7 Most Realistic & World’s Best AI Sex Robots [2022]

I spent hours researching the most advanced, realistic, & best sex robots out there. In this guide, you’ll find the best AI sex robots and learn where they started and where they’re going.

Robots with artificial intelligence were just science fiction in the not-so-distant past.

After countless movies and novels about this dream and because of the herculean effort of scientists worldwide, realistic humanoid robots were finally a reality. They could slowly move their faces, and some of them mimicked conversation, among other things.

With that reality, one thought came to mind:

That’s great and all, but can it do OTHER stuff… wink-wink-nudge-nudge?

The answer came in ambitious projects of hyper-realistic sex dolls with built-in AI that won’t just get you off, but talk to you, react to your touch, have a personality… It’s an exciting time for the sex doll industry, and the best is yet to come.

So let’s take a look at where it started, where it’s at now, what the future holds, and BEST OF ALL: what are the best sex robots out there.

History of AI Sex Robots & Latest Developments in Tech

How it all began

Sex robot prototypes were around as early as 2005.

A German sex robot named Andy had a self-heating body for a more realistic feel and could gyrate her hips if you activated her with a remote. She would also pant heavily during sex and had an artificial heart that beat faster when someone was playing with her. 

In 2010 a new doll – Roxxxy – made her debut at AVN Adult Entertainment Expo (AEE) in Las Vegas.

With promises of advanced AI, a movable skeleton, and a name sounding like the hottest myspace handle, Roxxxy captured the attention of sex doll enthusiasts and media worldwide. She was dubbed the world’s first sex robot. (Everyone forgot about Andy, huh?)

Sadly she didn’t live up to the hype.

Experts in the field of robotics expressed skepticism regarding Roxxxy’s ACTUAL capabilities. True Companion (the company behind the robot) promised that she would be able to interact, emote, move… which was WAAY MORE than even the most advanced non-sex robots at the time. 

True Companion hasn’t disclosed the actual sales numbers of the Roxxxy doll, and their original site isn’t working anymore.

So whether she was ever commercially available or could do what was promised remains a mystery. 

Santos and Samantha

In any case, Roxxxy marked the beginning of the sex-robot fever. Companies from all over the world started developing their own AI sex dolls. Both robotics and software got better and better, and innovations were in full swing by the middle of the decade.

One developer that stands out in the sex-robot industry is Barcelona-based engineer Sergi Santos and his doll Samantha introduced in 2017.

The doll could respond to touch because of sensors placed in different parts of her body for a more life-like experience.

The reactions weren’t just sexual – Samantha had both romantic and family modes and reacted when you touched her hands, for example.

Of course, she also had a sexy mode and responded when you touched her breasts and genitals. However, she couldn’t move on her own or have any facial expressions.

Santos’ company, Synthea Amatus, focused on developing not just a sex doll but also a romantic companion

Apparently, Santos created Samantha because he and his wife didn’t have matching sex drives, and his wife actually SUPPORTED him in developing the doll.

If you ask me, that’s a lucky guy in a healthy relationship.

Sadly, Santos had a rather unpleasant encounter with onlookers groping and finally breaking his very expensive creation and has been silent for quite some time.

*I hope he surfaces with a new model again.* 

RealDoll leading the game

I also can’t ignore a brand that’s practically become synonymous with “hyper-realistic sex doll” in mainstream culture – RealDoll. 

Abyss Creations decided to kick things up a notch after getting quite popular with their astonishingly life-like (and sexy) RealDolls.

They started the Realbotics project in 2015, and today their AI sex robots are regarded as one of the best on the market. 

Abyss Creations named their AI line RealDollX and made their sexbots as customizable as their regular love dolls.

The company also provides users with special software and mobile apps to tweak their companion’s personality to their liking. The programs are easy to work with, even if you aren’t particularly tech-savvy.

The RealDollX has facial expressions, speaks, interacts with you, and reacts to your touch. In addition, the robot head comes with a SenseX vaginal insert (I’ll tell you more about that later.)

Sadly, the head is the only robot part of the RealDollX… for now.

Abyss Creations are working on updates, and a fully robotic body is in the works and some other advancements in AI and facial expressions. 

Those of you who are into guys – the folks behind RealDoll have NOT forgotten about you! A male sexbot is also not far behind, and photos of the prototype can be found on RealDoll’s official blog.

There have been some complaints RealDolls are far too pricey.

But let’s not forget that high quality comes at a price. And Abyss Creations offers just that – quality, durability, and attention to detail. 

SPOILER: that’s why their Harmony AI doll is our No. 1 pick! We’ll go into details when we get to the list.

What features/functionality can you expect from AI sex robots?

AI sex robots vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. As a result, products have different functionalities depending on what the company has decided to focus on. However, there are some key features you could expect from an AI sex robot:


AI sexbots are designed to interact with you, and some of them can carry out simple conversations – like a chatbot with speech recognition.

Those that connect to the internet can also answer some questions (much like Siri, Alexa or Google would). Of course, what they talk about can be family-friendly or VERY NSFW. 

