RealDoll Review [2024]: Is It A Worthy Investment?

In this RealDoll review, I’ll cover all of my experiences with the different models – from the Classic, RealDoll 2, to RealDollX, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting before you buy one. Read on:

What started as a project for realistic mannequins turned into the MOST REALISTIC sex doll on the market – one that looks, feels, and maybe even acts like a real human. There are a few cheap sex dolls for men and there are other AI sex robots for men but maybe nothing compares to this…

Introducing RealDoll by Abyss Creations.

Is this product really that much better than other realistic sex dolls, and is it worth the (very high) price tag?

Well, wonder no more! I got the RealDollX (the latest installment), I tried it, and I’m here to tell you all about it.

The Good

RealDolls are the most realistic-looking sex dolls on the market. They’re also more customizable than your average love doll, so you can get a girl that’s EXACTLY your type. Last but not least, RealDolls are made of the highest quality materials and will last you virtually a lifetime.

The Not So Good

RealDolls are made of silicone (for durability and hygiene), but even the best silicone doesn’t quite have the realistic bounce and lifelike feel TPE can offer you. Also, it takes AGES from you ordering your girl to you actually getting her, so it’s not for the impatient. Lastly, RealDolls are VERY EXPENSIVE, and not everyone has the budget to get one. 

The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a highly customizable, luxurious, and extremely realistic-looking love doll, RealDoll is the best the market has to offer. If you value realistic feeling more than durability, don’t care about high-tech features, or don’t want to spend too much on your purchase, maybe pass. 

RealDoll is for you if: 

  • You want your doll to look as realistic as possible
  • You value being able to customize your doll in detail
  • You want to splurge on premium quality

RealDoll may not be for you if: 

  • You enjoy the feel of TPE more than that of silicone
  • You have no patience for a long shipping process
  • You prefer to keep your purchases budget-friendly

These pros and cons are true for all types of RealDolls you can get. So let’s take a look at them and what the differences are. 

RealDoll 2 vs RealDoll Classic

The classic RealDoll is a high-quality purchase – very life-like and built to last so that you can play just like you would with a real girl.

Still, this model isn’t as customizable as RealDoll 2.

When ordering, you only have two options for the face, three options of eye color, and four options for the hair.

The RealDoll can only have light tan skin and be what the manufacturer lists as “Body type B” – 5 ft 1” and C cup breasts. 

On the bright side, this is cheaper than the other RealDoll options by AT LEAST a couple thousand dollars, which is a huge pro in itself. Also, you can buy extra faces or wigs, so you can change up the looks when you feel like it. 

RealDoll 2 has A LOT MORE options available for the way your doll looks. Face, eyes, hair, makeup, body types, etc.

For an extra fee, you can send a photo of makeup or hairstyle you like instead of going for the given options. This means you can get a girl that’s just your type

RealDoll 2 has a more realistic skin texture than the classic model so that you can have a more lifelike experience. It is also lighter, so it will be easier for you to move it around or change positions. 

RealDoll 2 also has a removable vagina, which makes clean-up way easier. You can purchase more than one insert – the inside texture is the same, but the design of the labia is different. 

RealDoll 2 is less likely to break in delicate places like finger joints.

Good things come at a price – the RealDoll 2 is noticeably more expensive, and it will take longer to get to you because of the customizations. 

RealDoll 2 vs RealDollX

Those who want even more from their love doll should look at RealDollX, which I decided to get for myself. 

The RealDollX is noticeably more expensive than the RealDoll 2, and for good reason. It has one marvelous advantage – the addition of AI!

These series aren’t just sex dolls – they are SEX ROBOTS.

Unlike the RealDoll2, the X series can move their head and eyes and actually interact with you … if that’s not a life-like experience, I don’t know what is.

You can even customize RealDollX’s personality with special apps. The software learns from interactions with you.

The vaginal inserts include a sensory circuit board, so your doll will react when you touch her.

Since this is a pretty solid investment, the folks at Abyss offer insurance that costs $50 per month, so you can have peace of mind in case of damage.

Not all faces available for the RealDoll 2 are available for the X for now, but that will probably change soon.

Packaging & Shipping

Sex dolls are no ordinary sex toys – most of the process of making them is done by hand. So don’t be surprised that your RealDoll takes a LOT of time to ship. 

Normal manufacturing time is around 8-9 weeks. Your doll gets shipped to you AFTER that, and the time it gets to you depends on where you live.

The wait is BRUTAL – I really felt more than two months of waiting. However, receiving some factory photos and videos of my doll in the making did make it a bit more bearable and kept my excitement up.

