Husband In Chastity: Tips, Benefits & Challenges

Lock up his cock and watch how well behaved he becomes! Learn everything you need to know about putting your husband in chastity — the good, the bad, and the raunchy.

If you’re like a lot of people with naughty, lazy, or just naturally subservient husbands, a chastity belt around his/their cock can be a significant game-changer.

This article will help you determine if a chastity device is right for your relationship. 

If you want to try out the best cock cages, you’ll learn how to get started and get some ideas for implementation. 

What You Will Need To Put Your Husband In Chastity

  • A willing participant: Perhaps you have a husband who needs some disciplining? You’ll be bending him into submission, but it should, of course, be consensual. 
  • A cock cage of some kind: there are endless types of cages available, in plastic, metal, and leather. Choose one that appeals to your needs.
  • A key to the cage: As a keyholder, you’ll want to keep the key close and safe. You alone will decide when his cock will be released.

The Benefits Of Putting Husband In Chastity

Why put your husband in chastity? The benefits are myriad — from improved health and mood to better sex and re-invigorated relationships.

Couples who choose chastity are often awed by the vast life improvement all around. Others simply find it kinky, and it turns them on.

But let’s talk details — here are a few of the benefits that can result from incorporating a chastity cage:

1. A More Helpful Husband

Chastity play often leads to a more obedient, subservient, and eager to please husband.

Many couples go the route of chastity belts, especially because the husband is not pulling his weight in the relationship — or around the house. 

Once he is cut off from his cock — and knows you hold the key to its release — he’ll step up his efforts right quick.

2. Better Sex

Tease and denial games are incredibly arousing. Chastity play will have the anticipation for sex turned up so high that it will be on both of your minds constantly.

It will put sex at the forefront of your relationship and the climactic release — when it comes — will be ecstatic.

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. Since all the focus during most of the play sessions will be on the keyholder’s pleasure, it means the caged partner will not be allowed to be selfish in bed.

His job is to make the keyholder happy — or risk staying caged forever. 

It can be incredibly empowering for a female keyholder to receive endless pleasure without the necessity of reciprocation — or the disappointment of a partner who cums too soon.

She will get to have far more orgasms than usual. 

For the caged partner, it is incredibly gratifying to provide endless pleasure to the keyholder — not to mention the excitement that will build up for eventual release.

Wearing the cock cage will make the wearer think about his cock nonstop but without a chance of using it. 

This creates a very erotic state of mind, and ejaculation will be a new universe of pleasure. 

Caging can even lead to you learning some new sex-enhancing tricks that deserve a section unto themselves:

3. Non-ejaculatory Orgasms

You might not be allowed to ejaculate, but you can still orgasm under caging conditions.

It may sound pretty Tantric, but caging, as the ultimate in denial play, is also an excellent way to develop the ability to have non-ejaculation orgasms.

Not only will the male orgasm be ten times more pleasurable, but he will be able to keep going during intercourse with a partner, ensuring her pleasure of his as well. 

It takes some focus and attention to learn, but the conditions are already set in your favor when his cock is caged.

Edging is a give-in: he’ll be learning to withhold the moment of release for longer

With the practice of Kegels, he’ll notice the separation of ejaculation from orgasm. He can even learn to have prolonged orgasms with or without ejaculation.

The moments of final release will last longer and be more pleasurable than ever! 

4. Improved Mood

Because sexual arousal leads to an increase of endorphins, serotonin, and oxytocin, it is an incredibly pleasurable state of being.

These feel-good chemicals relieve stress, minimize pain, and promote that feel-good vibe that makes life so mmmm, g-o-o-o-d.

However, as soon as a man cums, these chemicals recede rather abruptly. He is back where he was before. In some cases, this means unmotivated, in pain and depressed. 

Caging, in practice, keeps a man constantly aroused. Because he never releases the feel-good chemicals, they build up inside him.

One could argue that this state of arousal leads to greater motivation to be a better husband. 

He’ll not only have a better overall mood but be more eager to clean the house and please his woman — all the things mentioned above!

5. Break Masturbation Addiction

There is nothing like locking up the cock to break a bad habit. For porn and/or masturbation addiction, chastity can be a great discipline. 

6. Super Empowering!

Last, but certainly not least, caging your husband can be an incredibly empowering experience for the keyholder. This can be especially true for those who are used to providing so much in a relationship.

Learning to receive without giving — getting pleasure without reciprocation — can completely change the way you hold yourself. 

Tips On What To Do & How To Put Him In Chastity The Good Way

Step 1: Discuss limits and fantasies

Before you embark on your chastity adventure, you want to be on the same page.

Using a chastity cage is a form of submissive role play that involves a profound degree of trust and comfort between partners. 

Make sure you have thorough discussions of expectations, fantasies, and — most importantly — personal limitations. Once you know your partner’s limits, RESPECT them.

