8 Best Realistic Butt Masturbators & Ass Sex Toys [2024]

I spent hours researching and testing different realistic butt masturbators to make it easier for you. The result? A detailed list of 8 of the best models that ASS-solutely satisfy!

Are you an ass man? 

Who isn’t, right? 

Well, it’s your lucky day because I’ve got the 8 Best Realistic Butt Masturbators & Ass Sex Toys. 

These fake butts are the most real-looking and fun to play with money can buy. 

Here are the Top 3 first. 

Best Value For Price

Tantaly Cecilia is a perfect blend of portability with amazing shape and feeling. A round, tight ass with amazingly textured and stimulating orifices. Her skin is soft and supple, and she’s easy to store, too! 

Best For Budget

The Portable Scaled Down Fake Butt isn’t much bigger than a pocket pussy, but you get jiggly, satisfying fun in a small, cheap package. You get a little butt that’s very tight and ultra-soft yet only weighs about 4 lbs. Now that’s convenience. 

Upgrade Choice

Tantaly Britney is an athletic ass you can bounce a quarter off of. But she also comes with some luscious tits! They’re beautiful, voluptuous, and good for hours of fun. She’s perfect for squeezing and spanking – well worth the extra cash!

Top 3 Realistic Butt Masturbators

Best For Budget

Portable Scaled Down Fake Butt

Best Value For Price

Tantaly Cecilia

Upgrade Choice

Tantaly Britney

Internal Length:
4.2 lbs.
5.9” (vagina), 6.1” (ass)
20 lbs.
7” (vagina), 6.2” (ass)
29.7 lbs.

Top Realistic Butt Masturbators In 2024

Best Value for Price

1. Tantaly Cecilia

Internal Length:
5.9” (vagina), 6.1” (ass)
Total Length:
20 lbs.
  • Vaginal tunnel has stimulating beads
  • Great size – round and convenient 
  • Hard to clean internally

Cecilia offers a great balance. She’s not too big or small, not too tight or loose, and both her holes are so good I’m not sure which is preferable. 

She’s 12 inches end to end and weighs 20 lbs., which is a good size for most guys. It means she’s easy to move around and use for cowgirl but weighty enough to feel like a real pair of hips while you’re grabbing them. 

She has a highly textured pussy with 6 hard beads for massaging your shaft. It’s an inspired design that’s incredibly stimulating while managing to stay within the boundaries of realism – just. 

There’s a nice butt hole, too, tight and textures with great detailing.

That does mean she’s a bit of a hassle to keep clean. Butts are a challenge to hold and clean at the same time, so you’d be advised to get a cleaning kit specifically for the job to keep her hygienic. 

You would expect Cecilia to be on the premium end given all her lovely features, but she costs just over $200. It’s hard to think of a better price-to-pleasure ratio from any fake butt. 

Best for Budget

2. Portable Scaled Down Fake Butt

Internal Length:
5.1” (vagina), 4.8” (ass)
Total Length:
4.2 lbs.
  • Portable and easy to use
  • Easier to clean than most butts
  • Great attention to detail
  • Might be too tight for some

It’s remarkable how much attention to detail and quality you get with this butt from Bestvibe. 

It’s an extra-small butt, weighing in at just 4.2 lbs., but it’s got an awesome lively bounce that feels energetic. 

The holes are tight and intricate, so they’re highly stimulating. The butt hole, in particular, is very narrow and intense. It might even be too tight if you’re on the girthier side of the dong spectrum. 

The material is so soft and squishy; you can play with it as a stress toy all day. It’s just so jiggly and nice to hold in your hands and on yourself. 

Note: We’ve replaced this with an alternative recommendation in the meantime.

Upgrade Choice

3. Tantaly Britney

Internal Length:
7”(vagina), 6.2” (ass)
Total Length:
29.7 lbs.
  • Beautiful skin
  • Also has boobs
  • Long drying time

Britney has gorgeous round jiggly boobs, an athletic bouncy ass, and a metal skeleton that adds some weight while keeping her stable in any position. 

That means she’s not going to move or fall however you enjoy her. Her weight also helps give a more realistic feeling of resistance as you move. 

And that skin! She even has goosebumps to add to the realistic feel. 