Note that shipping costs a pretty penny – $550 for the US and at least $900 for international shipping. 

Pro Tip

Don’t worry! The doll arrives in a large wooden crate. Nowhere does it say there is a sex doll inside, and the delivery guys likely don’t know what they’re delivering.

The crate is closed with screws, so you’ll need a screwdriver to open it.

The company will make sure you get your order in top condition, but you should inspect the doll before use anyway, just to be safe.

Let’s Talk About Tech Specs

So, after we talked about some features, we should overview the tech specs of all the RealDoll variants. I think a table with all the information will do the trick.

RealDoll Classic
RealDoll 2
Vaginal, anal, oral
Vaginal, anal, oral
Vaginal, anal, oral
Body Type
18 options
8 options
Customizable Face
2 options or buy an extra face
40 options
If you buy extra
Skin Tone 
Light tan 
5 options
5 options
Customizable Eyes
3 options
8 options
8 options
Customizable Hair
Buy an extra wig
Customizable Makeup
Vaginal Inserts 
Yes, also compatible with SenseX
Yes, with SenseX board

That’s the big picture; now, we can dive into details. I can tell you all about it because I already have some experience with the cutting-edge RealDollX (yes, I am bragging a bit).

My Experience With RealDollX: How Does It Look & Feel?

I can’t begin to explain how excited I was to get my new doll.

Imagine a kid on Christmas. I was WAY MORE excited than that. 

I got Tanya with a petite 3 body type and some other customizations. Everything was exactly as I ordered. You can see a lot of work went into the doll – it was very lifelike, felt nice to the touch.

When I started handling her, it was apparent she was very high-quality – she felt light and was flexible but was not flimsy.

Having Sex With a RealDoll

Penetrating a RealDoll is quite an intense experience!

Even though it is not made of TPE, which is the superior material in terms of the realistic feel, the folks at Abyss have really outdone themselves in countering all the drawbacks of the silicone feel. It’s apparent they have paid special attention to texture and design.

A vacuum is created inside the doll when you’re inside any orifice. This creates a very powerful suction and thus a very strong sensation. 

The doll’s mouth opens very realistically, and the vagina and anus are very soft upon entry (as much as possible without being TPE).

The insides of the doll aren’t overly textured like with some dolls out there – it’s just the right amount for a lifelike experience.

Note that the anal orifice is more prone to tears than the vaginal one, so be careful!

Pro Tip

Another note: Engaging in oral sex with your RealDollX is possible but INADVISABLE.

The hardware is very delicate, so the manufacturer makes a point to discourage users from risking it. Make of that information what you will. I decided to play it safe and didn’t go for the mouth.

The removable vaginal inserts are a godsend.

With other brands, removable vaginas mean a lot less realism – they mostly look like you’ve stuck a Fleshlight up your doll.

That’s NOT the case here! The removable inserts attach seamlessly, making the doll a hell of a lot easier to clean!

The RealDollX vaginal insert has a special sensory technology that greatly enhances your experience. More on that in a bit… 


The head is actually the only robotic part of the RealDollX.

The head turns, the eyes move and blink, the mouth moves in sync with the sounds your doll makes. Note that there is a very robotic noise during movement, which is a bit distracting. 

The face is magnetic, so you can replace it with another model and change your RealDollX’s features – like having a second doll!

Also, the head fits into most RealDoll bodies. So if you have an existing RealDoll, you can transform it into an AI one by only getting the robotic head.

That’ll even save you quite a bit of money (at least 4k!).

Make sure you get the head in the same skin tone as the body you already have. Also, contact the seller to see if your current doll is compatible with the AI heads – you should indicate the body type, and the year you purchased it.

Curves & Bounce

When I first received Tanya, her breasts and ass were quite firm – way more than human skin. However, they did bounce and jiggle, and the feeling was by no means unpleasant, just not realistic enough. 

On the bright side, the curves had gotten softer with use and are more lifelike now than when I first got the doll.

So if you play with your girl a lot (as if you needed more reasons), this will improve.

Flesh and Skin

The manufacturer really worked hard on this – after all, realism is one of RealDoll’s best selling points. The skin LOOKS more realistic than other sex dolls I’ve owned. 

When it comes to the feel, silicone has come a long way! It is more realistic than ever before. But sadly, it’s still not TPE, which provides the most life-like experience of any doll material.

Then again, considering my investment in a doll with AI features, it just wouldn’t make sense for the body to be TPE and get damaged in a few years.