The more you discuss ahead of time, the more both parties will feel safe and comfortable during play.

Step 2: Choose A Safe Word

Yes, you will be administering punishment — and justly so! But there should always be a safe word that you and your husband can use in case limits have been reached.

Step 3: Pick The Right Device

There are hundreds of options when it comes to choosing a cock cage for your husband. They come in every material, style, and price range. 

However, the wrong fit can lead to chafing, condensation within the device, and the wrong kind of pain in general. Make sure he measures himself well before purchasing the cock cage.

Then, depending on your preferences for the play, pick the best chastity cage for yourselves. If you’re just experimenting with chastity play, you may want to try a cheaper option. 

If you are serious kinksters, it’s worth finding a cage that can be worn comfortably for an extended time — so you can enjoy the right kind of torture!

Step 4: Lock Him Up For Shorter Time

Begin slow. Test the comfort, both physical and emotional, by locking him up for a few hours or a day. Then try a few days. Part of the fun is that he doesn’t know for how long he’ll be locked up. So keep it experimentally short, but still vague. 

Step 5: Longer Lock-ups

Now that you’ve developed some familiarity with the cock cage, lock him up for as long as you say! 

Will you let him out once a week? Will you let him do as he pleases when he’s unlocked, or will you monitor him during his “free” time to make sure he doesn’t masturbate? Perhaps you’ll demand that he masturbate. The choice is yours. 

Before diving deep into the long-term chastity, you might want to check our Permanent Chastity 101 Guide.

Step 6: Tease Him

This is where it gets really fun. Tease that cock! Wear sexy clothes around the house, make suggestive comments, and wear the key to his cage in full sight.

Let him get excited and then deny, deny, deny. This will keep him on the edge at all times, and that is exactly where you want him!

You can top it off by getting him to wear Crotch Rocket Strapon – he will be still with the cock cage, but can still please you 😉

Step 7: Reward And Punishment

Reward And Punishment

Dishing out rewards and punishments will keep your man in chastity in line.

If he is “bad” and fails to follow the rules set by the keyholder, punishment is the consequence. Punishment is usually either spanking or an extension of time in the cage.

You can get creative with punishments, or even play games with him. Just make sure they’ve been discussed in step one and are within the comfort zone!

If he is “good” — whatever that means within your agreed-upon parameters — you can give him little rewards.

Perhaps he cleaned the whole house or made you cum five times during oral? Maybe you’ll take off his cage for some tease-full playtime. And maybe — just maybe — you’ll let him ejaculate. 

Step 8: Make Him Pleasure You

Just because your caged husband isn’t allowed to cum whenever he pleases, does not mean you can’t!

The keyholder is in the privileged position of being allowed to orgasm as often as they please — and your caged man should be involved.

Play sessions where you cum again and again, and he doesn’t get to cum at all will keep him on the edge — and you fully satisfied. 

Common Issues & How To Solve Them

Now, this part is what every to-be-caged husband needs to read!

  • Chafing: Chafing is common in the beginning days of wearing a cock cage. Usually, your body will adjust — it’s kind of like breaking in new shoes. Once the skin around your cock and balls becomes used to the cage, you shouldn’t have a problem any more. 

Ease the discomfort by using a lotion, lube, or baby oil on your cock, beneath the cage. 

If you need to reapply the lube often or the discomfort is extreme, it is an indication of a poorly sized cock cage. A ring that is too small will cause severe chafing. Make sure you’re sized correctly and consider a different model.

  • Sanitation: Keeping your cock cage and penis clean is of utmost importance. Besides an unappealing smell that can develop — along with general discomfort — you want to avoid developing a bacterial or fungal infection. 

As with most issues, finding a cage that fits well is paramount. If the cage is too big or doesn’t align perfectly with your urethra, urine and other excretions can get inside the cage. 

A perfect fit will allow all fluids to drain directly. If moisture does collect, you can use a blow dryer on low or no-heat to dry it out. Be sure to shower and clean the cage daily — you can try a squeezy water bottle and Q-tips to get in there. 

You’ll want to take your cock out of the cage at least once per week for a breath of air and a good wash. Sanitize the cage too.

If you experience any redness, itching, or unusual discomfort and pain, go to a doctor immediately.

  • Ball pulling: Eeee…It is not comfortable. It usually happens if the cage is too big. If you are able to get an erection, the cage will pull at the balls. A properly sized cock cage will prevent the erection, so pulling will not take place. Go down a size.
  • Cheating: Naughty, naughty! If you can cheat by breaking out of the cage, your keyholder will need to punish you. If that keeps happening, a new cage is in order — something that will make escape impossible.


Remember: the most important part of putting your husband in chastity is the relationship between the two of you. Trust and communication are paramount!

After that, it’s punishment, play, and delicious denial.

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