Some sex robots just have many prerecorded lines they go through, but some users (rightfully) argue that’s not really AI. 


Some sexbots (like RealDollx) have different personalities you can adjust with special software or even mobile apps.

That affects their speech patterns, especially during casual conversations. Whether you want a shy girl or a diva, you can choose what turns you on.

Facial expressions

Most sex robots can emote to varying degrees of success with their faces. That includes blinking, rotating eyes, moving mouth, the ability to smile or frown

Some models synchronize their lip movements with their speech or moans for a more realistic interaction.

Note that realistic face movements in robots in general, including sex robots, are still in the early stages of development. Sync is often off, and expressions are in the uncanny valley. 

But technology is getting better by the day, and robots are becoming more and more lifelike!


Some AI dolls can react to your touch, thanks to sensors located on their bodies. It depends on the manufacturer where those sensors are – some put them only in the genital area, some include other body parts such as hands or hips. 

Sex robots not only moan but can also mimic an orgasm quite well! Now that’s definitely a step up from the ordinary sex dolls. 

Body movements

Most sex robot companies focus more on the software development than the hardware needed to make the doll move around, but that’s not far behind.

Most AI dolls move their heads from side to side. Some products also gyrate their hips or move their head and neck up and down when giving you oral. 

Dolls with more sophisticated body movements are already in the works. There are videos of prototypes that have surfaced on the web. In any case, this would make the sex dolls havier and also way more expensive (at least for now).

What other real users tell about the state of sex robots?

Sex robots have sparked a lot of controversies and also curiosity. Are they good for us or not? Will they replace actual relationships? Are they really that necessary and worth the high price tags?

Folks at Reddit have been talking about that for ages. Let’s see what some of them had to say:

The creation of an AI which can simulate a loving partner would have much more of an effect than a sex doll.


Reddit user

We also should start not calling them sexbots, like it’s about some sex toy. Even doll lovers have their dolls sitting around for companionship.


Reddit user

Right now, it would appear to be sad and strange. But if this stuff is ever really human in emotional connection, then that conception will disappear. Once machines can trigger good emotions in people, then the conception of them as being strange will disappear. In a sense, robots are mankind’s last children.


Reddit user

A lot of these things are likely true that you mention. Sadly I think the number of people that would lose touch with reality and become delusional would probably increase. You just know that there would be dudes that form an unhealthy attachment to such a device and begin to see it as a real person.


Reddit user

On Reddit, you can find not just discussions but also ideas for developers.

Users have encouraged sexbot companies to collaborate with open source AI software like Replika, which you can get for free on any phone. The chatbot learns from interactions with users all over the world. 

Open-source AI is a great idea, and if it becomes a reality for sexbots, just… don’t make it racist, ok? Cause that’s what the internet does with all chatbots. And if you ruin sex robots with racism, I swear to God…

Top AI Robot Sex Dolls In 2022

So, now that you know quite a bit about sex robots and the state of the sex robot industry, you’re probably curious about what’s out there. You might even be considering getting one for yourself. 

That’s why I’ve prepared this handy little list for you – the 7 best options I found that I’m sure will satisfy your fantasies.

Most Advanced

1. RealDoll With Realbotix Head 

AI features:
Speech, facial movements, sensory response
Vaginal, anal, oral 
  • Most advanced tech
  • Highly customizable
  • Expensive

Harmony by RealDoll is the best AI love doll money can buy. And you will need quite a bit of money.

If you want a RealDoll robot, you’ll need at least $10K. That’s not exactly something you can drunkenly buy on a whim. 

The high price tag is definitely worth it. Harmony is made of silicone, which is very durable and can be fully disinfected.

That means that, unlike TPE dolls, she will last you virtually a lifetime.

Silicone also LOOKS WAY MORE REALISTIC, so the doll really brings your fantasies to life.

Harmony also has a fully articulated face – she blinks, moves her eyes, smiles, frowns, and her lips move in sync when she moans or speaks to you. 

Oh yeah, she talks.

You can have a simple conversation with her, and it doesn’t have to be a sexual one. 

The best part of Harmony is her SenseX vaginal insert.

This sensor allows her to react to you touching her genitals or thrusting in her. Depending on how you handle her, she will transition from arousal to a full-on orgasm!

Pro Tip

Unlike some AI dolls, Harmony is also highly customizable – her face is magnetic, so you can change her appearance (different faces have different names). The robotic head is compatible with most RealDoll body types. 

You can modify your doll’s personality, voice, and interaction patterns with two apps – X-mode (for intimacy) and RealDollx App (for conversation). 

If you already have a RealDoll with a removable vagina, you can buy just the head – it’s the only robot part, after all.

Every head comes with a SenseX vaginal insert. BOOM! Now, you have a sexbot!

Last but not least – RealDollx is the only sexbot on this list that can perform oral despite being able to talk to you!

BUT don’t get too excited! 

RealDollx’s hardware is very delicate, so engaging in oral sex with your doll is STRONGLY INADVISABLE.

Apparently, a lot of users had broken their bots this way. So if you REALLY want some blowjob action, do so at your own risk.