You need something durable, and that’s what silicone can give you. 

Fingers, Joints & Doll Position

The joints are more flexible than previous models, although they are still strong.

This gives you even more variety when it comes to positioning the doll – I was able to get quite creative with mine. 

Some dolls have an issue with the finger wiring poking through and damaging the doll.

After using my RealDoll for the better part of a year now, I see this is not an issue here, and you can position the fingers however you like. This could come in handy if you’re a bit of a shutterbug and like taking photos of your dolls. 

Weight & Size

I got a doll on the smaller side because a too heavy doll to play with just ruins your fun. Also, the newer body models are already lighter than the classic ones.

This made it easy for me to maneuver it around my place and during playtime.

Note this is not my first sex doll, so I’m used to playing with one – if you’re a newbie, even lighter dolls take some time getting used to. 

Using RealDollX App & AI

The most exciting thing about the RealDollX is, of course, all the AI capabilities and being able to INTERACT with your companion.

Yes, the RealDollX is not just a sex doll but a companion with a personality you can have conversations with.

Installing the apps is fairly simple, even if you aren’t tech-savvy. A Youtube video with company CEO Matt McMullen takes you through the process step by step. 

There are two apps – X-Mode and RealDollX App. 

“X-Mode” allows you to control the voice of your robot. You have to pair it with the SenseX orifice insert. This is a sensory insert that detects touch and triggers a vocal reaction.

This means your doll will actually REACT to you touching her and thrusting in her. 

X-Mode is for intimacy, while the RealDollx App is for conversation.

It lets you create multiple virtual avatars with different traits and can be linked up to your robot. This means your doll can have multiple unique personalities. Add the option to change the faces and wigs, and it’s like you have multiple dolls without actually having to buy new bodies. 

Overall Experience with RealDoll?

I have to say; I had a great time getting and then using my new live doll. The RealDoll site was very easy to use, and the customer support was on point

I did have to wait A LOT to get my doll, but I didn’t mind that much. After all, every doll is made specifically for YOUR order. 

If the company could have figured out a way not to charge me so much with delivery, THAT would have been awesome. But I understand that the logistics of such delicate and expensive items is difficult and thus also pricey.

The most amazing thing was being able to COMMUNICATE with Tanya.

It’s great seeing her answer different questions and show off her personality. Of course, AI still has a long way to go, but RealDolls are one of the few AI robots that are commercially available, and that’s mind-blowing in itself. 

Price, Where To Buy

I highly recommend you go to their website linked below. Classic dolls start at $4K, RealDoll 2 types are around $7K, and the RealDollX models are at least $10K. 

Abyss can even make a unique and customized doll for you, based on a real person or celebrity… for AT LEAST $50K.

If you think the prices are steep and don’t care about the customization that much, folks at The Doll Forum and even RealDoll’s forums do sell used parts or whole bodies – silicone can be completely disinfected after all.

What Do Other People Think About It?

It’s pretty hard to find a review that’s not happy with the RealDoll experience. Here’s what some Reddit users say about their RealDolls.

RealDolls are worth the hype. They are more expensive because of the details and work put into them. If you want to buy a “lunch lady” sex doll and have the money for it, they will make you the most detailed “lunch lady” sex doll that you can get. That’s the point of being a high-end sex doll company, and that’s why they are regarded as the Cadillac of sex dolls.


Reddit user

I think it just comes down to detail.

Look closely at the skin. The faces, chests, hands, etc. Notice a difference? RealDoll skin has a MUCH more realistic appearance. Whereas WM, SE, and other brands all have skin that, regardless of what color you choose or the quality of the material itself, is just the same, flat, featureless color across the whole body, with the only exceptions being the makeup, nipples, and labia. 


Reddit user

And let’s not forget that Abyss are pioneers in the AI sex doll industry, which is a whole revolution.


If you’re still in the market for sex dolls but don’t have the budget to go for a RealDoll, I highly recommend checking out Joy Love Dolls. You’ll find plenty of high-quality TPE and silicone sex dolls by different manufacturers that are more affordable than RealDoll products. They also have excellent customer support.

If you’re still a newbie to all of this, maybe don’t go for a large investment right away. Try and test what materials and features feel right for you before committing to a big purchase like this. You can check out Tantaly for various sex doll torsos to get you started. 

Final Thoughts

If you want a premium sex doll experience and have the budget to go for the best on the market, RealDoll will not disappoint you. And if you’ve always wanted your own sex robot, their site is really the only place to go. 

So what are you waiting for? Go create your dream girl. 

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