Naughty America VR Review [2024]: VR Porn For First Timers?

If you’re into VR porn, you’ve probably come across Naughty America more than once in your search results. It’s famous for its high-quality hardcore videos featuring both popular pornstars and new faces. 

Since 2016, when they started releasing high-quality VR in 4K, they’ve built up a massive collection of original content. They now boast 6K videos with some of the biggest names in the porn industry. 

So if you’re new to the porn VR world, Naughty America could be a great place to begin. To confirm if it’s really worth your while, we took a deep dive into the site ourselves

The Good

Naughty America keeps things fresh by adding new VR porn twice a week, so you never get bored. The site is easy to use, streams smoothly, and features high-quality porn stars. Plus, you get a huge collection comprising 15000+ scenes of regular 2D porn too. It’s perfect if you want a bit of everything, especially if you’re into group scenes.

The Not So Good

Naughty America doesn’t have as many scenes as other big players in the VR industry like VR Bangers. Plus, while their 6K quality is decent, it’s not as sharp as the 8K or 7K videos you get from competitors. They’ve only just started adding 8K videos, so they’re a bit behind. They’ve also dropped AR content and don’t offer any VR games right now.

The Bottom Line

Naughty America is improving yearly, and it is not a wrong choice if you’re trying out VR porn for the first time. It’s a good all-rounder site, with access to many high-quality porn stars and 2D porn.

The new in-streaming also makes viewing VR simpler than going through the side-loading process on your VR apps.

Who Is It For?

  • If you are after an all-in-one site with 2D and VR porn.
  • You’re new to VR porn.
  • You want to see famous American porn stars.

Who Is It Not For?

  • Those looking for more niche porn.
  • You want to use interactive sex toys. 
  • Users who wish for the highest quality 8K porn.

Naughty America VR Review: First Impressions

Naughty America is ideal for those new to VR porn. Established in 2001, they switched to VR in 2016.

The site design is straightforward, featuring the latest videos with catchy thumbnails and descriptions. You can easily browse the catalog of stars and scenes and explore features like innovative hologram support.

They offer top-quality VR porn in 6K, produced in-house with binaural sound and top porn stars. 

The site clearly indicates compatible VR headsets and provides links and setup information, making it easy to get started.

Naughty America VR Features


Once you enter Naughty America VR, it’s clear that the site offers a variety of porn content with their subscription, not just VR.

This is both a plus and a minus. While the variety is great, finding specific VR porn can be time-consuming due to the lack of an advanced search option, relying only on basic categories.

A helpful feature is you can add specific famous porn stars to your favorites list for quick access to their videos. You can also use name tags to find other VR Naughty America videos featuring them.

In the pornstar section, you’ll find names like Emma Starr, Nicole Aniston, and Lexi Belle. Categories are divided into themes like ‘college girl’ or ‘naughty country girls’—classic American fantasy porn.

I tested the site on both mobile and desktop, and it runs smoothly on all devices, including tablets.


Most scenes on Naughty America last between 40 to 75 minutes. 

While many are in 6K instead of 8K, the difference is negligible with a headset. They are gradually introducing 8K videos. However, videos have a 180-degree view instead of a full 360 degrees.

The 4K 2D videos are impressive, with high-quality actors. 

Naughty America VR stays fresh with updates two to three times a week, ensuring new content regularly. 

They offer over 895 VR scenes and more than 500 performers, plus over 10,000 regular scenes for non-VR viewing.

Each VR scene includes high-quality photos for later enjoyment. However, Naughty America does not support interactive sex toys, lagging behind competitors like VR Bangers. 

Additionally, there is no niche content for gays/lesbians or female POV videos.

VR Headset Support

While Naughty America has simplified VR streaming on their site, they lack an app or virtual theater like VR Bangers or BaDoinkVR.

I appreciated their dedicated section for VR headset support and customer service for connection issues.

Streaming or downloading is straightforward with mobile headsets like Cardboard or Daydream, but with Oculus Quest, you might need to side-load content, which is more complex.