She’s a great midway point between full-size and small, so she’s got that lovely jiggly and heft without being too inconvenient to put away. 

I’d recommend you get a cleaning kit with any fake butt, but that goes double for Britney. Her undulating tunnels mean drying would be a hassle without the proper tools. 

Britney is an excellent choice whether you’re a boob lover, an ass man, or you just want something to hold and put in lingerie (size small). Worth every penny she costs and then some. 

Best Butt Fleshlight

4. Riley Reid Euphoria

Internal Length:
Total Length:
1.5 lbs.
  • Unique and fun texture 
  • Deep enough for everyone
  • Handy and portable
  • Not the whole butt experience

If you’re looking for the full-butt experience in Fleshlight form, then I have some good news and some bad news.

The bad news is, there’s no full-butt masturbator made by Fleshlight. 

The good news is there are plenty of butt holes for you to take your pick, and some of them are brilliant. 

Take Riley Reid Euphoria. Its unique square-based texture is like nothing you’ve tried – stimulating but smooth and just the right amount of intensity to keep you on edge from start to finish. 

All that, and it’s a fraction the cost of a fake butt.

It’s so fun that it earned a place on this list without even having cheeks. And you can always get more realism by adding the Liberator On A Mission mount, which you can see in my list of the best Fleshlight mounts and accessories. 

Most Realistic for Price

5. Rosie Full-Size Butt

Internal Length:
5.98” (vagina), 5.11” (ass)
Total Length:
About 20”
34.2 lbs.
  • Realistic size, weight, and feel
  • Highly stimulating vagina and ass
  • Tight holes are harder to clean

If you liked the look of Cecilia above but want something with a bit more weight behind it, check out Rosie. 

She’s a full-size butt, unlike Cecilia who’s more of an extra-small gal. That makes Rosie a bit heavier and more difficult to store but on the plus side… 

…Dat ass, though! Rosie is round, taut, and athletic – practically perfect. 

On the inside, she’s extra tight and very textured, so there’s a lot to get excited about. Comb teeth and contractions, wow. Her ass, in particular, is incredibly tight and rewarding to dive into. 

That does mean you’ll need a cleaning kit and some patience to keep her in good condition, but hey, you know the drill by now. The best holes are worth maintaining. 

So if you want great skin, tight orifices, and a gorgeous full-size ass, Rosie is for you. 

Best BIG Bubble Butt

6. Eva BBW Ass

Internal Length:
8.7” (vagina), 7.9” (ass)
Total Length:
about 20”
57 lbs.
  • Extra thicc!
  • Nice deep holes
  • Super realistic skin
  • Big step up in price

Eva is like an upgrade over Rosie in terms of price – and thiccness. 

She’s, if anything, even more realistic, with a pussy that could be photorealistic and skin that will make you say, “wha- how is this possible?” 

She has deep and stretchy holes, so even if you’re very well-endowed, you won’t damage the material. Don’t worry. She can take it if you get a little rough! 

So, is Eva worth double the price of Rosie? 

Well, there’s more of her to love, and her skin does feel even more real than any of the dolls mentioned so far. The goosebumps and smoothness are just that bit more convincing. 

It’s just a shame that she only comes in one color. It’s a gorgeous color, so I’m not complaining, but I know a few guys will miss having the choice. 

And her ass is just *chef’s kiss* perfection. If that kind of thing is important to you, then you won’t be disappointed with Eva. 

Best Silicone Option

7. Realdoll Butt

Internal Length:
7” (stretches)
Total Length:
32 lbs.
  • Most realistic looking
  • Durable, long-lasting silicone
  • Expensive

The Realdoll butt is made of silicone rubber, which is a superior material to TPE in many ways. 

It’s waterproof, resists bacteria, and is much more durable – this thing should last forever unless you’re extremely irresponsible with it. 

Normally silicone is also less realistic, but the Realdoll Butt is special. 

It has gel inserts that make it move and jiggle like a real butt and skin that’s incredibly life-like for silicone. I always thought silicone had to feel a bit plasticky and fake before I saw what Realdoll could do with it. 

So it’s the best-feeling silicone ass, it’s hyper-realistic, and it will practically last a decade. Why doesn’t everyone get one? 

