40+ Fun Male Chastity Captions With Femdom Ruling In 2024

Who thought that abstinence could look so erotic? Can you imagine? Seeing all the possible ways that you could ORGASM! And better still, get DENIED!! Well, check out some of the hottest male chastity captions and build your endurance!

Fun Male Chastity Captions With Femdom Ruling

Well, we have some hot caption categories for keyholders and submissives alike!

Our compiled male chastity captions will get you itching to hump a wall. 

And if honoring chastity isn’t going great for you, get the best chastity cage before checking out some of these captions! 🙂

Best 50 Categorized Male Chastity Captions For You!

#1 Forced Chastity Captions

This is one of the best ways to do chastity plays! You get a locked cock and won’t know what cumming is until your dominant says so 😉 

#2 Chastity Choice Captions

Chastity choice allows you to pick your sentence’s destiny beforehand. You may pick your keyholder/mistress or choose conditions under different circumstances. 

So, any last requests?!!

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#3 Chastity Husband Captions

This means that the husband dons a chastity device and commits to satisfying his wife. He will at no point try to give himself a hand 😉

#4 Chastity Denial Captions

Want to get your cock teased to a point of painfully leaking?… I bet you’re about to burst as well… Just DON’T!

#5 Chastity Slave Captions

Well, I heard you loved serving your mistress 🙂 

So, put on your pantyhose and get those chores done. Just don’t get caught touching your cock… Hands off, sissy!

How Chastity Play Can Transform Your Relationships

Well, chastity play is pretty rad. And having these chastity captions is a surefire way of getting you to plead for release.

This is one of the most intense and satisfying fantasy kinks you’ll ever experience! 

But how can you spice things up a notch in your relationships?

Play Chastity Games! Yes! Playing games will help you both overcome boredom when things start getting dull. A bit of Lucky Dip and Dice Day will bring novelty and fun back to your arrangement…

Also, you can try to get her to wear a chastity belt to alter the odds for that period a little bit. Smooth, ey 😉

And if you plan to go long-term, then you’d better think of getting a high-quality cock cage that’s both durable and safe to wear.


There ain’t beating around the bush here – lest my lady bursts me 😉

Male chastity captions are a great way to go if you’re both a keyholder or submissive. You can build your endurance and test your chaste limits with this unforgiving method.

What’s more, the cock cage could spruce things up in your relationships. A few chastity games here and there will sure help too!

So, are you up for parole?! 

Behave yourself first and then we could talk about it 🙂 NEVER!

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