Downloading videos from Naughty America can be slow, ranging from 3GB to 10GB, and could be faster compared to sites like

However, Naughty America is compatible with major headsets like Samsung Gear, Daydream, Oculus Rift, and PlayStation VR.

My Experience With Naughty America VR

Once I got the hang of navigating the site, I strapped on my Quest 2 headset and dove into their VR porn section.

I started with a scene called Thundercock, and felt like I was right there in the action; I could even look around the room.

The 180-degree view was perfect for solo scenes, but felt a bit limited in group scenarios.

After checking out a few VR Naughty America videos, I noticed that some of the storylines were pretty predictable, featuring the classic ‘hot wife’ or ‘dirty MILF’ scenarios.

While this might be fine for VR newbies, it would be nice to see more variety in the stories over time to keep things interesting.

Overall, the navigation, quality of content, and streaming on Naughty America were smooth, without any tech hiccups.

Naughty America VR Pricing: Is It Worth The Money or Not?

Naughty America VR offers several subscription plans — a $1.95 trial, a $29.95 monthly plan, a $95.40 yearly plan ($7.95 per month), and a $239.40 yearly plan bundled with access to five extra sites (Tonight’s Girlfriend, Naughty Americans, Amateurs Raw, Randy’s Roadstop, Real Teens VR) – ($19.95 per month). 

While a trial is available, it may not provide sufficient VR Naughty America content, as it only includes a couple of scenes.

Pro Tip

If you’re looking for the cheapest option, the yearly package is the best and by far worth the money when you consider you’re getting access to all the 2D content and high-quality pictures.

They used to include AR, too but have discontinued this.

Alternatives To VR Naughty America

We’ve listed our favorite alternatives below if you’re looking for other VR porn sites besides Naughty America VR. 

VR Bangers

VR Bangers Vs Naughty America VR

VR Bangers Vs Naughty America VR

VR Bangers is one of the most popular VR sites on the web, producing 8K quality videos and featuring famous porn stars. They already beat Naughty America in terms of quality.

Also, Naughty America has porn games and a great streaming app.

While the content is updated three times a week, it does have fewer scenes than Naughty America. 

Like Naughty America, it also doesn’t offer interactive sex toys, which is a shame.

VR bangers trumps Naughty America if you want higher-quality videos and an easy streaming app. But the narratives are similar, and they feature the same type of porn.

Find out more about this interactive porn site when you read our VRBangers review.

VR Fuck Dolls

VRFuckDolls Vs Naughty America VR

If you’re after interactivity, VRFuckDolls is where you want to be. This site lets you design your own porn star, giving you control over the entire video. Plus, it’s affordable, with a signup cost of just $15.

For a more interactive experience and games rather than VR porn scenes, VRFuckDolls is a better choice than Naughty America. However, be aware that it only features male leads, so it might not be the first choice for women.

VRFuckDolls is popular for its low price and the ability to have virtual sex with other avatars.

Interested? Check out our VR Fuck Dolls review to learn more about this most realistic sex sim.


VR Porn.Com Vs Naughty America VR beats VR Naughty America by far in terms of the sheer volume of porn they have.

This site only charges around $25 a month and gives you lots of access to different niches of porn. 

You can find MILF, Asian, fantasy, and threesome porn on this site while Naughty America mostly features your standard American girl’s porn. You can also try out VR porn games on this site. 

Overall, is the better choice over Naughty America especially if you want more access to niche porn categories. However, both are similar in quality and price. It all comes down to the type of content you like.

Read our in-depth review to learn more.

Last Thoughts 

For first-timers, Naughty America VR porn is a great choice. It has a high-quality resolution, great porn stars, and excellent storylines if you’re into that girl-next-door type of porn. 

The catalog and viewing experience aren’t overwhelming, with no technical issues or downloads needed, and they are adding 8K videos and more niche types of porn to their library.

Still, there are few gay/lesbian options and no female POV videos or porn games here.
If you’re looking for advanced niche porn now, we suggest heading to or VR Bangers for a more extensive selection.

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