Well, it’s $1200. That’s a serious investment in fake butt technology. This definitely isn’t a first-time buy for people who aren’t sure they’re into butt masturbators. Unless you’re a millionaire, I guess. 

That said, the Realdoll’s longevity and quality mean it will balance out the cost in the long run. It should last as long as several TPE butts, so if you’d rather just have to buy one, make it this one. 

High-Tech Option

8. Tantaly Lisa with Automatic Suction

Internal Length:
6.3” (vagina), 6.5” (ass)
Total Length:
about 14”
26 lbs.
  • Self-heating = extra real
  • Sucks and moves
  • Not the most realistic looking

Lisa is a butt masturbator combining looks with technology to give you a better ride. 

When still, Lisa isn’t the best-looking ass Tantaly produces. The proportions are good but not quite as awesome as the rest of their lineup. 

So it’s a good thing Lisa brings more to the table. Specifically, she vibrates, twerks, and pulsates a little bit like a milking machine. 

It’s an amazing option if you can’t or don’t want to move very much to get off. Just put Lisa in position and let her milk you dry. 

There are 6 different modes to choose from, so you can choose your favorite. 

AND she’s self-heating! So you get the realistic feeling of warm, soft skin moving with you. 

So if you like your butts active rather than passive, Lisa is for you. 

Update: Tantaly Lisa is currently out of stock, so we’ve changed this recommendation to an alternative for now.

What To Consider When Shopping For Butt Masturbators? 

Size & Weight

Fake butts can be small enough to hold in both hands all the way up to life-size. As a general rule, life-size feels better in use while also being more of a hassle to store. 

But that extra size more than pays for itself in terms of the satisfaction you’ll get out of it. 

Realism & Shape

Butts come in all shapes and sizes, and this goes double for fake butts. Many are just asses, designed to be used from a doggy style position. 

But there are more options available. Personally, I like torsos with breasts as they give you more fun ways to play. They’re often a bit more expensive but worth it. 

Besides that, there are smaller options that are less realistic and cheaper, but I’d only go for one of those if price or size were a limiting factor. 


Almost all realistic butts are made of TPE. It feels realistic, jiggly, and skin-like, so it’s perfect for making butts out of. However, TPE is a porous plastic, which practically means you have to take care to keep it clean and dry to prevent mold or bacteria from building up.

A few butts are made of silicone. These usually feel less realistic, but they’re more durable and waterproof. However, these are uncommon and often much more expensive. For example, the Realdoll ($1200) is made of silicone. 

Holes, Tightness, & Depth

Many of the smaller butts and toys have only one hole instead of two. Fleshlights are a good example of this, but there are plenty of other examples. 

As for tightness, a lot of manufacturers go for realism, so the holes are around average. Check the measurements and hole diameter if tightness is important to you. The same goes for depth. 

Interested in learning more? Consider checking out our best sex doll definitive guide here.


Sex asses go from $50* into the thousands, so there’s one for every budget. Think about how much you’re willing to spend, then decide what features you want to match your price.

If you start looking the other way around – I.e., looking at features then checking the price later, you might end up disappointed that you have to spend way more than you anticipated OR you waste time looking at asses you can’t afford. 

*In fact, there are even cheaper butts than that; however, those are usually made by dodgy manufacturers that I wouldn’t trust without a lot of careful research. 

Most Commonly Assed Questions Answered 

What is a realistic butt? 

Realistic butts are designed to mimic someone’s ass in a way that is convincing to the user. Most have two holes, like a real woman. You can have sex with them, spank them, squeeze them, use one as a pillow, etc. 

There are also realistic men’s butts available, though we’re focusing on ladies this time. 

Which lube can I use? 

Water-based ONLY. Anything else will damage the material and wear it out. 

How to use & get the most out of your fake butt?

  • Apply lube to yourself and your fake butt for best results.
  • Try different positions.
  • Don’t be afraid to spank it or get a little rough. It can add a lot to your experience. 

How to clean & maintain the toy best? 

Wash with mild unscented soap and water, making sure you get all of the fluids out. Once you’re done, use a drying stick (a white stick that absorbs the moisture left inside). Leave in a well-ventilated place until completely dry. 

And always check the manufacturer’s instructions about cleaning. 


Fake butts can be just as fun as real ones, so grab one (and spank it) today.

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