idea! 

Pin The Face-Dildo In The Pussy

15. Pin the Face-Dildo in the Pussy

Basically, a grown-up and kinky version of ‘pin the tail on the donkey. Strip your chaste submissive down to their cage and strap them into a chin dildo gag.

Then blindfold them, spin them around a few times to disorientate, and then assist them to their knees. 

Now it’s time for them to explore and crawl around to try to find your pussy or ass with their chin dildo. If they can hit their mark, you can assign a reward of your choosing. 

You can help by shouter ‘warmer’ or ‘colder’. Or make it harder by adding in a time limit or moving around the room to escape them. Great way to humiliate your submissive!

You can top it off by getting him to wear Crotch Rocket Strapon – he will be still with the cock cage, but can still please you 😉

Cum Quick

16. Cum Quick

In this game, you free their cock and give your submissive a certain amount of time to climax. If they don’t manage it within the time, you have two options:

  • Let them continue to orgasm, but add the extra seconds/minutes as days to their next chastity sentence, OR
  • Stop their play immediately and before they achieve orgasm. Lock them back up to begin their chastity sentence straight away.

To make it more challenging, you can add some numbing lube!

Cock Locked Chores

 17. Cock Locked Chores

The dominant partner will create a list of chores that the sub should complete by a certain time.

The chores must be done properly. No half-assed attempts allowed!

If they manage to complete the chores to your satisfaction, they can be released. You can also add in a point system for how good a job they did and give extra treats. 

For example, if you award them 7 out of 10, they get to penetrate you for 7 thrusts before being locked back up.

Or you will suck them for 7 seconds. 10 out of 10 could be a full orgasm.

It’s up to you as the keyholder! 

Deciding on the point rewards together beforehand can also be a exciting way to increase the anticipation.

You can also add some humiliation play to this game. Make them dress up as a French maid or make them wear a cute fur tail butt plug as they complete their chores. 

Photo Chastity Challenge

18. Photo Chastity Challenge

This is a great game for brave subs, exhibitionists, partners in a long-distance relationship, or just as fun to dominate or punish your sub while they are on their own.

Challenge your sub to take a photo of their caged up cock in a public place or while they are going about their day. You can make it as daring (but safe) as you like. 

For example, you can command your sub to go to the toilets in their workplace, strip in the cubicle and to take and send you the proof of their obedience.

Add a certain time to the challenge and if they are late, there should be a suitable punishment.

Or, if you’re more daring, choose a public space where they should expose their cage.

Just be careful when choosing the location. The danger should come from the POSSIBILITY of being seen.

But you should never put your sub in a position of being arrested for public indecency! 

Board Games Changed For Chastity

19. Board Games

Pretty much any board game can be transformed into a chastity game. You just change the meaning of the rules to suit your desires.

Points can be collected for freedom or rewards. 

Or you can assign pleasure and pain across the layout of the board. 

Snakes and Ladders is an easy one. Just separate it down to one roll of the dice a day…When your sub finally gets to the end, they can be released.

20. The Ice Age

To start, simply put the key in a container of water and place it in the freezer. 

Then when it’s time to play, take the block of ice out of the freezer and show your sub. 

If you like making them wait, then tell them once the ice melts they will be unlocked, and make them watch it. They’ll go crazy with anticipation! 

Alternatively, subs can take a more active role. You could set a timer and tell them they have X amount of time to melt the ice and get the key out. 

No breaking it! 

Oh, and they can only use their own body.

Let the Games Begin!

Chastity games really ramp up the teasing torture of orgasm denial.

Plus, if you’re into any other kinks or fetishes, you can just add them in your chastity lifestyle.

Enjoy your games with servitude, humiliation, sex toys, exhibitionism, or roleplay…whatever floats your dirty little boat!

Aliyah Moore

Aliyah Moore

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