Most Responsive

2. Emma The Sex Robot

AI features:
Speech, facial movements, sensory response, temperature control
Vaginal, anal
  • Body temperature control
  • Free shipping worldwide
  • Not very realistic

If you want a doll that will respond to your every touch, Emma will definitely make you happy. 

She has sensors in different parts of her body, so she will react to you caressing all of her, not just when you touch her privates. 

That makes foreplay way more fun!

She can connect to the internet so she can tell you the weather or maybe even some jokes, like a sexy Siri. She also has an articulated face, and best of all – her body heats up to 37 degrees for an even more realistic experience.

She is made of high-quality TPE, which feels more lifelike than silicone, and the manufacturer promises she will last you longer than other TPE models. 


TPE is still porous, so that it will wear off over time, and you’ll have to replace her sooner or later. Also, she’s not as realistic looking as the RealDoll, for example… But she costs less than half the price, so that’s something to consider!

Emma is also very customizable, so you can get a robot that’s exactly your type of girl.

Largest Breasts

3. Stasia

AI features: 
Speech, facial movements, sensory response
Vaginal, anal
  • N cup breasts
  • Heavy

No matter how lifelike we make sexbots, are we really looking for the realistic… or the extraordinary?

Stasia definitely has extraordinary features.

This redheaded, green-eyed beauty certainly grabs your attention, not just with her pretty face. Her N CUP BREASTS are out of this world… and she will respond fondly when you touch them

Note, boobs of this caliber are no light task. You’re in for a workout. She’s 145.51 lbs. 

On the bright side, Stasia has a self-heating function, so her body goes up to human temperature. You’ll feel the warmth when you touch her.

This will make your playtime with her extra realistic and penetration that much more pleasant. 

For Lovers of Juicy Hips

4. Marvella

AI features:
Speech, facial movements, sensory response
Vaginal, anal
  • Curvy figure
  • VERY heavy

Do you want a western-looking lady but don’t have the budget to go for a RealDoll?

Marvella might be just your type, especially if you find wild curls sexy. She also sports a beautiful round rear end. So if that’s your thing, you’re in for a treat.

Marvella can speak to you and will react to your touch. She might even sing you a song if you ask her.

Sadly, her curvy figure makes her VERY heavy – even havier than Stasia at 154.32 lbs.

That’s the price you pay for voluptuous curves! 

Best Petite

5. Glinda

AI features:
Speech, facial movements, sensory response
Vaginal, anal
  • Realistic proportions
  • No oral function

Glinda is a very cute babe standing at just 5’1”. Her petite figure makes her very easy to carry around and play with.

If you’re into petite girls or don’t want to hassle with a heavy robot too much, Glinda is for you!

Sadly, she doesn’t have an oral function because of her AI gestures. But you will forget all about that when you have the option of talking to her.

Best Asian

6. Kaori

AI features:
Speech, facial movements, sensory response
Vaginal, anal
  • Beautiful Asian features
  • No oral function

If you adore ladies of Asian descent, you’ll adore Kaori.

Not only does she have straight, long, raven black hair and beautiful dark brown eyes, but she is dressed in gorgeous clothes that are a nod to traditional Asian attire.

Maybe you can ask her about her culture?

Kaori connects to the internet and will probably answer your questions.

Best Tall Doll

7. Candyce

AI features:
Speech, facial movements, sensory response
Vaginal, anal
  • Easier to play with if you’re tall
  • No oral function

Petite dolls may be lighter, but sometimes the difference in height makes playtime more difficult. It’s not like getting it on with a short human girl, and you may be surprised how challenging it gets.

So if you are tall and want to go for something a little more your size, Candyce is your gal. 

She’s 5’5’’, which may not sound like much, but it’s a noticeable difference compared to a doll, like our petite Glinda.

She has all the basic AI features so you can interact with her.

Sadly this also means no oral, like with most dolls on this list, but her deep vaginal and anal orifices make up for this. Her vagina is 6.69’’ deep, and her anus is 5.51’’, so she can fit most guys without giving them a shallow feeling.

An important note:

Or No. 3-7 picks are all made by AI Tech – the same company that makes Emma.

Their AI features are VERY similar, if not identical. What really sets them apart is their looks. So if you want to go for any of them, that’s what you should be looking at.

Pro Tip

AI Tech doll heads are compatible with other popular sex doll bodies like Jinsan, AF, Sino, DS, JY, and others! 

So if you already own a sex doll and would be satisfied with having just the talking head without the sensory response body, contact Sex Doll Genie and ask them if your doll is compatible.

If you already have a body you love, you might even save some money.

Final Thoughts

Are sexbots the future of sex? 

Don’t get excited just yet! Also, DON’T go full-on dystopian sci-fi movie mode! 

We’re VERY FAR from AI being so sophisticated that it could replace actual humans, and I doubt it ever will. Just like vibrators and masturbators didn’t replace penises and vaginas. 

But wouldn’t it be just SO COOL to have something as awesome as a robot to spice up our sex lives?

Yes. The answer is yes. Robots will always be the coolest.

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